Just A Little Bit Further 2013



  • Oh dear Chilli best wishes to Big Girl. My marathon is the Portsmouth Coastal Marathon- I think it is going to be a bit windy!! Thankfully the weather forecast for tomorrow is a lot better than for today and monday and tuesday etc!!!   

    Going to take it easy today... 

  • oh dear chili what a nightmare, Hope she is ok and that you can juggle everything. I can understand why a kid wouldn't want to be left alone in a hospital. 

    feeling a lot better today and my youngest wanted to do parkrun so off we went! He did really well walked/ran and kept going despite finding it hard. He wants to go next week too. I had to get off to swimming after parkrun so OH came to pick him up and they went for breakfast (bit jealous there). Anyway, no swimming next week so I get to take him for breakfast afterwards. He wants to go to the gym on Monday to get training for it

    swimming felt hard after so long of no swimming, there is another masters session on Monday then nothing till the new year - hope the gap doesn't set me back too much. Gives me time to get more running and biking in though

    AF - good luck for tomorrow

    Jude - are you back now? Hope the journey was good

  • morning everyone

    chili - hope your girl is recovering well

    a rare lie in today, but I was wide awake at 5am! Housework this morning, then a run this afternoon while OH takes the kids to see the hobbit

    AF - good luck at Portsmouth today

  • MC - belated happy birthday image

    Chili - hope your girl is recovering ok - that must have been a shock!

    AF - best of luck - it's pretty windy around here - hope the conditions aren't awful for you.

    I have been trying to keep fitness up at the gym - spinning and rowing, and yesterday managed 4 x 3 minutes jogging on treadmill so that's looking a bit more promising,  The times are slowly getting longer before it becomes too sore.  I did a two hour walk on Friday morning, the sun was shining and it was just nice to be out and about.

  • Morning everyone

    AF - all the best at Portsmouth. Hope you have a great day.

    MC - I seemed to have missed your birthday. So sorry. Hope you had a lovely day.

    Louise - well done on your gym work and walking.

    Thanks for you kind wishes. We are all fine and Big Girl is home. No infection and pain is manageable. And she is eating this morning. I think it is going to be a while before she able to move around normally. In the meantime I have an extremely rare Sunday 'off'. Hubby and other 3 girls have gone to church and Big Girl and are having a pyjama morning!

  • chili - don't worry, birthdays aren't really important to me to be honest. Didn't really do anything special, I didn't even have a clue to give to OH for a pressie so all I got is chocolate and I will treat myself to a new wetsuit in the spring - I want a better one in the hope that it will help my swimming!

    louise - well done, take it slowly easing back into running and you will get there

  • Thanks for the good luck messages.

    Finished in 4.03.40 which I am pleased with as the last 3 miles the wind was straight at us & was running/walking.Race started in a torrential downpour but dry after that.Part of the race was running on the beach & in the sea! Wine glass in my hand chilling out!

  • well done AF - I heard the weather was awful

    I got a 6 mile run/walk in yesterday afternoon, no rain but a very cold wind, but caught the last few rays of sunshine of the day which was nice. 

    today my little one wants to go to the gym, so I will be going to the adult gym while he is in the kids gym, then swimming tonight

  • Evening

    Sorry missed loads

    Well done AF on a fantastic time in tough conditions. What a great end to your year.

    MC Belated happy birthday. that's great your lad is joining you in the running.

    Chili Oh poor big girl. Glad she is home and on the mend and that there is no infection.

    Louise Great you are keeping the fitness up at the gym as it will help when you back to running again.

    Only 2 sleeps till the big jolly man pops down our chimneys image except I aint gotta chimney imageimage

  • Evening!

    Wow AF! Congratulations! I know you want to break 4hrs, but that is really an amazing achievement for such a wild day. image

    Fun swim with most of the family today. And then a tea party for my Grandparents who were celebrating their 70th Wedding Anniversary. Pride of place went, of course, to the card from the Queen.

  • Chilli- I have broker 4 hours- what I really want to do is 3.50. I was on for sub 4 on Sunday until i hit the wind in the last 3 miles and it got the better of me. Not bothered at all as was aiming for 4.15.

    Hope everyone is ready for Christmas?

    Was going to run a few miles this morning but dark and miserable so decided to give myself a little rest.   

    Off to Christnas Eve bootcamp and after that coffee and CAKE!!!!  


  • Ooops! Sorry AF, I didn't remember. Enjoy your boot camp and cake.

    A massive tree has landed in our back garden over night image

  • I intended to run this morning but didn't sleep much so stayed in bed, had to do some shopping this morning and get the kids' hair cut. The kids are hyper, roll on tomorrow!!

    They have gone to the panto with my mum so I have done some wrapping. Still stuff left to wrap but I don't know where OH has put it!

    Chili - at least the tree is in the garden not on your house

    Have a lovely Christmas everyone

  • Hi Everyone

    This thread has really slowed down, does anyone want me to start a new one for 2014? If we do I might go back to beginners where we are more likely to attract some new members.

    Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. My twins got 'new' bikes so I took them out for an hour yesterday afternoon before it got dark. Now we are on 'holiday' at my parent's house in the North Peninnes. Visited Fountains Abbey today which was so beautiful and did quite a bit of walking (Big Girl in a wheelchair). But I strongly suspect that training is going to be pretty much non-existant this week.

  • morning

    Hope everyone had a lovely xmas. Chili - I remember going to Fountains Abbey with school when I was a child it was lovely there. 

