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  • And part 2, the half marathon. It definitely felt tough today, but mostly because I was pushing. I realised after 4 miles that I wasn't going to be able to keep up 1:55 pace, as it was starting to get warm, so I decided to throttle back a bit and aim for a PB. That proved to be the right call as, although I slowed down quite a bit, I didn't blow up like I did at Maidenhead. I managed to hold it together just long enough to scrape under 1:57 (my PB was 1:57.01) with a new PB of 1:56:47. I felt happy with that, and the medal is epic.
    I think I might just need a nap this afternoon.
  • Well done on both races Cal.  Hope you have  been enjoying your nap.

    Hope your race went well Will.

    JT- everything ok? 

    A new PB for me as well today 3:26:54, so I also achieved my sub 3:30 goal.  Legs and feet (and the rest) very tired so it will be an early night for me too.  Conditions were pretty good, just a bit warm in the sun.  Organisation very good, no queues at the water stations.  Congestion on the first 10k pretty bad but improved after that.  Ah and the beer afterwards tasted great! No alcohol - that would have wiped me out instantly.
  • My body absolutely refused to let me sleep. Bastard. So I've been for a short walk.
    Anyway, absolutely amazing effort, Hazelnut - you smashed it! And so amazing to be part of a WR race. Out of interest, was it cups or bottles there?
  • That's an amazing marathon effort, Hazelnut - congratulations! 
    Superb PB for you too, Cal. Nice one!

    I had a bit of a tactical mare in Ipswich, but thoroughly enjoyed the event. Really good support and organisation. I planned to head off quickly, with the hope that I could then maintain a good pace, rather than have to speed up from a slow start. I find it hard to push on once I'm in my stride.
    So, I did a quick first half - about 57 mine  - but then hit the 2 mile hill at mile 7 feeling absolutely knackered. I struggled from there on in and felt like I wouldn't finish at some points. At mile 11 I had to have a couple of walking bits, but managed to finish okay back at the stadium, where my wife and kids were cheering me on. It was hot and I still had a bit of a chest thing going on, but hey ho. I will defo start easier next time! 2hrs 5mins, disappointing but a nice birthday experience .
    I run, therefore I am.
  • I think the warm Autumn is catching us all off-guard, Will. Mile 11 is almost always my toughest mile, too - I guess that's when glycogen stores get depleted. I am glad you had a good birthday, anyway.
  • Yeah, Cal, I hate the heat. In my last Half my final 3 miles were my quickest, but yesterday my legs pretty much buckled. Lots learnt. I should maybe have checked the course to identify that huge 2 mile hill in the middle of the run! Achey tonight so swapped recovery run for soothing bath.

    Now, the question is how little/much to do between now and Sunday's Bristol Half? Booking them both seemed like a good challenge at the time. Daft sod!
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  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    edited September 2018
    I've done back to back halves three times and on two of those I set a PB in one then beat it the following weekend. I don't think I did anything between the two - or maybe just a 4 mile run.

    And I did my minimum 4 miles today. Sluggish pace. Achilles is grumpy and I'm tired.
  • Happy belated birthday Will.  Well done on your half.  I would probably do a couple of shorter runs.  A gentle recovery and a second run with a few strides thrown in.  No longer speed work. 

    Cal: Berlin had (plastic) cups rather than bottles.  The water stations were in general very well organized - there was always a cup available - either handed to you or grab it yourself from the table.   The din from thousands of people trampling over the discarded cups was impressive.  I'm not a fan of cups but I dealt with them well this time - always walking the few strides to take a drink.   

    They also trialled reusable cups - a large number were handed at the expo.  Lightweight squishy ones which you can hold in your hand, stuff in a pocket or in my case attach to your gel belt - there was a small carabiner provided.  There were then several water stations along the route with a row of taps which you were supposed to jog through and hold the cup under.   I took a cup but missed several of the stations due to the sheer mass of people blocking my view of the road ahead.  I did use it twice and didn't feel I lost much time but I had the feeling the amount of water coming out of the taps could have been higher.   The cups were recollected at around one mile from the finish - big containers to simply dump them in.  I can imagine that quite a few people took them home.  

