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  • eek sorry about the spelling.
  • Hey Carl.

    Roth's in Germany i'm afraid
  • Carl - Roth is near Nuernberg in Bavaria, race date 4th July. Far as I know, only Wasted and yours truly are so far entered.
  • Been off this forum for 6 months, no coincidence that it's been the summer . Glad to see TLD is posted on this forum. I'm wanting to 'finish' a IM distace event next year, been told TLD is very good, anyone know if the British Half Iron Man will become a full one ?
  • I watched about 2 hours of Hawaii via video stream last night. Very interesting.

    Ill be looking out for some events to go and watch near Milton Keynes in the coming months.

    I aim to join Team MK in the new year (got to get at least reasonably competant so I dont get my arse badly kicked on club training sessions.
  • Ive been a bit quiet for a few weeks, had a bit of trouble with my leg and and shoulder, its demotivated me a bit.

    Ive been back in training at the weekend and did my first 10 mile run yesterday (still cant swim) - im on holiday for two weeks now but will have to really pick up the training when I get back (though will do a bit on holiday).

    Good news at the weekend, appears my London marathon cheque has been cashed.
  • Done my triple marathon attempt, now I'm going to concentrate on my swimming up until the new year. Haven't got much choice at the mo cus my knee is playing up. Hopefully will be buying a road bike in the new year.
  • Been on holiday for 2 weeks, legs now better but still suffering with shoulder pain.

    Im going to start posting my weekly training log (for info to other / comment).

    Log for week commencing 23/11/03

    Mon - AM 4 miles 32:02, PM 7 miles (evening)
    Tue - 1 hour swim
    Wed - 10 miles (easy)
    Thur - AM 6 miles (easy), PM 1 hour swim
    Fri - 30min Bike (gym)
    Sat - Rest
    Sun - 1 hour bike (gym - spinning 90rpm)

    Swimming - a bit haphazzard, im new to front crawl so the hour is spenf doing various splits (what I can manage) i.e. 4,6,8,10,12,8,16,10 lengths with rests in between. 25m pool, ave length time 35 secs approx. I'll re-commence lessons when shoulder is better (im a bit concerned though but still 7 months left)

    Bike - I need to do more and before end of year want to get in a few 2 hours sessions.

    The running is starting to build nicely, should be up to 15 miles by end of year.

  • Carl

    Really important to get a solid base in. It may be worthwhile forgetting about going against the watch for a while. Concentrate on Volume and one that I failed to heed - recovery. That's where you make your gains and the body adjusts.

    Did TLD in 01 / 02. In 02 I trained myself into the ground and picked up viruses left right and centre. Eat well too. Protein recovery drinks may be worth investing in. Not sure who does the drinks at TLD. Used to be High 5, but think its now SIS. Anyway, your probably going to be drinking a lot of it on the day, maybe get used to using it.

    Lots been said which is relevant. All I can add is read the literature that's available, and glean what YOU can. There's loads of help on this board and I will be hanging around this thread cause I would like to get there in better shape than I did last time!!
  • ....forgot to add. Really important one - whatever bike you decide to buy, ensure that your position is right even if it means being a pain at the shop.

    Well, gotta go. must concentrate on my running as I've need to plug the gaps. Being an ex-roadie, thought that 8 hour bike rides were the key. What a hard lesson.
  • Carl,
    First up all the best with your challenge - I'm thinking about doing something similar next summer myself.... hmmm. Re the pool, it could be that your shoulder problem originates from your swimming technique (personal experience here) and you should should keep doing the lessons and ease off the training instead of the other way round.
  • Hi Carl
    Go easy with the shoulder - this year in preparation for TLD I had a minor shoulder problem in March - to a degree I ignored it and subsequently lost 12 weeks of swim training and only managed to do TLD having had a steroid injection - which in hindsight was stupid as I am now totally unable to swim and it is looking lkely that the only treatment will be surgery. The problem I have is calcification which I am sure somebody on here can enlighten both you and I as to what this is.
    Good technique will alleviate the cause of my problem - but at the time I was grunt swimmer but my intention is to learn how to swim properly and therefore lessen the stresses on the shoulder - and hopefully be much faster.
    Good luck with the training - it looks like you are doing plenty - go for quality not quantity - its a lot easier and far more beneficial
  • alas not for me BB. Learned how to peddle slowly for extended periods and run myself down.
    Had no real problem with shorter tri's - doing the long stuff was a different ball game for me.

  • Hmm. I'm going to get some century rides in before the big day. I was on that sodding bike for seven and a half hours in TLD this year. I got off the bike at the 80 mile mark, because I just HAD to. (I may also be the only person to have WALKED every aid station in an ironman. That's right even on the cycle course, I got off and pushed my bike though the stations! I am possibly the worst cyclist ever to complete an ironman, so this winter I have sworn that I will concentrate on training on the bike.

  • Thanks again for all the tips and the offers of support.

    1) Im trying to obsorb it all at the moment and there are some conflicting views (as always), all very valid though. I will try and summarise my understanding in another post when I get time.

