Jeff Galloway approach to R/W/R London Marathon 2014 -Help!



  • Evening all.  Well I did my first run today - on the physio's recommendation, it was on the treadmill.  I did 10 mins on the crosstrainer first, then programmed the treadmill for speed intervals.  I walked for 2 minutes, then did 20 minutes of 15/45.  So far so good image

    My recovery plan is to stick with 15/45, but increase the duration, first to 25 and then 30 minutes.  Then stick with 30 minutes, but move my ratio back towards what it was, before building the duration up again.  According to JG, the ratio for my long run pace (14ish) should be 30/30.  I poo-pooed that, and was using 60/60.  But I wonder if he is right, and I should use 30/30....

    It still doesn't give me very much running (yet), but I am terrified of my calf going again.  So I am making up the time I "should" be spending running on various forms of cross-training.  It's nowhere near as much fun as running, but I can't afford to get hurt... and I want to be as well prepared I can be.


  • When I do the magic mile I walk 15-25 secs after each 400metre lap, so I do 3 of these and it helps me catch my breath. RW ratios are for the pace you are actually running at the time, so for the mile, I should now use the ratio for approx 9 min mile, and for the long run, the ratio would relate to 13:30 pace. Hope that makes sense. 

    I use the information from JG's most recent books, sometimes there are 2 versions and he has updated his thinking on some things :-

    The Run-Walk-Run Method 2013 version

    Half Marathon -You Can Do It 2011

    Boston Marathon -How to Qualify 2010

    The Boston one may seem a little strange, as I have no chance of qualifying ever, ever,  but it has Training Schedules for up to 5:25hrs (scarily that is BQ time for people even older than me, but the training is still the same) All these have a lot of similar stuff in them but also some really, really helpful detail not found elsewhere.

    This is definitely a "thinking person's" approach to training and all the detail is useful. I got the books off Amazon, but some of his books are only available through the American site ie .com as opposed and take a few weeks to arrive. 


  • Hi Barbara

    just spotted you are back. Brilliant Stick with 30/30. Read my posts on p3and4 to see why I say that. I will probably use that ratio to the end of training as I am remaining injury free and miraculously improving.Hare and Tortoise! We will get there if we are patient.

    Whatever time you run/walk you will probably find you cover about 3:1 run to walk distance for the same time. 

    C x

  • Thanks Chris.

    I don't follow what you mean with the 3:1 ratio thing... can you explain a bit more? If I do 30/30 or 60/60 I will still be running for half of the time, but I know I will be running more than half of the distance, because I move faster when I run then when I walk.... but not 3 times as fast!

  • We have worked out that the distance I cover when walking is 1/3 of that covered when running ie R3:W1. I was surprised but it fit with the RW calculator too. I don't speed walk, just use a short stride and walk with relaxed ankles rather than stride out.

    The best way to work out  what is happening, use a garmin to measure the distance separately for run and walk sections, then work your distance ratio out. That way you can totally customise ratios to yourself.

    JG reckons running 30secs/30secs is better for reducing injury risk than R1/W1 because you reduce the continuous stress on the legs, even though the overall contact time with the ground is the same.. Hope that makes sense.

  • So running 1:1 in time terms means the distance I cover is 3:1 in favour of running time. 

  • Where is this calculator, Chris?

  • Derr!! I have put the stuff about distanced covered when running and walking all wrong last night. I was very tired and got it a bit back to front.

    I should have checked my journal first before I started merrily typing away . Anyway, the official version is that the distance I cover when walking is 2/3 of that when I run (so I cover 1/3 less distance when I walk). Sorry I am  sometimes so thick.

    Barbara, I do apologise. That is one reason why my pace is not that much slower when I Run Walk. The other is I think I run faster when doing short segments.

    Doing 20 miles tomorrow morning. The numbers are getting a bit scary.


  • Thanks Chris - some really interesting stuff there. Think I might get one of the books

  • I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but the calculator isn't working for me - when I click on calculate it says Please Wait, then the message goes away, but no results appear.  Somebody broke it - hope it wasn't me!

    My second run yesterday - 25 minutes, started out with 20/40 but after 10 minutes switched to 30/30.  Then I added 15 mins on the bike, including some short hard bursts of effort.

    Monday is down in my original plan as 16 miles or 3 hrs 45.  I'm thinking that rather than do (say) 30 minutes of running and all the rest of the time going round between bike/crosstrainer/rower, I could do 2 (or maybe even 3) 20 minute runs - all at 30/30, of course - broken up by other activities.  That's if I can bring myself to stay in the gym for that length of time - I would rather run 16 miles, I think!!

    How did your 20 go, Chris?  That's a seriously impressive (and scary!) number of miles.

  • Hi all

    Succeeded in doing 20 miles today in 4hrs 22 mins! Pretty pleased as it was incredibly windy, especially on the return 10 as the weather was worsening and I was running straight into it. I felt like I had run up hill for 10 miles when I'd finished. We were expecting heavy rain from 3pm so I probably pushed it a bit too much to try and get back before I was lashed by rain as well as the wind. Anyway, all seems well, although my legs are shattered (JG will probably tell me I should have gone slower to protect them). Did 30:30 for most of it and the last 3 miles at 60:30 to beat the rain, although the latter didn't seem to impact much on time, my legs were pretty much gone by then. I would have never managed it trying to run continuously, in fact if the last 10 yrs is anything to go by, I would have been injured before I got past 13 miles.

