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  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    That must have been quite an emotionally exhausting day at Lords enrv. I kept having to step away from the TV and pace about a bit.
    Great long runs Linton and Cal.
    14miles today on country backroads in bit under 1hr50. Easy paced outbound although pretty weary for the first few miles. Sped up for the last few miles back. They're resurfacing an old bridleway which leads out to a village. They've been doing bits of this track to create a cycle link for about 6years. The first part they completed was a tarmaced stretch isolated betweeted a rutted dirt track and a blind exit onto the road on a busy S bend. That was no fun when when you're running.
    There's a new build going up on a rural road a mile from anything else. Completely glass on two sides from floor to roof. Never seen a building which such large single sheets of glass. Beautiful mezzanine first floor as well.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    When I'm watching a triathlon on tv I'm surprised how many bike crashes there are,usually on tight bends or wet surfaces.Nice 10 miles as well Cal.

    Great long run JT and a fast pace as well.That new build might be on Grand Designs!

    Working nights and I really had to force myself to go for a run this afternoon,very warm and muggy.8 miles 3 @ T/P.

  • Good commitment there JD and nice 8 miles.

    A little 5K reco run this end. The double loop again, which meant a few uphills and thus a few downhill. Very much like the Brecon Beacons in miniature,  in the latest County in the UK. 
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Well done JT. I bet they had to be very careful moving that glass.
    Commiserations on the night shift, JD.
    Will, saw a little bird yesterday. At first I thought it was a robin from the way it was moving (the common is lousy with them) but then saw it had a speckly chest. I got a bit excited and checked out the RSPB bird identifier and it appears it was a robin after all, but a juvenile. :D
    Gorgeous morning for a run - quite fresh, but sunny - so I had to exercise self restraint and stick to the planned 4 miles since I have a race tomorrow.
    Still, my restraint was rewarded in the form of a friendly cat who allowed me to pet him once I'd stopped to walk after I hit the 4 mile target.
    I've entered the Lee Valley 10 mile in a week and a half - I'd been looking at it (since I had to cancel the Harry Hawkes 10 due to achilles/foot woes) but thought it might be a bit soon. However, after yesterday's run I figured I'd be fine. I've also entered Kingston half in October which was also be a new race for me, though it's the same organisers as the Hampton Court half I do in February so I should think it covers much of the same course, albeit from a different start point.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    A nice easy 4 miles this morning. Lovely out there. It will be considerably hotter when I do my race this evening. I got my 10K PB (rather unexpectedly, I might add) there last year but don't really expect to do that again considering my recent ailments. But you never know.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Good long run JT.   Maybe run the route again soon to check on progress with that new building.

    Well done for getting out there JD despite the night shift and the weather conditions

    Nice robin spot Cal.  Good luck for this evening!

    Group run yesterday evening - for once on a different route with plenty of shade as guided by one of our ladies.  I wasn't particularly keen on it as it involved going straight into a steep ascent (shuffle jog - walk) which I didn't appreciate without any sort of running warm up and later also a steep descent on a concrete path.   Also cycled to and from the meeting point.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Great robin spot Cal and good luck for tonight.You have few races lined up again which is always good to have.I have a 10k end of August and just trying to fit in a flat fast 5k.

    Don't think I would appreciate going straight into a steep ascent  without warning up properly Hazelnut.Bet there were a few grumbles.

    8 miles yesterday afternoon.Gym class tonight .

  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Good luck for the race Cal. You've made such a speedy recovery, great news. Are you doing the Lea Valley Olympic Park or the Lea Valley white water centre?

    That new build sounds great JT, where is it roughly?

    Nice runs everyone else.

    Ran my first club run last night. Eventful! First of all, after 670km without a trip, I managed to get 0.1km into my group run and tripped and smashed my Apple Watch. Great. At least it's a story for the club newsletter. The run itself was nice, easy paced, 8.5k with a few water stops. We went up past the Parliament Hill running track and to the hill itself, where we stumbled upon a Silent Disco in full flow. We stopped and had a chat with the organisers. The route included scooting alongside Kenwood. I needed some hills and the views were beautiful. Shame about the trip.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    That's an expensive trip, enrvuk, but glad you enjoyed your first club outing. Good excuse to get yourself a nice Garmin, though.
    The race is in the white water centre I think - 

    Hazelnut, that run sounds like my idea of hell (particularly the steep descent - I don't do those. I'd have probably walked down it).

