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  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Good morning everyone

    Rain - at last.   :)
    I was quite pleased when the rain arrived yesterday because I’ve been having to water the plants every night with a watering can. I’d been taking the water from our water butt, and we noticed yesterday when we checked it that it was getting pretty empty, we also noticed that the inside of the butt, and the surface of the remaining water, had a thick coating of pollen, so we emptied out the last bit of water and scrubbed the inside of the butt clean. The rain overnight has almost filled up the water butt again, and very thoughtfully has washed the pollen off the roof, down the drainpipe and into the water butt. Talk about one step forward and two steps back. A weird thing though, when we looked inside the butt yesterday we saw three or four earthworms wriggling about in the water. I didn’t know they could survive in water, anyway we evicted them so they have had to find a new home now. 

    HS: Yes, I do remember Chris Akabusi, how strange that he lived down the road from you. I have a feeling I’ve seen him recently on TV in some ad or other. 
    I see you are building up your mileage, over 17 miles in two days and in the heat, I don’t know how you do it. Is Andy a member of your running club too? I don’t remember you mentioning him before. Pity about not being able to distinguish the off road runners in the 5k from the road runners. It makes it impossible to make a direct comparison.
    Do you think your half marathon will go ahead in September? I know a lot of people are desperate to get sporting events back on, but it still seems too soon for a mass gathering to take place. The Great North Run, also September, still hasn’t made a decision yet whether to cancel. I can’t see it going ahead though. 
    We had a different ice cream visit our estate yesterday - playing “All The Nice Girls Love a Sailor” I’ve never heard that from an ice cream van before.

    WtnMel: Thanks for the information about Garmin’s master reset. I don’t keep any data re routes etc on it, and I download each run as soon as I get home, so a reset won’t cause any problems. I haven’t got around to doing it yet, so today it was about half a mile into the run before the satellites were found. 
    I hope you were able to “attend” your aunt’s funeral successfully, it’s not right that relatives can’t attend in person, especially when morons like Cummings can do what they like. I had heard about him tampering with his blog actually. I’m just disappointed that, like the trip to Durham and Barnard Castle, it’s all been swept under the carpet. I see the latest opinion polls are showing people are losing faith in Boris. About time too. Still it could be worse, we could be living in America with that idiot Trump in charge. 
    Re the photos - there are some rather spindly branches on the right hand side of the first photo, they are half hiding a fairly big building in the distance. That’s the local hospital (about to be demolished I believe) to the left there’s a row of houses on the top of the estate, our house is about the middle of that row.
    Well done on your run, you are definitely getting quicker. It’s particularly satisfying when that happens and you didn’t realise how fast you were going. Since you have become such a finely honed athlete I expect you will wipe the floor (or grass) with Alan today in your golf match. I hope it isn’t raining where you are, and your golf bag behaves itself. 
    Good luck too for tomorrow’s 5G presentation. 

    I ran 7 miles this morning on the Derwent Walk, I’d set out an hour later than usual because I was hoping the rain would keep most people away, and it did. I only saw a handful of dog walkers and a couple of runners, so for once it was quite a stress free run. It was a bit strange though running in rain after the recent lovely weather, the sky was grey with low clouds and made me think of winter, fortunately though the temperature was somewhat milder than winter.

    (Molly: if you are reading this I hope you are keeping well, and are just too busy to visit us at the moment. I’ve seen all the demonstrations taking place across your country the last few days and I hope you aren’t being affected by them.)
  • Hi Guys,
    I'm just popping in to wish everyone well. Things are a bit of mess in the states, right now.  The protests are everywhere and we, our friends, and family, are actively supporting the protests, which is not always easy.  With so much stuff going on, I'm taking some time off from social media stuff.

    However, I'll be back when everything calms down. 

    I hope everybody stays well and keeps running :)
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Good for you Molly, take care.
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon everyone,

    I'm not going to click on the above link, as it might contain a virus. I haven't flagged it up though.

    Aquarius, its raining here too. It wasn't too bad when I went for my morning run, but has got heavier during the day. It should clear up overnight. I didn't know that earth worms could swim either, but I suppose they live in earth that is soaking wet when it rains, so it would be interesting to know how they breath. I presume they don't have gills🤣

    I was a member of Team Solent at the same time as Chris, but never saw him at training.
    I'm starting to build up my mileage again, but don't believe the NF marathon, half and 10k will go ahead in September, despite what they say. Last year the queues for the ladies and gents portaloos, were very long, so this year, with 2 metre spacing, would stretch back for miles. Impossible in my opinion, logistically.

