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  • Aquarius: That's great that you managed a run. Well done. I don't think we lose fitness over a short break. In some ways I think a bit of a break gives muscles a bit of time to recover (as well as enthusiasm). I can assure you that my attempt at Sonata Pathetique was truly bad!

    WtnMel: I also got a strange e-mail about my Hewlett Packard concerning an expired warranty. I had a few seconds of confusion, self-recrimination and indignation, then ignored it

    We did a new walk this morning. Odd, considering we've lived here nearly 9 years that we've never been to this spot. As we walked along we heard screams of panic, then a pony hoved into view cantering down a slope with a young girl on top. The girl was thrown off, thankfully, into a patch of bracken and ferns. She seemed to be OK and more worried about her dented pride. We eventually caught up with the pony and off they both went. It gave me the shivers thinking how it could have been so much worse.

    Mr Exhausted recounted a story of being on a university Out Of Doors Society walk and hoping to impress a new girlfriend. His opportunity came when a little girl came careering along the lane on an out-of-control pony. "Stop that horse!" said Mr Exhausted's girlfriend. Mr Exhausted obliged by launching himself round the pony's back legs in a rugby tackle. The pony was, understandably, stunned to a halt by this novel method of intervention and the little girl was saved. Girlfriend was not impressed however and berated Mr Exhausted for putting himself in danger of a kick from the horse! 

    Very windy here with rain forecast for tomorrow, but I hope it won't affect anyone having a run tomorrow.  
  • It has has been nearly a year since I did my first 5k race which I will be doing again at the end of the month.
    For the last couple of months I have doing a 5k on a wednesday and a 10k on a saturday.
    Running on my own these last few months has built up my stamina and when I have someone to chase I am sure that my times will improve.
    With my job changing recently giving me 2 saturdays off a month I am also hoping to get some park runs in also.
    Could be a good mark to see if I have improved over the year.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Aquarius - I ought to get organised and get my flu jab done .. will add it to the 'to do' list for the coming week! :) I keep meaning to add strength/stretching exercises to my weekly routine .. unfortunately, that's still on the 'to do' list :( Glad to hear the antibiotics seem to be working and that you were able to get out for a run.

    Exhausted - I've decided as my laptop has showed no signs of any problems I'll resist the invitation to pay PC World £99 to cover it for a year. I didn't manage to find the receipt for the laptop yet (will carry on looking) but as a result of going through my box file of receipts/paperwork in the process, I was able to have a de-clutter as most were not needed (too old/no longer relevant) and they are now in the recycle bin or waiting to be shredded. I read on the local Facebook page of a rider being thrown from their horse on Cleeve Hill .. she was okay and various walkers/dog-walkers eventually managed to catch the horse. Apparently when they reunited the rider/horse she said .. "Oh, you needn't have bothered - he knows his way home" and didn't bother to thank anyone!

    Damien - glad to hear you've managed to build up your stamina. Parkrun will give you a good way of tracking your progress (always bearing in mind any delays due to congestion on the route!).

    I've been out and done the same 5ml route as on Thu (didn't bother trying to extend my mileage) and although the time was only a little bit faster, I could feel I was stronger and my breathing was better.
  • WtmMel, it always good when you run the same route a bit faster and your breathing feels easier, definitely a sign you are getting fitter. Our surgery offers three consecutive Saturday morning sessions for flu jabs, but as they are on a “just turn up” basis rather than appointments it’s a bit like a scrum when you arrive. Definitely standing room only but the nice thing is that people still offer their seats to anyone particularly elderly or infirm. Nice to see people still have manners. I do wonder though whether this is because the majority of those attending are age 65+, would the same apply if those seated were a lot younger?

    Damien - apart from your 5k and 10k runs are you doing any other running? As WtnMel says parkrun will be a good way to keep track of how you are improving, but as it is more of a fun run there will be all abilities (as well as dogs and buggies possibly) to contend with, and the various locations I’ve done parkrun at have all been congested at the start due to the numbers taking part and the nature the course. So if your 5ks to date have been done solo it won’t be possible to make a direct comparison. Still well worth doing, just something to be aware of.