    The race didn't go as planned. I'd intended to do the 10K, like last year, but the organisers changed things up. Last two years they sent the 5K off first and the 10K 10 minutes or so later, and the route was a bit different. This year they changed the route so it was similar to the parkrun route (with a couple of small changes and a different finish) and it was two laps for 5K or four for the 10K, which both set off together.
    For a PB I'd have to run around 8:18 min/mi and I did the first mile in 8:06, which felt fine, but then the humidity started to affect me and breathing got a lot more laboured. The second mile was 8:25, by which point I knew a) a 10K PB wasn't likely and b) I didn't feel like flogging myself around another two laps so I decided to bail at the 5K point.
    The new finishing straight was on gravel, and not the fine stuff but big, deep, lumpy stuff. It was like trying to run on Brighton beach. I couldn't have sprinted if I'd wanted to. Came in at 26:23 which is not great, but then I hadn't gone off at 5K pace. Got my medal and flapjack at least. Oh and I was 1st in my age cat, but there were only six, which made it a lot less competitive than Bromley parkrun, and in fact, most parkruns.
    Eh, well.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Bad luck on the watch enrvuk.  Otherwise it seems you enjoyed your club run.

    Gravel is an evil surface to run on Cal.  Well done on your 1st place AG.  Good call to dump the 10k - I wouldn't have liked the 4 loops - can imagine that it would be an issue with lapping people as well?

    Nice to have a race to look forward to JD - can you just run a couple of hard parkruns as 5ks?

    First bit of speedwork in a while for me yesterday evening. 5k warm up with some drills and strides, then 5 x 800 (GPS measured) off 2 min recoveries.  4 or so k to cool down.  Was a warm evening but I coped with that well (distracted by the speedwork as such) though I was glad I had taken water with me (belt hung over convenient signpost).  The reps were nothing special - more around 10k pace but I need to get back into the habit and I find it hard to run faster than 10k pace anyway - in particular in training.  Not an easy stretch to do the reps on anyway - stony field track with tight turns.  Excuses, excuses.. :D
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I find it hard to run at race pace during training, Hazelnut - it always feels a lot easier during the actual race doesn't it?
    I did run a bit too fast today - I thought about doing my longest run of the week today as I have mile relays on Monday but then I set out around 10min/mi pace and couldn't seem to slow myself down so I opted for 7 miles today and will do the longer run on Sunday. It's still early days yet so I'm looking at 12/13 miles for that.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    The Apple Watch does so many things the Garmin can't outside of a running context, it also can make and receive calls without the phone. From what I've read, aside from battery life, there isn't anything specific a Garmin does an Apple Watch can't. Wouldn't mind a Garmin as well though, certainly more robust and makes you look more of a runner.

    My Half Marathon was in the white water centre as well. It's a pleasant enough, fairly flat course. There is a bridge near the end which is a little elevated and the finish is MUCH further away than you realise. As you enter the area with the centre in it, the finish weaved away for some distance. On a cooler day it would have been a nice run.

    Given the terrain and aiming for 10k pace, c26 doesn't sound too bad for your run. Adding 7miles on Thursday and 12/13 on Sunday is an amazing week given where you were 2 weeks ago!

    Hazel, love the 10 reasons I didn't run quicker post :-) For me the intervals are the runs I enjoy the most, even if they're the hardest. Not claiming that I am quick btw.

    Back on the road with a 6.79km 'fast finish' run last night. Impressed how I coped with it being 23c. I have a procedure on Saturday and volunteering at the Regent's Park 10k on Sunday, so wondering where my LR will fit in.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    enrvuk - I have had some not so good experiences with Garmin and battery life / robustness but maybe that was the specific model / watch and it was a few years ago.  I expect I will need to look for an alternative to my TomTom some time soon as they are no longer being manufactured as far as I can see.  How about doing your long run post 10k volunteering?  Watching the race (if you can) might give you some inspiration? 

    Seems like a plan for your long run Cal. 

    5 miles recovery yesterday evening - very muggy - was glad I could amble around.
    Took the morning off today and treated myself to a long hill run - 15k upwards with around 700m of ascent, most of that in the second half.  Wasn't about pace today (12:20 per mile on average) but practice on more technical trails (steep and rock/root infested).  Saw a hare and enjoyed hunting down hikers.   Nice cake and coffee before taking the short route down - a bit short of 2 miles and steep all the way so shuffled down to save the quads.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Unlucky with the watch envruk,nice first club run though.Are you volunteering with your club?You can always fit your LR after.

