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    Great session SQ, it’s so tough to keep the paces coming down on those descenders.

    I’ll be running Wokingham too Jooligan. Like you I’ve got two HMs planned (Bath for me), and will likely target one and use the other as an MP session. Good luck for the tri.

    Glad to hear you’re on your feet and enjoying it Reg.

    Enjoy the warm glow of achieving a big goal Hazel :)

    dct I’ll be entering the Berlin ballot and crossing my fingers. I got in back in 2014 but the email went to spam and I never entered. I’ve been unlucky since then! Not going to get sub-2:45 now for guaranteed entry, so fingers crossed!

    Impressive improvement in pace AWC.

    Macca I could do with Adidas sponsorship too! I find I get about 600-700 miles out of my shoes, after that they start feeling a little dead. Although it might all be in my head. 

    Great work digging deep for that session Joe.

    When someone next updates the marathon list they can remove me, as I’m definitely not running Frankfurt.

    In better news though, first session today since my comeback. Wasn’t sure where to start, so figured classic 800m repeats were as good as anything. I decided to just take it one at a time and see how I got on. Happily, I completed all six. Less happily, the pace was barely faster than my pace at Manchester! Still, have to start somewhere and the reps were all pretty consistent, and the last one was the fastest, so that’s something at least. And it was nice to do something other than recovery/easy running for once. Legs don't feel too beaten up afterwards which is positive. Feet felt a touch sore after I finished, but seem ok now so hopefully they're fine.

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    Joe - Sounds like a killer session. Taper's come at just the right time by the sounds of it. When are you off to Chicago?

    Alan - Hope the back stiffness improves, still over a week yet so hopefully it'll be fine. I feel like you deserve to post a good time. Heaps of good training over the past couple of years, then having issues just before the race. Fingers crossed this time.

    Jeez Jooligan - 2000 miles out a pair of shoes is impressive. I thought I was doing well getting 800-1000 miles. Good luck in the Lakes. I feel like those Triathlon X races pretty much sum you up. 

    Good LT AWC. 

    Macca - How many 100 miles do you fit into a year? Seems to be one coming around every few months. I'm always really impressed. 

    SQ - How's the cold feeling? All recovered.

    Good comeback session Spoon. They're always tough and I'm sure the pace will come back reasonably quickly.

    Got out for what's become a pretty standard Friday pre-work long tempo. 20.5 miles, averaging 6:30. The main difference this time was needing a headlight for the first hour or so. Really enjoyed it again but was a bit more tired than previously the last mile or so.
  • Really impressive to fit in tempos that long pre-work, HA. Great that you enjoy them so much. Do you run them progressively on with sections at tempo effort? Cold feels fine, thank you. Although still sound a bit nasal when talking, so probably annoying my students even more than usual.

    Great to see a session under your belt, spoons. Worth remembering that near 6m/m is still shifting. And you want to give yourself room for improvement!

    Hoping to sneak out for a quick (slow) recovery run before rugby. Tomorrow sees my lacing up my boots for the first bit of refereeing this year. To be a strava w*nker or not? 
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    Go on SQ, you know you want any mileage you can get, we all do. I usually run progressively for the first few miles as I warm up, then hold a pretty steady pace, slowing down for some sections that are rough underfoot (actually rolled my ankle on a cow pat this morning - nothing bad though), then there are a few decent rolling hills to finish where I like to push a bit harder for about 4-5 miles. 

    I've finally admitted defeat and decided that I can't justify make a trip to Valencia, with plenty going on at home and work at the moment. Sorry Joe, I was really keen to catch up a bit over the weekend. So instead I've just entered the Leicester marathon in a bit over 2 weeks. We were probably going to be up at the inlaws anyway that weekend, so it makes the trip pretty easy. With my lack of consistency recently I think best I could expect is sub 2:40 but will be happy with under 2:45.
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    Berlin Marathon - 16th September 2018

      • HazelnutCH - 12 week P&D - A goal PB (sub 3:34), B goal sub 3:30
      • Chick - 12 week diy P&D - 3:45ish - the closer to 3:30 I can get, the better
      • dct - 12(ish) week P&D - sub-2:48:52 (PB)

