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  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Tough news on the dead legs Bus. My legs (muscles) are fine themselves, it's the connections between the moving parts that mess things up.

    I read (as usual) that older runners are affected by accumulated damage to nerve endings. For me, I've stopped timing my runs from the front door since the first minute of trying to run is more a voyage of discovery, as in, 'where's it going to go twang! today'?

    It sure isn't pleasant as I try to get going.

    Instead I find after the initial walk, jog, shuffle and stretch, which takes about two minutes all in, I can hopefully set off running without issues. 

    Seems to work lately. But really, doing that is the only way it works.
  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    This thread is rapidly turning into a spin-off of Last of the Summer Wine.

    Reading half tomorrow, in no fit state to race so I think it will be a progression run, aiming for about 1:30.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Last of the Summer Wine. I remember being subjected to the first episodes of that crap simply because my mother came from where it was filmed.

    Michael Bates (actor) was in the first couple of series but was better in 'It Ain't Half Hot Mum'*

    More subduing is that he was younger than I am now when he died.

    * Not shown on UK TV for any reason I can deduce  :/ **

    ** Actually I know full damn well.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Hey hey, that wasn't a bad show.

    If i'm still around at that age, and still know anyone at all (in addition to writing a 12 page report from a 17min 1mile race at Ealing) , it'd be great to be able to wander round scenic routes with your buds causing havoc.

  • YnnecYnnec ✭✭✭
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    Stevie G said:

    Hey hey, that wasn't a bad show.

    I loved it growing up. Septuagenarian shenanigans and Compo with a ferret down his trousers (we've all done that, right? Anyone?! Oh...).

    RicF said:

    More subduing is that he was younger than I am now when he died.

    * Not shown on UK TV for any reason I can deduce  :/ **

    ** Actually I know full damn well.
    I just assumed he was an Indian actor when I watched it as a kid. Retrospectively, it was all a bit "Black and White Minstrel"ish as he propagated a racial stereotype.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    The world has moved on and certainly in the UK the racial joke aspects which seemed to be part of standard Saturday night viewing have long gone.

    I'm of an age where at school, kids not of Christian religious standing were left outside in the corridor while the rest of the school met in the main hall. Seemed a good spot to me.

    I imagine all that nonsense has finished, not least because where I live, if the same rules of fifty years ago were applied today, the corridor would have to be extended half way down the road.
  • Hi all!

    Very windy at Reading. Currently been out all day setting up, having forklift trucks hold down the massive marquees as they are nearly blowing away and metal piping etc being sheared off!!

    Good too the usual suspects doing well and everyone still intact 

    Good luck all!! 
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
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    Reg Wand said:
    This thread is rapidly turning into a spin-off of Last of the Summer Wine.

    Reading half tomorrow, in no fit state to race so I think it will be a progression run, aiming for about 1:30.
    This must qualify as Sandbagger of the Year.

    In the meantime I settled for a relatively honest boot around the woods. Ten miles averaging 8:10 mile pace. Which wasn't bad considering the mud. Glad of the studs.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
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    Sandbagging is the natural pressure reducer isn't it.

    Young guy at Datchet for instance. Already done a pair of 78/79s over 4 weeks, doing a 3rd half this week. Did a 5k yesterday and gave it the "Marathon Pace" line about today.

    Result? Pb, low 1.18 :D

    Anyway...12 stage next week, 4.5mile leg, i'll probably aim for 6.30 a mile or something? ;) 

  • Looking forward to the Reading reports, seen some good times on Strava!

    Falmouth Half for me. Good dose of Cornish hills, so ~1300ft climbing. All I can say is: muthaf***a.
    Faster than I anticipated, with 1:34:59, but definitely feeling Wednesday's workout in the legs.

    Time for roast and beer.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Standard 13 for me today. Same as a lot of these long runs for a while. Start off thinking, this doesn't feel that easy, yet comfortably see it through for a 7.05 average type thing.

    Ric - you're right about that cadence being mixed up with the HR wrist reading.

    Having laughed at the "max" today of 205 and "3 days" recovery time needed, I double checked cadence v "HR" for the last 4miles.

    All within about 1 difference, so obvs the 2 tied up.

    The one previous time I clocked a 200 was in nearly passing out on the horribly humid hilly runnymede windsor offroader.

    Reading looks to have gone well for a number of people.

    Matt that looks mad. A real struggle im sure!

  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    Good effort Matt on what sounds a horribly hilly course; rather you than me!

    So Fleet HM for me today which has been my target race for ages; to the extent I ditched Wokingham 3 weeks ago to give extra prep time and not scupper this one. Extra incentive of trying for 1 of the top 4 age cat places which bring the (admittedly a bit contrived!) England Age Group HM selection via England Athletics. Loads of club-mates and other local faces I knew all running so the pressure was on. Thankfully the wind was a lot calmer than yesterday, though still breezy.

