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I ordered £150 worth of running gear on the 9th March and paid for 2/3 day delivery, when the order did not arrive I enquired several times and was informed that the goods were dispatched on the 14th March, it is now the 31st March and they have yet to arrive.   Have had a poor excuse of an email from customer services (no-one would phone me back) basically saying it is not their responsibility as the good are with the courier.  No apology, no follow up call/email nothing.  Have now had to get the credit card company involved to get the money back.  Not happy.  I see they are advertised on this site. I would advise to steer clear!


  • I have had a frighteningly similar experience with and feel no need to be anonymous.

    After three weeks I have still to receive the shoes I ordered and paid for, the 2/3 day delivery charge  should read 'maybe 2/3 weeks if you're lucky, if not it's not our fault'.

    After numerous emails and calls this was the relpy from the customer services team

    Dear Mr WardAlthough we do aim to deliver the goods within 2-3 days unfortunately this is not a guaranteed service. As we did despatch your goods on time we cannot issue a refund on this occasion as it does state in the terms and conditions that we cannot be held responsible for delays while the parcel is in transit.Further to our terms and conditions we cannot class a parcel as missing in transit until it has been despatched for 14 days therefore we cannot take any further action until 14 days from despatch has passed. Your goods are with the courier and will be with you shortly.Please note that if you do go ahead with the charge back we would inform your card issuer that this is fraudulent as we have despatched the goods and the end of the 14 day period has not arrived yet. I do apologise for any inconvenience.Kind regardsKatie

    Katie Davis
    Internet Response
    08700 434555
    B-Sporting Ltd. Registered in England No. 1627024

    My trainers have still not arrived, if you have any choice at all avoid this company, I would rather travel BA short haul from terminal five whilst needing route canal surgery.

  • Erm, I've ordered a couple of times from them and never had a problem. I think the first time my trainers arrived within two days and the second time took about 4 days.
  • I have never had a problemimageimage
  • I am glad that some of you have had good service, and I have no doubt there are many more, after all this is the basis of entire business. However, the issue remains that once something does go wrong the company makes absolutely no attempt to rectify the problem.

    When I turn on a light I do not think how wonderful EDF is, if I had no power for three weeks I would expect them to do something about it.

    Surely the measure of a good company is how it treats its customers when something goes wrong. does not care about unsatisfied customers, it is unhelpful, discourteous and cannot be regarded as being proactive in resolving issues in any way.

  • Have used them once or twice a year for well over 15 years now and they have proved to be very reliable.  Goods tend to arrive a day or so later than they promise (whereas goods from Start Fitness or Wiggle always arrive when promised). On the one occasion something did not arrive after a fortnight, a helpful staff member arranged a replacement to be sent immediately.  Would happily use them again.

  • Paul, I do agree with you that how a company treats his customers when things go wrong is the true test of their service. In your and M's case they didn't score well.

    That being said: they have always been reliable to me and answered my emails promptly (asked them about information about products). I've just used them last week.

  • Had similar problems took over a month for my trainers to arrive,won't order from them again,shoddy customer service too.
  • reports like this always intrigue me....... when i send goods out to a client they go one of 2 ways, small items with low value go via royal mail recorded delivery and anything of value goes via interlink, i can track the parcel through every step of it's journey and if someone claims they haven't received an item i can even see a scan of who signed for it and at what time, it should be simple for any company to track a parcel, if it gets to one depot but not the next then it is either in the depot it got to or on a van going to the next one, the carrier i deal with would be able to establish this within 24hours it seems the only people who can't are parcel force, and past experience tells me it doesn't matter how good a deal they are offering me i just don't think it is worth it, after all it is my reputation on the line if they screw up

     for a company to say 14 days before they can track an item when you are paying extra for a 2-3 day delivery is lame me thinks the comapny concerned needs to renegociate their deal with a better carrier

  • I would never use ever again.Earlier this year i brought a pair of Inov 8 roclite 390gtx and in their book it said to get everyone out running they were giving out a free  Inov8 runnig cap with every order placed .My shoes took well over a month to come despite being told they were in stock when i ordered them and to this day i have never received my running cap,every time i phone up i get fobbed off saying they are out of stock of running caps but their is some coming in two weeks time and i will be sent one.This has now gone on for months,everytime i phone up i ask to speak to a manager but i am always told there is knowone available, have tried emailing still no joy.