    Marathon de Hull - 23rd September 2018

      • Muddy - 6 weeks diy - mad fool just wants to survive

    Chester Marathon - 7th October 2018

      • AlanB - 16 week diy - Goal (A) - Sub 2:35 (B) Sub 2:40

    Ironman World Championship (Hawaii) - 13th October 2018

      • JB-BR - Goal (A) - Top 15 Age Group (B) Top 25 Age Group (C) Don’t come last.
    Autumn 100 - 13th October 2018
    • Macca - as close to 20 hrs as possible
    Leicester Marathon - 14th October 2018
    • HA77 - No plan 2:40
    Abingdon Marathon - 21st October 2018

      • Sorequads - 13 week P&D/BAC - goal sub 2:50 
      • Jooligan - 8 week diy - Goal (A) sub 3:10 (B) sub 3:15 (c) beat VLM time

    Snowdonia Marathon - 27th October 2018

      • Jooligan - Oops couldn't resist it! sub 3:30

    New York Marathon - 4th November 2018

      • 1SteveMac - 18 week P&D - goal PB (sub 3:10) - will revise closer to time.

    Valencia Marathon - 2nd December 2018

      • JB-BR - No plan or target time. Just enjoy a weekend away after a hard year of racing.
  • Quiet on here this weekend!

    Spoons - great to see you hitting the sessions again. Don't worry about the pace, it'll come back soon enough. 

    HA - great run Friday, am always amazed how quick you can run those longer efforts. No worries about Valencia, I'm sure Leicester will be just as scenic. Look forward to seeing how you go.

    Last big weekend for me in the books. 4km swim Saturday morning all the way through, no breaks. Straight in to a 16 mile run, wearing plenty of layers. Pace wasn't quick for me (8:22mm), but I was being roasted alive and ended up losing around 6lb in water weight. 

    Just over 100 miles on the bike at Ironman effort today, followed by a 6 mile run. Absolutely shattered now. Bring on the taper!
  • I hope SQ and Jools had good days today (Sunday - just).

    Sounds like positive news RSR, long may it continue.

    Good luck in Leicester HA, must be time for taper ? To answer, this year I've done 3x100, a 67mile race and a 43mile with one more 100 then a 50 to come.  I suspect theres an element of quantity over quality in there.

    Joe fantastic weekend of training (and for a long time before that).  Wishing you and Katie everything you deserve over the next few weeks.

    At risk of sounding like the kid that rocks up to exams telling everyone hes done no revision then walks off with an A star, I rocked up to parkrun on Saturday having done very little speedwork and walked off having equalled my PB.  To compound my surprise, as it was part of a 20m LR ( 9m wu, PR, 8m cd) I didnt sync my watch with the start so only had a vague idea that I was on for one of my better times.  I really didn't see that coming.

  • Must have been a tough old cow pat, HA. Unlucky! Hope it is ok. Fantastic news you’ve entered Leicester – best of luck and really hope you enjoy. Could be challenging at the front if the field is similar to previous years.

    Hell of a weekend, Joe. Definitely time to embrace the taper. When do you depart? Hope Chicago is a great first stop.

    Haha, Macca, love it. Great parkrunning. Imagine what you could do without a 9M warm up – although a bit of me is asking myself the same question.


    Really enjoyable day yesterday. 10M easy, timing it perfectly, to finish about 30s before the start of the Cheltenham Half (including a few car park laps at the end helped with this). An ingenious side entry system to the start line queue meant the front two pens were in to the front with a minimum of fuss, even at the last moment.

    I tried to run at approximate MP HR, with a steady 160 the whole way round. I assumed this would be 1:25 at best, given the long warm up and biggest ever week (87M). Delighted though to finish in 1:22:59. I’m making a habit of the 59s finishes. It was a great experience to run at less than 100%. I really felt able to soak up the atmosphere, have small chats and thank the supports. To be honest, I felt in control the whole way round. If I can feel that strong at the end of the marathon in three weeks, things will have gone very well. 23.1M at 6:55m/m for the morning. A more random observation was the number of times the crowd shouted to a runner who must have been about 20m behind me, for the first 5M at least. And juggling. Very impressive at 6:20m/m, although the shouts wore a bit thin on me after a while. I’m a scrooge, I know.

