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  • Wow, Jude, once again an amazing day for your daughter. Hope you have had a nice meal.

    Oh, my girl is okay. Nothing too serious. She had her ears pierced in September for her birthday and they had healed up nicely. Until she went swimming last week. I think the chlorine somehow set off an allergic reaction. They got worse after swimming on Thursday and I wanted to get some cream before the surgery closed for the weekend.

    Parkrun this morning. We were all going to attend as a family which is what we normally do, but 3 girls have coughs and sore throats so I left hubby and daughters in bed and went to be run director on my own.

    MC - hope you are able to get some rest and sleep this weekend.

  • Jude - hope you all had a great evening and your daughter has had another successful day

    chili - that sounds a bit weird about your girl's ears, hope the cream has worked

    still feeling washed out, maybe it is virus rather than just tiredness so no training or running today, just the normal shopping etc

  • MC - Hope you feel better soon!

    Chili - Hope your girls feel better soon. It's that time of year... hubby and one of my boys are very snotty....

    Well daughter qualified for all 6 races in Istanbul image but they are only allowed to enter 4 so her trainer will choose the ones which she has most chance in. She set five new PBs too which she seems to be more pleased about than anything else! She goes to Istanbul in 2 weeks time for 4 days.  Don't think either hubby or I can go with her (I'm taking a week off work the following week to come to England for Christmas and hubby will be picking olives.  Hopefully sister in law can go with her. 

    Anyway, party was good on Saturday night.  Daughter stayed at home in the end as she was so tired after 800m Freestyle..

    Have a good week everybody.


  • Jude-Your daughter gas done really well.

    A new week...did 11.6 mile son Sunday up in the hilly South Downs- lovely start to the day. resting today and will do 6-7 + bootcamp tomorrow.

    Bye for now..

  • helllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • a bizarre week coming up as miss LLB has gone on a residential trip to wales with school-how weird not to be doing usual routine !

    did some xmas shop today so can wrap prezzies whilst no peeky eyes about image

    was a very early start this morning -4am!!- after  alate night as miss LLB was in a dance show at New Oxford Theatre. was very good and they sparkled onstage ( literally) performing a tap routine to MACK THE KNIFE , then a street dance routine to DJ EARWORM .....image....off now to unpack xmas shop * stuffs receipts out of sightimageimage* and collapse on sofa with a cuppa....

  • Jude - wow, well done to your daughter. 

    loula - enjoy a peaceful week

    feeling much better today but took a rest day from training but should be back at it tomorrow

    AF - well done on your run

  • /members/images/728570/Gallery/62477_10151908640708551_1044695796_n.jpg

     My honey (Chili) and two others from Gunpowder Park Run ... short-listed for the Team London Volunteer Awards. Held this afternoon at City Hall, London.

  • Jude - that is such amazing news. She looks such a lovely girl in the FB photos.

    MC - good to hear you are feeling better.

    Hi Loula! - enjoy your Christmas wrapping.

    Well, I've had a lovely day. I don't know if you remember me saying that Gunpowder parkrun had been shortlisted for the Team London Volunteer Awards, but today was the day. So I headed into City Hall to meet up with my friends who help run it.

    I'm sure these things would be boring if you had to do them frequently, but it was actually a really lovely few hours.They had some celebrities to give out the awards. I'm ashamed to say that not having a TV and having been brought up without TV I did not recognise Barbara Windsor image but I did recognise Bear Grylls image. Martine Wright who lost her legs in the London underground bombings and led the GB womens volleyball team in the 2012 paralympics was the speaker and she was brilliant. Whether you like Boris Johnson or not, you have to admit he is colourful and he and Barbara make a great double act! It was actually very moving to hear some of the amazing work that the winners of the different catogories are involved in. We didn't win but we had a great time and got a lovely certificate image

  • Wow Chili - that's fantastic. It sounds very inspiring.  I have to admit Boris amuses me image.

    Jude, congratulations to your daughter.  It sounds as though she is still developing strongly, the way the PBs are falling!

    I'm feeling a bit more cheery now, the SI joint has stopped hurting, and it seems the underlying cause is a glute tear.  So although it's nasty, the prognosis isn't too bad.  4-6 weeks (as opposed to something more permanent), and now that it has settled down a bit I can start on rehab.

  • Hellllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooo

    Back from our weekend away and we had a really lovely time just the two of us. We actually stayed outside of Amsterdam in a wee village called Gouda and then visited other quaint villages from there.

    Jude wow well done to your girl. You must be so proud of her.

    Louise Pleased to hear your injury isn't as bad as you first thought and that your able to start rehab.

    AF Wow wow that was a very speedy 16 mile training run.well done.

    Chili Sorry your parkrun didn't win but fantastic to be part of the event. Nice picky well done all of you. Hope all the kiddies are feeling better.

    Mathschick hope you got some training in today and are feeling better.

    Loula You are very organized getting all the wrapping done but too good a chance to miss when Missy is away.

    Hi Nandy, Ecky and all.

    I will get back to the training malarkey tomorrow as wanted to catch up on the washing etc today.

    Have a good evening everyone

  • gosh loads been going on!

    franny sis, sounds like a lovely weekend away ! waz you nortee in Amsterdamimage lotsa nortee shops n fings LOL

    chili , sorry PR didn't get selected but fab to get to the selection process as far as you did ! thts great! hope you are feeling ok too , did the stooped hospital get any more info on your lost report?- that's so lax of them !

    nandy !! why are you tutting me ? ive been a very good girl of late image

    boss , whats your next event


  • chili - that sounds like good fun, yes, Boris is a character!

