FLM 09 - 3.45ers!



  • Hi again
    Just wondering how far most of you go on your long run.Whilst training for blackpool my longest single run was 20 miles but i've heard of people doing 22-24 miles.
    Thinking of doing the 'Round the lakes 20' in march has anyone done it?
    Good luck with your recovery HH i went 3 months without running(2005) because i'd torn my stomach muscles so i know how you feel.Dont try to rush back too soon theirs still plenty of time to catch up with your training.
  • Furman institute for sport - i.e. the 3 days a week plan. If you google furman it will pop up. RW did a thing on it last year and a few of my freinds used it with great success.

    BJohn I did a 22 miler last time and it did me a lot of good psychologically but I doubt i will repeat that this time as it took forever and was pretty boring.
  • Yeh i know what you mean GA 20 miles was long enough for me but i think i'll go up to 22 this time probably at the end of feb or beginning of march.
    I'll take a look at that Furman site it sounds interesting cheers.
  • I did one 16-miler and one 19-miler before Abingdon, since doing an autumn marathon was an afterthought and I was really focusing on getting a decent half-marathon time. It wasn't ideal, though it was enough to get me to a sub-4. I plan to do five 20+-milers in the run-up to FLM, including a 20-mile race.

    But this week I CBA, and I've given myself permission not to run a step till Sunday, when I've got a 10-mile race. The schedules start after that.
  • Fingers crossed here for you HH. I was out of action for three months this summer after Rotterdam so I know how it feels.

    Long runs....mmm...I plan to do more 16 milers but I really want to move up to 18 miles very early in the new year. Then its a case of how many 20 milers to do. Probably try for a 20 mile race. I'm sure I'll be tempted to do a least one 22 if things are still going well by March.

    I will have light weeks in between
    I will have light weeks in between
    I will have light weeks in between.....

    It is a real juggling act not overdoing it and getting injured and still putting in the miles.

    Anyway 5 miles at 7.45 this morning, got to keep the speed work up as well. It's not as simple as non runners think!
  • Just surpassed myself in a 6 mile tempo run.This would normally be done in about 48mins just clocked it in 46mins 24 secs so the speed work down the gym must be starting to pay off.
    I've got 2 main ambitions next year obviously the first is to do london under 4hrs the second is to run a half in under 1 hr 45mins.
    3-4 miles speedwork tomorrow then 10 mile Lsr on sat. morning
    Buzzing after that 6 miler(oh the joys of running)
  • Speedwork twice on consecutive days, B.J? Blimey, you're frisky ;o)

    I should have stuck to my earlier decision to let CBA hold sway this week. I've just done a spectacularly pointless 9-miler at the slow end of my aspirational LSR pace (9.29mm) and at a perceived effort level so low that my hear rate probably never got into triple figures. But a dinosaur who wants to do 70mpw must resign herself to doing junk miles occasionally :o)
  • The speedwork tomorrow wont be that brutal its more interval i.e. half a mile steady followed by half a mile fast.
    Dont know about you lot but i dont really like the old treadmills.I find that if i vary the pace i can get through the sessions better.
    I remember back in march when it had been snowing i decided to do my long run on a treadmill 13 brain numbing miles later and i nearly lost the will to live never ever again.I dont do more than 5 miles on a treddie anymore-i think i've been scarred for life!!!
  • I can absolutely sympathise, B.J! I hate treadies so much that I'm very tempted to get a pair of trainers with self-retracting little metal spikes that I saw in a shop in Aviemore so that I can run outdoors in the snow and ice. The only thing I could ever bear to do on the tready was intervals. Which was unfortunate, because at that stage of my running career there was no way I should have been doing intervals.

    Running outdoors in cold wet weather is a great excuse to buy lots of technical kit :o)

  • hullo to all the new 'uns.

    GA, I read in a paper this mornin' that the handsome devil whose image I use, is actually a 6ft 4in, 23 stone, steroid fuelled violent vigilante ! There's a Macintyre Underworld documentary on him on Five on Dec 12th.