    Couple of nice runs Hazlenut,especially the hill run.I want to sub 20 on a 5k but got no chance on a parkrun,so just looking out for a nice flat road race.

    Nice race Cal,well done on your ag cat position.You seem to be logging the miles again after your injury .

    8 miles yesterday with 6x1k @ 10kp.20 miles this morning,just over 3 hours which I was happy with.Weather was cool which made a massive difference from the last couple of weeks.After about 8 miles I noticed soap suds running down both of my legs,obviously my shorts had not rinsed properly and with the heavy rain it produced an impressive amount of foam.

  • Busy times on here I see. Seems like the heat is stopping no-one. I like the sound of your trail training, Hazelnut. I'm hoping to get over to Wales for a weekend of route recce and rocky running in a few weeks.

    I have been quite literally in the woods for the last 2 weeks, as chief of Woodland Camp, so it's been an exhausting time, what with a couple of campfire sleep-outs and general Bear Grills style mayhem. Have managed 3 runs since my last post. One of last week's I couldn't fit in, so am adding the extra 4 miles to this week, unless anything drastic happens.

    Wednesday morning's 5am call ended in a bit of a stunted run. Half a mile in, the bowels began to wake up and, having got up so early, I stubbornly refused to bail on the run. So it was a 'Ministry of Silly Walks slow 3 miles and a bloody relief to get home!

    I was too tired to do the planned run on Thursday, opting for bed at 8pm instead, after sod-all sleep in the woods. Last night, despite not feeling up for it, I forced myself out into the rain and then enjoyed a nice wind-down 6 miles, including a lap of the lake and a few hills/Norfolk bumps.

    Back on it for a brisk 3 miles this morning and then planning to make it a daily double with 3 more tonight - playing a bit of catch up. Top spot was a Green Woodpecker in the cemetery this morning and a Poplar Hawk Moth in my trap.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Nice hare spotting, Hazelnut.
    Well done on your run, JD.
    I opted for Hoblingwell parkrun today, which isn't far from Bromley where I ran last week but is a lot smaller (Bromley gets 600-800 people - Hoblingwell usually gets less than 100). It was wet all night so I did wonder if it was a sensible option as it's mostly grass, but decided to go anyway. The heavens opened as I got off the train but I had with me my trusty theme park rain poncho so I avoided getting too soaked.
    Fortunately it stopped by the time I reached the venue, but the grass was definitely soggy.
    I was greeted by the RD and spent some time chatting to various runners. It's probablyt the friendliest parkrun I've visted.There were only 66 there today, which is a bit of a shame as it was celebrating its 2nd birthday (I guess the rain put a few people off) but good for me as it was my best shot at a high finisher position, despite my current lack of race fitness.
    I started OK - my Zoom Flys didn't slide around too much on the wet grass - but after the first mile or so I started to struggle due to the humidity. I saw a woman in front of me (she was from Bushy - I'd talked to her beforehand) but couldn't manage to stay with her, so I just went at my own pace.
    I ended up finishing in 27:16 which isn't awesome but then I found I'd finished 15th overall and 2nd lady - my highest ever position, so I'm dead chuffed with that.
    Stayed and chatted with a few people, ate some celebratory fruit (cake is verboten, unfortunately, due to my gluten issues) and then headed home.
    Heard an announcement for Inspector Sands as I passed through Victoria Station, where I changed trains. So apparently that is a real thing. (If you weren't aware, Inspector Sands is a code phrase for there's a fire somewhere - obviously so as not to spook passengers).
  • Hi everyone. Loads of great running everyone, well done!

    Well after the heady heights of hitting nearly 30 miles last week, this week life and work has been relentlessly busy, and I've managed a sum total of ....6 miles. 6!!

    It was my birthday too, and my better half and parents got me a new pair of Sauconys, Aftershokz bone connection headphones, a medal hanger for the man cave, and a book on ultra running (whoa!!! Slow down!) Was lovely, but diet firmly out the window.

    I'm nervous about the race tomorrow. Only 10k but I think it's going to be hilly, hot and fairly windy one way. I'm going to try and get there early and have decent warm up. I haven't run since Tuesday!