    Putting the thread back in beginners would be a good idea, we seem to have lost a few people, like loula, by eck, ecky.....would be a shame not to have a thread though as it feels a bit like home in here!

    OH back at work today and youngest son is playing squash so I will go to the gym while he is playing squash. I have a feeling the teenager may go back to bed while we are gone!

  • Hello everyone

    I hope you all had a lovely Christmas image

    We did and I got my own lappy Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy no more waiting on hubby to get off the other one now.

    I went out on the boxing day club run yesterday MUD MUD MUD was involved and I got the FRIGHT of me life I stood on a rabbit SHREIK think it got more a fright than me though HA HA Was relieved that Chico wasn't with me.

    Chilli you have to keep the thread going Would be a shame not to as we wouldn't be able to keep in touch. I think people are just very busy with their own family things but its nice to be able to come in here for a chat as usually someone will be around.

    Have a nice day everyone

  • Franny - what a wonderful Christmas present. I LOVE my laptop and couldn't possibly cope in life without it.

    Okay, we'll keep the thread going but move it back to the beginners site to attract some new folk.

    Horrendous weather today. At one stage we were literally blown backwards whilst walking down the street and I had to grab the children! We all fell laughing into the next shop doorway image

  • franny - what on earth was the rabbit doing? didn't it notice loads of people running around and hide? 

    I think we have been lucky here, the weather has been bad but not as bad as elsewhere around the country. Although if we get more rain I think the Trent will flood.

    I had a really good gym session but am expecting to ache tomorrow. They had to come and fetch me though as youngest son fell and twisted his ankle. He hopped to the car and from the car to the house, but then was fine!!

  • Chili we need a thread.  Otherwise it'll be all about running and not enough about cake.  And since I still can't run, cake it is image.

    I'm still working out at the gym, but chocolate intake has definitely outweighed (literally) calories burned.

  • morning all

    think I overdid the squats and lunges in the gym yesterday as my glutes are so painful this morning!! Decided going for the planned long run was a bad idea as my form would be awful. Will have a gentle spin on the turbo instead and hope that helps! Other parts of me ache slightly in the right way, but my poor glutes......

  • Morning

    Its been very windy up here to I went to parkrun this morning.Time was awful coz of the gale force wind blowing in my face on the way back. I wasn't moving at all at one point Ha ha

    Well done on your gym session MC Sounds like you have worked your muscles well. I don't know why the rabbit was there as there were a few folk ahead of me.

    Louise Good to hear your keeping up the good work f eating cake and going to the gym.

    Have a good day everyone.

  • franny - weirdly I love running in wind! Hard work but makes me feel great. 

    Have done a little turbo session to get the muscles moving and blood flowing! Hopefully I will be able to run tomorrow

  • Morning all

    Nice day here but alas I am working at 2pm.image

    MC I don't mind running in the wind either but just not when you are trying to aim for a decent time imageimage

    Hope everyone is well

  • morning all

    franny - ah, my secret is that I never aim for a time!! image not good enough to be worried about a time, completion of any event is a win for me!!

    glutes still killing me and I seem to be sleeping more and more every night - 10 hours last night! Even the kids have been sleeping longer. I am sure it is the dark mornings to blame - when I am at work I don't really notice that it isn't light till after 8 but being off work means that I don't want to get out of bed till it is light! Going to have a few earlier mornings this week though so it isn't such a shock when I go back to work. 

    going to have a run or turbo later and hopefully a swim too

  • I have absolutely nothing to report cos I haven't managed to do any training all week image Really, really want to and am trying to figure how to get away from the family. I am going nuts!!!!!

  • Hi guys!

    Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.  Got back from England on Friday and have been busy doing all the normal weekend things.

    Chili - Hope your big girl is feeling better now. What a fright for you all.

    I had an absolutely wonderful Christmas with my family and missing them all like crazy.  Lots of laughs, food and pressies!  Weather was pretty horrendous though wasn't it?  Managed 2 short runs (one with daughter) and a longish walk with hubby in a gale. Back to work tomorrow and trying not to think about it too much.....although we have Wednesday off for New Years Day.

    Yep, absolutely we should have a thread!!! I agree we may get more newbies if we put it in beginners.

    Well, hopefully I'll check in a bit more this week.  BFN! xx

  • Jude - hope you had a great time over xmas

    Managed to get out for a 4 mile run and also a lazy swim - lazy because masters club swimming isn't on this week so I just went to a public session - I don't swim nearly as hard on my own!

  • Afternoon

    Wet and windy here .Been at work. No running.

    Well done on your run and swim yesterday MC

    Jude Glad you had a great time at Christmas with your parents. Bet it went really quickly.

    Hope everyone is okay and have a good evening

    Speak later folks

  • afternoon everyone

    wet and windy here too, yucky weather!

    took the kids to a leisure pool today so they could play on the slides/in the wave pool while I had a swim. They got fed up before I did! Done a turbo session too, so good training day for me image - although the turbo session was a functional threshold test and I was nearly crying near the end because it was hard!! 

  • Afternoon,

    Sorry for my absence been busy! Hope everyone had a great christmas.

    Well managed 3 days off from running after marathon! Have run everyday since Boxing Day & have managed 30 miles since christmas.All sorts of weather,sun one day, ice one day, wind & rain also!

    Final run of the year tomorrow with a few ladies from the club-although weather forecast is rubbish so some may wimp out!

    Chilli- let's put this thread back on the beginners thread to get more people.We can act as mentors as well.

    Been making fresh pasta this afternoon with Mrs AF- not sure we will do it again as time consuming!

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