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  • Super PB again by you Cal.  I love the way you keep knocking chunks off your PBs.  There must still be quite some potential in you yet if you can keep doing that, and not by a second or two.

    And a nice sub 1:34 for JD too.  Wind is a killer and especially in the last few km of a race.   Hope the roast dinner was nice!

    Well done on your trail HM Will, even if it wasn't maybe the result you were hoping for. 

    x-Training for me yesterday - did a snow shoe plod in very warm conditions - legs are a bit complainy today but will be out later.  Might dump the strides, short hill efforts though, will see how they get warmed up.

    Have a good start to the week!
  • Well done Will - trail races are always going to be tougher on the legs. I've noticed how much harder my calves have to work during an off-road parkrun versus one on paths, and that's just 5K.
    As for speed, I don't do a lot of speedwork myself either, but I do parkrun most weeks and that seems to do a good job of keeping me sharp.

    And thanks, Hazelnut. I'm starting to realise a sub-4 marathon may not be that far off, in fact. Vienna is probably too soon, but (barring illness and injury) I might actually do it this year.

    Rest day today. Had a massage and a nap. Throat's a bit scratchy again. I hope it's just tiredness and not a virus trying to come back.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Well done,Will,on a tough HM trail.Have to agree with Cal,trails are much tougher,and can really sap the strength from your legs.I'm trying to do speed work at least once a week,it does make a difference.

    Loved my roast dinner,Cal and Hazelnut,my plate was piled high and I thought there's no way I can eat all that,but it went down no problem!

    5.03 mile gentle run this morning,just getting ready for circuit training,gluten for punishment .

  • As I generally follow some sort of official plan I do regular speedwork.  It seems to be doing me some good (alongside of upping my overall mileage over the past 4 years).

    Hope you enjoyed your circuit training JD - used to like doing that.

    Sub 4 should be doable for you at some point Cal. 

    Just short of 7 miles yesterday with 6 x short hill efforts and 8 x strides to make things more interesting.  Legs were okay once they were on the move.  Another beautiful day and several of those still to come yet.
  • 10 miles easy this morning. Went out in the dark and watched the sky lighten up. Nice full moon to start with. However, yesterday I made the mistake of eating some jerusalem artichokes that were on offer in Sainsbury's and let's just say they deserve their reputation as this morning's run was, shall we say, wind assisted. I will not be buying again!
  • :D I did the opposite yesterday with my group, watching the sky darken and the moon rise.  Beautiful it was.  At one point it was straight ahead and so bright we could run without head torches.  We have been lucky the last few weeks with some very nice evenings.    Good distraction from the fact that my legs were not amused at yet more uphills.  With a couple of solo miles before meeting the others a bit more than 8.5 miles. 
  • Sounds nice, Hazelnut, although I don't really like to run in the evening, except for the odd midweek summer race. I'm too busy snuggling in my dressing gown by 6pm. Well, earlier, if I'm being honest. :lol:
    Similar run today - the moon had a bit of cloud around it but still popped out to say hello. 12 miles this time.

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Been working nights so it was an afternoon run for me,which I don't mind,much better than an evening run.

    7 miles hilly trail run,when I reached the top it was grey,drizzly and miserable.Normally see walkers but not a sole around.Haven't done this run for a couple of weeks,so it made a pleasant change.

  • Giggles at the thought of a fish at the top of a hill.... (sorry couldn't resist that)

    JD1 said:

    7 miles hilly trail run,when I reached the top it was grey,drizzly and miserable.Normally see walkers but not a sole around.Haven't done this run for a couple of weeks,so it made a pleasant change.

    I'm definitely more of an evening runner - I would like to run mornings more often but would need to do a lot to change my routines.

    The worst thing for me are lunchtime runs as I am generally hungry - even if I have eaten a snack mid-morning.