    Yes, Andy is a member of the running club. I've only run with him once before, and that was before the start of the virus. He messaged me asking whether he could run with me on Sunday, so I agreed. 

    I can't imagine the GNR going ahead either.

    I've never heard that ice cream van jingle either.

    Well done for your 7 miler this morning, it must have been a relief to have a stress free run for a change.

    Molly, great to hear from you again. We were getting a bit worried with the situation in the States, with the racist President stirring things up, making matters worse. I presume that you are still working out on the treadmill?

    Hope you and your husband are keeping safe, and don't blame you for keeping off social media for a while, it's all doom and gloom!

    As I mentioned above, its been raining all day here, but was only light rain during my morning run. I ran 7.26 miles on roads, and ran through the village and round the Marina. I wish I'd had my phone with me, as a swan waddled up the slipway towards me, and I could have taken a lovely photo. There is a pair of swans, but not the same as have been there for the last year of so. The way I know is because the previous pair were ringed  and these weren't. That's according to a Facebook post.

    The village is slowly coming back to life, including the opening of the little green grocers, whose products are always fresh and local wherever possible. Their tomatoes are grown locally and are really lovely. The supermarket fruit and veg are nowhere near as nice. The Costa coffee shop is reopening tomorrow, with take away only. This is a shame really because they are part of a wealthy chain, and the other village cafes might not be able to reopen. 
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Evening everyone,

    Aquarius - yes, we've had rain here in Gloucs today, though fairly light rain and I expect you've had more of it. I've been having to water our plants each evening so nice not to have to bother tonight. I wasn't aware earthworms can survive in water either. Chuckling at your ice-cream playing that song - sounds like what they should be playing down in HS's part of the country. Yes - it was pleasing to see how much support Boris has been losing lately - did you see someone suggested change "Clap For Carers" to "Boo For Boris"? I think I can make out your house from those instructions - looks like a much nicer estate than some of the ones round here (which are a sea of houses with no trees or anything other then scraggly bushes). I'll be doing a run-through of my presentation in my head tomorrow before the main event in the afternoon. Well done re your 7ml run - glad there were only a handful of people about so it was stress-free.

    Molly - glad to hear you're okay .. look forward to hearing from you again once things have settled down a bit.

    HS- as there's no explanation from AGary I've flagged that link as spam (if it isn't I'll be amazed!). I'm friends with Molly on Garmin Connect and she's posted a 3ml treadmill run today so yes, she's still managing to do some training despite the current troubles. I've not been to Pittville park in Cheltenham but I see from photos posted by club-mates, that the resident pair of swans (George & Zelda) have five cygnets at the moment. Our greengrocer has been open for a while and two local cafe's have opened this week. We have a Costa 'implant' in our local Costa but as Margaret does the shopping, I've no idea whether that's been open or not. In Cirencester, where we used to live, one local café used to have a board outside saying "Try our coffee - it doesn't COST As much as other places" :)

    It was a shame about not being able to attend my Aunt's funeral yesterday but the webcast was a reasonable alternative in the circumstances and we hope we'll all be able to get together in person later this year for a memorial get-together in her memory.

    I don't know about Aquarius's description of me being a finely-honed athlete. And it was very light rain I was out in (which was actually very refreshing after the recent heat!). But I'm pleased to say my golf went really well today. Shipton is a par 35 course and I got round today in 46 (including 2 pars and 3 bogies). That's only 3 shots more than my best ever score of 43 and I ended up beating Alan by 8 strokes.

    I should be out running again early tomorrow - there's a few more bugs for me to squish!
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone,

    4.25ml done and dusted earlier on. Happy with the avg pace (10:29mm) and it was definitely a bit busier today, despite getting out by 6:15am. A slightly unusual route today thanks to 'having' to collect three bugs and squish them - I do like the way the game Fetchpoint game forces me to run varied routes. I noticed when using the Strava 'fly-by' function that yet again, I missed seeing one of my Thursday group club-mates while out running. She lives nearby but is coming back from injury so we don't bother sharing our runs at the moment. She often gets out running early and today she was out by 5:30am. I happened to notice that as I ran down one road, she was just about to emerge from a side turning and we literally missed seeing each other by seconds.