    Louise -good to hear that your injury is something that will heal quickly

    I didn't manage to get up early enough for anything this morning but I did a turbo session this afternoonimage

    franny - sounds like a brilliant weekend

  • Franny - lovely to hear that you had a great time.

    Louise - good to hear the injury won't be long term.

    Thanks for your kind words everyone.

    Loula - yes the hospital finally called yesterday to say my MRI scans have been found. So now I just wait for the next appointment to discuss which operation I have.

    On a more positive note I have been cycling, swimming and running image

  • Hi all!

    Chili - Glad your results have been found and congratulations on being shortlisted for your park run.  Looks like you had a lovely day out.

    Louise - good news! Hope your recovery is quick.

    Franny - sounds like you had  lovely time.

    MC - glad you are feeling better. Well done on your turbo session.

    Hi everybody else!

    Fitness room last night, swimming tonight.image


  • chili - good to hear they have found your scans, I can't understand how they can lose them as they are stored on a computer! 

    had an evening run today and managed to run without walk breaks - 4 milesimage can't remember the last time I ran without breaks. I had better get back to running club!

    inset day tomorrow so no lessonsimage


  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭

    Hi Everyone!

    Franny - Sounds like you had a good weekend away!

    Chili - Nice picture, sounds like you had a good time despite not winning.

    Loula - I was Tut tutting at the picture you put on! image Have you got any more ultras coming up?

    MC - Well done on your break free run! How did you feel after?

    Hi AF, Jude and Louise.

    I've not done any training for two weeks nearly. After that weekend away I got quite a bad cold and bad chest so didn't fell up to going out. I went football training last night and had a good run about so feel better for that. Will definitely be out for a run on Saturday!

    Take care!

  • nandy - good to hear you are feeling better now

    I felt good after my run, knees a little creaky but have been fine todayimage

    turbo this morning and swimming tonight

    day off in lieu of twilight insets tomorrow (basically an inset day but we do the actual insets in three evenings throughout the year)image

  • Nandy - Glad you are feeling better after your nasty cold.

    MC - well done on your 4 mile run with no breaks! Enjoy your day off. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

    Just back from the fitness room.....image   

  • morning

    Christmas shopping? yes, we have bought some stuff from amazon, can't be doing with going to actual shops!! And don't have time...


  • Me too! Sent an order off to lego and arena swimwear to arrive at parents house. image Sooo excited to be coming to England this year!image

  • aww Nandy , feeling better? tis the time of year for chesty problems  etc, I have a pharmacy full of patients coughing over meimage

    yes I have got an ultra on 12th January, its Country to Capital , 45miles and goes from Wendover (Buckinghamshire near me ) and we run to Little Venice in London image then hobble /crawl/ skid to Paddington station to get train back to Aylesbury image


  • also doing some exciting research on Transgran ultra in Gran Canaria, looking at doing the 123k race , prob not until march 2015 but itll get 3 points towards UTMB

  • CHILI glad they found your scans and you get sorted soon, take it easy though Mrs!!

    MC, I think you have the right idea doing it the Amazon way!! much easier and less stress , PLUS you don't get tempted by other goodies tht you see.


  • loula - exciting ultra plans there! Are you hoping to do UTMB one year?

  • Wow, Loula that sounds like some exciting plans image

    Sorry, I haven't been around much. It's been a bit of a tough week with my Big Girl who has required quite a bit of support for various reasons. We were hoping today would be a good end to the week because my 3 older girls had been asked by the council to sing at a Christmas street festival. All went well for the twins duet, but the generator (powering the backing track and microphone) broke down for my Big Girl's solo. She was in tears but pulled herself together for another attempt and it stopped again! So a rather devastated daughter.

    Managed a long run yesterday of 9 miles in the dark with my No.2 girl on her bike. Then was sweeper at parkrun this morning.

  • oh chili that is hard for your big girl, hope she recovers from the experience

    spin session then swimming this morning and tomorrow I have the Edwinstowe 10k - my first and only running event of the year!

  • Aplogies for my absence as well. Been working too hard......

    Well done on everyone running.

    Just ordered my 1st Christmas present for Mrs AF- refused to do any before December!!!!  

    Did 2 x 7.3 mile rusn last week in around an hour and 10.2 on Friday and 6 yesterday. Bit fragile this morning as went to one my running friends 50th yesterday.

    Next race is the Portsmouth Coastal Marathon on 22/12.

    Loula-I want to do an ultra next year!!! Any suggestions?   

    Must fly as cooking lunch for my parents. 

  • MC - Oh no MC! I missed wishing you good luck for your 10K race!  Hope it all went well. Am waiting for the report!

    AF - some good running sessions there.  Hope you feel better this evening.

    Chili - Sounds traumatic for big girl! What a shame! Well done on your 9 miler!

    Loula - Great ultra plans! Go for it!

    Hi everybody else!

    Busy weekend with a private lesson and a lot of ferrying kids around and not much else.  Boys and hubby went olive picking today so I had to take daughter to a new sports club opening on the otherside of the city by public transport,image just to have her picture taken with the mayor. 

    BFN! xx


  • had a great time at the 10k, a civilised 10:30 start, but had to scrape ice off the car when I set off so decided to put a base layer on, a mistake because I was a bit too warm running but better than being cold.

    ran most of it, but my hip started hurting after about 4 miles so walked/ran the rest, playing leap frog with an 85 year old guy who beat me to the finish line! He did shake my hand at the end as got a choccie biscuit and picked up our t-shirts. Beautiful morning, lovely and sunny and a run through the forest was just the thing.

    Jude - must have been exciting for her to have her picture taken with the mayor!

    planning and marking now, beginning to dislike my job

    need to go and collect big boy from his band rehearsal, then swimming later

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