    My 9 year old daughter kindly gave me an early Christmas present over the weekend of 100% colonic irrigation, courtesy of a bug she picked up from school. I don't have the energy to run a bath right now.

    Can I ask, as I am poorer than the poorest church mouse at present, and will be for the forseeable, is it completely out of order to ask my wifes work ( an OAP day care centre for whom I shall be running the FLM ) to pay the £20 a month for the Justgiving website ? I envisage raising an awful lot of money for them to go towards a new bus, and feel if this page was up and running, then the donations could start to come in now, rather than collect them by hand in April/May. I know £80-£100 doesn't sound a lot, but we really cant afford any extra outgoings.
    Mr Dap, how have you gotten on with the site, and do its donations far outweigh the running costs ?
  • V-Rap - Not sure about marathon. Mrs BW is looking gleefully at my rejection mag and a long list of jobs which usually get neglected at this time of year (confidentially, I think she wrote to Dave Bedford asking him to ensure I didn't get in).

    May concentrate on a couple of half-marathons which don't require the same amount of preparation - but I definitely need something to aim at.
  • LS - Justgiving site definately worth it. I think they take a cut of the giftaid to sort their running costs out. I have never had any problems with them whatsoever.

    Bells Wolf, sorry mate. I am starting to remember how guilty I felt when I got in last year. I know you don't see it like that......I just wish everyone could get in.

    V.rap, Whilst I could not even entertain 70mpw or 55mpw for that matter, I think you could handle it. If you can, then I think you should trust your intuition and go for it. I think that some ridiculous time like 3.20 - 3.29 is not beyond you. What time did you put down on the application form? That is the only thing I am worried about. It is really difficult to get going at London. My first mile last year took the best part of 12 minutes.

    QQ - fingers crossed for you also.

    Gymaddict - Well Done!!!

    B.John sounds like you are in form at the moment. Enjoy!!

    I have decided after the week end that there will be no Stella for the Dap till after the marathon. My official start date for training will be the 1st Jan which gives me 16 weeks. I am using my tried and tested RW schedule (with modifications)that I have stretched out an extra week. Going to use the time in between to do long slow plods, think I have said this before. I want to do at least 17 mile runs on weekends now.

    Will also be giving up smoking on the 1st Jan. I have seen my G.P. who has arranged cessation classes for me and prescribed me some nrt patches. Totally focused on this now, especially as I have been asked to enforce the smoking ban in my authority!!

    HH - take your time and build up nice and slow. Sub 4 is still on the cards ;)

  • RD, I wish you success with the cigs and the Stella! Becoming a non-smoker is bound to help :o)

    I feel so untalented because there's nothing I can do to gain an easy improvement in my times - I don't smoke, don't drink enough to get a hangover, and am not carrying much ballast. So it's all down to training. And genetic limitations, and I don't really know where those are.

    I'm planning to train with a view to sub-3.30, and amended my estimated time accordingly when I submitted my new ballot form and cheque for my five-times-rejected place today. Hopefully a Pen 3 or 4 start will make it easier to get going, although that's a popular finishing time and I don't think the field will ever really thin out.

    Having had a charmed few months of training, I'd forgotten how much life can get in the way. Last night my XH didn't show to look after the kids, and one of them was too ill to go out so I couldn't get my shopping done. I planned to do it this afternoon, but got caught up with work stuff. So instead of doing my long run tonight I'll have to finish my housecalls, do a much shorter run, then go to Sainsbury's. And I'm chewing the desk about it!
  • Sorry about the shorter run Vrap. If anyone has put down too slow a predicted finish time on their FLM application form and want to change it, it is possible that they will do it for you when you turn up to register at the Expo. I did it in 2005 and managed to move up a pen. It has to be less crowded the closer to the front you are.
  • Ah... sorry too about the change of plan Vrap. Hope you enjoyed your shorter run anyway.

    Glad your injury's settled HH and good luck with the training. Hope you're feeling better too L.S.

    Thanks for the 'finger-crossing' R.D. please could you maybe keep them crossed 'til the club ballot on Boxing day ? Got my fleece today ( size small fits ( almost) my 6'1" husband ! )

    I spent some time this weekend looking at flights to Glasgow .... or maybe thinking of Windermere tho' thats a bit lumpy I think ..

