The Thousand Mile Club - 2017

This is now the third year of the challenge and those that have attempted it will agree that’s its testing but achievable. Consistency is the key to completing it. By joining the thread you’ll get the motivation you need to get out and run; there’s good camaraderie too.

I’m posting this thread a little earlier than usual so that you all have the opportunity to see it in good time before the 1st Jan 2017 start date. Also you have time to increase your mileage a little during December (if required) to get used to it.



  • I'm in! image

  • You're on a hatrick Muttley.

  • Will give it a go this year, why not?

  • Indeed. It's a good challenge. I'll repeat the previous years' targets of 1,000 miles running, 1m metres on the Concept 2 and keeping the tonnage below 12 stones. With backups of 1200 miles and 1.2m. As you say, achievable but consistency is what it's about. In my case it equates to 3 runs and 3 rows a week, on average an hour or so each. Well do-able, many spend longer than that a day propping up the bar or watching the soaps!

  • Evenin' gents!

    Ooo look - it's all new and shiny in here image

    I'll sign up again - this year has been ace - might even join Muttley and have a sneaky 1.2K target, as suggested by Andrew in this year's thread... but let's not do any horse-cart reversals and aim for 1000 to start with.

  • ClagClag ✭✭✭

    I'll join you. Been running consistently this year so hoping I don't jinx it! 

  • Welcome to the thread David & Clag. All miles count, including treadmill. Just post regularly so that we all know how we're progressing and motivate each other.

  • Thank you, looking at my mileage this year it will be close, but lets give it a go. I will post a weekly, hopefully motivating myself and of course others.

    Good luck to everybody, however not sure Muttley needs it looking at this years stats!

  • I'll join in on this next year - my target for the year was 1000, but a late injury scuppered that and I'll fall about 60 miles short. My 2017 target will be 25 miles a week which should net me 1300 miles for the year - but lets see how I get on with the 1000 first!

  • I'm in again next year, great motivation.

  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭

    I might try and do this next year. I got into running in Oct 2015 and should end with about 850 miles for this year. I did my first marathon at London but then lost motivation a bit over the summer with nothing specific to train for - June through September I averaged under 10 miles a week. Am doing another spring marathon this year so will try and keep the momentum going this time.

  • Hi Rich, that's my bosses name but Clarke with an "e".lol.

    Nick - enter a half or something for around September to keep you motivated.

  • Stylishfella: Get back to work! image

  • I'll give it a go again.

  • I like your "bounce-backability" Andrew image

    NickW - which spring marathon are you doing? Did 5 HMs this year - so I can entirely endorse Stylish's suggestion of signing up for the HM distance to keep you motivated!

  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the suggestion - I had planned to do an autumn half this year, but dates didn't end up working out. I'm doing Manchester as my spring marathon, and planning to do Watford half in Feb too. Realistically I will need to see how things pan out post-marathon as I'm not sure I will have as much free time to train properly for a half.

  • Ha! Me too NickW... see you in the Manchester 2017 thread in Spring Marathons.

  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Think I'll give it a bash - never bothered before, just kept a weekly total before, on my spreadsheet (sad ole sod or what?), but will be easy to keep a running total and see if I get anywhere near!
  • senidM - nope, not sad at all!

    Early on in this year's 1000 mile thread I came clean about running three concurrent spreadsheets: my 1000 mile log spreadsheet, my training plan spreadsheet in which I also log my shoe usage and training zone paces, and my weight and calorie log spreadsheet - a hangover from my weight loss days... my name's Little Nell and I'm addicted to spreadsheets (and data in general) image

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭

    I'll give this a go also.Never actually kept a log of how many miles I've ran more than a week so it will be interesting.Doing Manchester and,hopefully,my first Ultra this year then Chester Marathon so hopefully do enough to hit the 1000

  • Glad to see I am not the only one who loves a spreadsheet - Senidm & Little Nell, however not gone as far as to log my shoe usage as yet!

  • Hello road runners. Since retiring I have lots of free time to run the streets of Berlin, Paris, London and Brighton. I just put on my Gel Nimbus when ever I feel like. These days I am feeling the affects of my Rheumatoid Arthritis in my poorly feet. My metatarsals are barely covered by the fat pad, BUT this year, to-date,  I have covered 1394 miles since Jan 1st 2016. Nike + Running looks after my historical record. I've never considered keeping tabs on my mileage until this evening when I came across your 'Thousand Mile Club 2017' so I would like to join in from time to time.. My computer is playing up so I cant get back to reading my totals from previous years. I've been with Nike + since 2010. I'll let you know what I've done in the past. My first marathon was April 2010 in London to celebrate my 60th year. My personal best is 4:43:37 in Berlin 2015. Happy running and stay injury free. Regards, Fred. (Pensioners run marathons too) but you already know that.

  • Welcome Fred.

    I'll bounce this to the top so that others that may want to join in can see the thread.

  • I am up for the challenge, I have been using the excuse of a new job to stop me from pounding the pavements as much as I would usually achieve. Time to get some me time back and the motivation to rack up the miles.

  • I've failed both years to date. First year left myself too much to do and last year failed miserably after getting off to a flyer. Had a prolonged break this year and despite some weight gain got my mojo back (I think) and coming back on here will hopefully help.. Mileage will be below target as I build up but more concerned with keeping going through the summer which has ways been my achilles heel (excuse the pun).
  • Hiya Alan and Just Run. This a good thread to keep the motivation going but I think  having a few races lined up helps as well; something to aim for. 

    JR - Hello again. Summer can be hard to run in because of the heat.Do the runs earlier or slower and see if that helps.

    A few more days and we'll be off!


  • Hi. Can I join in please?  I've just achieved an average of 10 000 steps a day for 2016 so this can be my challenge for 2017. 

  • mitiogmitiog ✭✭✭

    Hello image can I join in please?  I've struggled lots with my running in 2016 due to poor health but I'm determined to get back out there in 2017.

  • I'm up for it, I did it in 2015 but I've been seriously blighted by injury throughout 2016 so I'm raring to go now I'm running again!

  • Count me in! I covered 500-600 miles in 2016 so this will be a good challenge for 2017.
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