FLM 09 - 3.45ers!



  • Set the alarm for 5.20 am, and set off at 5.40 on my first run in a week. Need to do it that early to get the long run in, the quiet breakfast, the scan of the paper, the soak in the tub, then have time to help ensure the kids get dressed, teethbrushed etc, then walk them to school at 8.40!

    Running at 6.30/7am its getting light. At 5.40 on the country roads its BLACK ! Going along a pavement I wondered if the workmen had left a sign for me to trip over, so I ran on the road, and nearly buggered my ankle in a drain hole!?
    Took it steady all the way round determined not to die a death at the end, and did the full 13.1 miles in 1.44, so bang on the 8 min/miles.
    Why couldn't I do that at Glen Clova ??

    The ankle is fine, and the achilles is fine too.
    HRR, how is your body holding up ? Didn't you have a niggle a while back ?
  • Couple of tiny niggles, yes but they are holding up at the moment. This is why I have started building my mileage up early so that I can do it slowly and therfore get my body used to extra miles without doing any damage.
  • BTW good run this morning LS. 8 min/miles is a fair pace for that distance.
  • Sounds like there's some good training going down ! Well done all . 14 mile long runs and 1:44 'halfs' in training are v. impressive.

    I'm gently ticking over as it were at the mo as I've missed a few runs due to husbands work committments/kiddies viruses etc etc.

    Still i got out sunday morning and did a comfortable 10 miles at 8.36 pace which was a pleasant surprise. Hopefully will get out again this weekend with my Brother-in-Law who is significantly faster then me but happy to run at my pace.

    Keep it up everyone !
  • Comfortable 10 miles at 8.36 pace - Thats very good going QQ.

    5 miles Fartlek for me this morning. Not significant in itself but has taken me over 30 miles for the week. I hope I can keep edging it up over the next few months. 16 miles planned for Sunday.
  • I would say that 30 miles per week at this stage is pretty special HRR.

    How do you structure your fartlek sessions? Do you use the Garmin for that? I have tried doing the Garmin's fartlek vis HR zones. I found it really difficult. Going to do it the old fashioned way next time and use lamposts and stuff.

    Apart from the Long Run, Fartlek is my favourite session.

    Have brill weekends everyone.
  • QQ 10 miles at that pace suggests to me that your in fine form.

    I will say the same for you LS. Glad all your niggles are behind you.

    I am sure you would all like to join me in wishing the mighty Swans all the best for tomorrow in their FA Cup quest against Darlington.

    I am flying up today from Bristol. Two nights on the town and a footy match tomorrow. Does life get any better than that?
  • Have been reading with interest comments on the Garmin. I started using a Polar HRM about 2 1/2 years ago and upgraded to a S625X with the footpod last December. I now find it indispensable. Most of my long runs are on canals and previously I really just guessed distance covered. The other thing I find really useful is the ability to download all info onto PC.

    I chose the footpod in preference to the GPS as I'd heard there was sometimes problems with signals to satellite especially around tall buildings or trees (most of my canal is tree-lined). Presumably the latest Garmins are better in this respect?
  • For Fartlek I use lamposts and things! It is very informal and I just run as hard as I feel at the appropriate moments. It is in fact the only run that I don't use my Garmin. I have a 101 which is the most basic model. It does have problems under trees but being a Yorkshireman £70 was all I was prepared to spend on anything.
  • Commrades

    Just to let you all know-my acceptance mag dropped thru the door this very morning.YES im on my way.So keep an eye on your postie this week folks.
  • Didn't get in the main ballot but I did get one of the extra 1000 places available for those who bequeathed their entry fee. Phew!
  • 16 miles planned for tomorrow.
  • HRR, absolutely brilliant news !!!
    I bequeathed twice and didn't get in; didn't this year and did !

    I am number 5631 !

    Well done Mick, on getting in AND beating Norwich.

    Running club 10 miler tomorrow, which will probably be slightly faster than 8 min miles, but thats what they are for !
  • We should start a list of who's got into London. Of course anyone is welcome to join/stay in this thread.

    LS 5631
    HRR 17481
  • I'll post my number when I've got one. Had my rejection mag, but it's a reversible rejection.

    Back from a few days in the Cairngorms, and I've just done a nice 10-miler. My running-uphill muscles definitely felt the residual effects of having been up a couple of Big Hills, but I haven't had any ill effects from my blood donation 6 days ago :o)
  • 16 miles this morning. Very wet and muddy underfoot and very windy but apert from that a lovely day with the sun shining on the Thames. Garmin packed up after 10 miles, flat batteries. I use rechargeables and they have only been used for less than five hours. Musn't have charged properly but it isn't the first time it's happened. Anyway I was on course at that point for an avge 9 min mile run but relying heavily on Garmin to pace me so I was left to pace myself. Finished in 2.22.10 (using my other watch) with an avge pace of 8.53 and a negative split! The last mile was hard running into a very strong wind. I have amazingly not fallen asleep in front of the tv but not looking forward to tomorrow morning when I need to be in work early for a day working on Blue Peter.
  • Well run, HRR :o) And I'm very pleased that you're in!
  • Also had my rejection mag, but I knew that anyway since my cheque hadn't been cashed. So no great disappointment here.

    My club have 3 places up for grabs a week on Tuesday, so will hang out here till I get a final NO!!

