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  • Ran 3.51 miles tempo run last night in 35mins 54secs, it would have been a bit faster but took my dog with me who I had to keep taking on and off the lead 6 times overall (and had to stop each time to do it) and also had to cross the railway quite a few times, which meant opening and closing gates and watching out for trains!, I'm desperate to get back under 10min/miles

    back feels fine now, may try another 3 miler tonight at easy pace tho
  • Monday 23/07/07
    4 miles with club. About 45 mins with regrouping and stuff.
    Went out to loosen my legs up after running a hilly half on Saturday and a hilly ten k Sunday.
    Felt better for it:-)
  • Tuesday 23/07/07 – 1:45pm – Recovery run – Kingsley road.

    4.49 mile – 35:49.80 (7:58/mile average) - 253 ft total ascent. Nike Air Zoom Spectrum Plus (1)

    Nothing more than an easy recovery jog. RHR was down a few bpm this morning so no matter how good I was feeling I had to keep it to an easy jog.

  • Perhaps the link didn't work. It doesn't show up when I look at it. However, this remains the last run I did, as I've been spending my time hauling water buckets since then.

    Hello folks

    It rained on pre-race day. Heavy rain. All day. I suppose I should have guessed that the normal operation of the world would have been affected as there were goldfish swimming on the patio. At least it was tapering day, so there was no need to go out. The pasta fest was a treat that had me mentally salivating for days in advance. It was worth it too, and the portions were generous.

    So it was with some disappointment that I realised at midnight that the Boddington 50 had been cancelled. So what to do? My body is honed to perfection, and I'm fuelled up like the Space Shuttle on the launch pad. The engine is in desperate need of burning the excess calories that have been pre-loaded.

    Right. A plan is hatched, and it involves the following parameters: 0700, 21.5 miles, Asics shoes, and going like the clappers.

    During the early part of the run I was able to observe where the brooks had flooded across roads, cutting us off the night before. It was also possible to identify where the road had been rivers, merging seemlessly with the ditches. I suppose the vehicles abandoned in the hedgerows implied that they couldn't see the road edges either.

    Halfway round and I could see that the bypass was still underwater - oh, and so was the pumping station. Yuk. A mile or two further along and we have Tewkesbury Road. Or did have. It's not easy keeping the pace up when the road is a foot deep, even the footpath is ankle deep for 100m. I grin, because this is actually quite fun. On we go, with somewhat squelchy feet, and discover the next challenge near Tescos, where the road passes under a rail bridge with 16 ft clearance. However, there is now only 10 ft between the bridge and the water level. Thankfully the footpath is elevated here, so we continue to press onwards, albeit with baited breath because the route passes alongside the mighty River Severn.

    Old Man River was making a good impression of liquid Dairy Milk today, and like in Mr Willy Wonka's factory it was gently flowing through the fields. As well as under the bridges. And probably through several riverside pubs too.

    And so we manage to get home, slightly damp around the edges, and at a pace that yesterday's motorists would have gladly accepted. In reality the effort level got toned down a bit from my original intentions, but 8 minutes per mile is good for a training run with hills.

    If Dr Foster had indeed visited Gloucester today he'd have gone a lot deeper than just up to his middle.
  • Ran last night, didn't fancy it much after a full day running after he kids at a play farm(school hols - arghgh!)..

    However - woo hoo! After some good advice on here about speed training, I have finally broken the 10 min mile barrier!


    Normally an 11 minute miler, have been doing two speed training sessions a week for the last 2 or 3 weeks, and last night did the following:

    1 mile 'warm up' at my usual 11 minute pace
    1 mile 'fast pace' at - 9:47 seconds, YEY!
    1 mile 'cool down' at 10:20 seconds.

    Can't believe it, I am faster - and even my cool down was faster, even though it felt slow!!

    Still got a way to go but am very pleased..

    Won't get to run again till Friday now, can't wait.
  • Well done cjbessex - onwards and upwards.

    Wednesday 24/07/07 – 1:30pm – longish tempo run – canal/croughton road.