    Exhausted - goodness me, what an eventful walk that turned out to be. Mr E seems to be a bit of a magnet for runaway horses, as well as being accident prone ( I’m thinking Beachy Head) so it may be a good idea to go on your own next time.  ;)

    I managed a 3.5 mile run this morning with very little coughing but I must admit it was pretty slow and tiring. Still I did include a few gentle hills so I’m quite pleased with my progress. Next run will be on Tuesday at my club. This will be a run to the seafront (about 1.5 miles) then 3 or 4 sets of steep steps and slopes before returning to the club. Reminder to self - remember to hunt out my head torch before Tuesday.

    Good luck to Redhead and HS, hope you both have good runs today.
  • Morning all,

    Thanks for your good wishes for my 10k!  I treated it as a 10k sandwich - jogged the 6.5miles there, did the 10k at marathon pace (which is a good route to do it on as it's hilly!) then jogged the 6.5 miles home again.  The weather was perfect and my legs behaved quite well although I did feel there was still a bit of Beachy Head stiffness lurking in them.  I was a minute slower than last year finishing in 1:02 (my course best is 54 minutes set at the first time the event was held and I was a lot younger and didn't do silly distances or run there and back!).  There were some very speedy club runners out there, especially the Hastings runners who thrive on hills and I noticed a FV70 finished in 58 minutes - wow!

    Aquarius, glad to hear you're health is improving slightly.  Take it nice and easy though x

    Exhausted, I love MrE; he's an excellent source of humour!  A runaway horse is a very scary thing, especially with a youngster atop but glad it ended well on that occasion.

    WtnMel, little by little will get your running strength back and using the same route helps gauge your progress.

    Moks, hope the half and the wine were excellent!  Sante :smiley:
  • Morning all,

    Much milder this morning and today is a rest day.

    Red, thanks, we had a very nice meal on Friday and I had tagliatelle ai fungi, a nice vegetarian meal, and excellent carbo loading for Sunday's half marathon.
    Well done for your 10k sandwich, a very novel way of racing.

    Moks, thanks, the meal was very nice. Hope your half marathon went well and that you enjoyed the wine.

    Exhausted, thanks, we enjoyed the social evening.
    That must have been quite frightening seeing the out of control pony being ridden by a young girl. A great relief that she wasn't hurt went she fell off.

    WtnMel, I've got an appointment for my annual flu jab Thursday afternoon.
    Good news that your pace is improving and also your breathing.

    Aquarius, thanks, we did enjoy our evening meal on Friday.
    Glad to hear that you are making progress with your cold, and it seems that the antibiotics are "doing the trick."
    The half marathon went very thanks and details are below.

    I set off at 8.45 yesterday morning with Sarah F in fine rain to Brockenhurst for the Oakhaven Forest Half Marathon. Oakhaven is an Hospice, and all profits from the race are ploughed back into it. We decided to arrive earlier than the usual 1 hour before start time, as there was a 15/20 minute walk to the start. More by luck than judgement, I parked in a car parking area that wasn't the designated one for the runners. This meant that it was easy getting out after the race. Sarah wanted to run in 2.15, but thought it would take 2.20 as it was a very hilly off road course. I said that I would run with her all the way so that she would achieve it. We ran at a good steady pace, and found that we were being used as pace makers by other runners who wouldn't pass. This was irritating so we increased our pace to "shake them off." This occurred throughout the race, but  suppose it was a bit of a compliment. We increased our pace during the last mile, which included a long gravel straight to the finish. We heard a couple of our club mates cheering us on and we really sprinted the last 200 metres or so. The race wasn't chip timed, so the gun time was 2.13. 09, a well deserved PB for Sarah. We had a needed drink and slice of cake after the race before driving back.
  • Yay, excellent pacing TE.  I too get people sticking behind me in marathons 'cos apparently I have a metronomic pace and I too often push up the pace to shake them off!  Well done on your time and pb for Sarah.
  • The weather here was so awful I can't imagine anyone running in anything yesterday. It must have been different elsewhere. Some really good impressive performances there Red and HS.

    I don't mind people running behind me unless it's someone who has a really offputting wheeze or someone who empties their nose all over you. What I used to hate was being boxed in by pace-maker groups who form an impregnable barrier around you. 