    They shouldn't advertise what they can't deliver,very poor customer service.Back to sweatshop for me,and sole obsession,excellent service.        

  • Their shop is in the centre of Bradford - if you're local it might be worth a visit.
  • To give you all an update, after 6 weeks I have finally received something from through the post, unfortunately it was only a mini brochure advertising wonderful customer service and 2/3 day delivery.


    After 6 weeks of no reasonable communication, no trainers and no apology I have secured a refund from my credit card provider. declined to provide a refund.

  • I buy most of my stuff from eBay, never had a problem!

    Of course there you can check the seller's history, something you can't do with some online retailers.

    Many others, however, such as StartFitness and the topic of this thread,, have accounts and both have excellent feedback.

    I tend to think the risk of being hit with negative feedback keeps some retailers on their toes. Aside from registering your disquiet on here, there is little you can do if you do not buy from their eBay shop other than avoid them in future.

  • on Ebay known as sportsshoes_clearance

    In last month 142 customers 11 of whom were dissatisified, so even if you buy via Ebay from this charlatan company 15.6% of you will be let down.

     Now I am no retail expert but I was purchasing Asics trainers, toward the top end of the range. If we translate this into maybe cars how long would Porsche last if you were asked to pay up front and your car never arrived and they basically said " not our problem we put it on the transporter if it hasn't arrived we don't care so you find it".

     Want to be part of the 15.6% of unhappy customers go ahead, want a proper customer service go elsewhere!

  • i've ordered loads of times and only ONCE had a problem - they sent me shoes but one size was wrong - the right shoes but one was the wrong size by one!! BUT it took 3 weeks to get my right shoes and no free gift as an apology (socks, running log, gelss - anything would have been appreciated) - but i've seen adrenalines on MandM direct for only 40!!! hehe
  • I try to avoid bigger stores/chains. They are faceless and when things go wrong they're not usually interested. That applies to everything from groceries to running shoes to TVs.

    Go for a smaller specialist. They are usually far more into what they do, more knowledgeable in giving advice and also as a smaller business have to give better customer service.

    I have been using Foot traffic lately. I might be able to find cheaper shoes but they're cheap enough, stock good racing shoes too and you know they are actually interested in giving good service so they get your repeat business.

  • Hi there my name is Brett Bannister and I am a Director at

    It goes without saying that I am really disappointed to hear that any of our customers have had a bad experience with us.

    M, Paul Ward and Reydon Runner - I have mentioned your issues to our Customer Service Manager Louise Cartner. Please call her on 01274 530530 or email her at [b][email protected][/b] and she will get to the bottom of your specific problems.

    Despite what you guys may think we take our customer service very seriously, runners are the heart of our business and I do think we have plenty of satisfied customers out there.

    But please get in touch and give us another chance to resolve the issues you've had.

    Thanks, Brett

  •  Brett,  thank you for your intervention.

    Update for you all,

    Late last night I emailed Louise Cartner at, I will keep you updated as to how deal the situation.

  • Thank you Mr Bannister

    I spoke to Louise Cartner on the phone yesterday and she was very sorry about the service i have had from and she could not have been any more helpful,and in the post today sent by special delivery was my Inov8 running cap.

    I would just like to say thank you to Louise for sorting this out and would say if any one is having problems with their sportsshoes orders call or email Louise.

    Dont know why nobody didn't give me Louise's number before as she is clearly the person to speak to 

  • On Friday I made contact with Lousie Cartner who went to great lengths to explain the events that caused the failure in' systems, both postal and customer service. She was professional, extremely apologetic and promised there would be no repetition.