    No MLR for me yet.  Leg soreness is bearable - I can still do stairs today.  I was expecting worse after a 10 hour train journey home yesterday.  Will go for a gentle walk later to collect my bike from the station later.  I'm planning to go for a first gentle jog on Thursday.  The P & D plan I have been following also has a 3 week post marathon recovery plan - will more or less stick to that meaning very low mileage this and next week. 
  • Link to the promotional video for the reusable cups so you can see them...

  • Shades posted about these on her thread - she got one to use in an ultra. Not a bad idea. Thanks for the heads-up, though. I'm wondering what they'll use in Vienna.
  • I felt I had to get out tonight before I totally seized up. A very gentle 3 miles which eventually felt okay. Even managed a few short strides towards the end. Tested out my new Garmin (birthday pressie). It works and is very swish. 
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Which Garmin did you get Will?  My TomTom froze during the marathon at just over 2 miles grrrr!  The stopwatch did keep running though which was the most important feature for checking splits.

    Might therefore start looking around for a new watch myself soon.

    4 miles gentle recovery today.  Left calf still a bit sore (DOMS) but otherwise felt ok. 
  • It's a forerunner 35, Hazelnut. I'd been happy with my Tom Tom, but then the pause/stop button kept getting stuck which wasn't good for accuracy. The Garmin seems to work very well. Still trying to figure out all the settings and can't work out yet how to get it to link with Strava, but I'm no technician. It locks on to GPS very quickly and seems to adjust to your pace very quickly, which the Tom Tom didn't. It's fairly mid-price range and so seems a good buy.

    Think I'll have one more stretch out before Sunday and then am planning more of a negative split type tactic, rather than hare off, crash and BURN :)
    I run, therefore I am.
  • That's a great time Hazelnut, I sympathise with the Garmin issues though as the same thing happened to me just a mile into Frankfurt last year! I fancy heading over to Europe for a marathon this year but I think I've left it too late!

    Yesterday was possibly my best run of 2018 so far, 20 miles on a completely new route along an old railway line surrounded by the sounds of nature, gently paced and progressive with each five mile section being quicker than the previous plus a final mile which was by far the fastest mile of the day. I feel marathon ready but the race isn't until December so I'll get some more 20 milers in the tank before then. No stiffness today which is a great plus, no run today though and no run tomorrow as my wife has a milestone birthday!
  • Yeah, my Garmin crapped out on me at Maidenhead. It recorded the race, no problem, but then refused to talk to my PC until I reset it, which meant I lost all the data. Very annoying (because I like to analyse that stuff!)
    Excellent news, Matt - which marathon are you doing? And happy birthday to the wife.
    No running for me - my achilles has been rather angry since I did that 4 miler on Tuesday. On reflection, I probably could have used two days off rather than one post-Richmond. I'll have a run tomorrow and if it isn't too grumpy I'll do parkrun and a longish run on Sunday, but at this stage, I've done my serious training for Chester so it's just a matter of getting to the start in one piece.
  • I followed your lead on a rest, Cal. Don't think I'd gain anything from any miles now before Sunday and Bristol. I had fish 'n' chips instead.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • The perfect balance of proteins, fats and carbs, Will!

    6 miles today, so after two days' rest my legs were nice and bouncy. Achilles had a moan after the 5 mile point, but at least it waited that long (it was sore from the get-go on Tuesday).
  • Thanks Cal, I've signed up to my local race the Portsmouth Coastal on December 23rd but I might see if I can sneak in another one in November. My plan for today was to get a steady 10k in the bag after work but other events conspired against me to rob me of an hour of my afternoon but I still managed to get a four mile trot around the city done just keep the legs ticking over-despite having practically written off any chance of run earlier this afternoon!

    Still just about on target for 100 miles this month which would be a decent accomplishment given the slow start to the month.
  • 4 miles when you're expecting none is a win, Matt.