    Plan today was definitely to rein it in a bit at the start and save something for the last few k as that is always my downfall. Was running fairly relaxed on the flat and getting through each k about 3'50-3'55 for the first 10k, but struggled with all the minor inclinations (need to lose a few kilos I think ;)). Was more or less holding my own though a few high quality folk that start a bit slow went by which was expected. Through 10k in 38'50 (39 was the plan so that was fine) but then the course goes out into the sticks and kept finding myself isolated and running into a breeze. Groups of 3 or 4 started to go buy and though I could cling on for 500 metres or so, was dropped about 3 times by these. Still the k's were rattling by about 4 mins and hit 10 miles (16k) in just over 63 so all going pretty to much to plan. Club colleague who I beat at Gosport HM in Nov got by but figured he has just improved rather than me worsened and don't worry too much. So 5k left and I ned to do it in sub 21 for what would be sub 84 and a pb. Have a real go at it but most of the last 5k is uphill and the k's are dropping to about 4'10-4'15 range. Get to 20k in 1'20 almost exact so it had to be a big finish; hit the 200 metres to go sign at 1'23'23 and give it all I have for a sprint find but cross in 1'24'03, so a bloody annoying 4 seconds off my hm PB!

    On the plus side amazed to get anywhere near a pb at my age, even though it definitely wouldn't have happened but for the VF's, which probably speed me up best part of 2 mins over a HM. On the down side I'll probably not get as good a chance as that again and also just outside the required top 4, finishing 5th in my age group (quality extraordinary this year, but guess being a top pre London half and an England race qualifier explains that). Was told I will still get that place if someone drops out injured or doesn't want to run so all not lost. Overall really happy with the day and everyone I know seems to have done brilliant times which makes it all better. Glad I put all the HM eggs in this basket but it was a risk; also glad no more long stuff now till the Autumn :)

    Roll on the reports from the other big HM today; should be good reading (pardon the crappy pun ;) )
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Good work Pete - can't be disappointed with 4 secs behinds a PB - I wouldn't be :smile: VFs really worth tha much? Surely not? Good engine more like!

    Matt - likewise. Sounds like a tough day at the office!

    Quality 10 and 12 from Ric and SG respectively.

    Took my son to rugby this morning, so LSR in a bit (legs willing!). I was hoping the forecast sunshine would help dry out the trails a bit, but we've had several heavy showers instead :weary:

    Some quality reports to come from Reading I hope :wink:
  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Why do I get the feeling I am being accused of sandbagging. Talking of heart rates, mine hit 194 today, this may indicate that I went a bit harder than planned.

    I've run everyday this week and it's all felt like a real trudge but the last two runs showed my HR had come down quite a bit, indicating I was on the way back to fitness.

    So, I packed the racers in my bag just in case. Didn't leave the house until 9am for the 10:15 start as I was still planning on a training run but I'd been thinking of reasons why I might be able to race instead. Once I'd derobed and made my way over to the start I actually felt ok so I decided I would just run to HR, keep it easy for the first few miles and make it up from there.

    I started at the back of the 1:25 (Yellow) pen and was chopping my stride a bit but soon got involved with the 1:20 pacer. Felt easy enough but when we got to the first hill the pacer maintained the same pace so I dropped off about 20 metres, once we hit the downhill section I quickly closed the gap. We hit town after the downhill sections and I was fractionally under 6m/mi but the course was now measuring long.

    Still felt ok when we hit the second hill but the pacer was storming up it and dropping the entire group. I was laughing as the group ahead of the 1:20 group were looking bemused as the 1:20 pacer come rampaging past them, they were on 1:19 pace at the time! Anyway he cleared off up the road, maybe 50-100 metres ahead causing checks of watches everytime he passed someone.

    Tom and I ran together for the whole race pretty much, as we hit 11 miles I said I'd work hard and we'd let the last mile take care of itself, we're into the wind now and the 1:20 pacer is coming back to us. I started to suffer a little in the final mile and lost about 10 seconds to Tom, passed the 1:20 pacer as we entered the stadium and put in a cheeky sprint to pass a Reading AC youngster.