    Legs felt ok this morning with spoons. Although I’ll sure they be fatigued later today and tomorrow. One more mega BAC session to go, that I think I will delay until Saturday. This should give recovery and therefore a better chance of a really positive and motivating final long run/session.

  • Chick/Hazel/Dct - Superb results at Berlin
    John - Great run in Sydney!
    Spoons/SQ - Nice 10k in Worcester. This one is on my list at some point!
    Joe - Congrats on the win at Brigton.
    Spoons - Know exactly how you feel on the fitness front, but like you say you are back now. The fitness/speed will come back.

    Fitting in more running now, but only 3 miles at the moment to ease back in. However like Spoons I feel so unfit, my HR is way too high for the pace I'm running. Still getting some time in on the bike too, Saturday was 1 hour on the bike followed by a 2 mile run. I should hit 10 miles this week :D I remember when that was just about a MLR!! Oh well I'll be back at some point!

    Car is still ongoing, got a replacement so can get around. Will be selling the other one once it's repaired.
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    I thought I must've killed the thread with my last post after nothing for 2 days.

    SQ - Sounds like a perfect session. 23 miles is still a long long run and very impressive to still be in control at the end. I would've like to see a sprint finish with the joggler. 

    Great PB Macca, not too many do it like that I imagine. Really impressive race schedule as well. 

    Slowly, slowly Steve, you'll get there. Your car issues sound a nightmare. 

    That sounds a killer weekend again Joe. I've considered doing so runs with extra layers but it really doesn't look like much fun. Having said that I've never been faced with the conditions you're likely to see in Kona and I'm sure it'll help you come race day.

    Weighed myself over the weekend and was shocked to see I'm 9lb heavier than this time last year. Can't be helping my speed. Planned an easy run yesterday and LT run this morning but both were scuppered by my daughter throwing up all afternoon / night. With my wife feeling sick with a cold I was up to my elbows in vomit all night. Daughter is fine today but I'm buggered. 

    You probably know Spoon but got a text at 9am saying the new Nike 4% Vaporfly Flyknits are available, just checked now and they've already sold out of my size. Crazy.
  • Catching up a bit on the last few days on here and on Strava.  Not surprising it was fairly quiet on here over the weekend looking at the later with many people out doing the running (and other things) rather than writing about it.

    Good luck for the rest of your taper Joe and travel well.   

    Sorry to read you have dropped out of Frankfurt spoons but with the longer spell off of training a wise decision.  Good to see you back to the speed work in the meantime.

    Good luck for Chester Alan.

    Well done on your pre work LR HA.  Hope you haven't caught that vomiting bug from your daughter in the meantime or you might shift some of those 9lb faster than you want to.

    That really is an impressive race list for this year macca.  And I like the casual parkun equal PB in the middle of your long run.

    Nice HM in your long run SQ. 

    Good to read your running comeback is ongoing stevemac. 

    Regarding gel transport I (finally) found a vey lightweight waist belt from ArchMax which worked perfectly for me in Berlin.  It is a wispy bit of mesh so none of that sweating underneath as for a FlipBelt or similar.  Bit pricey though.

    Interesting reading about differing shoe mileage.  I have usually got mine in use for around 600 miles.  Meaning I need to go shoe shopping soon as I have a couple of pairs which are reaching that level soon (and already have diverse holes in them).  