     I realise every company gets things wrong from time to time, however being accused of fraud for exercising my legal rights was the last straw for me and I was determined never to shop with ever again.

    I have said previously it is a measure of a company how it corrects its own mistakes and it is to the great credit of Louise and Brett that I placed an order on Friday afternoon that was promptly delivered the next day. I am under no illusion that the company will never have delivery problems again, some things may initially be beyond their immediate control. However, I will use them again and although with some trepidation I do recommend them to you all.

  • It is unfortunate when an individual has a problem with a store that then seems to become all consuming - especially when they then start venting in a forum like this.

    I've been running for three years, I've bought all my trainers for the last 2  years from Sportsshoes - admittedly instore (I like going in the shops- you might see something new). I've never had anything but good service, helpful and knowledgeable staff and some real bargains (alas no more bargain gel nimbus so have had to swap to saucony).

    I've no real loyalty to sportshoes bar what's based on each time I visit - when  i think of the slighlty (sarcasm there) high prices say of the likes of  UP & Running,  I think it is fair to say I will be paying them another visit.

    Just wanted to put my 2p worth in.

  • I had a poor experience with sportshoes, pretty much along the lines described earlier.

    Any organisation can resolve a problem by putting someone dedicated on the task and this is what they've done for Paul.

    However, from what has been described here and from my own experience, it seems clear that their initial response to problems is to try to avoid the issue instead of taking ownership and resolving it.

    Local specialist retailers are far better & certainly worth pay a few £ more for.

  • sorry had to laugh Pauls last post sounds like he had a gun held to his head by staffimage first page, last message, last sentance.

  • I had a similar experience with late delivery a couple of years ago - the shoes didn't arrive in time for a HM that I had entered despite my paying extra for quick delivery and some increasingly frantic phone calls. I felt that the company just didn't take it very seriously as an issue. I wrote and complained and was basically told 'tough'. So I swore I'd never use them again... But I was lured in by an unbeatable offer on my favourite runners a month or so ago and like the unprincipled miser that I am I went back to them. Still took longer to arrive than any other on-line retailer I've used but the price was pretty much unbeatable so I guess you get what you pay for...

  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭

    Any relation to Mark Derry?

  • 'fraid not, I live in Derry...
  • DavyTee, I thought the exact same thing!

    ....Rather ominous......


    Been wearing Saucony Guides for years including wearing a pair for the London Marthon 2011. My boyfriend brought me a pair in Jan 2012 from, I subsequently went down with injury a few days later. After returning from injury I'd worn my trainers for approx 3 weeks and they had covered 60 miles max, for them to fall to bits. My running buddy said they were in a terrible state, that you could see they had little wear, and that I should return them as they are obviously faulty.
    After a month of emails to and chasing the situation of my return, today they have come back to me to say they have not recieved the returned item, this had never been mentioned in their previous emails. I have sent the copy of a proof of postage to them, to which they have said tough luck, not their problem.
    TERRIBLE customer servicem stay well clear and ensure you send returns recorded delivery!


    I see this is an old thread but in case anyone thinks that Sportsshoes has improved my own experience suggests that is not the case. In fact it may be worse now. I ordered a rucksack and paid the price specified with Paypal. It then helped itself to an extra fiver. I protested but the outcome has been that it will hold onto my money AND not supply the item. I emailed Brett Bannister but he has ignored it. I tried ringing the number above but it is not answered. I expect Louise, who was good at customer service, is long gone from a company like this. Avoid at all costs.
  • Ive been a regular customer to sportshoes and after buying new Saucony trail shoes in Oct this year, both shoes have holes forming in the toe area.

    i have proven with photos the holes starting yet after constant emails to customer service they want me to send them back to “test” if they are faulty. If found the shoes aren’t faulty (!?!?!) then i pay for them to be returned to me.


    <img src="" alt="">
    Kev - I'm not sure what you expect them to do if you don't return the faulty goods.   I don't think you can expect that sending a photo will get you a refund or a new pair of shoes.    If they are faulty they will need to return them to Saucony for their own refund.

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