    6 miles yesterday on flat ground - got the pacing more or less spot on for once.   Finally spotted some snowdrops and also some celandines I think (pointy yellow flowers..).  Anyone suffering from pollen allergies can't be too happy about the hazel trees blooming so early though.
  • Today was my first run since Sunday. I spent 3 days having absolutely no urge to run and so didn't. I was mindful of giving myself a bit more recovery time generally and also seemed to have hit a stage where the training has felt like a chore. I wish April 7th would hurry up!

    Anyway,  I snapped out of the gloom with a lovely 10K training run with my Dad. It's the only time I don't run solo and it probably did me some good. We're doing a 10K trail race at the end of March and Dad is aiming for sub-1hr. Today's effort was in 57:40 so it looks like we're on target. Lots of signs of Spring : a Magpie carrying nesting material, Snowdrops, Daffodils and a pair of Bullfinch chasing each other. Legs felt good after a decent rest and resting again tomorrow before a 16 miler on Saturday. I have at least my mo back. Hoping my jo will follow!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Glad to hear that, Will.
    No running for me today (rest day) but I'm a bit concerned about my knee, which started hurting during the pilates HIIT class I did yesterday. It's not a usual runners knee thing - it's above and to the inside of the knee itself so I think it's likely I've tweaked the muscle. I'm due to run tomorrow so I'll see how it feels.
    I did walk, though, and the Egyptian geese now have some babies. Let's hope the mean swan leaves them alone. I found out that the fishermen who use the pond call him Gripper, after the bully from Grange Hill. :D
  • I think a lot of people hit that point in mara training Will - miles and more miles and the goal race does not get closer.  Putting in the odd race is certainly a way to liven things up as long as you keep your mara goal in mind - I would be careful not to do too many or race too hard if you are wiped out for a few days afterwards.   Nice run with your dad.  I heard but could not see a woodpecker drumming industriously today and also saw a of the few local storks (those that did not migrate to other places) enjoying a wander in some rather fresh slurry.. (hmm - nice!)

    LT Intervals this afternoon - 18 mins and 14 mins separated by a 4 minute jog recovery.  Hit the appropriate pace again but was puffing a bit more than I would have liked.  It was warm enough to get out the shorts today (not the lightweight ones though), I would have seriously overheated in anything longer. 
  • It was foggy here this morning so I'm still in tights (had shorts on for my race on Sunday, though - but I wear the bike-type ones).
    Knee niggle is still there but seems more bothered by squatting than running. I did 6 miles. I guess the HIIT pilates class will have to go, at least for now.  Going to see my physio on Monday anyway, as the achilles has been grumpy all week.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Must be really nice running with your Dad,Will.Hope your 16 miler goes well.

    Great LT intervals,Hazelnut.Really warm and sunny here too.Running along the canal I could hear woodpeckers and buzzards circling above.New lambs in the fields.Spring is definitely here.

    I seem to get injured more in HITT classes,Cal.But I don't want to give them up,as they're enjoyable and compliment my running.

    Only had time to do five miles today,so decided to do some speed work. 5x800m @ sub 5k pace.Day off tomorrow,going to have a rest.

  • Sounds like a bit of a killer speed sesh, JD1! Yes, I really enjoy running with my Dad. He's 74 in a couple of weeks and amazes me every time, breezing through the 10K training.

    Hope your niggles clear up, Cal. You've been caning the mileage a bit, eh?!

    Nice Storks and Woodpeckers, Hazelnut. I heard one drumming the other day and a Green one 'yaffling' today.

    I was up and out early today for my 16 miler and the birdsong was amazing out on Marriott's Way. The sun was threatening to make it a glorious morning, but it suddenly disappeared and the mist thickened unfortunately. All felt good today, so I think my resting week was definitely needed. My form felt good and there were no real 'struggled' points along the way. I was really happy with the splits - very consistent and saved my fastest 2 miles until last. I think I'm getting my fuelling right as well, which is good for the mara confidence. Plenty of runners out today, obviously gearing up for Spring maras and all of whom waved or said 'hello. All but one dog (Bob, who chased me a bit) were well behaved and it's nice to have the long run over and done with by breakfast on a Saturday. All is good. It should stay that way too, if the rugby goes to plan for Mrs Will!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Lot of woodpeckers around here though I usually just hear them, but last week I actually spotted one on the common due to the bare branches. A spotted one - greater, I think, as it had red on the body. I have seen green ones on the common before, though not recently.

