FLM 09 - 3.45ers!

Hope all those application forms have gone in!

Had a brilliant time on a similar thread last year. Hoping to hear from old and new friends alike.

It can be done. These threads work!

Anyone up for the ride?


  • I could be up for this, but it'll depend on how my training is coming along in 4 months' time. If I've got a decent training base behind me and am able to churn out sub-9-minute miles comfortably by the end of this year, it'll definitely be a realistic aspiration :o)

    I'm going to put 3.45 on my application form in anticipation.

    My PB is 4.41, but that was on 14 weeks' training from a cold start.
  • Hi Velociraptor,

    a very similar story to me. I hit 3.58 last FLM. My only tips, consistent training, speed work, five longest runs to total at least 100 miles. Oh, and at least a three week taper.

    You will breeze it!!
  • If someone made me an offer of 3.58 for FLM2007, or ANY marathon, I'd accept it at the moment, Ripped Dap!

    I'm not a natural runner, and consistent training has always been something I've struggled with, but I know that if I'm going to do a decent marathon time I have to focus on running and cut down on cross-training.

    I don't plan to do any speedwork apart from the occasional tempo run until the turn of the year, because I need to build a decent mileage base first. I know that I'm capable of turning my legs over much faster than I habitually do, though.

    I won't breeze this, but I think I may be able to squeeze it out of myself before middle age sets in ;o)
  • Hi all.

    I agree with Ripped Dap. These forums can be very helpful and quite sociable too. I have, since posting on RW forums, met up with a few others and in fact about a dozen of us all met up for the Rotterdam marathon in April.

    My best time is 4:06:21 so hoping for better things next April. Just posted my entry today.
  • My entry form went in the post this morning. I just need to start concentrating on doing some longer runs. I'm currently consistant with 5k's just over 20 minus, and 10k's under 45 mins.

    Is it reasonable to expect a time around the 4hour mark?
  • Funkin try this:


    It predicts race times based on your times for other distances. I suspect it will a positive result looking at your time for 10k.
  • I've just tried it. For 10k run in 45 mins it predicts a marathon time of 3:26:48!!!!

    You're on the wrong thread!!
  • My 10k and half-marathon times predict that I should be able to run a marathon a lot faster than I actually have, but I've never really put in the mileage needed to reach my potential over marathon distance.

    I'm confident that, with consistent training, I could knock a minute per mile off my PB. Whether I could manage two minutes per mile remains to be seen.

    I'll be aiming to get my 10k PB under 48 minutes and my half-marathon PB close to 1.50 along the way. And there's the small matter of a 15-hour 100k to prepare for ...
  • Hi HRR/Funkin!

    Good to have you on board!

    I tend to agree with Velociraptor about the calculators. Take with a pinch of salt.

    However Funkin, based on a 10K of that time as long as you get some quality long runs under your belt, you should be well under 4 hours.

    HRR. You have a mere 6 mins to trim off. You know you can do that.

    Have you both read ACERS true life story on this web site about how he broke 4 hrs? If I was clever I would paste a link here!!! But if you do find it, his advice is absolutely spot on.

    Talk soon
  • Vel - a 15hr 100K!!!!

    Please tell me more!
  • If I ws clever I'd paste you a link to the Oxfam Trailwalker thread over on events, RD ;o)

    It's a 100k from Petersfield to Brighton for teams of four. I've done it with Forum teams for three years, this year as an 11th-hour substitute, and have never finished in under 25 hours (the priority is finishing with an intact team rather than getting an individual time). However, big chunks of the route look extremely runnable and I think I've got three other, er, volunteers plus a support crew to have a pop at 15 hours next July.