    My time was 1:19:26 but I measure it at nearly 13.3 miles, I had 5:59 pace on my watch and I see a lot of others had it long on Strava. Pretty happy with that, not as a time but an indication that I am not too far away. I might see if there's a fast half in April and add a pair of magic shoes into the mix.
  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    I noticed Dachs' team mate ran 66 minutes! That's some serious running.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Good job you weren't pacing 1:30 then Reg :D 
    Decent result given you stopped training properly about 4 weeks ago wasn't it?
  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    6 weeks ago I go injured. I reckon I was in 1:17:xx shape then.

    since then I've done 14,4,18,6,27 & 50 this week, including today. I am satisfied that I have something to build on.
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    Simon - yes, that's my real name, though, I'm pleased to say, not of the silver variety - my hair (still plenty of it ), nicely dark, apart from an odd strand of grey  . . .   gone full circle with the tonsorial opinions - nearly half a century since my dad would bellow "get yer 'air cut" ;  now my kids suggest politely that a visit to the barber may be in order . . .  

    and so, running - club had a recce of the local half marathon route today, so I accompanied the 2 hour pacer for a decent jaunt (though, oddly (to us, ahem, older chaps, anyway) there was something called a "photo stop" , in order to fulfil the seemingly obligatory FB post . . .    
    a few miles with a couple of chums of my vintage, plus a young 'un of 56 yesterday;  so a 21 mile weekend secured . . 
     . . .  and so my delurk warning of completely mundane posts of slow runs is fulfilled   :/ 
  • Pete - excellent result mate, 4 seconds off the PB in some windy conditions not something to be sniffed at. Hopefully that England place will be realised, no more than you deserve, would be great to see. 

    Reg takes my mantle away of chief sandbagger. I spoke to him beforehand and he tells me he's aiming to run around 1:30. I turn around after I've finished and he comes storming home well under 1:20  :D great running chap - as mentioned afterwards, you've got a sub 75 in you for sure, when it comes together. 

    So after umming and ahhing about what to do this weekend, decided my legs were knackered anyway so took a few easier days in the lead up Reading with a view to giving it a bash. Still managed a decent 65 miles in the week, so I was running, but nothing hard. 

    Tapped up Reg for some parking advice, ending up in a residential street just over a mile away, refusing to fork out for 'official' parking. Easy enough, wandered to the start making friends with some chap who'd had the same idea. 

    Had run the maths in the build up - 5:50mm would give me 1:16:30, thought it was worth a pop, as long as I remembered to tie my shoes up properly. Lots of nervous chat in the pens after a warm up, caught up with Reg, sandbagging as always. 

    After they moved us up behind the elites, was about 4th row back and crossed the line after about 5 seconds. Allowed myself to get caught up in the madness, running with a female club mate who ended up 3rd overall (1:14:04), and logged a frankly ridiculous first mile of 5:26. Remember thinking 'Spraggins, you idiot'. 

    Settled in a bit after that, knowing we've got a fairly decent hill to climb before mile 3. Once over that it was all feeling a bit hard, but I'm invested now and we've got a gradual downhill into town. Some guy comes alongside at mile 5 and asks whether I do triathlon - have a word mate, I can't speak here.

    Through 10km in 35:10 (unofficial) which is a 30 second PB. Make a mental note to do a 10km soon as that's just silly. Into town now, and Reading town centre seems to have more inclines than I remember. Pretty much running solo by this point and we're spending the next 2 miles into a decent wind. 

    Katie is out on the course and seeing her is a real boost as I'm flogging myself by this point, and things are starting to slow. Trying to do the maths in my head on how much I can slow down by and still PB.

    Get to 10 miles and suddenly it's all feeling a bit more manageable, and I get a bit of a second wind, slowly picking off one runner at a time. Last 2 miles are a straight slog down the dual carriageway - hell. 

    Can hear the stadium from a mile off but doesn't seem to be getting closer. Go up the slight rise which feels like a mountain and it seems like we're running around the whole stadium twice before turning in. 

    Big kick for the line, crossing in 1:15:42. Slowed down deliberately to give SG the bragging rights over me by one second - couldn't do that to him ;) PB by just over a minute and I'm over the moon with that on probably not the fastest course on a blowy day. 

    Probably have to give London a real crack now as it seems like I'm in decent knick.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Appreciate it JB - although that pb seems a long while ago now, and you've clearly plenty of time to eat into todays!

    An excellent effort, and I won't even pretend me saying I thought you had a 75:xx in you a few weeks ago is any sort of incredible foresight! That slog to the stadium is very memorable!

    There's definitely something in this train for a marathon get really fit and smash your pbs thing isn't there?

    Reg - good to see you turn out. Noone for a second thought you were laying 40 or so sweaty beads out to pootle a 90min out.

    If you can ever put a block in and turn up fit then of course mins will roll.

    Pete - england. Nice.

    Good effort today. I still think you underestimate your current level and overate those shoes a bit though.

    Lookin at po10 you're similar to 2016 which isn't eyons back. Back to your top level which is a good place to be and pbs need monitoring against years running not against age per se  :)

    Typing this on my phone as my laptop has finally reached the end.

  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Great run Pete, agonisingly close to the PB.

    Sounds like a good run in a tough race there Matt.

    I didn't pay £40 as I actually entered it 2 years ago, I deferred the first year, it was cancelled last year so my place had rolled over twice.
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Good work Reg and, again, shows plenty quicker to come with a bit of luck on the injury front and some running consistency.