    Anyway I'll keep training and will run a marathon somewhere next year!
  • Good luck, QQ! Fingers firmly crossed. I haven't bequeathed since the first year I applied, when I received a polo shirt (size small) that could have housed the entire family.

    I'm doing Windermere as well as FLM, though not racing it. My TrailWalker team will be doing White Peak and Windermere as a team training event, probably looking at something like 5 hours for each marathon. I suspect eL Bee! and Slowboy, who both have marathon PBs not much over 3 hours, will find that more challenging than Heebie and I will.

    Managed a 7+-mile run tonight. It won't hurt to have an easy week and be well rested for Sunday's race.
  • Back running tonight with the Forfar Roadrunners. A quickish 6.5 miles around town, and I felt as strong as ever, so plan on doing either my 13.1 or a slower but longer time on my feet run on Friday at approx 5.30am. The roads were slippy with frost tonight; don't know if the rest of the country is the same ?
    Feeling really optimistic about my running at the moment. I think its the exciting thought of distances getting longer, and times getting quicker, and me looking forward to the huge buzz those moments give when you glance at your watch, or add another 2 miles to a long run no problem...!
    Watched a documentary on Monday on BBC2 Scotland, all about the yearly fell race up to the top of Ben Nevis and back down again. I said to my wife that before the programme started, I thought of myself as quite fit ! Bottom to top to bottom in 1 hr 25 mins ?! What is it ? 4,600 feet ? One old geezer has run it 37 times.
    Its run ONCE a year !!!

    Now THAT'S what I call hillwork.
  • Well another milestone......the scariest run I've ever done. Set off in bright sunshine for 5 miles fartlek. Half way round the wind got up and I noticed that behind me the sky had turned black. Then I heard a rumble of thunder, then another. Then it started to rain. Then I saw lightning followed almost immediately by thunder. This happened several times, really close. At this point the wind increased again and the rain turned to hail. I was running into it and it actually started to hurt so I turned my back on it for about 20 seconds to let the worst of it dissipate. The wind was so strong I could hardly run at all. After another ten minutes it all calmed down a bit and I got home cold and wet but safe. And 31 miles for the week! Two days rest now before the long run on Sunday. Looking out of the window now it is glorious sunshine again!
  • The weather is not exactly inspiring is it? The weather in South Wales today has been horrible. I usually love running in bad weather but I think it will be a night in watching Eastenders tonight.

    I saw a documentary about lightning on discovery a few weeks ago. There is a saying in some parts of America that goes something like this.......

    If you hear it; fear it
    If you see it; flee it

    The documentary was about how many people in the US are struck by lightning. HRR, I think I would have cried for mummy if I was in your position!
  • Can't resist those top of pages ;0)
  • Mr Dap,
    I misread the justgiving page. The £20 a month was for charities, not for fundraisers. The wee day care centre I'm doing it for is a charity, but isn't on their list, so I've had to apply with their details so justgiving can check on their validity etc. and also set up the link with their banking details. Do you know how long this takes on average ?
    Get off your lazy arse and forget Pauline Fowler and co. and go out for a run.
    I'll be up tomorrow at 5am for my 14/15 miler !
  • Hello All,

    Have not posted before but reading your past posts has really got e looking forward to the big day.

    I have a charity place for FLM and have not run any official race ever!

    I have my first 10k on Sunday - the Andy Reading 10k in Bicester and have been training for 3 months - effectively from scratch, initially from the FLM mag then regular 5k's. Longest run I have done so far is an hour - not sure how far I went but I have done a 5 miler (measured by friends Garmin) in 42 mins a month ago.

    3.59.59 is my target time for FLM (probably wildly optimistic from reading the experience you all have) as my best friend of similar ability ran 4.00.22 in his first FLM last year from starting training in Dec.

    I'm 25, non smoker, slim, male - am i being a bit optimistic? Was planning on starting the 18 wk WellChild plan I got sent on 18 Dec and fitting in a couple of half marathons late Jan and feb?