    Well done on the 16, Will.

    A run in three parts today. I was getting a lift to Harrow Lodge parkrun so I ran 2 miles to get my lift, then the parkrun, then a mile from where I was dropped off to home. The parkrun itself is in a lovely East London park but it was so foggy it was hard to take in the scenery, which includes a large lake full of swans and other fowl. Mixed terrain, but not too muddy today so no slippage. I made the course a bit long so although I was going at a good clip, my time was around 30 seconds slower than I expected. Still got in under 26, though, and finished as 8th lady (only 3rd in my age group though).
  • Careful with squats Cal.  Can you ask your physio to check your technique?  Shame about the fog spoiling your view of the park for your parkrun.

    Nice intervals yourself JD.  Hope you have had a nice rest day today.

    Nice pre-breakfast 16 Will.  You must have been out early.  

    Training HM for me today in 1:52:10.  Hard work against the NE wind on the way out on a local loop in particular when combined with some hillier bits.  The return leg felt much easier, I took advantage of the tailwind to pick up the pace quite a bit.  
  • My squatting technique is appalling, Hazelnut - I've never been able to do them well because I have very poor dorsiflexion and tend to compensate for that by leaning forward a lot. I do drive my knees out properly at least, but my mechanics are just not designed for squatting.
    PS, you realise your HM training run is faster than my PB (and comfortably so!) :lol:

    Beautiful weather this morning, fresh and sunny. Definitely Spring weather. A great opportunity to do my longest ever training run, which was 22 miles in the end. Started slow and ended up quicker, so the stamina seems fine.
    56 miles for this week. Next week will be less - I'm marshalling on Sunday so I won't be doing a long run that day.
  • Hi guys. This is my first post on these forums. I've been running off and on for about 6 years now, completing 5 half marathons over that period (PB 2:02). I'm now training for the Manchester Marathon in April which will be my first full. 

    This morning I went out and did 17 miles and surprisingly didn't feel too bad at the end of it. The fog was awful though and I had condensation dripping down off my hair and eyebrows for most of the distance which wasn't fun. I even managed to shave almost 4 mins off my  HM PB (1:54).  

    Today was probably the first time where I've felt like I may actually be able to do this. Time to refuel and take a day off now. 
  • Welcome alipat! You'll love Manchester - it's a great race. Fantastic support.
    Watch out you don't do your long runs too fast or you'll knacker yourself. Slow and steady on the longs and then you can do your speed work on another day.
  • Thanks for the tips Cal. My pace was nice and steady today. I'm a lot fitter than I ever was when I did any of my half marathons so it's not particularly surprising to see my PB being chipped away at, but still always nice!
  • Hello there, Alipat! I'm doing Manchester as well - my debut marathon. Glad your training seems to be going well and hope it continues that way.

    I worked yesterday, mainly dissecting owl pellets, so a day off today and what I'm calling a delayed recovery/interval trot. Legs were feeling a bit stiff from the 16 on Saturday,  but soon loosened up after a slow first mile. Second mile I upped to HM pace, then took a slow third before finishing with a just slower than tempo fourth. Beautiful sunshine and I ran along with a bounding Muntjac, whose chestnut flank was gleaming most nicely. Not a bad bit of nature 100 yards from my house, in the middle of town! Literally 1000s of lilac coloured crocuses now taking over the scene as the Snowdrops fade.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • That sounds a bit icky, Will, but probably interesting, eh?
    Glad to see my Egyptian Geese still have all of their babies (7 at the last count). We'll see how long that lasts.
    No running for me today - just a walk and a trip to the physio.
  • A little more than 6 mile recovery run this morning. It's getting light much earlier now! Checked on the pond during my last mile and all 7 goslings are still present and correct.
  • Welcome to Alipat.  Certainly seems you could do quite a bit of damage to your HM PB if you can improve it that much in training already.  Something for you to look at post Manchester maybe.   Good luck for your training.