    That sounds a great Parks in Cal. Nice placing! So glad your injuries are improving.  Like you say, that was some rain last night! It kent it woke me up, torrential.

    That sounds cool Will,  I love camping and the outdoors, running is hard when tired agreed.  I found a huge chrysalis when clearing leaves. I put it in a take-away tub with holes pierced. Wonder what it could be? Should I put it back?

    Great running JD1. I would love a sub 20 min 5k too. 20:53 my best and can't see me breaking that soon.

    Great long running Hazlenut! I want to do a hilly trail half marathon on 11 august and next week off work, so will try a bit of that next week hopefully.

    Great run enrvuk.  I hope I cope with the warm day tomorrow, I find it hard.

    Have a nice sunday.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Happy Birthday, Linton! All this talk of sub-20 parkruns and I'm ecstatic when I get under 25 (it's only happened three times!) Hah.

    A longer run today which I didn't really enjoy that much despite it being perfectly pleasant out. There wasn't really anything horrible about it - ran on three different commons - but it seemed to drag. Got to 12 miles (my intended target) but was a bit far from home so carried on for another mile then decided to add the .1 to make it a half.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    edited July 2019
    Nice running and foaming JD. A sub 20 5k is not something I could aim for! Never run a 5k race or parkrun personally.

    I can imagine your woodland activities were tough Will!

    Good hob(b)ling Cal. Well done on 2nd lady. Good work on keeping going for your long run this morning.

    Happy belated birthday LTT! Good collection of running pressies! Good luck for your 10k. Wouldn't worry about the lack of miles this week, you should have fresh legs. Hope its not too warm!

    5 warm and muggy miles with OH yesterday evening with a couple of big dragonflies to report.  Got up earlyish this morning for 13.1 miles before breakfast. It rained during the night adding to the humidity but at least I timed it well to be back before the sun came out properly. 5 miles were done at around MP. Fairly quiet out, 2 riders, 2 runners and  few dogwalkers met.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Happy birthday Linton,great running presents.Good luck with 10k race sure you'll do well.

    Will,this camping lark sounds fun but not conducive for a good night sleep,hopefully it didn't rain too much whilst camping.

    Great parkrun Cal always gives a boost to your confidence when you do well.Next time I'm at my sil I'm going to run Bushy,think it's only 5 miles away.Nice long run as well.

    Solid running as ever Hazelnut,when's your next race?

    6 easy miles yesterday evening,bumped into another runner who I hadn't seen for a while (been injured since May) so we're chatting about running as you do,nice to see him out again.

  • Cheers folks, I had a great run on sunday! 

     The race was organised by Deal triathlon club and was to raise money for Skin Cancer UK which had sadly claimed one of it's founder members, and over a fairly hilly course.

    It was warm! I reckon 22/23 degrees, but I made sure to drink a fair bit before it started.  More by chance than anything I found myself in with a group of runners from a local club who were of similar pace, but a little bit better, and tried to hang on.

    After a KM we swung right through some beautiful countyside, and the hills started!, I coped with the inclines OK, but have sore ankles today from the descents, but was holding decent pace, for me.

    At 8 km I looked at my watch and was surprised to see 39 minutes and realised if I got a move on  I could get a PB. (The least bit of the course was flat)I managed the last two km at 5k pace and a time of 47:41, a PB by 9 seconds! Considering the course was much harder than normal I was really pleased. 

    I still can't ever imagine getting a 40 minute 10k, after working out that needs a 6.5 minute mile (or below). Kudos to those that can. Practice I guess!

    That's it now for weekend 10k races/fast Parkruns. I enjoy them but need to seriously work on my distance running, which is pretty poor. (numb legs and pretty much game over at 13 miles). The fun weekend 10Ks are replacing my weekend 2 hour run, and I need to keep this up to improve if I'm ever to do a marathon.

    I have two weeks off work now, one away on holiday, one at home, so am going to try and get some substantial mileage going.

    There is a trail half marathon coming up I want to try through a local triathlon club, but only about 60 people enter! Very small! But I guess that doesn't matter? And you get to finish at a proper stadium race track which sounds epic!

    Great long run Cal, an unofficial half marathon! Glad the injuries are still improving and you're back doing long runs.