    I've also been leafing through P & L.  I will probably start looking into a base training plan in the next couple of weeks.   I mostly like to run to some sort of a plan.
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    Bad luck HA - vomit & Vaporfly.
    Monster sessions Joe. Can't accuse you of going in underprepared. Enjoy Chicago & hope it all goes well for Katie then you in Kona.
    That's rubbish about the car Steve but good that you're on the comeback trail.
    Talking of comebacks: yours seems to be going well Spoons. Patience rewarded I'd say.
    Hugely impressive time SQ - sure you could have nailed another PB if you'd gone all out & had only a 3M warm-up. Bodes well for Abo though & I'm sure that not racing Cheltenham will make you hungrier to PB at Abingdon.
    You're also in fine shape Macca judging by that mid LR parkrun PB.
    My weekend was massively busy and not really what I'd anticipated.
    I drove to N Wales Friday after a short cycle commute & a lunchtime 10x 60s grass effort session. I stopped en route to tackle #187 Long Mountain, a 3K hill climb, to complete the Welsh 100 & Another 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs. Foolish really as after feeling great at the start of the week I'd begun to tire. A poor night's sleep & no warm-up meant I wasn't in the best state for parkrun but did Erddig anyway. A lumpy trail run where I finished 7th in a disappointing 20:43. Was working hard but legs felt stiff & HR wouldn't go over 162. Ignoring this further warning I continued up to Eskdale Show to do the Fell Race. Billed as 4.1M it turned out to be 4.65 & had almost 1,000ft of ascent. I started very sedately but once we hit the steep climb I began to work my way through the field & was working at 80-90% effort most of the way thereafter. Finished 35th about 33% slower than the winner.
    By now the weather forecast had changed with increasing cloud cover & winds of 13-14mph expected. Some forecasts had a couple of showers mid morning too so far from ideal for the tri. Water temp was down to 11.5 degrees too.
    Dinner in the pub with a mate from Preston Tri who was also racing again then an earlyish night.
    Up at 6 for breakfast & faffing then in the water at 7:57 for an 8am start. 134 swimmers set off across Windermere for the 1.95K swim (They told us it was 50m long). My goggles were rubbish & I was struggling even more than usual to sight anything. Couldn't get going either & just wanted it over & done with. Reckon I was zig-zagging badly: 40:52 (2 minutes slower than last year) & 73rd. I then found I was frozen & it had rained - recurring themes of the day. Took me a long time to get socks, shoes & jacket on as I was so cold. Zip stuck & I couldn't feel my fingers. Eventually made it out of T1 & attacked the Struggle. Reached the top & then it began to drizzle making a hairy descent hairier especially as my fingers were still numb so gripping the handlebars was 'interesting'. Managed to overtake a few on the climb & then some more going up Wrynose after Blea Tarn. Unfortunately someone in a bunch of 6 unclipped 100 yds & 2 cars ahead of me resulting in 2 fallers & a blocked road. Couldn't get going again so had to push :s (first time ever up Wrynose) losing a few more minutes. Then the descent into a hideous gusting crosswind before a head wind along Cockley Beck & chaos on Hardknott as a vintage car rally was coming the other way to us combined with a car spewing oil all over the road brought gridlock. Managed to negotiate my way through without incident fortunately then dropped down the other side back into the headwind & more oncoming vintage vehicles. Once off Hardknott I was working hard but my head/heart wasn't in race mode (fatigue/cold/headwind?) so I lost more time. Managed a decent time back over Hardknott & Wrynose with the wind at my back to finsh with the 53rd fastest bike split but 14 minutes slower than last year.
    Stripped off, changed shoes, shouldered my bag & bounced out of T2 feeling surprisingly good. Unfortunately this didn't last & once we hit the steep climb 4K in I stalled. 7K in the gale was blowing &, fearing hypothermia, I stopped to put a fleece on. If you've seen my Strava you'll have seen the summit forecast: 34mph winds, rain & temperature of -2 degrees! I made it up in record time but unfortunately not fast enough to claw back the deficit from swim, bike & transitions. I had the 35th fastest run split & finished in 43rd of 132 starters & 119 finishers. Disappointed to finish 16 minutes slower than in 2017 but guess I should have heeded the early signs of fatigue in the week then backed off a bit more & undoubtedly the Saturday fell race was foolish. Still I enjoyed the weekend overall & that's what counts.
    No running for me today just a short, slow cycle commute & maybe a swim later.
  • No wonder I'm fatigued: I've logged 80 hrs of training in September!! Only time I've done that sort of volume was July/August 2014 right before IM Wales. No swimming today either. I've had dinner & now off to bed soon.
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    Jools - I can't remember the specifics of all your previous exploits but that must just about take the cake. Crazy and awesome.
  • Morning all.

    Good to see you back to it, Steve.

    Hope the family are ok and you’ve caught up on some sleep, HA. As Hazel suggests, an unwanted way to lose the weight? I was listening to the ‘Let’s Get Running’ podcast this morning, where the presenter is trying to run sub 2:20 at Frankfurt. He is using a ‘Canova’ style training plan which actually sounds broadly similar to yours. Not worrying about mileage, but there are two key, and very hard, sessions a week, that focus on tempo/just above/just below MP. I reckon you could go well in Leicester as a result.

