FLM 09 - 3.45ers!



  • rejected from VLM, as usual.

    3:46:45 at the Nottingham marathon (bit of a suprise entry as a training run!) so really happy - 25 minutes better than May's PB!

    Still on a long PB streak - that's about 14 races in a row now, though to continue it through Palma and the Worksop 1/2 will require something close to a miracle!

    Have fun all, be good, run well!

  • Shimmy and Puffy!  I cannot resist: I, too, am back!  Like you two, I am also in a new work situation: an excellent one so far.

    Hello to all people on 3:45 whom I do not know: I was on this thread in the heyday of Shimmy, Puffy and a number of others. Am currently into ultras (did NDW50 last year in 11hours 25 mins).

    Current race diary:  Amsterdam, er, next week!  London 2014 I'M IN!, NDW50 again (May), and possibly Chicago in the autumn.



  • 3:45:56 at Palma, a PB by just under a minute

    1:42:17 at Worksop, a PB by about 2 mins 35!

  • Hi, I haven't been on here for a long time. Did 4:05 pb at Houston marathon last January, trying to get under 4 hrs next January, when I will have had my 60'th bday. Chicago qualifying time is 3:55 and that is probably a step too far.


    I will check out previous messages.

  • It's great to see that some people are still around. I have now done 109 marathons and still enjoy them, although I need to sort out quad pain during the last few miles to get back under 4 hours.

    There are lots of running-related discussion groups on facebook, so please PM your address if you would like to join in some of those I belong to.

  • Helloooooooo

    remember me?  Blimey it's been such a long time - if any of the 'old'uns' are still around let me know and I'll fill you in on what's been happening my end - sooooo much to tell you xxx

  • Got parole then?


  • We are on fb more now L. I've tried to look you up but can't find you.  I'll pm you


  • TMA, what have you been up to then? Are you on facebook?

  • Blimey, Dalya, TMA, Essence ! Can you lot all get over on to facebook ???? PM me if you can't find me.......(Darren Chilcott)

    Still plodding along here but currently suffering a non-running niggle that is hampering me a bit. Was hoping to do SDW 100 miler in June but looking a bit doubtful at the moment. Rejected for VLM 2014 and probably going to be on holiday for Brighton, but will find a few other to do instead. image


  • Well all....*blows away the cob webs*  just checking in before Sunday! Who else is in this year? 

    After over 2 years of illness and then several false starts and injuries I have returned since Boxing Day! 

    I have managed to slowly rebuild to a point where this marathon is doable albeit nothing like my previous four London's in 07, 08, 10 and 11 all of which I finished in the magical sub 4. 

    This time it will be survival but I will get around...nearer to  5  hours than 4  I suspect, but I shall smile through any discomfort and think of how lucky I am to be running again. I shall be running for Alzheimer's Society. Like OG said get over to Facebook those of you who remember me!  image


  • Hi all

    Don't know if anyone remembers me, but I was quite active on here a few years back. Only done 4 marathons, all London in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012. I've had some long term injuries over last couple of years but slowly getting back and managed a 9 mile club run last week at 8.25 mm pace, so not to bad. Turning to cycling now as my body's joints prefer it to running, and hoping do do a couple of sportives this year. I would like to do another marathon one day but just don't know if my body will take the long runs any more?

    Hope everyone's well and still running, whatever distance on road/off road. My wife's doing London this year for third time so I'm going down to support of course. Anyone going to be there and where? Will say hello of course if I can spot anyone?


  • Hi NFS - similar to me!   You were always one of the quckest on here! Sounds like you're doing well coming back and thats a pretty decent pace for 9 miles! Well done for come back!  If you spot me Ill be wearing an Orpington Roadrunner bright yellow top and staggering around at about 10 minute miling...and then dragging myself around canary wharf probably as always hated that section! image  

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Hello NfS good to hear from you!

    I'm running on Sunday, had a couple of weeks enforced rest so don't know what the outcome will be.

    I'll keep an eye open for you Benyo round the start!



  • Good luck on Sunday Mr P and Benyo - I hope you won't be too depressed by what happens at the Amex on Saturday!

  • Hi Benyo

    Thanks for the kind words and good luck for Sunday. I'll look out for you and give you a big shout if I spot you?  I would be trying much the time as you I think if I was up for it this year. I was only thinking yesterday that ten min' miling would be realistic for 26 miles these days if my slightly dodgy knee help up ok? I certainly couldn't have kept my 8.25 mm up for any longer than the 9 miles at last Wednesday's club run, but that's the best I've run for over a year, so thinking the cycling is probably helping strengthen dodgy knees?

    Mr P.  Good to hear from you also and good luck for Sunday.

  • Hi guys,

    Aiming for 345-350 ish, hoping to catch a view of Mo as I come off Tower Bridge and he is steaming the other way!


    Has anyone got a link or instructions on how people can track us on the day please?



  • I'm glad a few of the originals are still running marathons. I am up to 111 now and did Brighton on Sunday with a bad back, so didn't achieve the magical sub-4 hours. I don't really like road events, so the others this year will definitely be of the trail variety!

  • hello folks

    just checking in .. come on here at least once a year, usually around now to wish everyone who is running all the best.

    running  lot less these days as just been diagnosed with compartment syndrome in both calfs so hopefully getting fasciotoimies in May - its supposed to work within a month or so lets see how it goes

    good luck all



  • Omahd ! image)  Wishing you the very best with the op....., great to hear from you and hope we will all be back in 2015

    How did it go for everyone? 

    I loved every minute the crowd, the weather, the whole event was more than special. Just incredible.   

    My running wasn't great but I got around in 4:31  , not up to a true 3:45er of old but pleased to be back running and aim get better with pace for 2015 . Jez welcome ....I was way to slow to catch a view of Mo! 

  • Hellllooooooo........anyone thereeeeeee

    Well I'm in London 2015, through the ballot system to my amazement!

    I've had a recent boost in form. Not sure if it's coming off statins and going on a lower cholesterol diet, giving up bread, losing at least half a stone or a combination of all three?. I'm back running at about 8min miles up to 8-9 miles. Knee problem that I've had for nearly two years has improved, so just a bit uncomfortable now, not painful. I've started the long slow runs already once a week, so just hoping I can stay uninjured now?
    Anyone else doing London 2015?

  • Hi NFS !   Congratulations on your VLM place!  I have not been so lucky and didnt get a place in the main ballot or the club draw! image       

    I am doing two other spring road marathons instead. Got Brighton Marathon on 12th April so will start training properly after Christmas. Carrying a bit of achilles tendinitis at the moment so resting it for about 6 weeks and hope it clears off!  

    Daz, Shimmy, Mr P, Tiger Lilly and a few others post on FB where a 3 45ers group has been set up ...join the group image 

  • Yeah come on Dave!!


  • Hi Benyo/Mr puffy and all.

    Sorry for being crap on facebook but I can't find the group?  What should I be writing in facebook search?


  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    yes on the train down for this years race image

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