Great Running Technique

Hi All. Heres a great running technique.

Landing on the front foot place one foot as far forward as you chose. So forth with the next foot.

The toes land in conjunction with the front foot.

Move yourself forward concurrent with the forward movement and placement of your foot.

Increasing stride length and power increases the nature of the technique from walking to running to sprinting. Increasing stride speed increases speed.

To sprint. In as powerful a manner as possible ensuring you land on the front foot place one foot as far forward as you possibly can. So forth with the next foot.

Other actions involved in walking running and sprinting will by process of balance come naturaly to you if you follow the above instructions.

The above stated technique is a section of the work Alpha by Ricky Bennison. It is a far superior technique to heel running and has very beneficial effects to all round power and stamina.

Ive inserted some great pictures of ancient Greek running vases with a technique demonstrated which is concurrent with the above stated technique.

All the Best Ricky



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