    Thank you, Jooligan. I think whilst a PB at Cheltenham could have been possible, it would have been at the expense of a big week’s training, which ultimately would have affected Abingdon. As I’ve achieved a big goal of a sub 1:20 half already this year, I thought I’d go all in for the marathon. That is an absolutely monstrous weekend from you. I’d expect nothing less than a parkrun, fell race, insane triathlon combo, but love the fact you also squeezed in one of the most fearsome climbs in the country en route. Also, 80 hours of training is enormous. I think my peak, last month, is 47. And that was well up on any previous month. Hope you recover ok. So which parkrun/fell race combo will you do prior to Abingdon?


    10M easy road loop this morning. Fancied leaving the canal until tomorrow, but in the end, I missed it. Found the traffic annoying. Ran at the usual 7:45 average easy pace. Planning on leaving my big session on Saturday, but would consider livening up a MLR tomorrow. Any suggestions?

  • Macca - that's amazing mate! Just shows what all that ultra training can do for your overall fitness. You should have a proper crack at a fast course soon and make the most of it?

    SQ - Great running at the weekend. I think, like you said, if you attacked a half marathon now, you'd most likely PB, maybe even by a couple of minutes. But no rush, go and smash Abo and then you can run a fast half in the Spring. As for the MLR - why not throw in some sections of MP to spice it up a bit? Good practice as this stage to run regularly at that pace.

    HA - don't worry too much about the weight, it'll sort itself out when you get back into running the miles. Hope the family have recovered. 

    Hazel - running shoe shopping; the only kind of shopping I remotely enjoy!

    Jools - I'm running out of words to describe your monumental efforts mate. Absolutely ridiculous. Don't be disappointed in the half result, like you've analysed you didn't go into that in any way fresh and considering the conditions it was an amazing achievement just to get round. Awesome mental and physical fortitude. 

    In the taper but still doing plenty, I don't really ease off until this weekend. Posted another blog and going to update regularly from Chicago/Kona;


    I never know whether it's ok to post her or not. Let me know if it's annoying!
  • No fell race pre Abo SQ though I will be doing a parkrun somewhere though not sure where yet. For the LR why not chuck in some surges 1-5 minutes at MP/HMP with equal recovery back at LR pace & repeat 2-3 times. Charlie Spedding was a great believer in surges during a LR as a way to teach your mind/body to race marathons.
    Keep posting the blog links Joe - always enjoy reading about your exploits.
    Thanks for the positive feedback. Still fatigued today but hopefully get a runch 5M in later.
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    SQ - I'm getting very mixed opinions about this hill at mile 24, probably best to go in naive and deal with it when i get there. We're looking for somewhere to go for dinner on Friday night if you have any recommendations?  We're staying near the racecourse. Great long run at the weekend, that must be a real confidence booster. I've struggled to get near MP on any of my long runs/sessions, my legs have just been too tired generally.

    Looks like you're coming along nicely on Strava Spoons. The yoga seems to be really helping, fingers crossed it continues.

    HA77 - I was half hoping you were going to rock up at Chester and I could use you for pacing. Great to see you've signed up for a marathon, those long runs indicate you are in much better shape than 2:45. Hope you steer clear of the bugs.

    Well done on the unexpected parkrun PB Macca, always nice when that happens (don't think it's ever happened to me actually!)

    Good luck with the comeback Steve.

    I was just hoping I could fit the gels in my shorts pocket Hazel, probably should have tried by now!

    1200 miles is about the best I ever get out of trainers, 2000 miles is insane but I expect no less from Jooligan. That weekend of training/racing is spectacular and very impressed you even finished the Tri. 80 hours in a month too, nearly 2.5 hours a day of training on average!

    I'm struggling through this week, doing next to nothing is really tough!  :D  Have been working hard on the back strengthening exercises for the last week, was planning to stop them tonight or tomorrow and then just let it rest up until Sunday and hopefully it will hold out for the race.  I've been too scared to look at the forecast for the weekend but was told last night it is looking okay. Take those two issues out of the equation I'm feeling ready to go!
    We were woken at 2:30am this morning to a bit of a family emergency and have been awake since, absolutely exhausted. Thank goodness I'm tapering and only have a short run to do tonight!