    Joe - amazing stuff!!! PB - and not exactly off the back of an easy week either!  If the course was a bit long, still some to come off as well :smiley: Just shows what you can do when you learn to tie your laces :wink:

    Birch - mundane is what this thread thrives on :smiley: You've seen SG's parking stories right? Anything that involves haircuts and photo opportunities is a step up :smiley:

    15 very muddy miles for me to make 51 for the week. Surprisingly OK, and even managed to dip under 9mM pace, whihc has been rare on the old off-road routes of late and 30 secs per mile quicker than Friday's run which was only a third as long!
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Good races Reg, Pete & Joe.

    Half marathons seem able to spring good surprises quite often. Probably that's to do with the distance being viewed as too far to just blast from the line so a relatively modest start (usually) is in order.

    Decent turn out Bus. The mud levels I note have gone up a notch of late, though they might be heavier out your way.
  • Pete, that's a good run in the wind yesterday. If you can keep the long runs going I'm sure you could whittle away at the pb in the Autumn and they will serve your other goals too.  How are you feeling today ?

    Excellent running Joe - knew it was a good idea to go for it at Reading ;)

    Am I the only one that took Reg's  sub 90 as a joke ? Hope no repercussions from the sub 80 though.

    Hello Birch. Awesome pbs. I hope I'm still running in 20 years !

    Good muddy 15 Bus.

    Gloucester 20 for me yesterday, to bookend an 80 mile week. The mix of a weekly mileage that is quite far from my comfort zone and my first 20 miler of the marathon campaign, had me feeling apprehension. The wind and an undulating course didn't help either. Given the week, I opted for a few beats per minute under marathon effort with the idea that if I was feeling good I could push it towards the end but with a primary goal of survival.

    So I set off from the back of the race to avoid getting caught up with the front of the race. It was a 3 lap race. First lap a real drag, second lap seemed shorter, 3rd lap flew by as it required a bit of concentrated effort. Called out at 32.24 for the first 5 miles, then 63.54 at 10 miles for 19th position, I managed to hold on to the effort and cruised in 15th in 2.06.58, and 1st v45. I am feeling a bit sore today though but hopefully a rest day will cure that.

  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    Not too bad today thanks Muddy though my quads are pretty sore and will take a day off running. Sure you are right about keeping long runs going, but I am no fan of them and like the 6 months from now each year to be all about shorter races (10k max). Maybe try and do at least 1 10+ miler each week. Great run by you yesterday, especially as it was not anywhere near 'all out'. Augurs well for you for the marathon.

    Excellent races at Reading Joe and Reg and like the reports. Joe you could be hitting 1'12ish in a year or too. Reg who knows what you are capable of if you stay injury free for a while. If your running ever reaches your level on the bike you will probably also be 1'12ish. 

    Good training Ric, SG and Bus; be interesting to see all 3 of you reap the rewards in your next races.

    Also welcome Birch and good posts. Another like Aley and Ric who was obviously a top top runner and knows what he is talking about🙂
  • Too busy to post properly today - but great running PeteM, Joe and Reg! Laughed at Joe saying it felt like going around the stadium twice, that's what I felt too in 2015 when I did it..

    Saturday - 16.42 for first finisher at Gt. Denham parkrun, 2 laps, 800m of each into a hurricane. 8 mins first lap, 8.42 the 2nd, so probably worth a 16 with no wind. Happy with that with the 3000 looming on Sunday.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Pete, you're a generous top guy n all that.

    But 1.12 for the lads?  :D 

    At least set them sub 1.15 son
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Tidy as always Simon. I don't even know how you can produce such epic pace as a V45!

    Some days I have to stop feelings that I won't get near my pbs, yet you're 8 years on and still turning it on! Just a diffo class I guess.

  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
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    Saw your were over 2 mins ahead of 2nd Simon; must have been a lonely run but very well done.

    The 1'12's were something to aspire to in a year or two SG, not predictions for the next HM or anything like that. As such I still think they are reasonable long term goals. Joe is very young in endurance running terms and improving fast. Reg has relatively few running miles on the clock and just needs a prolonged spell injury free.  
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    I suppose this is my cautious mentality showing through :) Whereas you're an ultra positive champion of other's potentials.

    But while showing nothing but love and respect to Reggie baby, he's approaching the V45 category, and only 44 V40s went sub 73 (i'll stretch 72 to being 72.59) last year. (Most of those would be bottom end of age zone)

    Equivalent McMillan lower distance times for 5k and 10k would be around 15.45 for 5k and 32.40 for 10k.

    Sub 75 if he brings the show together and has injury luck by all means. Something in the 72s I feel is getting a little too sharp.

    Sub 75 is a great time though! So it's certainly not undervaluing anyone.
    The likes of Dachs are certainly massive outliers.
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