FLM 09 - 3.45ers!



  • L.S. Have a great race tomorrow.. Also good luck Stace for the Sodbury Slog.

    Anyone else racing tomorrow?

    I'm planning a run of about 10 miles at slow pace ( race pace plus 2mins) just to see what it feels like !

    I'm sure I read in a prev issue of RW that bedroom sport is good for running.....come to think of it , it was the other way round.. Hmmmmm
  • Scottish Glens in November...

    Incredibly well organised Half with I think 320 runners. The first half down the Glen was like Heather Mills lie detector graph.. why didn't the road builders use dynamite and cut through all those humps ?! So going OK, and through 7 miles in 54 mins, but turning back up the Glen, the icy gale we had been sheltered from hit us full in the face. Kinda like my one and only holiday in Lanzarote, lovely place, but TURN OFF THE WIND !! At about 9 miles I made the mental error of walking whilst drinking, and then the rest of the race was peppered with sections of walking, COZ IT FELT SO MUCH EASIER THAN RUNNING !! There wasn't much left in the legs anyway.
    So my time was a disappointing 1 hour 50, but then everyone else agreed its a tough run, and the wind was very demoralising. I ran it and now have a target for next year. Just can't really expect nice weather in November, so maybe its a run that improves mental toughness. Mine was found wanting today, but I cant expect to coast all the way to April.
    The wife ran me a hot bath.
    The frozen bones are now back to normal.
    I've been in my jammies and housecoat in front of a roaring coal fire since 4.
    Tonight the wife can have her way with me if she wants, but I'll be asleep.
  • ...Sorry L.S. got the date wrong.. Well done though! Sounds like that wind put pay to a faster time.. Going through 7 miles in 54 minutes is v. impressive.

    Do you think you might have gone out too fast ? I only ask cos when I ran Wilsmlow this year I felt great for the first 6 miles (48 minutes.. fast for me!) but then felt physically and mentally wrecked for the last 7.

    Enjoy the recovery, coal fire etc etc
  • QQ,
    Unlike Dundee in the Summer, I did hold back slightly in the early part, but It was very difficult to pace the early miles with steep climbs, and equally steep descents. In an ideal world, I would now go back and add maybe 30 secs a mile, as the 3 mins lost would've been found if I could've kept running all the way. But as I'd done a solo 13.1 run 8 days ago in 1:39, I felt I was on pace. Maybe that run, and the fairly fast 6.4 run on Wednesday took more out of me than I realised. Plus the wind really was a huge pain.

    On another subject, now that you are running like a gazelle, have you or others close to you, benefited from your improved 'form'...?

    Good luck on your 10 miler.
    Take it steady and finish strongly, its MUCH more enjoyable !
  • Well done, LS :o) Sounds like difficult conditions, and 1.50 is a good time in any circumstances!

    I suspect the fact that you've been mostly doing much shorter runs at all-out speed might have tripped you up a little in the race when you'll inevitably go out faster than you would in training, but you've got till April to sort out that relatively straightforward issue :o)

    Enjoy your 10-miler tomorrow, QQ :o)

    I did a tiny little recovery run today. It was nice to go out knowing that it didn't matter how my legs felt because I only needed to do 4 miles at easy pace. I'm planning to do about 7 miles tomorrow, then have a relatively easy week before the Suicide Six(ish) next Sunday.

    I was also under the impression that running performance was not impaired by, er, horizontal cross-training before a race.
  • LS - sounds like a very impressive time in the circumstances to me - hilly and freezing winds. Yikes! And I bet if you hold back in training your legs would have more for the race in future.

    I've got a nice 10 miler lined up tomorrow - a cross city run ending at friends for lunch. What could be finer.
  • Ha Ha L.S. I suspect Mr QQ would always suggest more training!

    Thanks V'rap . Also hope you and Pidge enjoy yourselves tomorrow

    G'night All
  • V'rap - wow, you have now set a new target for me to aim for...... (my pecs hurt just thinking about it) seriously though 1 year ago I couldn't do any except 3/4 ones. This has always been one of my weakest muscle spots (as it were), i.e. at body pump I would have a fully loaded bar then come the chest track it would all come off. So hence the obsession with building up some strength.

    LS - SOunds really really hard work - hope you are enjoying a well earned recovery.

    I am laid up with a sore throat and an incipent cold. I am scared to run cos I know I will be slow and get cheesed off but not running makes me feel like I have given up altogether. I will be sensible though and take the whole weekend off and then start training again tomorrow.

