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  • 6.2 miles today (10K) with 4 at MP tempo. I went a bit quicker than MP on the last two, mind you. I guess I was looking forward to breakfast again. image

  • Cal, I started running in the VFFs at the end of September and built it up very gradually with run/walking.  I had no problems only occasionally tired calves when I tried to push the pace too much.  I've done quite a bit of hiking in them in the past (up to 30km trips) and use them quite a bit otherwise.  Less so in the winter months - I did see someone wearing the winter wool version last week - she was getting off the train and I onto it or I would have asked her about them. I assume they are less for running though and more for everyday wear.

    Yesterday evening: the standard Tuesday evening 10.5 km in 1:06 with my group (only 3 of us this time).  The all too familiar thick fog stopped us seeing more than a few metres for most of the round and it got quite icy underfoot in parts as well so we went very gently.  At the top of the last hill we came out of the fog into very bright moonlight so we put in a short walking break to enjoy it.  It would have been much better to run during the day but I do enjoy the weekly company. 

    Today at lunchtime:  8.6km in 43:22 around the local fields in more fog.  Tried increasing my speed each km over the first 4 and then reducing it again over 4km.  Worked quite well. I was wondering where the .64km came from - It seems I set my watch to beep after 1.08km instead of beeping after each km 8 times as I thought... image

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    13.3miles today in just over 1hr43. Have been doing 8/9milers recently so good to be out a bit longer. Country roads so there were tractors and elderly but game cyclists. Breathing still not right, better but not right. My chest area feels strained and don't think I'm getting my full oxygen quota. It's amazing how long a chest infection can effect things. Still, persevere. Plenty of hot steam and olbas oil. Need to do bigger miles and get the lungs working.

    On the subject of falls the last time I went over I seemed to trip on nothing. I think I was tired and subconsciously threw myself to the ground. The time before I was running through an overgrown track thinking it's amazing that I hadn't fallen over. Then I fell over.
  • Nice half marathon, JT - hope the lungs recover quickly.

    7 miles today - 2 warm-up, 4 steady, 1 with strides thrown in. That's three days in a row so rest day tomorrow (yoga only). I'm trying to run 5 days a week currently - 4 minimum. It amuses me to remember I trained for my first half marathon on one run a week and for most of 2015 with two runs a week. I did put a lot of gym work in though.

  • Not been on here this week- busy week- but I did my 5.30 am session as usual Tuesday- 12 x 400m. Felt difficult but I had done a particularly speedy swim mile on the Monday evening. I always do this on a Monday but I'd really worked my legs, trying a slightly different technique.  Yesterday was my work's Xmas do so I did a quick 4.5 mile progression run before getting tanked up image

    Feeling very tired and emotional today. it seems that wine, vodka and tequila are not a good mix. Who knew!? Last day of term today as well though whoop!!

  • 9.5 miles this morning along the river Lea- beautiful! Followed by a little 1k swim after

  • Sounds like a potent alcoholic mixture Nessie.  Errm did the swim also involve that nice river or was it only the run..?

    Good HM JT.  

    Enjoy your rest day Cal what is left of it.  

    Yesterday: 4,8km in 30mins in the VFFs to get the car back from the train station where OH had abandoned it on his way to a job interview.  

    Today: 8km in 41:34. Flat route so pretty relaxed.  -2.5 degrees and it took the first 3km for my hands to warm up despite the gloves.  But I only have to think back to the summer and hating running in the heat to stop whinging about the cold, you can always put on an extra layer but if its too hot there are limits to what you can take off!

  • It's coming back, isn't it, JT?  A good structure to your sesh, Cal.

    Such excesses, Nessie.....maybeez it wor a dodgy pint, like image

    Fine multi-tasking aspect to your training, Hazel. image

    Another fall to report, this time *up* stairs at college.  Quite shaken up, bone bruising on arm but soldiered on to end of PGCE session at 6pm.  The Streak is still in tact and 1500 miles for the year is only single figures away.

  • My hands are like that on cold runs, Hazelnut. I remember doing my 20 mile pre-marathon run earlier in the year and it taking an hour for my hands to feel warm, even though I was wearing a big hoodie and gloves. I can't help but feel that it would be nicer to train for an Autumn marathon so I can do the long runs during the Summer!

    Enjoy your Christmas break, Nessie!

    swittle - you'll be needing one of those old folks' alarms you wear around your neck soon!

    parkrun today - misty and chilly. I did 26:32 - far from my best, but I've done a lot of miles (for me) over the past 7 days.

  • Hehe!  All suggestions will be put to the committee! image  Not aching as much as I expected today - sleep = recovery. 

  • Yeah, unfortunately my sleep is lousy, especially last night.

    17 miles logged today. Aside from a grumpy left shin, it went pretty well and I finished strongly. This will be my last long run until next year. image

  • Streak, Day 354 : passed 1500 miles for the year.

    And they said it wouldn't last. image

  • Well done, swittle!


  • Have a good Christmas break (from the long runs at least) Cal.  You deserve it! 

    Well done swittle:  do those doubters know about the other streaks you have done in the past?  No don't tell me how long the 1000+ one lasted I want to find out myself!