    Nice mix of paces that Will.  The croci are now starting to flower here as well - still plenty of snowdrops around.  I think I heard an owl yesterday evening coming home from my run. 

    Great long run at the weekend Cal and a good weekly mileage too.  Regarding the HM time - my race PB is quite a bit quicker than that.  What I can't do which you can is constantly keep improving it. Same with the marathon - I hit a one-off result and then take several attempts to better it.  Consistency would be less frustrating sometimes.  I try not to compare myself too much with others - there are plenty faster out there - though I was wistfully looking at some Wokingham HM results on Strava that are considerably beyond what I can do. 

    Anyway: 8 miles yesterday with strides.  Another lovely early evening - I met 3 other runners which is a good number for around here.  Left hip is a bit grumbly at the moment - not really when running but constantly aches a bit when sitting and lying on it - need to keep an eye on it.   Won't be overdoing the speedwork this week as I am racing on Sunday. 
  • I don't think there's much point comparing ourselves to others, Hazel - unless you're an elite, there are always going to be people faster. I know I'm not genetically blessed as far as running is concerned, but I work to improve what I've got and I'm doing a decent job at that. At some point I'll get close to my potential and it will get harder to make improvements, but I think there's more in the tank for now. My main challenge is to improve whilst not breaking myself!
    As for hips, I have to be careful with mine as that TFL knocked me out for Autumn '17 and I don't want a repeat of that. I think sitting makes them tight, which doesn't help. I try to walk a bit more now on rest days.
  • So I went out first thing this morning for a steady 5 miles just as the sun was coming up. I felt perfectly fine until right at the end, just as I was turning back into my street, I had some sudden sharp pains down the outside of my left foot. It almost felt like foot was having a bit of a spasm. I didn't think too much of it at the time but the pain has gotten worse as the morning has progressed and it's rather painful to walk on at the moment. 

    I'm really hoping that it's nothing serious and that a few days rest will do the trick. I knew things were going too well!
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    I thought I'd jump in on the thread. I'm Ian, I've been running for around 2 years, but only with any intent beyond getting a bit fitter for around 3 months. I've lost around 15kg in the last two years. I'm 49 for a few more weeks. PB for Parkrun is about 25:49 and I've run 53:21 for 10k when training. I'm running the Lea Valley half in a few weeks, which is a big step up. My goal is around 2:05.00. (Is there an intro thread I should have used?)

    For context my penultimate run was Sunday, 14.5k at easy pace (5:55/k) around Regent's Park, which is a warm up from home. First time I've ran there.

    My last run (today) was a botched attempt at running a nice even 6.5k at about 6m/k pace. I ran near home which is a lot hillier and it felt harder than I expected, but not terrible. K splits were not as wayward as I feared when GAP was used. This is the normal route I ran and where I managed the 10k time.

    Anyway, nice to virtually meet you all. Enjoyed reading a few back posts.
  • alipat, try rolling your foot on a ball (or a water bottle) and also roll out your calves including the sides of your legs. You probably have some tightness there. If it isn't better after a day or two, get yourself to a sports physio. Most GPs will say rest and take ibuprofen, which isn't massively helpful.

    Welcome, enrvuk. That's a good weight loss. I'm in London too, although south of the river. Your times are decent for someone relatively new to running - you should see plenty of improvement. Just don't make the mistake of racing your training runs. Most runs should be at an easy/steady pace, with one or two speed specific runs a week. (I actually don't do a lot of speedwork myself - I tend to use parkrun for that). Good luck with your half.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the welcome, encouragement and good advice Cal. I am just getting my head around the idea of needing to train slow to run fast. I've read quite a bit of the science around it while bored at work, but it's still hard to get it to sink in when I run.

    The 14.5k, seemed nice and easy and reviewing the HR confirmed it. Today was tougher. I'll try and run a bit slower still tomorrow and see how it goes!
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