    I've gone through my 5G presentation and made a few last-minute changes to the notes I've prepared to read as I go through my slides. So I'm all set for the presentation at 2pm. One thing Margaret and I have agreed is I'll take over her workstation in the study so that I can plug my laptop into the network cable rather than relying on the wireless signal. That should mean I'll get a more stable signal and it will be less prone to any breakup.

    I think I'll be running again on Saturday morning ..
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Just seems to be me here at the moment :) Popped back to say my 5G presentation this afternoon went well. Glad it's over and done with though - I can relax at next month's meeting and let someone else do the next talk ;)
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
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    Good afternoon all,

    WtnMel, I'm all for "boo for Boris!" He might have to isolate if his Minister tests positive! I've flagged the spammer now, which makes 3. I think it takes 5 now to make spam disappear.

    Well done for your golf yesterday beating Alan by 8 strokes, that's very impressive!

    That's another good pace run of yours this morning. Playing fetchpoint seems to be inspiring you. It's quite frustrating to just miss a running colleague isn't it!

    I hope your 5G Presentation went well this afternoon! There will be no stopping you now, once you have taken over Margaret's work station in the study!

    Hope you have a good run Saturday morning.

    A bit cooler this morning and perfect running conditions. I did a 7.1 mile forest fartlek session with Sarah F. We ran some very fast efforts, but if only that pace could last for the duration of the run.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone,

    HS - my clubmate Ju(lie) hadn't come across the Strava 'fly-by' thing before - after I explained it she looked and couldn't believe how close we'd got without seeing each other! I see Alok Sharma (the minister in question) has tested negative - Jacob Rees-Mogg was stupid to force them all come back to Parliament in the first place and if Alok had passed on Covid to others, that would have shown up Jacob's stupidity. But none of those MP's appear to possess a backbone! Why, if they were so fed up with queuing around the block to vote and wasting so much time, did they go and vote for the end of virtual parliament? The mind boggles! Well done re your 7ml forest run.

    I just ventured into the village to go to the post office because I had a cunning plan everyone who needed to go there, would have already been this week. My plan worked - there were only three people in the socially-distanced queue so I've been able to pay in some cheques to my bank account (it takes a few days doing it this way but at the moment, is the only way of paying them in easily without a drive into town and all that entails).

    And just to make everyone's mouths water - we've ordered fish & chips for dinner tonight from our local fish bar and it should be being delivered at 6pm courtesy of "Just Eat" (it's our friends fault - they mentioned fish & chips during our Zoom call and that set us thinking about it).
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon all,

    I see that the spammer has had 4 ticks now, so needs one more to get rid of him.

    WtnMel, I've come to the conclusion that the Govt consists of a load of tossers, which is being polite.

    I cooked fish and chips for my lunch, plus mushy peas. Probably not as tasty as from a chippy, but is a regular on Fridays. This probably stems back to the not supposed to eat meat on Fridays.

    Today is a rest day and tomorrow is another virtual solo 5k challenge.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Good evening 

    I’ve had a busy couple of days so just popping in quickly to say hi, 

    WtnMel I like the idea of Boo for Boris. I do hope it takes off.
    Congratulations on your golf win, and beating Alan by 8 strokes! 
    Congratulations too for presenting your talk on 5G. As you say you can now sit back and relax a bit. Was it an interactive presentation (if that’s the term I mean) with comments and questions from the audience? 
    (Why are you a lobster now?)

    HS I fully agree with your sentiments about Boris & Co. It’s pretty clear they haven’t a clue how to come up with any sort of coherent plan to get rid of the virus. They now seem to be ignoring their own scientific advisers, and are running around like headless chickens bringing in a variety of measures in a desperate attempt to distract us from their incompetence.

    I flagged the spam post a couple of days ago, but I think it’s gone now.

    Believe it or not we had fish and chips (and peas) for tea too. 

    We tried to dodge the showers today when we went for our walk but within five minutes we got caught in a very blustery hailstorm and were quickly soaked through, so we abandoned the walk and hurried home to get changed into dry clothes.
    I hope you both enjoy your runs on Saturday, we are due 40+mph winds tomorrow so won’t be venturing out.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone,

    HS - the spammer seems to have gone now. The best description I've seen of the current government was "A collection of talentless nobodies who are in over their heads and are in positions of power, not because of their intellect, but because they voted for Brexit". I'll try and post a picture to show you just how close Ju and I were on our run a few days ago. Good luck with this weekend's 5k challenge. I'm back in my bedroom with my laptop btw - borrowing Margaret's work-station in the study was only a temporary thing to allow me to use the network cable!

