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  • Cannot bloody wait for the end of term tomorrow! 4 easy but progressive miles tonight, nice and chilled. Legs and knee feeling good. Rest, stretch and roll now before my Half on Saturday, then off to Mull with my mate for wild camping and eagle spotting.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • But if you spent the money on running shoes then that is ok Cal..  :D   This year I think I have purchased more pairs of running and other sport shoes than everyday ones.  I hate buying the later and I fortunately don't need too many.

    Sounds like a plan Will. 

    Standard Tuesday outing to report from yesterday evening but as in the last couple of weeks our sprightly 65 year old forced the pace so it was pretty hard work considering the long hills in the second half.  6 and a bit in just over 56 minutes.

    Additionally a 5 and a half (ish) recovery this lunchtime. 
  • Good luck for your half tomorrow Will!

    10 and a half miles for me yesterday lunchtime - ambled the undulating bits and ran the flats faster, progressing up to mara pace, about half of each.  Tired afterwards.  Breezy day but still warm and sunny.  Day off today then a short recovery tomorrow and race on Sunday. 
  • Thanks, Hazelnut :) Am enjoying a bit of mid-range carb-loading. I've also baked a 'recovered' fruit cake for after the race. It's from The Runner's Cookbook by Anita Bean - an excellent book with some very nice recipes so far. That's a good not-so-little lunchtime run Hazelnut. Good luck for Sunday !
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Good luck Will!
    I took a couple of days off from running (partly achilles, partly feeling slightly run-down, probably as a result of the marathon) although I did pilates and yoga. But felt better today so did another 6 miles in the glorious Autumn sunshine. I don't think that'll last, by the way, so may as well get out there while we can.
  • Wormwood Scrubs parkrun today (I'm working my way around London steadily - thought I'd better get to it before winter as it's all grass, and parts of it already have a bit of mud). Lovely day, crisp and bright, but the wet grass and my Zoom Flys did not get along - they had little purchase and quickly soaked through. Still, I managed to do 26:22 which is OK for a tricky run and only two weeks after Chester and, I also add, being woken up several times during the night by the drunk twit downstairs who had locked himself out and then proceeded to bang on his flat's door despite no one being home. Grr.
    The Scrubs seems to attract a lot of vets so I was only third V50 despite being 8th lady (it's a small field, though - 109 runners).
  • Well that was a strange race. This morning I felt really good physically and even thought about pushing for a sub-2. It was an absolutely beautiful morning out in Breckland, gorgeous sun and autumn colours. My legs, however, had other ideas. They just didn't respond and I felt like I was running as a complete beginner. It was clear after about 2 miles that I just didn't have my race legs on. The long, gradual climb through the heath was really tough and I struggled all the way round. My splits were all over the shop and, despite trying to check my form, there was just no va va voom. I enjoyed the lovely scenery, but my time was by far my slowest all year. The course had been measured at 13.4 mi, but my garmin said 12.9 - another strange twist to my 2:09 time. Still, I finished.

    Here's the rub, and an interesting thing I have taken away from this race. I have been feeling very low with my depression for the last week or so. Insomnia and some very dark moods. It's been quite an acute shot of the old black dog. Usually it's more of a gradual affair. Despite a good physical preparation and 2 good nights' sleep, my body just wouldn't work today. I see a definite link between the mental and the physical here. My legs responded just as my brain and mind have all week - shitly.

    Anyway, hopefully the endorphins will kick in and I did love the race. Here's proof!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • You're not wrong about the mental/physical link, Will. I'm glad you did at least enjoy it (the weather is beautiful today!) and hope it will give you a bit of a boost.
  • Thanks, Cal :)
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Gorgeous, fresh sunny day here. Ran 9 miles. Probably went a bit too fast as I felt quite tired towards the end - one of the hazards of starting my run when I'm feeling a bit chilly is that I go faster to compensate. Not ideal when I'm trying to recover from a marathon! Oh well!
  • Thanks Will, I'm back from holiday now but I did manage one more run while I was away and had a steady plod around the course of the Singapore Grand Prix. I had a slow five miler back here in Portsmouth on Wednesday just to keep things ticking over for today's Great South Run. It's the fourth time I've done GSR and conditions were good for a pb, I was just about on target at halfway but I then fell away quite a bit in the second half under a surprisingly hot sun for the time of year. Usually it thins out by mile four but this year it was still quite crowded in mile seven so I just couldn't get into my stride and maintain a steady pace. I finished in 1:23:55 which is still a great time but it's just a little annoying that I was only about a minute off a pb!

