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  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭

    TR - more top training, that's a solid pace for 23M.

    CD - sounds like a good run on a tricky course, and nice to dip under 80.

    LMH - a HM at MP is great training, so don't worry if it didn't feel brilliant.

    Jools - you must have maintained some decent fitness to knock out 18M.

    TGO - that's a huge PB and sounds like you could knock some more off that on a faster course.

    Wardi - a nice mix of running over the weekend there, and (nearly) 70M for the week is pretty solid.

    CC2 - those paces are close to what you planned, especially taking into account the wind. And you were running it as a structured training run, so I wouldn't worry about being pipped for the win (unless it was a very substantial prize, which would be annoying!).

    I squeezed in 5M on Friday evening, but then was fairly busy with family events over the weekend (brother's birthday), so only managed 12M on Sunday morning. I randomly decided to do 3x(1M easy, 1M moderate, 1M fairly hard) within the 12M, paces were about 7m/m for the easy, 6:15 for the moderate and 5:55 for the fairly hard, which is fine, but it didn't feel smooth for some reason. My legs felt pretty rubbish from the start - they did loosen up a bit but it felt like I was muscling it along rather than flowing. Anyway, got it done and legs feel OK today.

    42M for the week which is my biggest week for a while!

  • Thanks for the background on the injection Wardi - something to consider given I've had this hamstring trouble for four months now.

    Cracking racing CD/TGO. A Little bit of kidology like with the fake finish line can help sometimes. There's always a bit more left in the tank than you think!

    5.3 for me on Saturday and 18.5 yesterday which included a recce of the half marathon course I'm running next month. I've run it three times before, but not since they tweaked the last four miles. Seems to be a positive change undulation wise, so fingers crossed.  

  • CD - Nice racing yesterday, and I remember you shouting at me! Definitely can't turn your nose up at a sub 80 and first place - I agree with you that's it's not the fastest course. 

    CC2 - 2 seconds is a bit of a kick in the teeth, but you were around your target paces especially taking into account the conditions and course profile, sounds like a great training session to me. 

    Jools - great to see you going longer again. The comeback continues. 

    I had a decent week, only 2nd time over 100 miles (102), with a couple of bike sessions and swims thrown in to pretend I'm a triathlete. As CD mentioned, set my alarm early yesterday so I could run 23 miles before the start of the Hampton half to support some of the guys running in that. 

    Had a catch up with DanA at the end who seems to be going along quite nicely. Wokingham half for me on Sunday, not as fit as last year (1:17) but will give it a good crack. 
  • Bizarrely I ran my fastest 20 miles of the year so far this morning - nice and progressive too. No idea where that came from but it's certainly made me feel better.

    Some nice training there Joe.

    Which half EE?

    Glad your legs are ok after your big week Padams.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Thanks LMH/Wardi -- when I had definite piriformis problems, a hard tennis ball was my weapon of choice. Interesting about the injection.

    Nice result in the half, CD. Hope you're happy to have got some benefit out of yours, LMH.

    CC2 -- can't decide now if that was training or a race, but well done!

    I have the Cambridge half in 2 weeks, so normally I'd have done some speed this weekend. But I'm more worried about not endangering VLM through aggravating my slightly niggly leg, so I went for another steady marathon (3hr15 or 7:25/M pace this time). Felt pretty good, I was tempted to jog a few more afterwards as a cool-down, but decided not to push my luck. But that must mean my endurance adaptations are back.

  • Great mileage Joe

    I'm doing the Brentwood half next month LMH. Nice work on your 20 miler!
  • You never lost them Charlie!

    Cheers EE - it was a bit of a surprise.

    Mark is going to do Retford Half on 10th March - do I go too? No other races entered before VLM apart from Ashby (which I don't 'race').
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    TGO - i agree, you will be more 2.50ish, if you are in 80 shape.

    CC - you were training, not racing, so no prizes !

    Padams - that session will do you good.

    CW - there cant be much wtong with your legs if they fid a 3.15 marathon.

    LMH - yes, but not if you are going to run 20 the next day again (again). Make sure you have a couple of short and easy days now.

    15m run home tonight, wasnt in my happy place due to be rained on s few times meaning i got cold, and i wanted to cut it short but ground out the full 15.
  • Nobody races the 30k TR, it's a marathon training race.

  • Good grinding TR - those are the sessions that really count as the ones where you feel good almost take care of themselves.

