Sunday 10th December 2006

Unlucky FL, hope you recover quickly.

Well done BR and Hilly.

What: Nothing
Why: Weekend of rest and family time.

Taking children to the cinema for the first time today!

Should be fun;o)


  • Sorry missed you - get well soon RFJ, hope the work do was good.

    Hollywood - swimming in poo, reminds me of that scene from Trainspotting - 'worst toilet in Scotland'

    Scoobs - enjoy the R&R good one's don't come along that often, there's always tomorrow for a run:o)
  • Lyrics: No
    What: XC 5.3 mile race
    Why: winter training for strength
    Last hard: Wednesday
    Last rest: Friday
  • Lyrics:
    'to hurry up and arrive, 'cause if I gotta spend another minute with you, I don't think that I can surely survive...' YES!

    I'm praying for the end of the swelling and bruising at this point, but it feels a lot better at the moment than I thought it would, although that could be the painkillers!

    Yep, a spring marathon is what I'm hoping for, provided I get lucky at the club's FLM draw on Thursday (although I've not been that lucky this year)!
  • Hope you're all sleeping tightly now,

    What: Nothing - just riding to the triathlon race and back and watching all the crazy people racing!!!
    Why: 39 degrees outside
    Last Hard: Last weekend
    Last Rest: Thursday

    Ouch to those twisted ankles, dangerous sport that cross country stuff!!!
    Some good results to the others though!
    NZC hope whatever upset you has passed now.
  • Thanks for all the positive vibes re my 5K and the advice from the Uni peeps, looking forward to it. I have two supervisors (PhD), reckon I'd better get a meeting set up with them for the new year before I start.
  • Morning all,
    Hope you enjoyed your ride RHGDUnder.

    Paul -

    AF - I just had a little hissy fit - I'm very sensitive - I know how to dish it out, but not that good at taking it:-) I'm absolutlely fine.

    What: Vet track - 3000m 12.44, 1500m 6.06 - will have to check the official results when they come to hand. It was great to have another W55 in the races. She whipped me! I sat on her shoulder for the first 4 laps of the 3000m and then thought she wasn't giving it her best effort, so went past her, only to get passed again and had I had no sprint left in me. Sat with her again for 2 laps of the 1500m before she showed me how it was done:-)
    Off for a nice dinner out, so that should be good.
    Forgot to say - highlight for me yesterday was my W45 friend who I'd helped get her last few weeks marathon training sorted and helped get her head around the fact that she was better than what she'd done before, broke 4hrs for the first time. Her husband rang me and he was thrilled.
  • morning all.

    Think I'm first up this morning on this side of the globe!

    Well done in your track races NZC.

    RHGDU - 39 degrees for a triathlon. Eek!

    Good luck Stickless :o)
    looking forward to the report

    What: 5 miles or so before work
    Why: trying to build up my miles to something semi-reasonable again before the end of the year.
    last rets: Wed
    Last hard: Friday
  • morning,

    Tom, i don't get to see Malcolm very often but next time i see him i'll pass on your regards. Don't know him that well but he strikes me as a decent chap.

    hope the turned ankles start to calm down today.

    will up the training to 4 miles or so today. Nice easy jog up the canal path.

    Seems weird to "up" to 4 miles, but there you go.

    Got first XC next sunday which isn't going to be pleasant, but i'm desprate to turn out for the club, even if i'm no where near form.

    Good luck to anybody racing today.
  • Morning all,

    great cross country reports yesterday (but ouch, FL!) - great guns Hilly for winning and the third lap.

    Congrats to your friend NZC - I haven't broken four yet but that's partly because I shifted focus, I think. I'm thinking about trying to break four for the first time in an IM marathon, but that might be a little too much of a stretch!!