    2) Thanks to those that have kindly volunteered to look over my plan I should have my draft done by the end of the week and will send it for comment.

    Finally, I know ive said it before but im astounded at the support, good nature and encouragement here at the RW forums and especially the Tri threads, thank you.
  • I wish you all the luck with this Carl. Completing the event was a dream of mine too - and the thought of doing the event again keeps me ticking over. See you at Wolverhampton I hope.

    BB - I walked a few of them too. I honestly could not run cause my thighs kept locking. NTW, you did it. I would just like to complete the event in a bit more comfort.

  • How much training have some of you done for longest day? Can you describe an average week at the peak of your preparation i.e. about 2 months before the event.
  • hee hee, training? what do you want to do that for. its not a challenge if you train for it.
  • Average (peak) week for me in lead up to full IM:
    Mon - Swim 3500 to 4000m
    Run easy 30mins
    Tue - Run - usually hills or track session 1hour then gym 1hour
    Wed - Bike 30 to 40 miles, swim reps - 6 to 8 times 400m 1min recovery
    Thurs - run 5 to 6 miles steady pace, then 1 hour gym
    Fri - Bike 20 to 25 miles fast pace, swim steady 2000 to 2500m
    Sat - Long bike ride 6 to 7 hours - 100 to 110 miles, immediately followed by 45 min run
    Sun - easy day - 2 to 3 hour run

    This all adds up to between 20 and 25 hours training - I have club mates who do a lot more and still work full time.

  • Cornish what sort of times do you do on that amount of training? How do they compare with your sprint times(assuming you do sprints) and your clubmates how fast are they?
  • PB for IM is 11:25 - that was in OZ this year - blew up on the bike at 90 miles!
    Typical sprint 400m 15mi 5mi in around 1:25 (when I do them)
    One clubmate is racing IM NZ in early '04, before possibly going Pro later in the year - he's currently doing mid - 9's for IM.
    Couple of others are doing mid to high 10's
    My wife has IM PB of 12:53
    I'm hoping to take at least an hour off in my next outing
    I'm only an average cyclist - current IM bike split of 6:17 - so lots of improving to do!

  • Tops, it was something like

    Mon Gym / Rest
    Tues Bike 1hr / Run 1hr (Hilly)
    Wed Swim 2000m / Bike 2hr (Hilly)
    ThursRun 1hr30 / Swim 2500m
    Friday Bike 3hrs / Swim 2000m
    Saturday Run 2 - 3 hrs
    Sunday Bike 6-8hrs

    All done under 80% max heart rate.

    This as I said was top-end. Every 4th week I really scaled down to recover.
  • feeling quite inadequate now.
    av 12 miles week run
    46 miles week bike
    4000 mts week swim
    if i spent more time on the bike it might stop the really bad back pain i get at 20 mile mark. like clockwork, i don't even need a speedo i always know i am there because my back suddenly says sit up and stay there.
  • To make you feel better, I only decided to do TLD 6 weeks before the event. My training was for Oly only up to that point. (And there was precious little of that). All I did extra in the next 4 weeks was swim for 90 mins once per week rather than 60, and do a 46 mile bike ride at the weekends. (Snap Andrew! Maybe we have the same cycling club, ACC?). I then tapered for the last two weeks.


    Of course this lack of preparation could explain why my race was so bad! I was fit though. I did the Paris Marathon in April, and the Prague Marathon in May (and Windsor Oly Tri in June) so my engine was okay, just not my cycling. I just didn't have the leg strength.
  • The training schedules are very helpful, but you haven't added how to get round the girlfriend/wife, or do you have to become single?
  • Not another agreeable. Yes I am a member of ACC although technically not because I haven't paid Adolf Montgomery for this year yet. I think it was due last month. I keep meaning to go down on a wednesday and pay, but i am scared that it will turn out to be AGM night and i will be bored to tears.
  • No Matt, the wife tends to get herself involved in helping out. She says she enjoys marking the lads up - well she says somebody has to do it. Seems to keep her occupied...don't see how!
  • Completed TLD 2003 in 10:49. based on aiming for 12 hours training per week in the last 2 months only, building up to this from January.
    'average' week was:
    Tuesday AM 2.5 - 3 k swim either up to 6 x 400m +30 seconds or 20 X 100m + 20 secs
    Tuesday PM 1 Hour either run - long efforts or tempo or TT on bike.
    Wednesday 1 hr ride to work 1 hr ride home
    Thursday Either running Club sesssion 1 hour
    or ride to local cycling club for tough 10mile TT.
    Friday AM 1 hr swim alternate to Tusday AM or 1 hour non stop approx 3 k
    Friday PM 1 hour bike
    Saturday AM (V early) up to 100 mile bike
    Sunday AM 2 - 2.5 hour steady run
    Suday PM weight training
    Monday Knackered
    Found it very useful to fit in some 25m TT as well as several Olympic tris plus Bala long course in June.
  • Managed 2000m non stop swim last week, furthest I've ever swum before, took about 40mins. Is this good or bad?
    Still haven't bought a bike yet, wait for Jan sales.
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