    This year, that time would have made us 10th overall and fastest mixed team, which probably means it's going to be a lot harder than I think it is. Aiming for a sub-4 spring marathon fits very nicely into my training plan, and after the marathon I'll avoid racing anything longer than 10k (unless I get mugged by a Keswick half entry form) and concentrate on distance again.
  • Thanks to all for the comments. I think I'll stick on this thread unless I can convince myself that sub 3:45 is possible, which I really don't think it is (at least right now). Maybe the 10 miler I just signed up to in 8 weeks time will give me a bit more of an idea as to how i'm doing with longer distances.
  • Is it the Cabbage Patch 10 you're doing, Funkin?
  • Velociraptor: yeah. Didn't know about this one and especially how close it is to where i live (just over a mile away).
  • I've never done it, Funkin, but keep meaning to. It's supposed to be a fantastic well-organised race with a good Forum contingent and a pub lunch afterwards :o)

    Can you tell I only run for the social life and the food?
  • So here's a strange one. Just checked the post this morning and my FLM entry envelope was delivered back to me. The royal mail sorter must have decided to scan the return address on the back of the envelope! I'm surprised the postman didn't ask me to pay for the unstamped mail!!

    So, back it goes to the post box hoping that the machine will read the address in dark bold print this time around.
  • Wow! Never heard that one before?!

    Did you bequeath this year?

    I didn't last FLM and got in. Previous to that I did bequeath and didn't get in.

    Probably just coincidence but it makes you wonder does it not?
  • I have filled inthe bequeath boxes this year. I'm just preparing myself for the wait from when the cheque is cashed to the notification whether I get in or not. Either way, training must continue..
  • I haven't bequeathed this year. I've had five consecutive ballot rejections (bequeathed some years, depending on whether or not I wanted the rejection gizmo on offer) and should get a place :o) Difficult to get my head round that lack of uncertainty. I keep finding myself thinking, if I don't get into London it doesn't matter because I'd quite like to do Windermere instead anyway.
  • After 5 consecutive years of ballot rejections you should get an automatic place. Have you changed address in the last 5 years? If so they may ask for confirmation that you are the same person. Apart from that it looks like you're in!
  • I've told them I was living at a different address one of the years, so hopefully their records will match up. I ran on a charity place for the first three of those 5 years, supported with the RW crew for the last two years, and am looking forward to my coffee and steak sarnies at Mile 17 already :o)
  • My FLM forms are in the post, never run it before my best time for a mara is 3.56 so looking at trying to take a little of that.
  • Did the Merthyr Police 10K today. I got a bit of a chest infection so I guess I should be pleased with 49 mins. Trouble is....I am not!!

    I have ran the last two London's with a pb of 3.58.46

    I know I am being greedy but I desperately want to run it again this year. I just can't seem to 'get up for' autumn marathons. London is special.

    If I don't get in via the ballot this year I will run for a charity. Did that two years ago. A real pain raising the cash but at end of day it is for people less fortunate than me...so I should not moan.

    How are all the runs going people? Who did what today?
  • Have had a nice day off to day, did a 20 mile long run yesterday. I was also thinking about a charity place if i can't get in.
  • Recovering from a couple of injuries so I am just getting back into the swing of things. A total of 20 miles last week and a 5 miler this morning. And Yes London is special.
  • I've done around 23 miles this week, the longest an 8.3-miler at a fraction under 9-minute miling. Planned to do a tempo run of about 5 miles today, but I'm getting ready to go on holiday so I've been very busy, and I'm tired in a don't-make-eye-contact-or-I'll-burst-into-tears sort of way.

    Yesterday's little recovery run was just a little longer and harder than planned, and I swam as well, so a day off training today isn't a disaster.

    But six kids and three cats have now been temporarily rehomed, I'll sleep like an extinct thing tonight, and the "holiday" involves lots of hill-walking and scrambling and possibly a little fell-race, so I should get lots of time-on-feet with people who are faster than I am.
  • Hope you have a good holiday Velociraptor you away for long.
  • After a couple of hours windsurfing on Saturday, this morning I did my first long easy run - 65 minutes, 6.6 miles, at a 9:47 mile pace. Very relaxed indeed. I'm just starting to work on weekly time increases although I'm thinking that I shouldn't be running any slower than this.

    Got a 10k (Arundel 10k) run this coming Sunday which I'm looking forward to. Its a hilly course and I'm hoping for around 45 mins, so a couple of interval-type sessions this week should hopefully set me up for the weekend.

  • hey just come back from my holiday and found an email saying im in for 2007 fantastic news as ive been rejected for the last 4 years !!
  • Congratulations Mark. That's great news. I'm going to be working on a charity place for when my ballot place inevitably falls through! I'm hoping that come December I'll still be able to post in this thread :)
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