    What: long ride, probably inside
    Why: schedule and severe weather warning
    Last hard: getting through yesterday
    Last rest: Friday

    Good runnings all - and good luck all you racers!
  • morning,

    commiserations to RJF and FL on the XC inflicted ankle injuries, hope you're both back on your feet without lasting damage.

    nice performances from micksta, hilly, BR

    great track runs NZC, you need to paste that girl next time. well done your friend in her marathon too!

    coming along nicely paulI, good luck for next week

    looking forward to race reports later, good luck everybody. conditions look set to be a bit testing

    what - 3rd borders league race, prestatyn
    why - club league
  • Morning All.

    Well done in the track races NZC. Its years since i last raced on the track.

    5 1/4 miles into work this morning at 0535 and another 5 1/4 miles back to the car this afternoon. That should see me right for the day.

    Maybe a local 6 miler next week.

    Good Runnings everyone.
  • Morning,

    NZC, summer track racing (mmmm.... lovely), well run.

    What: 3.5 mile warm up, 20 x 1/4 miles (set off every 2 mins), 3.5 miles warm down
    Why: Hoist up the VO2 Max

    Last hard: Tuesday
    Last rest: Thursday

    Have a goodly day.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    Congratulations on yesterday's xc performances Hilly, BR and Micksta

    Stickless - I hope you do well today and are pleased with your result!

    Mel - I'm glad I did my long ride yesterday - the wind is howling here and it's dark and rainy. Yesterday was windy, but gloriously sunny.

    What: a run with 2x20 minutes at 10k pace followed by a turbo spin set
    Why: schedule
    Last hard: last weekend
    Last rest: monday

    It's my oldest's 19th birthday today. I won't ring her till the afternoon as she was out clubbing with her mates. Makes me feel old! We're having a family meal tonight.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Forgot to say:

    Lyrics: yes. I saw them back in the days when they were still a support band in Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto. They were great (and the reason I went). The main act were ELO who I don't like.
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Stickless, good luck for today.

  • NZC - Nice times, beyond me at present!

    What: 7 miles in 57 mins
    Why: Sunday run with club
  • Yes good luck Stickless.

    Hope ankles are better soon RFJ and FL.

    What: 5 miles d&d
    Why: so I could get back and open my birthday pressies!

    Got some lovely bike gloves with all nice padded bits and stuff. Going shoping in a minute as I want to look in decathlon.

    Have a good day all.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Happy birthday AJH!

    200 - oh dear, you'll still be ahead of me. I reckon I won't be doing more than 6 today - this is my yesterday's run, swapped for a bike ride.
  • Morning

    What: 2 5km slow runs
    Why: TimTheDog is staying with us - and he's showing his age (physically - not mentally!)
    Lyrics: Yes - I think so... now on album number 3 of the same name?
  • Afternoon all,

    Not been around for a few days - away for work and based near parents, so stayed with them for a couple of nights. No running.

    But today's 9.6 miles was a good one.

    Garmin threw a complete wobbly, though. If the stats from the Garmin are to be believe, I am now probably the fastest distance runner in the world - it says I did 20 miles this morning at an average pace of 4:07. Now, I might do that in my dreams, but the reality of this morning's run was 9.6 miles at 8:35 pace - still quite satisfactory and felt good all the way.
  • SGQ – it wasn’t foggy when you ran was it? My garmin threw a similar wobbly a few weeks ago on a long run. I think it may have been due to the mist that we had at that time, but don’t know really. It’s not done it since and has not done it before either – weird. But my stats looked like I was flying too, but of course I wasn’t at all! :0(

    FL – It’s our draw for the FLM on Thursday too. I’m going for it, but I don’t expect to get a place as I am not generally very lucky! Our club gives out their places to those that entered FLM but got rejected and have never done it before.

    NG – enjoy the piccie’s! I did enjoy the R&R thanks but I did also run yesterday!

