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  • I love a down run

    Terry - I really hope training goes well for the rest of this year so that you're in with a fighting chance of qualifying for 2020. 

    Happy to see so many new faces registering an interest so early!  (You've come to the right place)

  • Terry48Terry48 ✭✭✭
    Thanks Jon.  I'd love to be in it too but it's just a very outside chance.  My cardiologist is not supportive of even a 42k marathon, so I'll have to see how it goes.
    Your training is looking good and regular. Keep it up!
  • "even a 42k"   ......only on a Comrades forum.   

    Don't push it Terry, Comrades is going nowhere, I guess the downside of the entries being sold out so fast is that you have a more limited window to decide whether or not to run

    My training is improving, more regular again which is a bonus but it's still too shorter and it feels much harder than I'd like.  
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭

    Two days ago at deaths door I was gingerly crawling around Sainos having run out of food at home. Every footstep jarred my aching brain against my paracetamol and pseudoephedrine steeped frame. I crept around the shelves mumbling incoherently to myself blending in easily with pensioners complaining about how cold June was this year. Indeed, like them, my many layers of clothing topped off with an overcoat barely kept me from shivering to death.

    Today I am happy as Larry (who is Larry?); sweating my way through summer. I carry the mental scars of the South African Swine Flu I have beaten; my sinuses are blocked with the contagion, my chest is weighed down with achiness, but at last I am pain free and can breath with some ease.

    Hope everyone else is coming through it.

    I have a 42k "joke" - it was whilst supporting the Chester Marathon last year - another Comrade ran past my outheld bowl of jelly babies and recognised me and asked why I wasn't running - I replied - Meh - its not far enough...   

  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭

    Ooo - are we writing reports? I better get started!

  • > @1owrez said:
    > Ooo - are we writing reports? I better get started!

    Not only are we writing reports, but if you want I will publish it at Applies to everyone, and any noteworthy race. In fact.. if anyone wants to write about anything running related.. lets chat !

    Peace !
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Thomas, some US evangelist has infiltrated your account!
  • OOH I love a proper race report

    Becca - I've just entered the virtual marathon on Strava for guaranteed entry to next years New York marathon (at least I hope I have). I've had an email that says "Thankyou for signing up to participate...." but it doesn't seem to say anywhere on strava that I've joined the challenge. I know you've done the same for this year so just wondered if there was anything else I was meant to do. Is it absolutely guaranteed so long as I do the virtual marathon? What happens if hundreds of thousands of people enter?
  • Becca7Becca7 ✭✭✭
    Snail, that’s great. From what I can remember the registration with NYRR is the important bit. I can’t remember what happened with getting it on Strava though. 
  • Becca - thanks. Will just wait and see. When I go on it asks me to register but having checked Barclaycard a payment has been taken. I’ve emailed. I’m either in or not!! We’ll see. I remember when I tried to enter this years marathon it was b....y complicated!!!
  • johnny1984johnny1984 ✭✭✭
    ive reserved the Belaire in the end (bit cheaper and more space), staying until the Friday after so hopefully get a quick safari in. Think I fell for the old exchange rate trick on agoda though, might have to set up a proper account and re-book :o
  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    edited June 2019
    Not booked a hotel yet.  Not booked flights yet. Not quite committed to the race yet.  But safari?  Hell yes, I'm doing that!   This was after the race this year :)

  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    So, this safari thing, what is good about it? I'm not sure I'm an animal kinda person... chase stray cats off me lawn, never kept any pets, apart from a terrapin, which was quite interesting for the first 10 minutes... I do like relaxing and looking out across The Valley of a Thousand Hills with a beer in my hand though...
  • Fantastic photo. Did a safari in Tanzania several years back. Amazing experience.