    Today's adventure took me to Barking parkrun - just under an hour on the tube but a straightforward journey with only one change, which I passed nicely with a book. Barking was attractive because it's a) flat and b) has a small field (110 today) so it's a good choice for going for a fast time. The park is rather nice too, with a long lake, on which I spotted a heron.
    I chatted with a few different people before the start including a fellow in a Sikhs in the City shirt (he spotted my Richmond Runfest shirt and asked if I'd enjoyed it, as he'd been pacing the marathon). I didn't realise at the time, but I'd been chatting to the legendary Harmander Singh!
    As for the run, I gave it a good shot but just missed the sub-25 again, although it was my second fastest parkrun (25:10) and I got 6th lady.
    This is definitely one of the nicest parkruns I've done, with a very well-marked route, a lady calling out times at the mile and half-way point and Quality Street at the finish! I have no doubt I'll be back at some point, but I'm just three different parkruns away from qualifying for the parkrun tourist cow cowl, so new venues await!
  • Sounds like a very nice Parkrun,  Cal. Great time! I'm installed in cousin-in-law's very nice house in Bristol. Looks like we're in for a wet one tomorrow. My right knee (back of) stiffened up yesterday and is a bit painful, so just had a brisk walk to get some voltarol. May strap it up, but hopefully just a bit of stiffness. Now for a nap.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Good luck, Will!
    JT, you ok mate?

  • No parkrun for me today although I did get to see the finish line of the Fareham parkrun when I passed on the train at around 0920! Hopefully I'll be out for a win one tomorrow depending what time I finish work, long run is booked for Thursday!
  • Hope your wife had a good birthday Matt.  Well done on your 20 miler. 

    Good luck for tomorrow Will.

    Nice bit of parkrun tourism Cal.  I've read a few posts by Harmander - he seems a nice and entertaining guy. 

    +1 to thoughts of JT.  I was also wondering how Nessie is - and of course the legendary swittle.

    I've been out for a couple of recovery runs in the meantime (2 x 4 and 1 5 miler).  It is good to have no pressure to train and perform now post marathon.  Will be taking it easy for a few weeks and maybe do a couple of shorter low key local races later in the autumn. 
  • I'm friends with Nessie on Facebook - she's fine - she's just done a cold 2 mile swim in the Serpentine. Brr!
    Enjoy your Autumn. I won't have much time to relax after Chester with Valencia as well...and then it'll be straight to Spring training. (What have I done? :lol: )
  • Hi All! Well, what a difference a week makes. Had a much better night's sleep, a good Pre-race prep and went out to just enjoy the race. I really held back on the first few miles and just found a comfortable pace. Bristol is a great event: live bands all along the course, a very picturesque stretch under the suspension bridge and along the gorge, and super support in the pouring rain. I even managed a few selfies along the way - a new first for me :)

    I kept an even pace and made sure I took on gels and haribos to avoid a repeat of last week's wall-hitting. Plenty of good banter between runners and an ace steel band kept me going. When I hit 10 miles at about 1:30 I thought I may be on for a decent time. I edged up the pace a bit and then started hitting the accelerator from 11 miles in. I managed to pass a lot of runners + the Duracell 2 hour bunny and fairly sprinted home for a long awaited sub-2 and PB of 1:58:20. Well chuffed!

    Now to stuff my face :)
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Brilliant, Will - is that your first sub-2? Not easy in the rain but it sounds like you enjoyed it!
  • First sub-2 yep :)  Rain wasn't too bad - refreshing actually and better than heat.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • To get a more detailed idea of what your warm-up might look like for the different race distances (5K, 10K, half-marathon or marathon), check out our blog post on warming up properly.
  • It's got chilly all of a sudden! Had a long massage yesterday so I chanced a run today. I was hoping for double figures but my hip decided to feel a bit tight a few miles in so I decided not to push things and just did 7 miles. I am rather goal-orientated and like to achieve certain mileages but I needed to remind myself today that my actual goal was the marathon I am running in less than two weeks.
  • Cal - good to hear Nessie is ok - please give her a wave..  Its chilly here now too - sunny but with a nasty strong NE wind.  Might have to think about gloves for running soon!  Is Chester in two weeks already?  I would certainly focus on that and not mileage then.

    Well done on your sub 2 PB Will - nice pic as well.  I like the way you also enjoyed your race.  Good pacing too.   

    Just dropping in as I won't be running until later.  Will be back out with my group again - running in the dark at the end for the first time in months.

    I've surprisingly not been suffering from post-mara blues in the past few days.  Normally I do but having had a great race and reached my sub 3:30 goal I can put it behind me quickly this time.  Mojo is certainly there to run but no pressure to achieve any goals for a while.
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