Paris Marathon 2017



  • I love Paris so much. Three years on the trot but I won't be doing 2017 as I will be doing London. Might still lurk about here all the same.
  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Good luck to everyone running London tomorrow. 

    There will be Stool flags being flown so keep your eyes open for the worlds best supporters. 

    And, be epic. 

  • NodsterNodster ✭✭✭
    What ORBUTT said. Good luck all, weather looks good image
  • So excited about just watching London tomorrow-the very best of luck to anyone running it; the weather looks perfect! 

  • MattLMattL ✭✭

    Good luck to everyone running in London!

    And don't rub my face in it about the weather.  There's supposed to be a high of 33 C for the Sao Paulo marathon (although I hope I can finish before it gets quite that high...)

  • Hello! Checking in to say hi. Probably won't be doing Paris next year but might be supporting, we'll see.

    my next race is Hackney half on May 8th,woo!

    good luck to all running London, currently watxhing the wheelchair race from the sofa.

  • Morning All ..... I've got a sore body after acing VLM in sub3 yesterday and a sore head after going on the lash after with HIAHS, Nells, Nodster, Pottermoss, Running Rodent, Stuchbury, Kenno, Mr HIAHS. Had a right laugh out on course yesterday ... My clubmates were all over it and then it was just pub after pub. A miracle that I made it home in one piece. Great running by everyone and fantastic support.
  • KennyMKennyM ✭✭✭

    Just checking in on the new thread (after running Paris 2016). 

    I think I've decided to try somewhere different for 2017.  It's nice to visit a new city for a race!  

    Currently thinking about Hamburg, Vienna and Prague.  Anybody got an opinion on any of these?  Goal is still ~3 hours / London GFA qualifying.

    Well done to those running in London yesterday... very jealous!

  • NellsNells ✭✭✭

    Jimbob - despite not running 26.2 miles, and drinking about a tenth of what you consumed, it seems I have more of a hangover than you today! Must have been all that pomegranate juice that saved you... image At least I've more or less got my normal voice back after standing at the sidelines shouting at random strangers for a few hours yesterday. I'll be trying the ballot again next week, and if I don't get any luck with that, I'll probably give in and go for the charity spot in 2018. Think I get another chance to get in this year in the volunteers ballot, which is a nice bonus to go along with the bright orange t-shirts we got yesterday!

  • NellsNells ✭✭✭

    And here's the list! If anyone wants an event added or your name added to one that's already there then mention List Fairy and I'll add it on... Can't wait to hear your race report next week Nodster!

    Apr 30: Nashville Rock & Roll Marathon - Nodster.
    May 1: Birmingham 10k - Christopher Field, AspirantRunner. Brecon to Cardiff Ultra - Running Rodent, yer maj. Canal 15k Montauban - Sweety2
    May 2: Milton Keynes Marathon - kenno.
    May 5: 3Rocs Trail 24km - Sweety2
    May 8: Leeds Half - Andy W. Run Hackney - Tired Old Legs, KeyserSuze, Nells, Your pace or mine, UrbaneFoxLondon. Bromsgrove 10k - Christopher Field. Crowle 10K - Tired legs.
    May 14: Arun River Marathon - Nodster. Barton Stacey 10K - Betzza.
    May 15: Scott W's birthday. Chester Half - Christopher Field.
    May 17: Simon Mac's birthday.
    May 20: The Dark and Light Ox - KeyserSuze, Betzza.
    May 21: Half Ox: KeyserSuze. Ironman Lanzarote - Magna Carter.
    May 22: Richmond Park Marathon - Nodster. Worcester Half Marathon - Christopher Field. Great Manchester Run - UrbaneFoxLondon. Copenhagen Marathon - Eggyh73, Running Rodent. Ox Ultra - Heroine in a half-shell. St.Annes triathlon - Kirsten B
    May 28: Kent Roadrunner Marathon - Nodster, LeggyMountbatten. Liverpool Rock & Roll 5k - Christopher Field.
    May 29: Comrades Marathon - Danni. Liverpool Rock 'n’ Roll Marathon – Andy-W, Orbutt. Liverpool Rock 'n’ Roll Half Marathon – Christopher Field, Kirsten B. Mont St Michel Marathon - Miss Laure. Edinburgh Marathon - Mistletoe Mike.
    May 30: Bupa London 10k - Nodster, Nells, LloydR, HeatherS, EHN, Running Rodent.
    Jun 1: Penny71’s birthday.
    Jun 2: Eggy's birthday.
    Jun 4: Harvel H5 - baldstan.
    Jun 5: Stour Valley Marathon - Lloyd R.
    Jun 11: Worcester Go Dad 10k - Christopher Field.
    Jun 12: Two Castles 10k - Christopher Field.
    Jun 18: Tromso Midnight Sun Marathon - Heather S, Nodster, Meadower, Running Rodent, Eggyh73, Heroine in a half-shell.
    Jun 19: Arden 9 miles - Christopher Field.
    Jun 23 : Nodster’s birthday.
    Jun 25: Keyser Suze's birthday. Giant's Head Marathon - Heroine in a half-shell.
    Jun 26: Olympic tri - Tallington - Magna Carter. Harry Hawks 10 - EHN.
    Jul 2: Black Country Half Marathon - Christopher Field.
    Jul 3: Bewl 15 - baldstan.
    Jul 10: Leeds 10k - Andy W. Coventry Northbrook 10k - Christopher Field. Sprint tri Spalding - Magna Carter.
    Jul 16: Race to the Stones: Heroine in a Half-Shell, Running Rodent, Stuchbury, kenno.
    Jul 17: The Dorset Invader Marathon - Nodster. Windmill half (Lytham) - Kirsten B.
    Jul 20: Meadower's birthday.
    Jul 23: Iron distance tri - Outlaw Nottingham - Magna Carter.
    Jul 28: ATM's birthday.
    Aug 4: Uisge Jo's birthday.
    Aug 6: Phoenix Summer Marathon - Nodster.
    Aug 7: York 10k - Andy W. Run Norwich 10K - Smudgerncfc.
    Aug 13: Roseland August Trail (Black RAT - 32 miles) - Christophe D.
    Aug 18: Andy W’s birthday.
    Aug 27: Enigma Marathon - Nodster.
    Sep 4: Benign Murmurring's birthday. Maidenhead Half - iantcox.
    Sep 10: Half Ironman - The Vitruvian - Magna Carter.
    Sep 11: Great North Run - Andy W, Christopher Field, Hales HayleyB, Hari2, Kirsten B. Surrey Bacchus Marathon - Benign Murmurring, Nells, Nodster, Betzza. Sapiac Half - Sweety2.
    Sep 16: PC's birthday, Mrs O's birthday.
    Sep 18: Richmond Half Marathon - baldstan. Coyote Marathon - LeggyMountbatten. Worcester City 10K - Tired legs.
    Sept 25: Berlin Marathon - Mister Mike. Ealing Half - iantcox. Robin Hood Marathon - Nodster. Cheltenham Half - Christopher Field. Bristol Half - yer maj.
    Sep 26: Hayley B's birthday.
    Oct 2: Chester Marathon - Andy W, Meadower. Leon Half - Running Rodent.
    Oct 6: Onetit's birthday.
    Oct 9: Yorkshire Marathon - Karen Bowman 2, iantcox. Great Eastern Run Half - Magna Carter.
    Oct 1