    Aquarius: A browse through Mr Exhausted's family tree reveals quite a pattern of previous Mr E's throwing themselves in the way of danger. One great x 4 times uncle died in the Charge of the Light Brigade, though I doubt he had much choice in the matter.

    I'm still in thrall to workmen so it's rather difficult to get out to do anything. 
  • Afternoon everyone,

    Thanks Red and Exhausted. I always seemed to have been able to maintain a steady pace, and over the years, runners have told me at the finish that I had paced them to PB's. I don't mind this, as it is a sort of compliment, but what I don't like is when they sprint past me over the line.

    Exhausted, on the subject of wheezing etc runners, there was an overweight man running just behind us for many miles. He was groaning, moaning, kept saying that he'd had it. Sarah, who is a midwife, was thinking that he would collapse at any moment, and she would have to administer artificial respiration. However, much to our surprise, he eventually overtook us and gradually pulled away. We could still hear his noises for some time until he was out of earshot. We never did catch up with him. 

    Had another good spin session this morning, with a very novel sting in the tail to end the session. We had to push at maximum effort until we had burned off 10 calories. We then had a one minute recovery, and  had to repeat, trying to achieve it in a quicker time. I wore my Oakhaven Finishers tee shirt, and was disappointed that nobody commented on it :/
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    Afternoon all,

    Aquarius - last year I went to the doctor's for my flu jab but was able to book a time rather than join a free-for-all. I use Strava to log my runs (as well as Fetcheveryone .. and my trusty spreadsheet in case the websites disappear) and it's great for showing you comparisons of runs done on the same route. The 'fly-by' function also shows you other Strava users who ran nearby (and who you may well have passed while out). I use that to see where they ran and work out new routes. Well done re your 3.5ml run - since I've started the Thu morning club runs I've not needed my head torch .. but I know where it is just in case I go to one of the evening sessions.

    Red - slightly in awe with you managing a 6.5ml run/10k race/6.5ml run and doing the 10K race quicker than I can manage (would love to get fit enough to beat my 2013 PB time of 59:55!).

    HS - I use my steps per breath (sb) as a very rough and ready guide to my fitness. I noticed for the majority of Sun's run I was doing 3sb in; 4sb out and only started breathing faster when I tried to up the pace in the last mile or so.

    Red/HS - when I managed that 10k PB in 2013 I had been running with the same group of people around me for a bit. But at 9K, when I saw the time and shouted out "Anyone who wants to do a sub-60 time - we need to get going now!" none of them went with me. When I did my last Ridgeway Run there were two other runners who had been alongside me for a mile or two .. I won the 'sprint' for the line :)

    I went to American Golf this morning to try out various clubs (as arranged - or so I thought). They had me booked in for next Tuesday. However, I've managed to re-schedule my visit for 2pm today so I'll be heading back there shortly. Hopefully I'll be able to fit in a run later on this afternoon after I get back.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    American Golf - spent a useful hour there trying out some clubs. Found some in my price range which have graphite shafts. That means they're lighter than my current ones but more importantly, for a similar strike of the ball, will gain me an extra 20yds or so.

    I've been out and run the same 5ml route as I did on Sunday. It felt like a good run and I was pleased to see I had improved my time again. Pleased to see my fitness levels gradually improving :)
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Fuck off Dr Scott! (flagged)
  • My thoughts exactly WtnMel and I flagged him too! You're getting fitter little by little and it's great to see some improvement isn't it.

    Off to yoga.....
  • I've flagged him too, I'm sick and tired of these scum bags cluttering up our forums. When are RW Towers going to take any action, never, I suspect. The post is even in my In Box, and I don't know how to delete it. 

    Good to see that your fitness is improving WtnMel.

    Have a good yoga session Red.

    Very cold and windy this morning, and I struggled running into a headwind round the Marina. It was a high tide and the Southampton Water looked really rough with waves. It's unusual to see waves, so the wind must have been strong. How that swimmer swum round the British Isles, I'll never know. The sea looked very uninviting.
  • I note from a thread on the beginners forum that if 5 people flag up spam, the post disappears. The problem on our thread is that we never get more than 3 at a time. 
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    hi all - I post on O60's training but lurk on here - just flagged the spammer - now gone !!   
    Regards, Dave
  • Hi Birch, good to hear from you! I look at the over 60's thread occasionally, but haven't posted on there for ages. Well done for flagging the spammer who has now vanished, and good riddance too. It seems like 4 spam flags does the trick and not 5. It still shows in my in box, but as the post has been deleted, I will just ignore it. 
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Red - hope the yoga was good.