    And another half marathon Hazelnut! Brilliant work.  I find it easiest running early, before breakfast too. Nice dragonfly spot, Always a nice sight.

    Nice run JD, the running community do seem a very friendly bunch.

    Have a good week.  Not sure about the rest of the UK, but it's going to be a fiercely hot week here in Sandwich. 26-33c all week!! 

  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Busy bunch here!

    Nice PB LTT, that must have been very rewarding as you focus on the longer distance.

    Solid miles JD! Yes, I did volunteer with my club. It was an inter-club meet with a 10k, a relay and some kid races. Mornington Chasers had two in the top four, but a Serpentine runner won.

    Hazel, always impressed with your mileage. If I run near that distance I struggle to focus on my feet, let alone fauna.

    Cal, nice Parkrun. Is it one you'd recommend?

    I decided to get up super early on Sunday and ground out 11k. Not bad as I had a procedure on Saturday that meant no food for 24 hours. Then went and volunteered which was fun, although you can get bored hearing 'thank you marshal'.  None of the front runners say it :-)

    This morning I had an HR based 6k. Easy stuff.

    I've planned a race for my team on Wednesday and we're heading to Hyde Park for the Run Through event. True to form it's looking to be 30c at run time. The curse runs on.
  • Happy birthday, Linton. You did alright with that haul. It's hard to fit everything in in life. It sometimes makes your head spin, but running gives me the space I need, even when it's a squeeze. Enjoy your Sauconys and I hope the 10K went well.

    An inspirational little 'half' there Cal - showing what commitment can achieve. Likewise, Hazelnut. You two always give me the push I need to get out there. Unceasing effort.

    I've just about recovered from my fortnight in the woods, JD1. Such a good experience for the kids. Had a day dissecting owl pellets on the beach at work yesterday! Tidy 6 miles from you.

    An uneventful 4 miles last night. Took some back roads, into the dark side of the tracks. Joss sticks, herbal roll-ups and drunken Super Sunday rows. 

    This morning I had planned a 14 miler, post school run as I had the day off. I stupidly thought it would still be reasonably cool at 9am. A couple of miles in and it was obvious it was going to be a testing run. Starting with 4 miles round the cemetery,  I could feel the weekend miles in my legs and the heat rising rapidly. I've been talking to one of the parents at school who recently completed a 93 mile ultra along the length of the Tyne. He runs 10 mins then walks 2 mins and reckons with this technique you can go on 'forever'. As I headed down for some trails by the river I thought I might need to employ those tactics. So, at 6 miles I walked for 2 minutes, munched a few jelly beans and then got back to running. Over the rest of the run I took 3 more walking breaks and it definitely looks like an interesting technique (I think I am headed Ultra way at some point). I was able to get back to pace with no problems and I certainly wouldn't have made it to 13.1 miles without the breaks - heat just kills me and it was 30 degrees C by the time I got home. So, it quite the 14 miles, but happy with a 'half' in 2:22. It's going to have to be a lot of early morning running for the rest of the summer!

    I run, therefore I am.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    enrvuk - Definitely. It's small and friendly. Not hilly but a bit of a tricky course. Definitely best in Summer before it gets muddy. And as you can see from my position, good if you want a high finisher placing! Good luck in Hyde Park - it's going to be stupid hot so make sure you're well hydrated going into it.

    Linton - yes, those are the temps we've got in London. Ugh!

    JD - Bushy's great - they manage the numbers really well (but then it's only one lap with lots of space). Lovely location.

    Will - yeah, I popped to Aldi around that time and it was already hot. I am looking at ultras too, for next year. I'd like to start with a nice 50K one, not too hilly!

    Took part in the annual Battersea Park mile relays this evening. I ran 7:26 or so last year - this year they had chip timing (results are not in yet) but my Garmin made it 7:23 (I'd expect a second or so less officially) so a small PB. I'll take it! I always enjoy that event. It was warm, but for a mile it's not bad. Rather dreading the 10 miler I've foolishly entered on Sunday which will be hotter than I'm comfortable with. Ah well.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Just catching up with all the birthdays, broken watches, foaming shorts and woodpeckers.
    I've run the last three days (well four including a 20min high incline treadmill run Friday at the gym). It is warm and humid. Bit under 7.2miles tonight in the dusk in about 54mins. Got a face full of midges by the river. The geese were honking away. There was a Maserati (I think) with the number plate B1LL1E. It was being driven very loud. I'm guessing Billie is a bit of a prick. Last night 7miles. There was a girl having her photo taken sprawled across the bonnet of a car. She flicked seamlessly between posing and ferociously bollocking in Polish(?) her dad(?) who was taking the pictures. Saturday 8miles on/offroad. Really strong swirling breeze. Didn't seem to matter which way I went I was always into the wind. Nearly kicked a corgi into the river.
    Take care in the heat over the coming days everyone.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    JT, I always love reading your posts.