  • NellsNells ✭✭✭

    Oct 16: Amsterdam Marathon - Christopher Field. Cabbage Patch 10 - Nells. Manchester Half - Kirsten B.
    Oct 23: Abingdon marathon: yer maj
    Oct 30: Orapidrun's birthday.
    Nov 6: Danni's birthday. New York Marathon - The Jimbob, Nodster, Sweety2.
    Nov 13: Lytham windmill 10k - Kirsten B.
    Nov 20: Phoenix Winter Marathon - Nodster.
    Nov 25: Jimbob's birthday.
    Nov 26: Saxon Shore Saturday - Nodster.
    Nov 27: Saxon Shore Sunday - Nodster. Florence Marathon - Tired legs.
    Dec 18: Portsmouth Coastal Waterside - Nodster.

    Jan 1: Roundman's birthday.
    Jan 3: OO52's birthday.
    Jan 7: Polar Night Half Marathon - LloydR
    Jan 12: Orbutt's birthday.
    Jan 15: Yer Maj's birthday.
    Jan 30: Stuchbury's birthday.
    Feb 10: Emmy's birthday.
    Mar 1: Radar Sal's birthday.
    Mar 25: Leggy Mountbatten's birthday.
    Apr 3: Betzza’s Birthday.
    Apr 7-17: Marathon des Sables - Dannirr, Nodster.
    Apr 9: Paris Marathon
    Apr 10: Kaz's birthday.
    Apr 11: Chris Morgan's birthday.
    Apr 23: Kirsten Lancs Lass' birthday.
    Apr 24: Picklelily's birthday.
    Apr 26: Nells' birthday.

  • cool image what a great looking thread.

    I'm still fairly new, ran Brighton Marathon the other week and now I have the bug.

    Wondering whether to sign up for Brighton again or try Paris for 2017.

    One question for Paris, is it too much to try and travel Fri night and get back home on the Sunday?

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    OnTheBeach - Welcome to the thread! It's entirely possible to do that, and there have been people here who have done just that in the past. Personally I'd recommend staying the Sunday night if possible, as there is always a post race pub forum meet-up which is the perfect way to celebrate.

  • KennyMKennyM ✭✭✭

    OnTheBeach - yes definitely possible.  You should be able to make a later afternoon departure on the Sunday but give yourself plenty of time!

    One of the benefits of doing an overseas marathon is you can combine the event with other things but you need to balance this and think about your priorities. If you are looking for peak performance then you don't want to be too rushed or tire yourself out before the race. 

    If you want to get more out of the trip then ideally stay longer rather than do too much before the race (although remember your legs may be tired afterwards!). 

    Also, remember you will also have to vist the Expo to collect your race number which takes some time.

    The good news is there's plenty of time to sort out transport and accomodation... oh yes, and to train!