    Birch - this amuses me 'cos now it looks like I'm swearing at nothing (shades of Father Jack? .. Drink! Feck! Arse!)

    No running for me until tomorrow morning's club run (it looks like we might escape without getting too wet). I see on Fetcheveryone that our run leader Lazy Daisy has been told to rest her foot because of a problem she's been trying to ignore - so hopefully she'll take her podiatrist's advice.

    Been reviewing home insurance this afternoon as my current insurer (Halifax) is putting up prices yet again. Obviously I know this is what happens with loyal customers who get ripped off (as we've discussed on here in the past). From a quick check with three alternative insurers I've found one which is less than half the price being quoted by Halifax. Need to check the 'small print' to ensure the cover is the same but I honestly don't see me sticking with Halifax and this is a perfect example of why this problem of new customers getting a better deal than existing ones is going to be investigated.
  • Ha ref noise people make whilst running, passed a woman who sounded like a horse on Sunday at the St pol -Morlaix  half marathon, done in 1.45.33 secs, wind in our face for the first 10K then it hammered down for the rest of the run, Had to change in a shop door way along with many others before the chill set in. 
  • I didn't see "Mr. Scott" at all, wondered what WtnMel was swearing at.
    Red - next year will be your final attack on the London Marathon? Why is that? Will you knit or just run? Good luck with the PB attempt.
    No, the race I was talking about was not Man v. Horse, but a much more informal affair. Man v Horse is about 21 miles. The horses come from all over the country, and are beautifully turned out. They set off after the runners, having been "held" in a field until the runners have gone.
    I liked your 10k sandwich. I am planning a sandwich tomorrow, a church-cleaning sandwich. Run 2 miles to the church, clean it, run home.
    HS - yes, still going to the spin classes. What amazes me is that I get really out of breath, and very sweaty, yet my heart rate only goes up into the low 100s, whereas when I'm running it goes up into the 150s or even 160s.
    Exhausted - so you play the piano - well enough to attack the Pathetique - along with your other skills!
    Damien - times will certainly improve when you have others to chase. On the rare occasions I've raced, I'm always surprised at the pace I manage to achieve, which I couldn't possibly do on a mere training run. And I love parkruns, though I don't often do them.
    Flu jab yet to come; 20th November.

  • Morning all, 

    Bright and sunny, but with a very cold wind again.

    WtnMel, very wise to study the small print, as the cheaper ones often give less cover. 

    Moks, an excellent time in your half marathon, especially with the adverse weather conditions.

    Columba, my heart rate doesn't go as high whilst spinning as running either. I do put maximum effort into it though, especially during the sprints. It's amazing how our race pace always exceeds that in training, no matter how hard we push.

    Off for my flu jab later this afternoon.
  • Hillstrider , was told a long time ago that Max heart rate is different for running ,cycling and swimming due to the body not having to support your weight, and my experience finds this to be correct 

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    Our run leader Claire (aka. Lazy Daisy) was at the start of today's run, but purely to apologize for not being able to run with us. Thankfully, we managed a leader-less 5mls without losing track of the route we intended to follow. 

    Mok - one of my running friends (a forum-ite in days of yore) is petite and although she doesn't make much noise with her breathing, thinks she makes a lot of noise with her feet. Hence her forum name 'Fairy Elephant' :)

    Columba - I bet 'cleaning church' isn't on Fetch's list of cross-training ..

    HS - I'm very particular when it comes to small print. In this case it's more a case of understanding the exact meaning of some of the terms the insurers use to make sure I'm covered for what I think I am.

