On The Wagon For January



  • Running Caz - sod it and join me. I've just put a bottle of bubbly in to chill, life is too s**t to be sober!
  • KF - Now Now.........

  • SH - I'm just pleased now that i didn't waste anymore of my time......
  • Come on now KF, I don't think you're really trying..
  • wasting time with hangovers...?
  • Are you joking KF ? think how much better you`ll feel tomorrow if you resist tonight.

    Well done on your run RC, stay strong.
  • Come on Caz and Kathy you can do it. Get a non-alcholic drink and out it in a long glass with loads of ice and lemon, swizzle sticks, unbrellas, cherries.... whatever to make it special.

    Its only a month! Think how great you felt after managing that great pace and how even more smug you can get it you don't have a drink. Think of the end result. How good will you feel having abstained for a month!!

    You can do it folks!!!! Don't let the rest of us down!
  • no worries everyone - its still in the fridge with the cork unpopped!
    Having a very bad day, really need help to relax, but im trying to find another way to do this....plus i have outrageous PMT.
    i've also entered myself into a triathlon in june, and i don't know why
  • Come on now ladies, no giving in so easily. Life doesn't have to revolve around alcohol, you know. The argument about life being short doesn't wash - if you keep drinking at the rate you're going, caz, life will indeed be short.
  • KF - you've entered because you wanted to!
    Triathlon is fun, I've been in it for 15 years and the cross-training is (a) fun in itself, (b) very satisfying, (c) helps in strength, flexibility, and motivation, (d) reduces running injuries.
  • Keep it there Kathy!

    Have you got a yoga DVD or something else you can do to relax?? Go have sex or something!! :-o
  • Oh that wee smillie was supposed to look surprised not rude! :-)
  • ha ha.....i prefer it rude!
    i've had sex the last 2 nights....still uptight. its pmt...i was the same whilst pregnant!
  • K - you should go for a nice walk and relax......I could help you relax...

  • Hi KF2,

    Sorry to hear you've had a bad day. As a hairy a*sed bloke, I'm afraid I can't advise with the PMT. But if your fighting the cravings, you're not alone. Perhaps an early night with a good book, or something? Anyway, there's always the reset button. Perhaps you could save that for a another day?
  • lol @ its only day three and people are near breaking pint. I have had a mate try and badger me to going to the pub but i have said a firm no. It seems some of my mates either prefer me drunk or just want me to fail.

    KF and Caz keep strong and think about all the extra benefits like more money and extra weight loss.
  • Evening

    Hope everyone is coping well with Day 3. KF, it will be better soon, don't be disheartened.

  • Whoops, fell off the wagon last night, and dont feel bad about it. I didn't drink a whole bottle of red but did have 2 very large glasses ..... had to!! First of all I was celebrating my run and The Hoff on Big Brother, and then I was comiserating The Hoff not being on Big Brother ;-)

    No hangover though and shall go to the cinema tonight to ensure I'm back on again until Sat night when I'm going out :-)

    Anyone recommend any good films?
  • Fell off yesterday afternoon, working lunch with boss (Italian - the meal not the boss)- she poured the red vino I could have said no but...

    One large glass of Chianti

    Films? pretty shit time of year for films 'Perfume' if you are into serial killer thrillers

    'Eragon' for fantasy

    'Apocaplyto' for gore

    'Deja Vu' opens today for sci/fi (ish) political thriller

    'The Holiday' for unthinking romantic guff

    'Pans Labyrinth' for indi - sophisticated fairy tale set in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War... Subtitled in Spanish you'll be lucky to find it
  • Survived the visitors and 2 bottles of red being consumed in front of me.

    Out tonight with visitors again, but I know I can do it now. They were all quite supportive and didn't do the go on go on business!
  • A BIG PAT ON THE BACK JARS - welldone!

    Are there any priests on-line? I need to make a confession...oops!
  • Well done JARS

    Confession is good for the soul, but pretty bad for the liver I'm led to believe

    I don't feel bad about falling off and I've climbed back aboard again.

  • Well am on offically now, sent sister packing after some bubbly and a bit of red on Tuesday but on second day, wow,there are some dipso's out there!!Keep it up y'all,am on til my next race which is Feb 4 I think.
  • Jars - well done.........

    I will be dodging the wine tonight as well my weekend always starts on a Thursday...

    But not tonight......
  • Am also going to attempt this feat. Its the start in earnest of my training for the Edinburgh Marathon in May. Need to save the pennies after Christmas and need to get into shape. (I had a long ish break from running prior to this). My only exception will be 23rd Feb, Wifes birthday and a possible trip to London. 10th March am at the Scotland v Ireland Six Nations game beyond that am hoping to be on the cart till after the Marathon.

  • Good luck Peter - I'll be at the Ireland England game at Croke Park, a huge test for my resolve
  • Who cares about the soul - i won't bother confessing!

    Back on track, no more booze until the Social in Norwich on 3rd Feb. You're all welcome!
  • SH - I've found a website for you:

    simply copy and paste...
  • Gosh, some peeps are setting massive no booze targets, can't do rugby without beer so am avoiding the club for this month, will only miss one home game so not too grim. When does 6Ns start? Anyone know?
  • Beginning of February I think. Huge, I play rugby as well but am going to make a conscious effort to stick to soft drinks after matches till then and probably watch the 6 Nations at home till I go to Murrayfield in March. (I'll be back to backing long runs and matches, so hangovers don't do me no favours...:-)). Just hope my resolve holds.

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