    9 miles for me this morning (6:54s). Yet another new route (well extended version of an existing route) took me on to the Isle of Dogs by Canary Wharf and incorporated various sections of the VLM.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    CC - thats what they tell you.

    EE - agreed, its the tough days you remember on race day.

    Back to some quicker running today with 10 inc 15x3min reps. First time in a while due to racing snd ice. Only a couple of icy patchesto dodge today.
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭

    Hi all, saw a few familiar faces at Bramley at the weekend.

    Pace maker for a 23 miler with 11 @8mm [email protected] and 2 easy

    Longest run for 7 years and NO I am not running a marathon this year


  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Gobi.. I remember you winning the slightly bizarre Elbe tunnel marathon some years back, is that still going?  Nice pacing BTW.
    TR.. good stuff toughing out that 15miler & nice reps too.  I don't mind the rain too much as long as I'm dressed for it.  Having said that running the entire York marathon in pouring rain (plus before & after) wasn't much fun.
    Charlie.. that's more like it, a 3:15 marathon in training must be a decent confidence boost.
    10m last night, 7m + 4m today.  2 & 1/2 weeks till marathon day so last week of big miles.  10m race on Sunday which I plan to race then add a few easy miles on afterwards.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good going gobi

    Wardi - taper time is coming, in 4 weeks I'll be in the taper too.

    12m today.
  • All gone a bit quiet on here this week.

    Nearly there Wardi! Planning on some time off running after?

    12.4 miles for me with the club last night (10 mins MP, 6 x 3 min pushes, 10 mins MP) and 8.6m recovery this morning. 

  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭

    Nice miles TR and EE.

    5.5M back to nursery with the rucksack yesterday evening, so 9.5M for the day. Weirdly the rucksack doesn't seem to make much difference to pace (about 10-15 secs/mile I reckon), even though it weighs at least 5kg. That's on the flat anyway, up a hill it would probably be worse.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good run that EE, BAC style and ticks the mlr box.

    Padams - nice, getting a bit more in ready for your 1/2.

    10with 5 av 6.50 today, i was a bit tired today and i couldnt have gone any faster or further, but a good piece of hard work banked.
  • Al_PAl_P ✭✭✭
    edited February 2019
    Hi All, been lurking for a little while taking in the thread goings on, so thought it time to get involved again.... Good to see some familiar names and a few newer ones all going reasonably well  :)  

    I'm in for London again this year, much too far out for precise targets but it breaks down into a fairly simple split of A ) Sub 2:30 as much as possible or B ) Maintain the 8xVLM sub 2:45 streak.

    Pre-London racing revolves running for Hants in the Inter-counties 20M match at the Essex 20M a week on Sunday (3/3), the Fleet HM 2 weeks after that and then the Salisbury 10M two weeks out from VLM.
  • Al_PAl_P ✭✭✭
    Marathon List...
    10th March - Barcelona..  Wardi
    7th April -     Manchester.. SJ, WTGY
    14th April -   Brighton.. TR, EE, TGO, Jooligan
    14th April -   Paris..  OO
    15th April -   Boston.. DanA
    28th April -   VLM.. LMH, CC2, CharlieW, Wardi, OO, JoeB, DanA, Jools, CD, ES, Al_P
    29th Sep.  -   Berlin.. WTGY
    20th Oct   -   York.. Al_P, CharlieW, LMH, Wardi
  • Good run at Bramley Gobi, sounds like a solid days work. 

    Quite a wide split between A and B targets there Al, but seems reasonable enough!

    Wokingham half on Sunday for me. Took the new 'magic shoes' (4%s - I caved) out for a spin with a couple of miles at half marathon pace effort. Pace was promising, lets see what the day brings. 
  • Welcome back  Gobi -- you could run a decent marathon for a laugh if you're in shape to pace that run.

    I've been clocking up lots of miles this week, got incredibly ploddy yesterday, much better today after stuffing myself with assorted additional foods after supper last night. Next week I'll taper a bit for the Cambridge half, even though I've slightly written it off as an A-race as I've skipped any faster training to try and avoid provoking any hamstring niggles. (Which are OK right now, did feel it a bit when sitting for too long yesterday though.)
  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭

    Gobi - you're obviously keeping in reasonable shape!

    Al_P - good to see you back. Last time I saw you was the back of your head gradually moving away from me about 2M into VLM, and I never saw you again.

    JoeB - very tempted to try a pair of 4%s, but I've never really got on with Nikes and can't justify the price (I refuse to even go into 3 figures for a pair of shoes). Interested to hear what you think of them once you've tested them a bit more (particularly in a longer race which appears to be where you get the benefit).