    Did a lovely 10 miler cross London today. It's becoming a bit of a Sunday routine at the moment. Ended this one with champers and birthday cake at nephew's 4th birthday party!
  • Hi everyone congrats to those who got in(sorry if you didn't-been there done that)
    I managed to get a place this year(at last)number 005940 i'm hoping to get round in under 4hrs probably looking to average a 9 min mile place.
    I was just wondering what amount of weekly mileage most of you normally do to get round in under 4.
    I ran the blackpool marathon back in june in 4 hrs 7 mins(first mara)and i think i should have been doing a bit more mileage(i was averaging about 35 a week)
    Up untill the last 5 miles i was well on course for breaking the 4 hrs but the old legs started to go.
    Appreciate any advice!!
  • Hi B.John,

    I think I peaked at about 45 miles last time I did London. It's a juggling act, how do you prepare perfectly and not burn yourself out?

    My mag arrived today.

    I am number 15783.

    Pidge, I really do have my fingers crossed for you.

    HRR, you have such a wicked job. Forgot to ask you, how did Children in Need go?
  • Good luck in the club draw, Pidge :o)

    Welcome, B.J!

    4.07 for a first marathon is very good, and I'd agree that increasing your mileage is likely to lead to faster times. I was on around 40mpw leading up to Abingdon, and, like you, lost it a bit in the last 5 miles - though I still managed to slide under 3.55 and my last mile was by far the fastest!

    There's a fairly wide variety of training plans here, with some of us looking at 70mpw schedules and others planning to train by doing press-ups and an occasional speedwork session.

    Having written down the sessions I'll have to do on the 70mpw programme, I'm starting to wonder about dropping down to 55mpw. My training history is so chequered that I could probably knock a chunk off my PB just by consistent training between now and April, and I don't want to risk getting injured or exhausted.

    I'll give it a try, and review the situation as I go along.
  • LS 5631
    HRR 17481
    Ripped Dap 15783
  • Hi All and Congratulations to all that are in !

    I haven't heard yet but expect to be sporting a woefully oversized tracksuit top by Friday !! Like Pidge I still have a shot at a club place but am also thinking of alternatives at the mo.

    Does anyone know how quick Lochaber filled up last year?

    I had a lovely run yesterday am which really inspired me to keep training despite not yet have anything to train for !.

    I'm also interested in the varying approaches to training. I cannot honestly see myself managing anything more than a weekend long run and 2 or 3 shorter runs in the week .... but I hear it's possible to go sub 4 with this approach.. Any thoughts ?

  • QQ
    Yes it is possible
    i've done 3 marathons all in under 4 hrs-just London2004 3.58 Paris 2005 3.58 and new york last month 3.52. I've never run more than 40 miles in a week. One long and 4 short 2x3 and 2x6 miles is usual with my dog, all off road but no speed sessions fatlets etc just plodding.
    In on ballot 4th time lucky and would love to do 3.45 gfa but may have to do more serious training so may aim for under 4 as usual.
  • Hello Guys, rejected. Since I finally decided my football days were over about 10 years ago (and probably 10 years too late) and decided to do something sensible like marathon running, I've only been accepted in the ballot once and that was back in 1998. I've been fortunate enough to take part 3 other times - 2 Golden Bonds and a 5 times rejection place. I'll probably step back into the background for now but keep an eye on the thread to see how everyone is doing.

    Congratulations to all who were successful. Good luck in April - just thinking about it I can feel the hairs standing up on the back of my neck. Whoever's got my place,please do me proud.
  • Sorry to hear that, BW :o( Are you going to do another spring marathon?
  • 70 mpw!! I don't think so. I think I will peak at 45 mpw as long as I don't get injured, then it might be less. I only run 4 times a week; trying to manage work/family/running life balance. 1 long run, 1 medium long run/recovery run, and 2 speed sessions (1 fartlek and 1 threshold).

    I did FLM 2005 on four runs a week with a max 35 mpw and just missed out on a sub 4. I think a few more miles and more variety this time should crack it. The main thing is: NO JUNK MILES!
  • 70 miles a week Velociraptor!!! Cant see me fitting that in.I'm looking at 40-45 doing 4 runs a week.1 speedwork session on the treadmill,1 steady hilly session,1 threshold run and 1 long run.Fingers crossed and injury free i should break 4 hrs also london hopefully will be a bit cooler than blackpool was in june(70's)
  • Okay so I was going to chuck my GB place and not do a marathon till Ocotber - well I just got through the ballot so everything has changed - Oh dear!!!!

    Def going for the furman plan this time as I've done three with Hal and I think it's time for a change.
  • Wow a lot of great running been going on since I last posted. Huge congratulations to those who are in through the ballot. GA great to hear you have got a place and will be going for it now! I've not heard of the furman plan..which one is it?

    I am very pleased to say that I did my first proper run (3 miles on the treddie!!) on Saturday and it was pain free, so it looks like my leg/ankle has recovered. I don't want to speak to soon and I am so worried about the next run - another 3 miles on the Teadmill tonight- incase it starts playing up again. I have also yet to go on the road which will put a lot more stress on it. It's been 6 weeks of no running and 8 weeks since the injury. Please cross your fingers for me.
    If all goes well I will start my training next week ..although I am gutted that I am so far behind now. I would have been up to 17m LSR by now, now I know I'm going to find it hard to do 8! Hopefully tho the sub 4 is still on the cards.

    I received my rejection mag and fleece yesterday but I already have my charity place with St John Ambulance so I am defintely in!!

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