    Aquarius - I'm not sure the "Boo For Boris" was anything other than someone's wish.  I'm still pleased about playing well against Alan on Wed. We've arranged to play golf again next Fri and will be able to play 18 holes (the '9 holes only' restriction has now been removed). Yes, the 5G presentation was interactive in the sense I was able to share my PowerPoint presentation with everyone on the Zoom call (you can share your screen) and then we had a question & answer session afterwards. The reason I'm a lobster is because for our anniversary last December, Margaret got me a card which said "You are my lobster" (it's an "Only Fools And Horses" reference which you may know?). So I found this little lobster picture which I quite liked and have decided to use it on here, FB, Strava etc. Sorry to hear you got caught in the rain yesterday - I think by getting out early to run today I've managed to dodge the showers which are on their way.

    I got out for my run at 6:15am this morning. It was noticeably quieter with just a handful of dog-walkers and pedestrians and I only passed two other runners - maybe the cooler weather or the fact it's the weekend kept the rest of them in bed? It was also noticeably cooler! I went out in shorts and a t-shirt and it took me a mile or two to warm up with the cool breeze :)

    Here's the screen-grab from Strava I mentioned. As you can see, I passed by a side-road just a few seconds before my friend Ju emerged from it ..

  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, it's very worrying, the sheer incompetence of this Government. They clearly don't have a clue, but seem to be ignoring the advice of medical and scientific specialists. I presume they are listening to the zombie Cummings, who has a crazy agenda of his own.

    Sorry to hear that your afternoon walk yesterday was terminated by heavy rain.

    WtnMel, I agree with that description of the Government, but believe the main reason that they were reelected was because of the incompetence of Jeremy Corbyn, who wrecked the Labour Party. All the life long Labour Voters that voted Tory this time said that it was because they couldn't vote for Corbyn. What made matters worse was that he hung on for months, until Sir Keir, a first class candidate, was nominated as the new leader. He is now holding the Government to account, which is something Corbyn could never do.

    Good luck with your golf match on Friday with Alan over 18 holes.

    Well done getting out for an early morning run. It was certainly much cooler this morning. 

    I set off for my isolation virtual 5k challenge this morning on roads at 8am. I didn't encounter anyone on the outward leg, but on the return, I had to step into the road to avoid a couple holding hands, walking in the middle of the pavement. A bit further on, a woman was walking with her dog and wouldn't move to the side with it. I couldn't step into the road as a car was approaching, so I had to pass her too close for comfort. I was 51 seconds slower than my best solo time 3 weeks ago. The strong winds may have been a contributory factor, but still a disappointing result as I gave it my best shot. 
  • Damien NagleDamien Nagle ✭✭✭
    I have done a few 10 ks this week.
    I think I am ready to go full out and get a PB in my next park run when it comes back.
    After the 15th most things will go back to normal and this time next year we will be most likely be wondering what the hell all this was about.

  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Good morning everyone,

    Another wet and miserable day here, at least the rain will be good for the gardens. I was hoping to go for a walk later today but don't fancy getting soaked again. Perhaps it will clear up enough to venture out. 

    HS: how very annoying to have your 5k ruined by people refusing to move over. Unfortunately now that the restrictions are being eased somewhat I don't think people are being as socially distancing aware as they had been previously. Whilst I wouldn't deny anyone the right to demonstrate I've been rather upset at the recent crowds of people in London and elsewhere who seem to think it's ok to gather en masse despite the danger from the virus. It's no wonder that the R number is rising again. But back to your 5k - you can't really compare this week's result to earlier ones as you were impeded on this run. If I was you I'd just write this week's run off, and look forward to next week when hopefully you'll have the pavements all to yourself!

    WtnMel: I love Only Fools and Horses but have to confess that reference to lobsters escapes me. 
    Well done for getting out early for your run, admittedly it is a bit cooler first thing but usually worth it as it's often a lot quieter then. I've gone back to leggings for my early morning runs, and I even wore a lightweight waterproof jacket for my midweek 7 miler when it was raining.
    What a shame you missed Ju by just a few seconds on Thursday.

    Damien: I hope you do manage to get that PB when parkrun returns. You've certainly worked hard to keep fit with all those 10k efforts.

    Hi Molly, hope you're keeping well (and safe) and managing to fit in some training when time permits.