    No streaking for me but I hit the 2000km for 2016 on Saturday.  First time I've managed that far - I guess due to the long runs for two marathons.  Wasn't such a good run though - I stupidly decided to do 2 rounds of the local keep fit track in the woods which starts only about 100 metres from my front door.  It was almost dark when I set off and despite the head torch I stumbled every few hundred metres (our good friends the tree roots!).  Even more stupidly I was wearing the VFFs and caught my foot on a stone on a side step across a little ditch.  Four toes kept going and the little didn't - ouch ouch!  Fortunately no-one was around to hear the swearing - I still tend to do that in English. 

    It is a nice black, purple, pink shade now.   Feels a lot better three days later and can walk on it fine so nothing badly damaged.  Will strap it to its neighbouring buddy tomorrow and try a gentle run.


  • Well done on the milestones swittle and Hazel! Swittle, I'm about 10 miles off 1500 miles running, a fair bit more with the swimming added in... although I know you've had several months off this year, so you still win image Hope you're Ok after your tumble..

    Cal- tasty miles!

    Hazel-OUCH! Oh, and no open water swimming at this time of year. Much as I admire those winter outdoor swimmers, I am *not* one of them!

    Me- been in Shropshire with the in laws, step kids and three (step) grand-daughters over the weekend. Took my running shoes but it was stupidly busy so I didn't manage a run.

    Today was 7.5 miles easy 

  • Many thanks, Cal and Hazel.  No spoilers, but I've run two 1000+-day Streaks since 2008.

    The present one started on New Year's Eve last year and was never meant to be!  Streaking takes away the need to decide whether I shall run on any given day.image

    Well done on your 2000km, Hazel - but watch those little pinkies! Glad you're none the worse.

    Nessie, I was crocked 4 months last year - calf pull.  This year, all has been well and I've only fallen twice, one of those indoors image  Some fine off road territory in Shropshire, around Ludlow IITC.

  • Well done on the 2000K, Hazel - and big ouch. That sounds exactly the sort of thing I would do. The few times I have worn mine running I've ended up with twigs stuck between the toes. Not the best choice of shoe for Autumns either - running on acorns really hurts.

    Easy 4 today. A lot of fatigue from my three hour run on Sunday, unsurprisingly, and a few sore bits, but otherwise uneventful.

  • Swittle, my memory fails me- it felt like you were out this year, but it was last year. I must be getting old image

    Me- it was supposed to be a speed session today, but the group decided instead on an easy 5 miles, which was sociable and fun

  • Nessie, I thought so too. Guess we're getting old eh?


  • image

    The usual 10.5 km Tuesday evening round yesterday.  There were 6 of us out which is a good number at the moment.  Lots of chatting going on so pretty relaxed pace.  Foot felt fine.

  • Another easy 4. That wasn't the plan but my legs felt even heavier than yesterday and I had no energy, so I just did the minimum and called it quits. That 17 miler obviously took more out of me than I thought.

  • Nessie, Cal - it was probably due to the unfeasibly high whinge output when I couldn't run!  image

  • 6 miles with a headtorch through Epping Forest tonight with a group of similarly minded nutters. Loved it image

  • 9.5km intervalls yesterday. 

    1km warm up

    5 x 1 km + 0.5km recovery.

    1 km cooldown

    Pretty constant splits at around 4:40 to 4:45 per km on the fast bits.  Happy with that.


  • Lovely sunny and fresh morning. Less fatigue in the old legs so did a 6 mile progression run (plus half a mile cooldown) starting at 10:30 pace and finishing at 8:38. Gave the lungs a bit of a workout, too.

    Looking forward to my first parkrun as a tourist on Saturday, as I'm up in Manchester for Christmas. image


  • Good luck for your parkrun Cal.

    Just in case I don't write again beforehand - Enjoy Christmas everyone! Indulge a bit you deserve it image.

    Day off work today so I treated myself to an outing to do today's 12km.  Local trains and a one-way along the river Aare.  (longest river which only flows in Switzerland).  Surpringly icy underfoot in parts, there was even a sprinkling of that festive white stuff here and there when I set off.  At the end of the 12km it was so warm in the sun however that I sat on a bench for a few minutes and watched the ducks in the river. Nice... Quite a few other people out running, seems to be a popular route. 

  • Sounds lovely hazel. 8 x hill reps today for me, earning credits for our pre Xmas drinks later with friendsimage

    Oh and happy Xmas to all the MLRers! Who's out on Christmas Day? Swittle's a given !
  • Happy Christmas, everyone. I would totally run on Christmas Day but as I'm a guest, it won't happen. Still, Manchester parkrun tomorrow. image

  • That sounds a cracking route, Hazel.

    Heaton Park, Cal?  Super setting.

    Nessie, making room for slightly more food & drink than usual takes one to the higher moral ground! image

    Running tomorrow?  Well, someone's got to wish the Iron Men a merry Christmas!!

    To al MLR people - and their people - festive fun & Christmas cheer! image

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Merry Christmas MLRs.

    9.2miles tonight in over 1hr9. Pretty much identical time/distance to run last Tues. I can breathe again, which definitely helps.
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