  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    So that is a bloke lion isn't it, wouldn't his Mrs and all her female pals have done all the hard work of chasing and killing... he just turns up and tucks in doesn't he? I suppose that's identical behaviour in a lot of human households :D 
  • > @Dannirr said:
    > Not booked a hotel yet.  Not booked flights yet. Not quite committed to the race yet.  But safari?  Hell yes, I'm doing that!   This was after the race this year :)

    Wow. Where was this?
  • Terry48Terry48 ✭✭✭
    I've now booked Belaire again. Hope to be there. :)
  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    Lowrez - he did not catch it - he stole it from these wild dogs who had just caught it!
  • marty74marty74 ✭✭✭
    Stunning pictures Dannir. I will go for somewhere in Kruger.
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭

    Blimey its a tough life out there, possibly not for The King when he can waltz in and take anything he likes, but I suppose he has his work cut out in locating the dogs to steal from in the first place.

    I bet I wouldn't be as obese as I am if I had to run down my meals every time instead of popping to the rotisserie at Sainos and then foregoing my training run because the food will have gone cold when I get back.

    Amazing pictures Dannirr.

  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    Well lowrez, he's not exactly lazy.  The day before he stole this I impala, he killed this leopard just for being a competitor.  They did not eat it - youngsters explored it a bit and then they moved on

    Ok, no more wildlife - back to running!
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Wow! That's like killing that bloke I don't like from Accounts because he always gets the last freshly made vanilla slice at the bakery counter, and all the secretaries are shocked but give his corpse a good kick as well because they never liked him either... Oops, getting a bit specific here... yes, back to the running!
  • I know its nature doing its thing, but really sad to see a leopard killed and then just left like that.
  • So, I finally finished my Comrades race report. I genuinely think it took me a similar amount of time to write as running Comrades did :sweat_smile:
  • Look forward to reading your race report Thomas as it looks from your recent posts you had an 'interesting' debut race!
    I've officially retired from Comrades although in an Andy Murray kind of way, since my hip has improved, I'm already having thoughts about the 100th edition in 2025..... :#.  Great to see a few newbies taking their first steps towards Comrades 2020. All I can say to you guys is don't even hesitate, it's a truly great life experience, not just another Ultra.
  • Fido2DogsFido2Dogs ✭✭✭
    Baldstan I have enquired re loos and the current plan for Abo is for one or two at Milton Park (10+/19+ mi).
    I continue to lurk here more for inspiration but who.knows.
  • baldstanbaldstan ✭✭✭
    Thanks Fido2Dogs that's good to know. I think I should be able to make it 10 miles at least. I always seem to over-hydrate pre-race. That and all the coffees I drink when I get up which don't help.
    I'm definitely hoping to stay on a few days after the race. At the moment thinking of heading down to Cape Town as this'll also be my first visit to South Africa and I quite fancy seeing a bit of that city, and fitting in a wine tour, a trip up Table Mountain and going to the new Zeitz MOCAA art gallery (carved out of an old grain store, it looks amazing). Any other tips? Mind you a safari would be fantastic. I visited Ngorongoro in Tanzania twenty years ago and it's still one of the best trips I've ever done.
  • Mc HillyMc Hilly ✭✭✭
    Hotel now booked (got a great deal at Hilton, but not refundable, so really hope Comrades doesn’t go back on “second Sunday in June” !
    Only booked for fri to mon, but seriously considering adding something on, any comments on Hluhluwe Imfolozi  v Kruger for safari? Or anyone any experience of seeing/volunteer work with Penguins at the Cape? 
    16 week training plan for qualifier at beginning of October just started! Where does resting fit in?
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Great read Thomas, I felt your frustration all the way, even before you said it I thought that was a lot of salt tablets. You are running in a space I can't approach, but I always "trust to the tables", water, coke, banana, orange, shortbread biscuits, crackers, salty potatoes... funny you thought they were being hidden, down my end of the course they were offered out freely on massive platters. 8:30 is an amazing time, if you end up in this for the green then I am sure you will run your perfect up run one day.
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