  • Alan – good idea to not look at the weather forecast. It is what it is. You know you back better than anyone here, but I wonder whether still doing the exercises, but maybe fewer of them might help. In terms of where to eat, the White Horse is literally in the middle of the racecourse. The Architect overlooks it. Both good in my opinion. Also great options for post-race.

    As always, enjoyed the blog, Joe. What is the bike transport plan? Do you have a case etc? I see the local airways have tightened up on what you can transport them in. Thank you for the suggestions (and Jooligan). Might pepper the MLR with some MP, or might just go for some strides depending on how the legs feel.

  • Uh oh. I think posting twice in a row, on different days, can break the forum. 

    Anyway, thank you for the session suggestions. Took a bit of each of them. 15M as an out and back on the canal. Ran miles 3, 6, 9 at something towards (although not quite) MP. Then from mile 10, ran 30s hard every half a mile. An enjoyable way to spice an MLR up. Also good to go a little further along the canal - it really does get lovely the further you go. Although I suspect that trend could eventually stop nearer Birmingham. 
  • Good to see the usual faces on here, Just signed up for Portsmouth marathon, not really a autumn marathon, more a mid winter marathon, but been lurking here getting the bug back.

    Did Barns green half last sunday to put a marker in the ground and lots of work needed...in only 11 weeks

  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    Just popping in to say hi guys. I'm on my 2nd week of paternity leave this week so not engaging with social media or computers very much. Just trying to keep the legs ticking over with a bit of threshold and hill work when I'm not feeling totally knackered!

    Some great highlights above which I've quickly skimmed:

    - Macca's mid long run parkun PB. Pretty jealous you have another 100mi coming up. I entered the NDW100 again at the weekend so that's SDW100 and NDW100 next year! Not sure about the A100 yet but may go fo it
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    Oops cut my message off early!

    - Jools insane 80hr week. You clearly love what you do which is great to see and very inspiring!

    - Steve glad to see you are easing back into it

    - Joe that is some serious training this close to Kona but looks like you are in amazing shape so fingers crossed you have a great day. 

    - HA the good news about the 9lbs is that you don’t need to do any training to get faster, just lose that 9lbs again!

    - well done on the 800s, always a tough session. 
  • AlanBAlanB ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the advice SQ, will check those places out. Good effort on the MLR too, your training is going great.

    Easy 5 last night with a couple of miles at around marathon effort. Feeling pretty tired from the lack of sleep on Monday night but legs ticking over nicely otherwise.

    Today is my first day of no training in over 17 weeks, and it's deliberate! It feels very unnerving. Got a sports massage booked for this evening to make sure nothing is tight, legs feeling fresh but best to get a once over anyway. 

    Couple more easier runs Thursday and Friday then that's the training complete! Roll on Sunday!  :)
  • Life has somewhat got in the way the last few weeks so managed to have a quick catch up. Fantastic work at Berlin everyone and from Joe grabbing the win at Brighton. See lots of other's have been racing as well

    Judging by the training you seem to be continuing to improve Joe, exciting to see how you go at Kona. Are you going to do any specific trianing to cope with the heat e.g wear extra layers. Send Katie good luck vibes for Chicagi 

    Easing back in the quality work Spoons, good to see

    SQ - those BAC sessions look tough but you seem to be smashing them

    That's some big improvement in your LT pace AWC, especially just a few weeks

    Obviously the ultra training has also improved your raw speed Macca

    Pleased to hear you're getting some running in Steve

    Jooligan - even for you that weekend was crazy, do you ever target a specific race with taper/ no other racing etc? Would be interesting to see what you can do

    For me training has continued with a vengeance, with a mixture of tempos, hills, reps and off road sessions. Ran a park run a couple of weeks ago and ran a massive PB of 16:18 unofficial as didn't have barcode. Solo from the start and not the greatest conditions/no taper so definitely in/around 16mins on another day.

  • Well done on that PR time Macca, that list of races is very impressive!