    Some years ago I got into tracing my family tree, and found it very addictive. I reached a dead end on my father's branch and eventually gave up. Yesterday I made the mistake of having another go at it. Before I knew what had happened it was lunch time, so I promised myself I would only have one quick session after lunch then leave it for the day. When I next checked the time I realised it was time to put the evening meal on. So today I'm resolutely ignoring the temptation to just have another quick search.
    I think.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone,

    HS - I'm not sure the 'government' listen to anyone other than Boris and Cummings .. they are more interested in the trappings of power than doing what is best for the country. I think the reason Boris was elected was the double-whammy of the thought of Corbyn in power was an anathema to many - and the alternative of the Lib Dems (and their undemocratic announcement of planning to ignore the referendum) was equally unappealing. It is pleasing seeing Sir Keir holding Boris to account and shining a light on his lies, broken promises and complete lack of intelligence. What ignorant people on your run - everyone I've met while out has been accommodating and aware of the need to give each other a wide berth.

    Damien - I'd seen you'd been out for a few 10k's on Strava. I'm not sure things will be back to normal after the 15th though - still a way to go I think. I've been keeping a lockdown diary as I thought it might be interesting reading in years to come.

    Aquarius - we've not had as much rain as you (just some short, sharp, showers). I can understand why people want to demonstrate to show solidarity - but don't understand why they are ignoring lockdown rules and social distancing. I won't be surprised if there's a spike in the numbers of infections as a result. The lobster reference was Del Boy saying "The world is your lobster Rodney" (a bit obscure I know). I almost wore my showerproof jacket on Thu nut haven't been tempted back into my leggings just yet! I did start looking at my family tree a few years ago but I didn't get any further than finding a generation or two back before I lost my enthusiasm - and certainly not to the extent of 'losing' a morning or afternoon while doing it :)

    Off out for a run tomorrow morning - all being well, not long after 6am to avoid the hordes.

    Next week's plans have worked out well as at present it will be .. run, rest, run, rest, golf.
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Good evening all,

    Damien, well done for your 10k's which will help you towards a parkrun 5k pb when they return.

    Aquarius, sorry to hear that your weather is wet and miserable. It's been a lovely day here, sunny, but with a gentle breeze making for perfect running conditions.

    It seems that the novelty of runners making way for pedestrians has worn off, and they are now taking us for granted. There was a post on facebook suggesting that we say in a very loud voice "You're welcome," to those that don't say thank you. That should embarrass them. I'm not too bothered about yesterdays 5k and will do next weeks in the forest again.

    It is very concerning, the large number of people protesting, without the necessary distance between them, but it just shows the feelings about the disgraceful treatment of people of dark colour. The US President makes matters worse by threatening to send in heavily armed troops.  Surely he can't be reelected with an attitude like that. The trouble with these demonstrations is that they are almost inevitably disrupted by trouble makers.

    I can't see the reference to red lobsters either. I must have missed something, as I always watched "Fools and Horses."

    I also got heavily into tracing my family history a few years ago. I attended a series of tutorials at my local library, where we had access to the appropriate web sites. I also read several library books on the subject. I'm afraid I didn't continue, and seem to have lost the enthusiasm.

    I did a very enjoyable 8.1 miles in the forest this morning at a very leisurely pace. I didn't keep looking at my Garmin, just thinking how lovely it was to be running off road.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    HS - think our posts must have crossed as I thought I'd explained why my avatar is a lobster? In one episode of OFAH, Del Boy told Rodney "The world is your lobster" .. obviously meaning oyster. So the anniversary card Margaret got me said "You are my lobster". Does it make sense now? Pedestrians round here (and other runners and dog-walkers) are all well-behaved and either move aside or I do (whoever moves first!) and either way, there's normally a cheery wave of acknowledgement between us. 

    From what I can see, Trump is trying to politicise the troops but thankfully, some of the generals are not backing him. This will no doubt piss Trump off even more and I expect he'll sack any of them he can. It's unlikely Trump will be re-elected as recent polls show he has lost the black vote with his tone-deaf response to the protests and the "when the looting starts, the shooting starts" tweet. Unfortunately, he could end up being re-elected if Biden makes any more gaffes. I saw a report in the weekend paper saying Biden should choose a black running-mate as that would probably lock-in the black vote and ensure the Orange wind-bag doesn't get a look in. I also saw a report saying they wouldn't put it past Trump to try and delay the November election in an attempt to stay in office.