    A long run is required at some point this week plus I've got a five mile race on Friday night so after nearly three quiet weeks I'm ready to build up the mileage again!
  • Well done on your half Will even if it wasn't the time you wanted.  Great pic.  I like the orange t-shirt.  If I may?  If you are not so great at the moment please try not to put yourself under too much pressure to perform. 
    I was bitten badly by the black dog a few years ago and had phases during which running was no release at all but made things worse as I was constantly telling myself that I couldn't even run decently let alone work, cope with every day life etc.  It took a while to turn that around. 
    I hope that you are now enjoying Scotland in the meantime.

    Nice parkrun Cal. 

    Hope you had a nice holiday Matt.  Good result in the GSR, a minute off a PB over ten miles isn't much if it was warm.

    6 and a bit mile race for me yesterday (10.6km).  Finished in 47.47 which I was pleased with as I have done little speedwork since Berlin mid-September.  8th of 32 in my age category and 12th lady overall of 118. 
    Tough course with quite a lot of climbing to do in the first half - I even walked a short stretch - and sometimes stony paths requiring careful concentration not to turn an ankle whilst running at speed.  Conditions were good. It was warm enough for a vest and lightweight shorts.  The sun was annoyingly strong in parts but so was the wind - in particular on the last km.

    Did a decent warm up - around 2 miles with some drills and strides.  I placed myself at the back of the first start block (sub 50 mins) and set off at around 10k PB pace as the first km was flat, struggled a bit up the hill - being overtaken by a few, but once we were off the long hill I was able to grab back quite a few places as I was able to keep going strongly whilst others faded.  I overtook two young ladies about 400m from the line and thought ha - got you! But they promptly kicked past with 200m to go to which I couldn't respond.  They were only half my age though. 

    Also did a short slow cool down jog - can definitely recommend doing this and then enjoyed cake and coffee with a team mate.  Good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Finisher goody:  a nice woolly hat. 

    Gentler week planned now - will keep gradually upping the mileage but take out the intensity a bit.
  • Sorry you missed your PB, Matt - GSR does look a bit crowded for a PB!
    That's a good time, Hazelnut, especially if it was windy.

    6 miles today - quite chilly, but I was still in T-shirt and shorts so I ran a bit too quickly (MP +30 seconds). I need to dress better next time!
    Unfortunately I've sustained another injury....but nothing to do with running. I've fractured a couple of teeth on a popcorn kernel and will need £850 worth of work done. :( It won't affect my running but it will mean I might have to be a bit more conservative about entering expensive races!
  • Nice GSR run Matt, well done.

    Ouch on the teeth front, Cal. Darned popcorn!

    Thanks for your kindness, Hazelnut. I'm bearing up and Scotland will be a great head clearer. Mull is my favourite place in the world. Going to hike a bit but no running. Will be too busy looking for birds! You're right about taking pressure off yourself. Even though I'm just a fun runner really and in no way fast, it's difficult not to get caught up in times and PBs and what not. I'm looking forward to the challenge of my marathon training, but it's much more distance based for me than about any times. Hopefully I can keep this attitude and remain a contented plodder. Next event is a Christmas 20 mile trail thing and so I'm just going to aim to get round that one and hope I don't chafe my baubles :)

    I run, therefore I am.
  • Will, I hear you. I am absolutely a fun runner but when I start thinking about how I'm closing in on GFA, it's hard not to take it seriously.
    Enjoy your bird watching!