    8M at lunchtime, partly offroad with some moderate efforts (53:30 total). Amazingly warm for this time of year - I stripped down to short-sleeve only, and I was still sweating a lot.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Al - good to see you. I'll be at Fleet, and your NF10 too.

    CW - well done on the extra eating.

    Padams - hope we dont get March snow and the Beast from the East again after this milder spell.

    My casio non gadget broke, i had to invest in a new non gadget.
  • RIP the non gadget TR!

    I wish some other brand made magic shoes, but I hate Nike. Also I overpronate a bit. Looks like I'm sticking with the Adidas tempos!

    Anyone else going to be at the National on Saturday? Say hello if you spot me. Ugly white, green and yellow Notts AC vest and bright purple hair. Can't miss me!
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    CC2.. a couple of my clubmates are out measuring/setting up tomorrow for the Nationals and are marshalling on Saturday.  I have told them to look out for a lady with purple hair :)
    TR.. bad news about the Casio!  Plenty of old model Garmins out there if you decide you want to know your cadence, calorie burning etc. ;)
    Al_P.. I had a feeling you would be VLM bound, good to see you dropping in (& on the list!).
    Padams.. I couldn't resist an afternoon run in t-shirt & shorts either, 8.5m done.  Agree, I won't pay over £100 let alone £200!
    Charlie.. back on the supper time dried fruit again?  Remember that advert 'everyone's a fruit and nutcase?'
  • Much as I would like the magic 4% I don't have money to waste - I'll just have to try to find it through hard work.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Al_PAl_P ✭✭✭
    JoeB - I'm hoping to be at the 'A' end of the range, the 'B' target is purely the fallback position!

    Padams - I was in a vest Wednesday lunchtime.  B) It was a bit weird though, as going downwind in the sun was really quite warm, but as soon as I turned into the wind it got quite chilly. Not a bad thing as I was doing a long tempo run so the cooling bits were welcome!

    TR - Will keep an eye out for you at Fleet. Sure I'll be helping out at the NF10, although I'm no longer part of the organising committee. How about a wrist mounted sundial as the ultimate 'non-gadget' timing device  ;)

    CC2 - I was a long term Adidas wearer (Bostons, Adios, Supernovas) but tried the Nike Pegasus Turbos (same cushioning material as the vaporfly) and loved them :) I also tried the Nike Zoom Fly but didn't get on quite so well with those (I prefered the feel of the Peg Turbos).....

    I have to confess that I took delivery of a pair of the Vaporfly 4% Flyknits yesterday. i had very much been in the 'there's no way I'm spending that much on a pair of shoes camp' but then I went on a EA marathon development training weekend a couple of weeks ago and people were raving about them. First run at lunchtime today to test them out, then something a bit longer early next week before hopefully using them for the Essex 20 a week Sunday.
    Part of my justification for buying them was that I read that they work by helping to conserve your legs so you can run faster for longer. I'm not planning to race the 20 all-out, probably aiming to average marathon heart rate, but any fatigue reduction the shoes can provide will be welcome w.r.t recovery and continuation of VLM training.....

    Casual off-road charity 10k for me tomorrow so stuck to a very easy 7 first thing this morning and then will do a few with strides at lunchtime to road test the magic shoes.

  • Don't get me wrong Al - I'd love to try a pair just don't have the budget. I've heard lots of positive reports about them.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Al_PAl_P ✭✭✭
    LMH - I broke out the credit card and took the plunge! Realy shouldn't have done, but I'm already feeling in the best shape I've been at this point in a spting campaign and got fingers crossed that the shoes could help me to an extra special time in April...
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Wardi - i saw i could get a gadget reasonably priced, but not sure whatid do with all the feedback. My new watch woke me up when it was time to take the doggy out, and then told me how long i ran for.

     Al - i will look out for you.

     Most surprisingly, i get the 4% shoes thing. Ive never even had race shoes and buy about 4 pairs for that total money. However, im not sure if id risk wearing them in a mara, and dont train, prepare or taper for shorter race so itd be a waste. If they are for racing only, theyd last ages and would work out about £1 per mile on your race fee. Also i never had them when i set my pb times, and my m50 aims are to get as close to me old times, which should involve th same shoes, although maybe the fast shoes would make up for aging. I spend little money on running, but i do see these as a potential buy for me, maybe if i go sub3 at brighton I'll treat myself. Its like buying time with a better bike in tri, but id be the fat bloke on a TT bike.
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