    Nice to hear you had an enjoyable 8ml forest run. 

    I've been out this morning and done just under 5mls. The average pace was slower than recent runs but that's down to (a) having to wait for traffic to cross roads (b) stopping to walk while I took my showerproof jacket off and tied it around my waist (and then had to stop a 2nd time to re-tie it as it had worked loose). On the plus side, when I finished my run, my Garmin told me I had a new record - fastest mile of 10:05 - so that was nice to see. 

  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Evening all,

    WtnMel, yes our posts did cross. I seem to have a habit of submitting crossed posts. Yes, I get the red lobster reference now.

    I believe that Trump would do anything to get himself reelected. He's utterly ruthless and power mad!

    When the next spike of the virus occurs, Johnson will blame it on the protesters not distancing themselves, not on the Governments incompetence.

    Thanks, it made a nice change yesterday, just jogging along and not thinking about all the problems in the world. Your best mile time of 10.05 was very good, and next time sub 10 minutes!

    This morning was a get together again of the Monday Club, and we ran 9.25 miles in the forest.
  • Damien NagleDamien Nagle ✭✭✭
    Tonight I did a fast 10k run down Fleetwood prom but it was cluttered with big families and dog walkers however I did use 4 women on bikes as pacers on my way back.
    I got a PB on this route tonight which made me happy. :)
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon all,

    Damien, it's always good to have pacers, but I find in races, that I am often used as a pacer by others. I don't mind, as long as they don't sprint past me at the finish. Well done for your PB yesterday evening.

    I forgot to mention that during our run yesterday, a duck with her ducklings waddling behind crossed in front of us, and a crow swooped down and grabbed the last duckling by the leg. Thankfully the mother quickly shooed  it off. We had no idea where they were heading for.

    My new Asics 1000 arrived yesterday. I only ordered them on Friday, so was very surprised how quickly they were delivered. I will try them out tomorrow.

    Today is a rest day.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone,

    HS - more good news re Trump .. even some Republicans are refusing to back him and saying they'll vote for Biden. I agree about Johnson passing the blame for any new spikes in covid on others .. he'll probably say they weren't using good old common sense (the Rees-Mogg style of reasoning). Johnson will conveniently forget about the early loosening of restrictions. And I see Johnson said he doesn't think England is racist - coming from someone who has referred to piccanninies, watermelon smiles and letterboxes in the past, the country may not be racist but he certainly is. I was managing sub 10 minute miles on the treadmill so it may be possible to go sub-10 on the roads .. we'll see. Well done re your 9.25ml forest run (and great news to hear the Monday Club has been able to re-convene). If you're being used as a pacer you're obviously running too fast! :) Hope you enjoy your new Asics 1000 shoes.

    Damien - well done re your fast 10K run and for managing a PB on the route. In races, to help me run faster, I often 'latch on' to people in front of me and try to haul them in before selecting my next 'victim' :)

    Not done a lot today as Margaret's son visited with our grand-daughters and we had a socially-distanced lunch on the patio (they brought all their own food and drink).

    After yesterday's early run I was tired all day - we watched another episode of "A House In Time" and I felt myself nodding off at some points. Needless to say, I slept really well last night (9 hrs). Another early start tomorrow so I can get my run in before it gets too busy - looks like I really might need my waterproof jacket tomorrow morning.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Morning everyone,

    Popped back to say I had a cracking run this morning. Following the conversation with HS I went out hoping to manage at least one mile that was close to 10 minutes. Very happy to report I managed three sub-10 minute miles today (10:57 9:56 9:49 9:53 6:07). 1st mile - slight uphill; 2nd mile - slight downhill then flat; miles 3,4 & 5 - flat. So I was happy to get below 11 mins on that 1st mile and after the 2nd, be able to maintain my pace throughout the rest of the run.
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    WtnMel, at PM's Question Time this morning, Johnson refused to criticise Trump. It appears that Trump and Cummings have some sort of hold over him.

    Thanks, yesterday's run was so much better in good company.

    Well done for this mornings run, your mile times were quicker than mine!