    I would very much love any advice anyone has?

  • Fresh 81, I am Stale 69.
    Welcome to the thread.
    If you read back you'll see that dopes like me have just gradually gotten faster and run further through getting the sneakers on regularly. With your build and health and youth, it'll be a doddle.
    I seem to run at about the 8 min mile pace for up to 13 miles, and a bit quicker over the shorter runs. Looks like your 5 mile run is approx 8 min miles, so if you don't go off too fast, and keep smiling, your first 10K should be about the 50ish minute mark. Job done if you do !I'll bet your hour run was 7 miles or more.
    Write all your runs and times down, as you'll love seeing the HUGE leaps forward you'll make once you get in a groove. Me and my neighbour plodded round our first 6.2 mile route in about 54/55 mins, 2 years ago. My best for that hilly run is 42:56 now, but I think there is still a minute or 2 to come off that. Your learning curve will be annoyingly steep, and like me, when you glance at the watch and see new PB's, you'll be on the computer before showering to tell the rest of us!

    Main thing is to just enjoy it, and realise that when you get out of puff, its coz you're going faster! Do a run and do it at a steady pace and just keep going, and you'll be gobsmacked at how far you can go! Once you've gone that far on that particular run, NEVER let yourself stop early or give up on that route, as you set a new benchmark and you just keep setting new ones.

    Don't be shy about picking the pickled old brains on here.
    You are definitely the young pup!
  • Hi, Fresh81 :o)

    With the training you're planning, there's no reason why a slim, reasonably fit 25-year-old man shouldn't run a sub-4hr marathon. Do post how you get on in your 10k! If you could do 5 miles in 42 mins in training, and are on the fast-improvement curve, I'd have thought you'd be looking at something around 45 minutes for a 10k race now.

    Provided you can build up your long runs and, most importantly, avoid injury, you should be fine.
  • Does anyone know when the RW marathon newsletter starts? (or am I already missing it?)

    Can't get motivated without it!

    I know that the real thing doesn't start till about christmas - just to make us fell guilty; but there is a 4 week count down to the start of the training proper.

    Can anyone help?
  • Hi BB. I think it starts around now. Just under your name at the top left of this page click on "All my pages" then on that page click on "My Newsletters". On that page you will be given three options for the types of newsletters you can get.

    Welcome Fresh81. Wise words from LS and Vrap. All I can add is that you make sure that you have a good pair of shoes that have been checked by someone at a good shop. Wrong shoes can lead to injuries particularly for new runners. I know I've been there!
  • Hi everyone

    GOOD NEWS-I had my rejection magazine this week,my second rejection however my running club have given me a entry tonight so im well chuffed.
    Only bee running since april but have run 8 races with 3 of them being half marathons. Im aiming for sub 4hrs as my half marathon pb is 1.50.50 (in october) and I am improving all the time. This will be my first full marathon so im a bit nervous but very excited. I have a training plan (off runners world)which im starting on jan 2nd. I am steadily increasing milage. Any advice about training or in particular the race would be gratefully received
  • Just got in from my longest ever run, of 15 miles! Set off at 5.25am.
    Did my usual Half route at a slightly slower pace, then added 2 loops of a 1 mile lap of town to come home in 2:02. Chuffed also to set a new benchmark for time on my feet.Also only a smidgeon off the 8 min miles. Also for the first time ever, I tried one of those energy gels at 11 miles. I used the free one we got with the acceptance mag. It seemed to do the trick, and I probably could've gone on for another mile , but I'll save that for another week.
  • LS - (please forgive me if I am being a bit dense and have mixed up folks on this thread) but is this your first marathon then? (If 15 miles is your longest run).

    And, by the way, I didn't realise the bloke in the pic was a bad-un, perhaps the 'hard scottish b$stard' should have given it away - hope you don't mind too much.
  • Yep, first marathon..

    And I didn't expect the bloke in the picture to be a librarian, plus subliminally people may associate me with that beefy image !
    Might be a tad disappointed if our paths ever cross though !
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