    NZC – well done on the track race and lovely that your friend has got her 4 hour marathon – I’m so envious! As for being sensitive – yep me too! But then again isn’t everyone? I like constructive criticism but sometimes I have to have a little fit first, then calm down and then decide whether it is worth taking on board or not. :0)

    IronWifey – happy birthday to daughter. My son is 19 and I feel old too! However, not as old as my cousin who is the same age as me and has found out she is going to be a grandma as her daughter is 19 and preggers! Now THAT would freak me right out. I am NOT ready to be a granny yet! All in good time – at least another 10 years!

    What: 12 miles d@d in 1 hour 50 mins
    Why: Long run day
    Last Hard: today
    Last Rest: Friday

    Today was a bit tough, probably because I have run quite a lot more than I generally do this week and of course I ran yesterday, so I could feel this in my legs. But I still enjoyed it. I am now going to town to do shop til drop session, which actually will be good for the legs as otherwise, I think they may seize up and fall off. So tomorrow I must behave and take a rest day. <scoobs sternly tells herself that tomorrow must be a non run day>

    Hope all racers have done well or doing well. Laters….
  • Well done Micskta - how is Big Tim doing these days?

    RFJ - another bad XC injury to add to FL (Flared Ligament)...

    FL - hope you manage to pick up something nice at the club on Thurs...

    Good racing NZC - I love the odd track race too.

    S-B-R - are you a member of any running or tri clubs in Sheffield?

    What: 15 hilly / mildly undulating miles (delete according to interpretation:-))
    Why: P+D cutback week

    Now why did today feel so easy after a race yesterday when the same format last week felt so hard? Answer might be in a packet of peanuts and a toasted sandwich:-)
  • Scooby - good luck then for your club's draw, so far, there are about 7 people going for three places at our club. One bloke thought he'd got in but had forgotten that he'd bequeathed the money! We tend to assign two of the entries generally and the third goes to someone who has done a lot for the club.

    There are several who fall into that category: me (press secretary and committee member); the club's secretary and maybe, legionella's wife (treasurer). If I don't get in this time, I might do another marathon instead, eg The White Peak marathon, then I can train with the rest of them (when this swollen ankle goes down).

    What: keeping off the ankle as much as possible
    Why: accursed xc accidents and sprained ankle.
  • BR - thanks for that, wonder if I can pick up two nice things...
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Greetings all,

    thanks for the encouragements....

    Update on the ankle, survived the work do quite well (even more so after winning a lapton in the draw).

    But woke up to pain this morning - got it checked out at A&E, good news its not broken (wel knew that already) but good to get it comfirmed,

    Now onto RICE, and play the waiting game to see when I can run again, hopefuly no longer than 10 days or so (may be 2 weeks) but would like to run the Cliveden XC on 31 Dec,but I aint going to push it back....

    Well done NZC, RHGDU,

    Sorry to hear you have done the same as me FL, youre left, Im right, alright......

    Take care
  • RFJ and fell liker-hope rthe ankles heal quickly

    Just back form my second ever road 10 miler
    very cold wet and windy
    9 minute pb(my time-1.40.28)
    10k pb(61 nimutes)

    thats ok for a week post mara

    am shaking so much with cold i can hardly type
  • Hi all,

    I'm finally back from my jollies, but unfortunately, there is no way i will be able to catch up with the last month, so I'll just say comiserations / congratulations to whoever needs them...

    What: 5m run /16m cycle
    Why: to post something on here
    Last rest: the last few weeks
    Last hard: not running for a few weeks...

    Lyrics: Er, No.
  • Hi

    What - Keyworth Half Mara. This was originally going to be the culmination of an autumns return to running but after missing a few weeks with a bad back I never really got back into training - averaged 5 miles a week for the last 8 weeks including the time injured. Anyway thought about just not doing it but decided to run round with my partner - her pb is 1.46 but she's been struggling with injury of late and we finished in 1.49. First time I've ran a race and not raced it - quite enjoyed it as a run. Time to start my bike training now - may still do a bit of jogging and post that.
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