    I ran 6.6 miles on roads this morning in my new Asics. It's amazing how "springier" new trainers feel. It almost felt that I was running on air. I didn't push too much though, as I wanted to break them in a bit before getting too ambitious. I've run 666 miles so far this year. Rather ominous, The Number of the Beast 👹
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    HS - I get the impression Cummings knows too many of Johnson's secrets and he daren't sack him in case he spills the beans. As for Trump, Johnson is scared of upsetting him because he desperately wants this much-touted deal with the USA to replace the one we currently have with the EU. If I'm to believe what I'm reading, Johnson and his cronies seem willing to throw our food standards under a bus (presumably a red one with £350M written on the side?) and sell parts of our NHS to get agreement with the USA for the deal.

    Wonderful symmetry that you ran 6.6mls to bring your yearly total to 666 miles. And thanks for the earworm ("The Number Of The Beast - Iron Maiden) :)
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Good evening all

    Just popping on to say apologies for my absence the last few days but I’m a bit under the weather at the moment with pollen related problems. My eyes, throat, ears and sinuses are all aching, which is leaving me feeling pretty washed out. I haven’t run, or exercised at all, since last Thursday’s yoga.

    I haven’t read back over recent posts, but hopefully will do that tomorrow and catch up.

  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    WtnMel, I believe that you might be right about the UK accepting chlorinated chicken and other sub standard foods as part of a deal with the USA. Trump definitely won't give the UK any preferential treatment. Don't forget, he's making America great again. When was it ever great!

    Aquarius, good to see you back again, albeit only briefly. Sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather, but hope that you are soon feeling better again. Today's heavy rain might help hopefully.

    Did a 9.66 mile fartlek run in the forest this morning with Sarah F. The rain held off, but this afternoon, it has been belting down and there has been a bit of thunder.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon all,

    I've read back and caught up now, and can see there's been some great mileage from HS as usual, and some excellent pace improvement from WtnMel, plus Damien with a shiny new 10k PB! Well done to you all. I feel quite a sluggard having mostly sat around the house for the last week. Although I did manage to get out for a walk today with Steve, it was very windy and cold and was threatening rain all the time we were out, but fortunately it held off. We do have a weather warning though for heavy rain this evening and tomorrow. I can't help feeling this is all my fault for wishing last week that the gardens could get some rain, it just goes to show you have to be careful for what you wish for!

    The media seems to be on a mission to incrementally increase the amount of gloom and doom it can broadcast. I'm sick of hearing about the mishandling of the coronavirus, and also the riots about black exploitation. What next ?

    HS I'm glad you're enjoying your new Asics, I used to love Asics until one year I found they had reduced the room in the toe box on that year's model (Gel Nimbus) and I found it made my toes go numb on long runs, so I swapped back to Brooks.
    Oh that poor duckling, luckily there was a happy outcome on this occasion. I've been watching Springwatch the last week or two and it reminds you how "dog eat dog" nature can be, with little birds being eaten by bigger birds, and those bigger birds being eaten by even bigger ones.   

    WtnMel that must have been a nice family get together on your patio, a reminder of more normal times. Thanks for jogging my memory regarding the lobster reference in OFAH, but in view of your recent sub 10 minute miles perhaps you should opt for a lightning bolt as your avatar? 
    I've been watching "A House in Time" too, they are always interesting programmes, I get quite caught up in residents lives.