    Official mile time is 7:20. I'm happy with that given I've done zero speed training.
    Out early doors for a 10 miler, which I did averaging 9:54 pace. I have dropped a few pounds so wondering if that's the reason. Saw two cats, both black and white, but not much else of interest.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Good luck with your race on Wednesday enrvuk,it's going to be a sticky one for you.

    Nice long run Will,walking for a couple of minutes in this heat is a good way of getting round.Ultras don't appeal to me,too much running for my liking.There's a guy I work with and he's just completed 100m ultra.He's out every weekend on two long runs but he's single with no kids so there's nobody to give him grief.

    Well done on your Battersea park mile PB Cal,I'd happily take a PB no matter how small.

    You see some sights on your runs JT,sometimes I see cats sprawled across car bonnets but not girls unfortunately !

    5.35 slow and easy miles last night with Polly at my side.

  • A multi-terrain loop this morning! 4 miles of road to a petrol station. A Lucozade. 4 miles home. Pint of water. 3.4 mile of trail. 11.4 miles. Felt a bit sore from Sunday's race.

    Everything has grown so much! A perhaps 30 acre field of maize is now as tall as me, and I can barely get through the bridle path.

    Inexplicable joggers nipple (humidity?) and treading in dog####, the low points, being off road was nice though.

    No birdlife, but I now have a very chirpy nest of sparrows in my loft.

    Nice mile PB Cal and solid 10 miler! They do a Golden Mile event here too. Sounds good.

    Nice run JD and nice to have a running buddy.

    Amusing runs JT. I remember seeing a Lamborghini in London with the number plate WAN K3R. Made me chuckle.

    Good long run Will and a long way. Ultra running just seems impossible to me.  Agreed, the heat is going to be brutal  this week.

    Good luck for wednesday enrvuk.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Nice to see lots of posts..

    Well done on your surprise 10k PB LTT.  Seems you could take some time off of that yet - whenever you are ready to try it if you are changing your focus for a while. Enjoy your break from work - don't up the mileage too quickly.  The trail HM sounds interesting - with a small field you might be running on your own for stretches but if that prospect doesn't bother you why not try it out.

    Good luck for your race tomorrow enrvuk.  30 degrees will be tough.  Hmm - keep the warm-up to a minimum, stay in the shade as much as possible pre-race and cool your skin with water (wet hair?)

    Well done for getting through your hot run Will.  I can recommend run-walk - it is surprising how little time it costs over a distance and does give you a boost and an opportunity to get in fuel / drink.

    Well done on your mile PB Cal!

    Agree - I also like JT's posts..

    Running rest day yesterday though I did go out on my bike for about 10 miles.  Dragged myself out of bed this morning to start my run at just before 7am (I'm not usually a morning runner) and was expecting to amble around with my eyes shut for at least the first few k.  Instead I had trouble not running much too fast. Might regret that as I am supposed to be doing speedwork tomorrow morning.  Fairly quiet out - one furry bunny spotted and the same two riders from Sunday morning (exchanged hellos).  Combine harvesters are working overtime at the moment getting in the grain.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Well done Linton - look after those nips eh? I don't have that problem (sports bras) but I've had underboob chaffing a few times so now I have to make sure I lube up before long runs. :blush:
    No bunnies here, Hazelnut, though I have seen them on Wimbledon Common.
    Very hot in my flat at the moment and will only get worse. I slept in 28 degrees last night and the temp only dropped 1 degree overnight with the window wide open.

    I was out at 5.30am again and it was noticeably warmer and stickier than yesterday. I ran 8 miles and it felt harder than the 10 I did yesterday. Didn't take water, which was a mistake as I got thirsty quickly and found I'd dropped 2lbs when I got back. (I made sure I drank enough to regain it after - weight loss isn't so good when it's just water weight). Still relatively brisk - averaged 10 minute miles.
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