    Endured part 1 of the dentistry yesterday, which was the crown prep (that crown needs to be made now, so I'll be back in 2 weeks for that, plus the fillings). I had a restless night after that - lots of waking up - so ended up going out for a run in the dark at just after 6 and it was light by the time I finished. I did 9 miles and actually felt good, energy-wise, although some niggles surfaced including my lower back - I guess being rather tense in an uncomfortable dentist chair might have been behind that one!
  • Ouch to the dentist and the costs of visiting him / her Cal.  

    Hope you get some good bird sightings Will. 

    As I'm still improving on my PBs I do take my running pretty seriously.  Sometimes too seriously.  But as I don't have any important races lined up at the moment I should make an effort to relax a bit and not always look at paces and doing a specific mileage. 

    6 and a bit miles with my Tuesday group yesterday evening - the last outing we will have in 2018 with some daylight.  Some pink clouds to look at.  Nobody was interested in forcing the pace this week which I was happy about as I could feel my legs still from Sunday's race efforts.
  • Bloody spam is getting ridiculous again.

    Stressful workday yesterday - watching a computer move lots of money that doesn't belong to me from A to B - it all ended up in the right place it seems.

    Glad to be able to get out in the late afternoon for an 8 miler with a 5k warm up with some drills and strides, then 18 mins at tempo pace (4k) and the rest as a cool down.  Perfect afternoon for running - slight chill in the air, sunshine, almost no wind.  Got through the tempo section in good style.  Interesting to do it as a number of minutes rather than a specific distance.  Kept me occupied working out how far I had left to run based on the splits. 
  • Sounds like a good session, Hazelnut.
    No running yesterday but did two quite tough classes - Vinyasa yoga in the morning and inferno pilates in the afternoon. So I needed a bit of a recovery run today - just 4 miles. I put that off long enough too, as it was raining earlier so I didn't get out until after 10. Not the most fun I've ever had but I got it done, I guess.
  • Valentines parkrun today - a long schlep on the Northern and Central Lines but the park is close to the tube station and it was worth the trip. A very pretty park (I imagine it's lovely when the flowers are in bloom, but it was still very nice with the Autumn leaves. Lots of waterfowl too including a lot of geese and a heron). Also mostly flat, and paved, which I wanted as I needed to try out my new Zoom Fly flyknits (great, by the way - so much more comfortable with the flyknit uppers).
    Ran 25:32 which is a decent time for three weeks post-mara, and 7th lady (but only third in age group - 1st and 2nd ladies were both my age too, and there was a V55 in front of me as well!)
    A really nice parkrun - definitely recommend it.
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  • 16 miles in the pissing rain and wind. I have to admit I was cursing my decision to squeeze in another marathon as I could have stayed in the warm if I'd ended my season with Chester. Only got myself to blame for that one.
    As I had my jacket on, and pulled over my watch, I wasn't paying attention to time, either, and ran the last 10 miles at a pace that was MP+15-30 seconds rather than MP+1 minute like I was supposed to. I guess I really wanted to get home as quickly as possible!
  • My last run was yesterday morning on the 27th October 2018. Ran 8 miles along the Imber path in Wiltshire with my running club mates. Really tough on the legs - it felt harder than the road half marathon I did two weeks ago. We watched the sun rise and the moon set. It was so cold! It has reminded me I need running gloves! 
  • Tough long run Cal - well done for getting it done.

    Welcome to Firefly from another who suffers from cold hands. 

    8 and a bit miles for me yesterday.  Cold and wet here too - but not too windy.  Such a contrast to Thursday when I was running in lightweight shorts.  I needed long tights instead!  I also had cold hands for the first half an hour.  Really enjoyed splashing through some minor puddles and the carpet of multi-coloured leaves in the woods nontheless. 

    Longish run in a bit.  Have been waiting for the sleet to stop but will have to put up with a gusty wind instead.
  • Will ClennellWill Clennell ✭✭✭
    edited October 2018
    Glad to see you two stalwarts are still knocking out the runs, Cal and Hazelnut. Excellent stuff.