    Just joined a new gym howeever and they have lots and lots of interesting classes to try!! oooohhh but also a running club run by a 'real' runner (i.e runs for scotland) may be a bit intimidating or it may make me faster - time will tell.

  • ((((GynAddict)))) Hope you feel better soon.

    LS, well done mate. Terrible conditions, excellent time.

    12 for me today, nice and slow. What a beautiful day it has been!
  • ((((((((GymAddict)))))))) A gym with a running club ... sounds almost worthwhile ;o) Seriously, having someone who runs at international level on site to give you training advice is an enviable situation to be in!

    I remember how delighted I was when I managed to do my first full press-up, having practised and practised. Never did master the tricep press technique. I told the BodyPump instructor that I was exempt from tricep presses on medical grounds and did dips instead. Since I didn't slack off otherwise during classes, I got away with it :o)

    No running for me today yet, but I'll beg an hour's domestic pass-out after I've taken the kids on some vital errands involving bicycles and Lego advent calendars.
  • Another lovely morning in London town, another 14 mile run, avg 8.54 pace and another negative split (nearly two minutes faster on the second half).
  • Wow! Well done, HRR :o)

    I still haven't run. Better get on with it or tomorrow afternoon's run will be the second half of a double. But I have to wait till the bread comes out of the oven.
  • Vrap. Your commitment to training...is it a bit half baked at the moment? ;-)
  • >Giggle<

    Half-baked but utterly wholesome and capable of rising well when the heat is turned up, HRR :o)

    The Garmin is cooking on the windowsill, my muscles are full of chocolate raisins and in a minute or two I'll be off to cover 7 miles as fast as my legs will let me.
  • Done :o) That was OK!
  • Sounds like some good running been done today ! H.R.R it sounds like you're on good form!!

    I ended up running just over 9 miles in 1.19 .. unfortunately my Garmin lost its signal or something at about 6 miles then started counting distance backwards !! Anyway still no excuse for running at that pace when I had meant to go slower..I felt reasonably comfortable but did tire towards the end. Must try harder next time !

    Gym Addict .. hope you're feeling better soon !
  • Well, I'm going a lot slower than you speed merchants at the moment. But had a fabulous 10 miler in just under 1.35 across London in glorious sunshine. Can't wait for them to demolish Elephant and Castle though, as I got lost AGAIN! It's becoming a bit of a joke that I have to phone my other half to find out where I am. You go in the most bewildering underpass with about 20 exits, all labelled fine if you're looking for a bus, but totally baffling if it's Battersea Bridge you're after! Anyway, was just on the phone to my partner, when a passerby took pity and gave me directions. And after that no navigational difficulties.

    And at the other end at my friends house, rare roast beef, horseradish, 4 types of veg and even a glass of red wine were waiting. I can recommend it! Plus my friends are campaigning to persuade me to apply for a charity place for FLM!
  • Thanks everyone - you guys are so nice. When I left my running club (around 1 month ago) I felt like a big part of my life had just disapeared but having you guys to talk to makes me feel I am still a runner.

    Anyway Vrap- bicep press ups = I have managed a sum total of 2 !!!! and then ached for 2 days. I intend to keep trying but they are sooo tough.(I now resort to doing them on the stairs till I am tough enough to trying them on the floor again)

    Cold still here but stuff it I am running today regardless.

    HRR - Wow!!

    pidge - go for the charity place. the Fundraising is a pain but the support you get is just fabulous, worth the pain. I am running for Children With Leukemia and I couldn't praise them enough. In fact my hubbie wrote such a glowing letter to them, they quoted us in the marathon news on the CWL page..... fame at last.
  • Pidge, definitely go for it if you are confident that people would support you with the fundraising and if you've got a charity close to your heart :o) It would be great to see you there!

    If you decide to do Stratford instead, drop me an e-mail. It's on my doorstep and I'm sure we could help with accommodation and other such logistics.

    I've done FLM for the National Autistic Society three times in the past but then changed jobs and no longer had an obliging captive population to rattle a can at. Thought about it for next year ...

    but I already have a fundraising commitment

    If anyone asks me whether I'm seeking sponsorship for FLM, I'll tap them for a contribution for the same charities!

