Have you ever been last in an event?



  • I was last in a 5 mile fell race a couple of years back. 

    It was my first run back after an 8 week lay off with an ankle injury. No idea why i entered it. I did though, get a big cheer over the finish line and i knew my ankle was fixed.

    Fekking eejit image imageimage

  • no, but I started the race from very last today! That's the last time I get stuck in traffic and give everyone a 15 minute handicap!

  • often ...... but it encourages me to run faster

  • Doing a 10km next week and pretty sure, looking at last years stats I'll be last.  Thank you for this thread cos I was dreading it!  Now hoping there'll be a prize, no way I'll ever get 1st place.


  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    I was last (again) in a bike TT on Sunday.  

    Going to be last in another one in a couple of weeks image

  • ShedboyShedboy ✭✭✭

    Bigwave what is the event?  I am running my 2nd every race, 1st half and my only 10k was 6 years ago - call it a come back image I am very very sure I could be in bottom 10% so might see you?  Im running Aviemore and the prize for last is alcohol so i wouldnt be too dissapointed

  • Well I ran my half in 2hrs 4mins and was 289 out of 407 runners!  Even though I thought I'd come last it just shows how things can change on race day 


  • Well, well done bigwave!

    I've been last loads of times. My enthusiasm for racing often far outweighs my enthusiasm for training, but I'm pretty determined on the day and won't give up without a fight. I've been last in 2 half marathons, several 10ks, a few 5ks, a triathlon, and last year I was last in the chester marathon image

    I don't mind at all - people are usually really supportive and encouraging, and at Chester they were utterly brilliant and we had some lovely fellas on bikes accompanying us the last few miles.

    Of course, being willing to race when you're really slow means that later you can say things like 'I've knocked 36 minutes off my 10k time this year' (I have), and 'I've knocked 2 hours off my marathon time' (not yet but quite plausible!) - not many folk at the front can say that! image

  • I came last in the Surrey veterans XC champs (M40 and 50), on Saturday. People were packing up and going home by the time I got in, 7 whole minutes after the man in front of me.

  • Being the person who comes last finishes is still better than the person who never started image

  • Being the person who comes last is still better than the person who never started image

  • I did the Julian Farrell 10k recently and I came 2nd to last - literally just before 79 year old man! Do I care? Nope. We got huge cheers and we said thank to each other as we each used the other to spur us on. I had only ever done one 10k in trainng with a few stops (just seconds whilst crossing roads, but still) so this was my first ever full 10k - and I came in 15 mins faster than my training run. Well chuffed, don't care about speed. I'm out there running, everyone's supportive. Run and enjoy!!

  • I've only been running 7 months and have only done two races to date - Crossbay Challenge and Chester Marathon.

    I wasn't last in either but think I may stand a chance at being the best loser in my next one - the Stockport 10 miler.



  • Many years ago in a League meeting I finished the 800m placed 2nd and jogged over to throw the discus ! I was last in the discus, but this 'throw' got us a point. I reached double figures in the discus tooimage My pb to this day.

    For the next League meeting, we'd recruited a real field event athlete (thankfully).

  • Too right

    Kathy W wrote (see)

    Being the person who comes last is still better than the person who never started image


  • I think will be for me next Sunday...its my first race 10k so....but i will try to enjoy it image

  • Well, I was 5th to last.  Did it, got wet but also lots of cheers and managed to raise £350 for alocal hospice.  Thats all that matters to me really!

  • anyone can come last, put 20 of the best runners in a race and one will be at the back, I seem to remember at London 2012 the 800m won by Rudisha, the British bloke came in last and got a PB, to me if you can beat your previous best then your placing is irrelevant.

    I once got a 43;33 10k time and finished 16th put of 185, next time I got 42;29 and came in 48th, depends largely on the quality of the field regards placing

  • I once came 19th image

    Shame there were only 25 runners! image

    ... And a load of LDWA types.

    One of my greatest running experiences.


  • If you want to come last, enter a fell run!

  • My first Ammanford 10K last year - I'd been running around 6 months and I came 107th out of 109 - I was not sure how to feel but have since learnt to not care.


  • roebyroeby ✭✭✭

    No shame in coming last, was sweeper in a half marathon the other week and sitting at the back , plodding along with no pressure was the best feeling in the world.Came about 45 out of 50 in a tough fell race last year and got a big cheer as everyone else had finished and was waiting for the last few. 


  • I was the last to finish in my longest ever (past and future!!) race - 55 miles, last month. About 38 started, and 30 finished. I was temporarily fed up at the thought of not having my time recorded but was bloody well determined to reach the finish anyway. I did so, got my t-shirt and medal, AND was recorded in the results as the last finisher!

    The vast majority of us in most events are racing only ourselves, in the sense that we're not out to win the race (or come 2nd or 3rd), so in my book there's absolutely no shame whatsoever in coming near the back or last. Someone's got to! And who knows, you might just inspire someone else to get involved, if they see runners of all abilities actually taking part! image

  • I actually dozed off during a race once..... which is also the race that I came last in (not surprisingly).

    There's a bit about it here -- http://runningcommentary.net/?p=1002675


  • One of my favourite races was a 5 miler that I came last in by about 8 minutes.  I had checked the previous years' results so was expecting to be in the bottom few, but none of the slower people turned up this year!  Within a mile I couldn't see anyone ahead but there were marshalls running behind the whole time and the support was amazing.  I finished about 7 minutes quicker than I was expecting too!

  • Face it folks, unless you're a really speedy whippet, if you keep on running as long as I have there will come a day when you are last. And then there'll be more of them to follow. Doesn't matter - as said above, you still did better than all the couch potatoes who spent the day watching the box!

  • South of England U23 Intercounties in about 1995. Crossed the line happy to know I wasn't last as I knew someone was behind me. The officials then started to dismantle the finish gantry so I pointed out that there was one runner still to finish. Only to be told "Sorry lad. He dropped out on the 2nd lap" !!!

  • I came last in the EnduranceLife North York Moors Ultra. Took me 8hrs 10 mins, I was 11 mins behind the 2nd to last person. I'm a bit gutted, but still a bit proud. Unfortunately most people had gone home by then so not even a big "last place" cheer image


    I reassure myself with the fact that 6 of those that started the ultra dropped down to marathon distance. Which by the way is a really cruel way to run a race. At 26 miles the ultra runners had to pass the finish line with 9 miles still to go. Mentally quite tough!

  • I don't think I could handle being last..

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    Why not?  Nothing bad happens, they don't take you round the back and give you a slap.  

    What would be so terrible about it?

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