    Well, this is my third attempt to get this post done, I keep getting interrupted, mostly to calm Steve down.
    It's been a rather trying day.
    Our neighbour has a rather nice sports car (Porche). When we got back from our walk we noticed a chap was respraying the car on our neighbour's drive. It was pretty windy by now and we could see the droplets of spray were blowing over to our car, which was on our drive. When Steve brought this to the attention of the bodyshop chap his response was a shrug of the shoulders along with "what am I supposed to do?" Fortunately there doesn't seem to be any damage to our paintwork, but what a stupid thing to do when you could see the wind was blowing it onto someone else's property, particularly when there are no walls, fences or hedges between the properties.
    We ordered some plants from a local garden centre at the beginning of the lockdown and they were eventually delivered yesterday, but when we opened the packaging we found they had only sent half the order, so we were about to ring them today when the delivery man knocked on the door again. Hurray - the other half of our order. Except it wasn't, it was a duplicate of the delivery we had received the previous day. Somewhat frustrating to say the least and the only way to contact the garden centre was by completing an online form, with our contact details so they could get in touch with us when they had time.
    Then Steve remembered he had to ring the surgery to request a repeat prescription but when he got through he was told he had just missed the "repeat prescription ordering slot" and would have to ring back again tomorrow, but we knew by doing that the pharmacy wouldn't have sufficient time to get the prescription ready for when he needed it. He tried to explain this to the receptionist, hoping she would be sympathetic and accept his request. Did you ever see a sketch (I think it might have been on Little Britain) where the receptionist just keeps saying "computer says no". You get the idea. So he'll have to ring back tomorrow and humbly apologise for being stupid and inconsiderate enough to mess up their system and beg for a prescription to be ready for Tuesday. 
    After all this Steve said he wanted to drive to another garden centre and see what plants they had as he had no faith we'd get the plants we'd ordered from the first one. I was rather surprised because we've purposely kept away from shops since the lockdown started, but I could see he was pretty fed up so I agreed. When we got in the car we saw a battery warning come up on the dashboard so we had to drive around for a while to get it charged up, then went to the garden centre. The plants there are all outside, some under cover but most not. Needless to say this is when the torrential rain that had been promised decided to start. At least we managed to get a selection of plants so that cheered us both up.
    It's only 17.20 as I type this, so that leaves plenty of time for something else to go wrong today......I can hear Steve in the kitchen preparing a curry for our evening meal, perhaps I'd better give him a hand incase he ends up cutting himself or something. 
     HS I've just seen your latest post just as I was about to post this. I've recently signed a Back British Farming online petition that the NFU have on Facebook, I've also emailed my MP about it too. I doubt anyone will listen though, if Boris wants a deal with the USA that's what he'll press on with and try to persuade us all that it will be in our best interests.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Aquarius - was wondering if you were okay. Sorry to hear you've been suffering due to the pollen. Hope you'll be feeling better soon.

    HS - it does seem that Johnson is about to make another u-turn and break the promise he made (and has since repeated many times) that he wouldn't compromise UK food standards in discussions about a trade deal with the USA. We could show our disapproval by not buying US chicken products - however, it seems that not all chicken products will be labelled with the country of origin - how convenient! Well done re your 10ml forest run with Sarah F .. and lucky the rain held off while you were doing so.

    I've been to the driving range today to get in some practise before tomorrow's golf match with Alan. We're playing 18 holes so will be out on the course for around four hours. And judging by the weather forecast, even if it isn't raining when we start, it will be by the time we finish! 
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, I've stuck with Asics 1000's for many years, and except for one upgrade a few years ago, have caused me no problems. It seemed a common problem that particular upgrade, as it caused  chaffing on the inside of the inststep. 

    How crazy to spray a car when it is very windy. It should have been obvious to your neighbour that some paint would blow over into your garden. He should have ensured that the car was as far away as possible. It wasn't really the sprayers fault, he was just doing his job. Any damage to your car would have been the neighbours responsibility.

    How frustrating to have only half of your order for plants delivered, and then an identical delivery the following morning.

    How annoying for Steve to miss his repeat prescription ordering slot. Yes I remember the sketch "The computer says no!"

    I imagine the car battery was low because you hadn't been using the car much. Unfortunate with the rain, but good that you eventually got the plants you wanted.

    Hope you enjoyed your curry last night?

    Well done signing that petition and emailing your MP. I don't suppose you will get any response, especially if he is a Tory.

    My daughter posted an article to me via facebook  from the Liverpool Echo. Some moron has sprayed over the "Penny Lane" road sign. It seems to me that the lunatics are running the asylum🤬

    WtnMel, you can't believe a word that Johnson says, he is a noted liar and has been sacked twice in the past for that. Thankfully, I'm a vegetarian, so I won't be eating any chlorinated chicken, but I feel sorry for those that will, without knowing the country of origin.

    Thanks, it was a very good fartlek session with plenty of hard efforts, but reasonable jog recoveries. It absolutely bucketed down with rain in the afternoon, so we were very lucky.

    I hope you didn't get too wet during your golf match with Alan today?

    Today was a rest day and I decided that instead of walking to my local supermarket and staggering back with 3 heavy bags of shopping, I would get the car out and drive into the village. I hadn't used the car for over a month, so thought it needed "a run." There was a queue to get in and they were working on the basis of one out, one in. Why do the elderly insist on shopping together, they argue, can't make their minds up what they want, pick things up and put them back etc. I know I'm another oldie, but I make a list of everything I want, in the order they are on the shelves, so get round quickly, until held up by the ditherers at the shelves I want to access. I haven't had to queue at my local supermarket for several weeks now, but don't feel I can justify driving to it as it is only .5 mile away.

    Have you got "The number of the beast" out of your head yet?

    Tomorrow is another virtual isolation 5k challenge.
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