    As mentioned above, ran with the club this morning. Chatting to Sue on the way round she was admiring my new trainers. She has purple running shoes ones and has got some yellow laces (club colours). She thinks I should definitely get some purple laces to go with my yellow (green?) trainers so I'm running in club colours as well. We did discuss how far one could go when dressing in club colours and agreed vests/shoes/laces is about the right limit ;)
  • Good afternoon peeps,

    Oh what a glorious day it is here.  Took Mike for a massage with Mary Massage Lady to work on his back then went into Hastings for a wander and spot of lunch.  The sea lookeed amazing!

    Columba, a church cleaning sandwich is very worthwhile.  I've decided not to bother with VLM after next year as it's so hard to get in via the vallot and I can't face the pressure of yet another GB place (2019 will be my 10th out of 11 VLMs!).  I did toy with the idea of knitting again as a crowd pleaser but am iopting instead for trying to go sub 4:30 at long last.

    WtnMel, I agree with Sue about your laces!

    Moks, you are a speedy boy indeed.  Please can you send some of your speed to my legs? ;-)

    TE hope you feel OK after your flu jab.

    Hi Birch if you're lurking :smiley:

  • Ooh. Mokshaeight. A very good half-marathon time. What was the terrain like?

    I've laughed at all the stories of noisy wheezy runners. I used to run with my i-pod sometimes. I wonder if, in an unguarded moment, I sang a tuneless discordant snatch of whatever I was listening to. I shudder to think.

    Still saying "used to." I'll get out there eventually. At the moment I'm just enjoying long walks in dramatic winds with the sea crashing up. 

    Today I did a screen watching, walk, screen watching sandwich. With all the programmes on this week about the Great War I've spent alot of time watching them. I've been particularly moved by the Tommies 3 parter, which was recorded over 25 years while people with first-hand experience were still alive. It was very moving. I'm impressed by the details they remember. 

    Insurance. Guilty of inertia, I'm afraid. 

  • Morning all,

    I went for my flu jab yesterday afternoon, arriving about 10 minutes early. The Nurse had just come out of the room asking if anyone else was waiting for a jab, but nobody was, so I said that I had an appointment but was a bit early. She said that was ok, so I went straight in. I didn't even feel the jab, but the arm does ache a bit this morning.

    Moks, I believe that running burns off more calories than cycling and swimming.

    WtnMel, interesting topic, matching shoes, laces and vests in club colours. Our club even has caps in club colours. I believe your club is "Almost Athletes," whereas mine is "Hardley Runners," I think that we have commented on this before.

    Red, I wish you luck with your target of going sub 4.30 in the London Marathon. With specific training leading up to the event, I'm sure that you will be successful. Make sure that you have the wings to help you.
    Great pictures, but don't take any photos whilst attempting the sub 4.30 time. Every second will be precious.

    Exhausted, I've started using my I Pod again whilst doing longish solo training runs. I think this is because I have got used to spin cycling to the music beat. This works with running, especially the faster stuff like the mighty Quo. 

    I'm toying with the idea of going for a run later this morning. It's forecast gales and heavy rain from 1pm onward, so I will have to get a move on
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    thank you, Redhead - I'm (self-evidently), lurking :)
  • thanks all for your welcome back messages! Thursday evenings are normally club swim training sessions but for some reason the authorities have decreed that we must have one person from our group pool side to supervise just in case of accident, so last night instead of swimming we all took part in practicing life saving. Have not heard of any drowning or other problems and I think this is overkill making one of our group stay on poolside during every training session. Makes me wonder what happened and what all the pool attendants are doing, are they still employed or have they been booted out? They seem to be around during the day but not in the evenings now. Cost cutting maybe?
  • Am still running most days with dog Charlie, Nemo is still fit but at 11 is not quite as fast as he used to be. Poor dog has a really bad ear infection and the chief RNO in the animal clinic thinks he may need an operation on it as he has had ear trouble his whole life. Fingers crossed it will not come to that. I have my own key to the dog club grounds so took both dogs there this morning, did a practice run-through with Charlie of the next level exam we will be entering, and gave Nemo a lot of fun chasing and retrieving a ball. Am still also going to indoor training once a week. For any out there who don't know me, I am basically a triathlete, have been a runner since age 11 and am now 67 and still an exercise junkie!
  •  previously I was just called Ironwolf, I added Bionic after my first hip replacement op and changed it to doubly bionic after my 2nd hip replacement.
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