    Good luck.  There were lots of tips in last years forum about travel, accomodation and logistics that might be useful.  Most of the people invloved will probably migrate accross here now so I'm sure this thread will be at 100s of pages in no time at all!

  • The Jimbob wrote (see)
    Morning All ..... I've got a sore body after acing VLM in sub3 yesterday and a sore head after going on the lash after with HIAHS, Nells, Nodster, Pottermoss, Running Rodent, Stuchbury, Kenno, Mr HIAHS. Had a right laugh out on course yesterday ... My clubmates were all over it and then it was just pub after pub. A miracle that I made it home in one piece. Great running by everyone and fantastic support.

    btw I forgot to name drop Radar Sal who was also at the boozer with us with her OH .... it was a proper little gathering. Next big get together is Vitality 10,000 (formally Bupa 10,000) on Whitsun bank holiday Monday .... if anyone hasn't signed up it closes in a couple of days

  • Happy to have found this thread. I'm a San Francisco runner and am considering Paris 2017.

    Does anyone have any advice as to when registrations are closed? I won't know until the end of the summer as to whether I'll qualify for Boston again, so I can either register for Paris now (and assume I'm not running Boston), or wait until September (and take my chances with registration closing).


  • Thanks Eggy and Kenny. I love the idea of staying, especially as I've never been to Paris before.

    My misses is a teacher and the weekend doesn't fall within any school holidays which is a shame. Idea of a few beers Sunday is right up my street aswell. I'll have to give this some thought. She may have to stay behind....!
  • OnTheBeach - depends on where you're coming from, but definitely possible to get back to many places in the UK on Sunday night or even at a pinch Monday morning. I got the 7am Eurostar this year and was at work in London by 9:30am, and there are early flights too. Because of the time difference you get an extra hour of travelling time.

    PatrickNSF - I can't remember when the entries closed last year, but I think you'd be OK to wait until you hear about Boston. I have a feeling it was maybe November? They do start to say on the website when the number of places is getting low. The longer you wait, though, the more expensive it gets.

  • Ah I was wrong. Easter half term starts 8th April! Awesome.!!!
  • Radar SalRadar Sal ✭✭✭
    I may forgive you jimbob since you remembered...eventuallyimage Congratulations on your storming sub3 jim!!!!! And to all the other London runners, it was very telling how much better the scores on the door were with a few degrees less degrees.
  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Onthebeach & PatrickNSF welcome to the thread image

    PatrickNSF - no need to worry about entries. Yet. Paris has two major waves of entries. The early entry gets the cheaper prices. But then they close entries for a while and open them up later in the year. 

    Traditionally, there is a flood of entries shortly after the London ballot places are announced, in mid October. I think, last year it sold out late October/early November. 

  • kennokenno ✭✭✭
    Good fun supporting in London. Completely failed to see most people on the course. I'll try harder next time!

    Great to meet up with people after. I woke up this morning feeling worse than I did after running a marathon! Supporting is hard!

    Great running by all the London runners. You all did great, especially proud of my wife.
  • Orbutt wrote (see)

    Paris has two major waves of entries. The early entry gets the cheaper prices. But then they close entries for a while and open them up later in the year. 

    Thanks for the info. Do you know approximately how much the price goes up in September. I'm 50/50 on doing Paris at the moment, so I may just bite the bullet now if it's a decent discount.

    Also, are there good resources for choosing hotels convenient to the start/finish? I'll be arriving solo, with my facility joining me the day of the race – while I'm running – so I'd like to be somewhere that they easily get to after they arrive but before they meet me at the finish area.

    Really looking forward to returning to Paris if it works out. We were in town for a few days last summer en route to Switzerland and Italy, but I heard good things about the marathon from one of our tour guides while we were there. Didn't expect to be able to make it back so soon, but this seems to be one of the only Spring races I'm interested in that lines up with my son's breaks from school image

  • Patrick, price rise is minimal in the context of other costs such as accommodation and travel.  I signed up on 10 October last year and paid €109, whereas the current price is €99 (and for the first day or so was €80).   'Sold out' notice posted on the official FB page on 24 October.  

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Anyone who was in Paris this year might want to relive the experience (sort of)

    The Finishers Video is now available.

    Don't forget to select the higher quality version.

  • Orbutt ..once again PURE GENIUS  image

  • Richard  2Richard 2 ✭✭✭

    I'm signed up for this, and to annoy everyone i've already booked and paid for my accomodation, I'm loving airbnb - 5 mins from champs elyses

    aiming for 3.30

    can anyone recommend a good bar/restaurant for after the race as my club will be out in force and we'll probably have a vino or three



  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Patrick - Any hotel or airbnb near the Arc de Triomphe is good for the start/finish area. Although for easy to get to anywhere on Metro line 1 or 2 would give you easy access.

  • Hmmm it's still squeaky clean in here! Well how long will that last?? 

    Loved supporting Paris this year but madly frustrated so I'm back in the game for 2017. Hope we'll still be meeting at the new frog pub venue because I've booked accommodation near Bastille. Back for my 3rd Paris. I will be running for enjoyment, not for a PB.

  • NodsterNodster ✭✭✭

    Orbutt - that is beautiful and inspirational, thank you


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