    HA, no need to convert your weight loss into pounds, even I use KGs now. Looking good to run well at Leicester though, even as a fat bastard.

    Joe - Looking good, you remind me of Jooligan but with a coach to keep things a bit more methodical. Epic weekend of exercise and I am excited about Kona.

    Jooligan, what more can we say. You're like the exercise version of one of those people that goes to a restaurant and just orders everything on the menu and ends up surprised when they're full at the end of it.

    Great casual half SQ, I did the same thing at Windsor this weekend, albeit a bit slower and without the 10 mile warm up! I ran 1:23:54, as someone pointed out I should have gone 9 seconds quicker. 

    Incidentally Hazel, I couple of my triathlon colleagues, also running Windsor, had tri shorts on with hand little pockets on the side of the thighs with gels in. As a man I could never run a running race in tri shorts but seemed like a good idea.

    Awesome run at PR Scott, you better clock a few official PBs now to capture this form.
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    Lazy Reg :p Casually running 33s faster than my PB. Wish I was as young as Joe
    Good to hear from you again Scott. Was a bit worried you'd managed to pick up another injury as you'd gone quiet. Nice to see all that speedwork coming together for a swift parkrun. You must've been out on your own too so great work. Shame it wasn't official #DFYB!! I cut back a bit before TriX & I'll taper a bit more for Abo.
    80 hr month not week AWC :D
    Good to have you back FBT. 11 weeks is a full training cycle. I'm on 9 for Abo.
    Looks like a great MLR mash up SQ
    Did 5K at lunch with 4x 3mins off 90s on grass & a recovery 7.7 this evening which felt OK so I'm recovering from Sunday. Hopefully get a double digit run in tomorrow evening.
  • Got my Abo number in the post today, got butterflies in my stomach when I opened it, very excited for my first marathon. See there is a few on here that are also going also.
  • Great long run/tempo HA. Good luck for Leicester, impromptu marathons seem all the rage! I missed that they had launched new Vaporflys. Luckily my pair from Manchester are still pretty fresh, and I have a spare pair I was planning to christen at Frankfurt, so I should be good until the next release. Crazy how popular they are, frustratingly I think a lot of pairs go to collectors who don’t even wear the bloody things!

    Those runs wearing extra layers must feel horrible Joe, no doubt great prep for Kona though. How long are you spending in the sauna when you do those? Keep the blogs coming, they’re always a good read.

    Nice work at parkrun Macca, just goes to show how important aerobic base is even to shorter distances.

    Glad I’m not the only one feeling unfit Steve! Great you’re easing back in to things though.

    Bonkers weekend Jooligan, and indeed month! I genuinely don’t know how you do it. I had a look back and I think my peak before Manchester was about 60 hours, including yoga, S&C etc, and that was knackering enough.

    Good luck Alan, hope the back holds up.

    Quality MLR SQ, good luck for the final BAC session on Saturday. 

    Good to hear from you FBT and AWC.

    Congrats on the PB Scott, frustrating about the barcode!

    I had planned to run the Cheltenham Half on Sunday, originally as an MP session like SQ before those plans went out the window. However it was my nephew’s birthday and while I am a bad enough uncle to turn up late because of a key marathon session, I’m not bad enough to turn up late just so I could run a race as a long run. So instead I did 13.1 miles along the canal, which went pretty well. Feet held up ok, and felt ok afterwards. I'm still getting some soreness, and they're stiff when I first wake up, but I think they are gradually getting there. 

    I had a rare lack of motivation this morning, and just couldn’t be bothered to drag myself out of bed. A bit of rest will hopefully be good for me though. I might try a LT session from the P&L plans tomorrow, I don’t want to shift to a strict plan at the moment, but I’d like to start loosely following one of the 10K plans ahead of Telford.

  • Jools - that would presume that I am up to speed to start full marathon cycle - had a bit of a rest period over summer and only been getting back into it over the last few weeks. But as you say its plenty of time. Just used to 12-16 weeks for spring marathons.

    Im not sure if to just keep upping the steady miles at present or get into the specific training. might give it another week or 2 of steady mile increases as i'm only up to about 20-26 miles per week at present

    Spoons - that lack of motivation is my usual status quo

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