    14.6 mile – 1:39:57.37 (6:51/mile average) - 303 ft total ascent. Nike Air Zoom Spectrum Plus(1)

    I brought forward tomorrows run to today, quite please with it overall, pace dropped a bit in the last 1.5 mile as I was tiring and the wind was in my face and the last mile up from the canal is up! Feel pretty done in now. Nice one.

  • Thursday 26/07/07 - 7:30pm - Race - Sale Sizzler 5k.

    3.1075 miles - 18:02.51 (5:48/mile average) - ft total ascent - Nike Air Zoom Ekiden.

    After swapping yesterdays quality session for the longish fastish run, today was a day for speed and what better way than to have a blast over 5k.
    Apart from the path along Wythenshawe road which was really muddy and I could've done with my fell shoes there, the course wasn't too bad considering it had absolutley bucketed it down about 1 hour before.
    Time is acceptable, the effort was good and I had a really good battle down the finish straight. Overall I'm happy.


    (Just noticed all my dates are 1 day out!)
  • Friday 27/07/07 - 1:30pm - Recovery run- Helsby.

    3.87 miles - 32:31.66 (8:24/mile average) - 271 total ascent - Nike Free 5.0 trail.

    Very easy recovery jog, made no effort at all and avoided any hills.

    (yesterday run had a toatal ascent of 25ft)


  • 28/07/07 - 7.2m - 1:09:19
    Hey everyone! Back with a bang, well back anyway. after a week off from all things UK. Work, TV, and running. Lot's of eating though hence the slow time. I don't care about that, getting out was the important thing.
    Rain? What rain? After the stories filtering through of the poor British weather, how different could have today been then? Gorgeous sunshine from start to finish. An absolute joy! I decided to go out for the 7.2 from the start. I thought let's get back at the JB standard distance. I mused about going for 10 en-route but decided lets break in gently! with my right knee playing up in France I was startled to start off with my left knee feeling like it was twisting as I set off down the home road. That pain was short lived but the right knee is troublesome. It doesnt hinder me but it is there. The pre-run fears of not going very far soon disappeared and the venture through Ick and beyond came togther. A week is a long time in running to be off. The bridge at Swk Rd is now open both sides although one lane each side. It did feel a bit laboured today but getting back was the main thing and I did that. I'm back!
    Jog Watch - 0
  • Saturday 28/07/07 - 2:00pm - easy jog - Frodsham.

    2.75 miles - 23:00 (8:21/mile average) 233ft toatal ascent - Nike Free 5.0 Trail.

    Felt really rubbish, not a good sign as I plan on racing tomorrow and got stung by nettles.

  • Some of you guys are inspiring. As for little ol' me I clocked up a mere 7.2 miles this morning.
    My first back to back days running since the end of May and it always feels worth it afterwards. If not maybe whilst actually running. After the feeding frenzy that was France I have committed to run the excess pounds off.
    Where was the rain that everyone keeps telling me about? OK there were a few puddles but as I ventured out today it started off overcast but as I ran up towards the Circus the sun appeared and BINGO! another beautiful run unfurled. My knee is definatley sore but not painful and actually feels better but the prognosis is not god if what I read is true.
    The run in general today was comfortable and consistent but still I need to open up a bit to cut the 2 to 3 minutes that I was running before my holiday.
    Keep this thread alive everyone. Tell the running world about the greatest pastime!
  • 37MIN 8K Today lots of energy left so will pick it up again midweek
  • Sunday 29/07/07 - 11:00am - Race - Chernobyl Challenge 10k, Preston.

    6.215 miles - 37:32 (6:03/mile average) - Nike Vaporfly.

    After yesterday's miseable effort and not being able to get my heart rate down last night I was in two minds wether or not to race today.

    Woke and RHR was normal so I thought why not?

    Felt good on my warm up and was feeling confident, two mile in to the race and I started picking off people, four miles in and I was still feeling good and making up places, at five miles my legs had gone. Still ran hard to the end but it was all over for a pb by then, I enjoyed the run and I've got a week of hard runs in my legs to bolster any excuses.