    Hi Mathschick, go for it. This is a great way to run.

    Hi Barbara, did you scrawl down the page after calculating. I thought it wasn't working and then accidently moved down the page. The information was listed there in a list. Unless you have now broken it. LOL

  • wow, well done Chris. I am hoping to do around 12 tomorrow, but that will depend a bit on the weather! Might try 30:30 and see how that goes

  • All that's further down the page is some adverts......

  • I'll have a look later Barbara and see if it still works with what I did.


    Good luck Mathschick, let us know how you do.


  • Jangok, are you still around on the forum. I was wondering how your London training was doing.


  • Found some interesting info on Sparkpeople who have a Galloway forum. Was going to cut and paste it into here but wasn't sure if that was allowed so here is the Link. It is all about the affect of different RW ratios

  • I can't make the calculator work either Barbara. Confused as it worked last wee.


  • Chris - thanks for the link, really interesting

    didn't get out for a run in the end today - I am a bit run down and just needed to sleep I think. I'll try again in the morning!

  • Thanks from me too, Chris.  Don't worry about the calculator - I've just got to stick to 30/30, go gently, and hope for the best.  There's a lot riding on this now, as money is really starting to come in from the various churches in our circuit - over £1600 raised for Cancer Research so far.  Can't remember if either of you are running for charity?

    Hope you feel better soon, mathschick.

  • I'm sure you'll get there if you keep to RW strategy.

    I'm going to do mine for my schools. A retirement thank you. Hope going for raising money doesn't jinx it.


  • thanks Barbara - it is mainly work stress - being a maths teacher isn't as fun as it used to be!

    I am not running for charity, just for myself!

  • Hi jangok, well done on the run at the weekend, the weather was horrible which does make it so much harder!

    Well, because I missed my long run yesterday I made it up by doing 2 runs today (had to split it due to work) - so 5 miles this morning and 6 this afternoon. I did it all 30/30, and oh my gosh, I am so excited because it worked so well! I maintained at 13m/m pace the whole way on both runs and don't feel too shattered at all. I'll have to see what my legs feel like tomorrow but I am so pleased image

    Going to order the marathon book tonight 

    oh, and there is a pace calculator on the Jeff Galloway website:

  • Blackpoo,l a week on Sunday

    Great to hear from you Jangok. I think it has been really hard running in the wind and rain over the last few weeks. I just keep telling myself it is better than snow.

    I'd stick with 30/30 if I were you and don't try and kill yourself on the running bits so you can keep going longer. You make up the time that way.

    Good to hear from you. Keep in touch.

    Mathschick, don't let things get you down. It is a really pressured job nowadays, but  just do your best and then not beat yourself up. Running is a great stress releaser.


  • Well gang, today was due to be a long run of 16 miles, or 3:45.  When I made my plan, I gave myself both a time and a distance target, the reason being it is quite hilly round here, plus I do variable portions of my runs on trails, which can be very uneven and slow you down.  London, of course, is flat tarmac.  So I would have considered today's run achieved if I either covered 16 miles (even if I did it in a shorter time), or ran for 3:45 (even if I didn't cover 16 miles).

    It would have been "against the rules" of my rehab to attempt that today, so - despite it being a lovely bright crisp morning - I resolved to do 3:45 of "something".  Started with walking to the gym and unneccesarily long way, then a 25 minute session of 30/30 RWR on the treadmill. There were multiple goes on the bike, crosstrainer and rower, and 3 further treadmill sessions, each of 12 minutes, to give me a total of just over an hour's RWR.  Then the walk back home - total activity time 3:46.

    Not bad for a girl with a bad leg image  I'm limiting myself to 3 runs a week for the next few weeks at least - so I will become very familiar with the other equipment at the gym.

    Not as much fun as running...

  • Well done Barbara, I think it is really hard working out in a gym, so I bow down to your grit and determination. 

    I only run 3 times per week, cos JG told me too. LOL

    I went to my wonderful chiropractor tonight. I am going there once a week until at least after London. He has sorted so many problems out with my body by massaging, nudging and v occasionally clunk clicking every stiff or aching bit in my body. I am now so much straighter: my body seems so much more resilient to the stresses of long distance running now things are more aligned. I seriously think I'm in a better physical shape than I have been for 20 years, I don't mean faster just fitter. 

    Anyway, to top it off I got weighed on my super duper, all singing and dancing scales when I got back. It says I have lost 7.5% body fat since this time last year (I can believe that). It also pronounced me physically like a 33 years old. Can I have a mirror from the same shop please.?

  • well done Chris and Barbara

    well, my legs are fine today after yesterday's double run, so I did a turbo session this morning image

    I ordered the JG marathon book last night too, hoping it comes soon

  • Chris - do you do any other form of exercise the rest of the week?

    Until recently I was doing 4 runs and 2 strength/core sessions, with one complete rest day.  Although tbh, if I was feeling tired I would sometimes skip one of the strength days.  Have come to the conclusion lately it would be better to keep the 2 strength days and skip a run!!

    I haven't done any exercise today - but will do strength tomorrow, that means when I run again on Thursday I will have had 2 non-running days.  Still very nervous about hurting my calf again.

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