    GA, is Children With Leukaemia close to you for a personal reason? Well done on getting a quote in the magazine!
  • Vrap - thankfully no. A few years ago when I did my first half marathon I thought it would be sensible to raise money for it (not realising at the time what an obsession I was starting). My son picked CWL because of the Mr Man connection and I have stuck with them ever since, with one brief departure to the NSPCC.

    I think their adverts always get me just beacuse I have 2 children and i would always support a childrens charity of some kind.
  • My children loved the Mr Men ads and asked if I'd seen any Mr Men at FLM itself. I had to admit that Mr Bump had overtaken me!

    I've got one of my old NAS running vests pinned up on my consulting-room wall because it has Thomas the Tank Engine on it :o)

    If I were doing freelance fundraising for FLM, I'd probably choose a charity that doesn't have Golden Bond places - mountain rescue teams and vesico-vaginal fistula repair centres in the developing world are both causes I've supported in the past.

    I did the 100 press-ups yesterday just to prove to myself that I really could. My pectoral insertions ache now!
  • Mmmm I think I may have to try that this evening... Gym at luchtime so I will avoid too many bench presses to give me the strength to really go for it. It may have to be sets of 10 -15 and it may take quite some time. Sore pecs here we come.

    My place is a golden bond one but I must admit the fistula one is a good one to support - this actually happened to a friend of mine in Britain - not good -although surgery did sort it out thankfully. What those women must go through is just awful.

    (and to think anyone ever advocates natural childbirth ,,,,shudder)
  • My pecs are sore all over now. Serves me right! But I've been out for a bog-standard accumulating-mileage 10-mile run, which was nice :o)

    I was hoping to snatch a rare opportunity to do a training run with eL Bee today, but he's got a sore ankle :o(

  • I did a nice slow 4 recovery tonight. Any sign of the LS? Wonder how he feeling tonight?

    I can officially do one press up (Cos I am a wimp). 100? That is impressive!

    How many people are members of running clubs?

  • Hi all , not done any running this weekend as had friends to stay we met on holiday last year, lots of eating and drinking was done ! So back into running now and eating healthy !

    Quick Quack I so would love to do the 4 villages half heard it is a good one , just a long way from me. I have done the Wilmslow half before and that is a great one too.

    Gymaddict just seen you have left your old club and joined a new one. I hope this one is a lot better and hope you are soon feeling well again.
  • I'm not a member of a running club and never have been because I finish work fairly late and wouldn't be able to make it to weekday training sessions. But it's on the agenda. We're going to check out the local club when time permits :o)

  • I find it helps so much running with a club . I go faster when in a group than if I went on my own plus find the club races help too as always someone you want to beat !
  • Done a nice slow 4 miler myself this evening. Squeezing in a run on my one free night this week, the next 4 evenings being taken up by donating blood and then hosting 3 dinner guests in a row...

    Still tempted by the charity place - but my partner is a bit anxious about the fundraising commitment, given our lack of ready money at the moment. All my friends are telling me to go for it! Would love to run for the Asthma soc, given I'm asthmatic. Ponder ponder! Not sure I'd even get a place with them at this late stage.

    Dumb question - but what is a golden bond place exactly. I thought all the charity places were golden bonds, i.e. a guaranteed place in return for a fundraising pledge.

    Oh and vrap - very kind offer re Stratford. I must say you didn't sell the race to me!! I might yet be tempted, but current plan if not FLM is a nice challenging 20 miler and then Abingdon in the autumn.
  • hi all new to this thread waiting to find out if iam in or not threw the ballot,
    iam only going out 3-4 times a week at the moment with no real long run i intend to step it up if i get in.

    hi Creazy lady nice to see a name i know how are you? i havent raced since Edinburgh.
  • Well done pidge :o) And impressed that you're donating blood. That's something I've put on hold till after TrailWalker at least. But having put 39 pints into the system and not made any withdrawals, my conscience isn't twingeing too badly. And anyway, I'm below the minimum weight, though that never stopped me before, except in Glasgow many years ago where they ejected me from the centre several times for failing the scales test.

    I wouldn't take responsibility for telling anyone that Stratford is a nice race, and think doing a 20-miler in the spring and Abingdon (or Dublin or Loch Ness or one of a whole host of nice marathons) in the autumn is a good plan :o)

    And yes, all the charity places are "Golden Bond" places.

    Hello eastham75e6 ... that's a bit of a mouthful, especially after a few drinks. What would you like us to call you?
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