  • Went on a 9 mile run this morning wasn't quite sure how far to go but was feeling good at around about 5 miles so added a couple of extra miles to my planned 7. Nice and steadily 8 1/2 minute miles which is something I didn't think I'd be able to do 6 months ago.

    Have a 10K race planned for next Sunday so will probably do 3 short 3 milers before then along with my club run on Wednesday.
  • Monday 30/07/07 – 12:15pm – Long Hilly Trail – Sandstone Trail (Pudding Lane to Hampton Green)

    24.2 mile – 3:52:00 (9:35/mile average) - 3287 ft total ascent. Mountain Bear Galdiators(1).

    Today was scheduled as an easy recovery run 35 mins/4.5 miles, instead I did a long trail run, because I felt like it.

    Set off on a known route but wasn’t sure how far I’d get before I had to turn round. When I got to what should’ve been the turn round I just kept going, this happened about 5 times because I felt great, eventually a field full of bullocks made my mind up for me and I headed back. Oh dear! no wonder I was feeling good on the outward leg I had the wind behind me and now it was blowing hard in my face. Well I just had to get on with it and when I got back to the hills there was enough cover to shield me from the wind and things were fine again.

    The time is an estimate as I stopped my watch by mistake at some point, but I know it was 12:15 when I set off and 4:07 when I got back, so that’ll have to do.

    Another one of those “that’s what running is all about” runs!

  • BB ✭✭✭
    Missed a few days last week as just couldn't seem to motivate myself, so started off in a small way again today.
    Hilly 5k in 28.58 - felt good to be out in the sun.
  • 31/07/07 - 7.2m - 1:04:54*C 1,049 F 145g HRT 199
    One of those unfathomable days again. I woke up early and felt like death and forced myself out of the door. Another superb morning with the sun out but decidedly chilly first thing. I started out feeling like a 5 miles but got to the circus and decided to do the 7 instead. Ran mainly on my high arches today and does it show. Finally under 1 hour 5 minutes, yippee!
    Jog Watch - 4
  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    Fri 27th July - Wedding Day 7k - 42 mins

    Been injured for a couple of years, just starting to pick up the fitness with lots of cycling with bits of running and decided to do this one really slowly.

    Felt great to be out in the cool air - starting right at the back, no pressure and chatting to people on the way round. Felt even better to finally start to feel a bit stronger. Even managed a bit of a sprint finish :o) Lovely
  • BB ✭✭✭
    Glad you enjoyed your race Happychap

    Tuesday 31st July
    6 miles 1:02:03 on Eastbourne seafront in the sunshine - lovely
  • Nice, everyone seems to having fun and that's what it's all about.
  • 30/07/07 - 5k, slow shamble (never bother timing myself)
  • Tuesday 31/07/07 – 1:00 pm – Easy Trail – Moulton, River Weaver.

    5.36 mile –41:13.87 (7:31/mile average) - 270 ft total ascent. Nike Air Zoom Ekiden.

    An easy run around what possible is the course of the “Pie and Peas” race tomorrow, legs felt good after yesterday’s effort, a really enjoyable little run only spoiled by the fact that I destroyed another pair of shorts going through a gate (second pair in two days)

    Weather was glorious, nice and sunny without being too hot, perfect for an easy jog.

  • waycatwaycat ✭✭✭
    31st July 2007 - 9.30am.

    Was just intending to do a shortish run, but ended up doing 5 miles in 45 minutes.
    Amazing you one can get quite carried away!

    Felt great afterwards, and looking forward to more of the same tomorrow!
  • Wednesday 01/08/07 - 1:15 pm - Easy Trail - The Ridgeway.

    3.84 miles - 31:56.27 - (8:19/mile average) - 649 ft ascent - Mountain Bear Gladiators(1).

    Although I'm racing tonight I couldn't resist going for a run as the weather was beautiful, took it dead easy until I saw another runner and had to pick up the pace, I can't help being a little competitive, but I did feel good.

    Beautiful run in the beautiful country! Brilliant!

  • can't remember, not for a coupl,e of weeks at least.

    Feel completely clapped-out and have race on Saturday - ooops!
  • BB ✭✭✭
    LOL BCDB - call it tapering, then it is ok
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