    I'm just heading back from Mull, where it's been wet, dry, sunny, windy, calm, warm and freezing cold. No running but plenty of ace hiking, the highlight of which was submitting Mull's Munro, Ben More. 966 metres to the top, over 3 miles of bog, snow and ice. Well worth the effort, although my legs are killing me now, 2 days later. My watch showed I had burnt as many calories as I do in a Half, so a good workout and the most stunning views.

    Bird-wise it was quieter than usual, but we still managed some decent ones: White Tailed Eagles, Hen Harriers, Dipper, Whooper Swans, Slavonian Grebe and Great Northern Divers + a couple of Otter. It was all very good for the soul, even when the tent iced up.

    So, back to base and to start my marathon training plan. A week off and I'm ready to get serious again! I've spent quite a while putting together my 20 (+) week plan, borrowing bits from a range I've had a look at. Obviously it's the most demanding running I will have attempted to do and I want to get a half decent time, so it's feet to the grind stone. I'm aware there will be tough stages ahead, so I'll be yelling for help and advice :) A few days more to relax, then it's all systems go for Manchester 2019 from Saturday!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • 10k PR @ 50:26, felt comfortable but didn't want to push an acutely developing knee/ shin niggle. Upped my cadence for some relief and noticed a big improvement. Much less pain today (the following day). Half marathon in March 2019, what time should I be aiming for? Initially I wanted sub 2 but now i'm wondering if sub 1:50 would be within reach?
  • Tough camping Will - I find the worst thing about an iced up tent is crawling out of a nice warm sleeping bag to make the necessary cup of tea.  Good birding and well done on bagging Ben More.  
    Nice to see you are excited about getting into your mara training.

    Hi to Matt.  Well done on your 10k.   A 1:50 HM sounds reasonably doable if your 10k felt comfortable. You have lots of time to train for March.  Be careful with that niggle.

    Longish run for me yesterday - just short of 12 miles in 1:46:35 with reasonably even pacing.  Even colder yesterday - needed gloves and a headband due to the wind.  Saw only one dog walker and one farmer cutting some fresh green forage the whole time I was out - everyone else must have been hibernating.  That run gives me my first 40 mile week since Berlin.  Will continue base training to slowly build up to around 45 miles in the next few weeks.
  • Thank you HazelnutCH, keeping close tabs on any aches and pains .. learnt my lesson with injuries and recovery when I forced myself out of the gym for almost 2 years by continuing to powerlift through medial epicondylitis. Two weeks off is certainly better than two years ..

    That's what I was hoping to hear, chasing 1:50 should at the very least get me over the line safely under 2 hours!
  • And congratulations on the 12 miles, I couldn't even imagine covering 45 miles in a week at my current level! Perhaps I need some better music and more interesting routes!
  • Jesus these spammers are getting out of hand.
    Matt (welcome, by the way!) - is it your first half? My 10K PB is currently 51:40 and my HM PB is 1:56:47 (I think!). I was hoping to go under 1:55 this Autumn but couldn't quite manage to maintain the pace needed.
    For you, I'd aim for 1:55 if it's your first one - better to enjoy the race than go out too fast, blow up and spend the last few miles hating life. I've certainly done that before! There will be time after that to whittle away at your PB.

    Hazelnut - glad I haven't had to deal with sleet yet. Yuck!

    6 miles today. Legs not bad at all. I'm hoping to get over 40 miles this week and hopefully 50 next. Training in between marathons is a tricky business.
    Back to the dentist this afternoon. Sigh.
  • Hi Cal, and thank you. Yes it will be my first half, the London Landmarks. I’d be very happy with 1:55, I’ll keep that target in mind! 50 miles? amazing! I have just rounded up October at 55 miles, my third month of running. Getting accustomed to the pavement before upping mileage. Steady 5k tonight, shaking the 10k PB out of my legs.
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