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  • Interesting, paces are quite close together now, which is why I often struggle to hit even MP in training, never mind HMP - my easy pace hasn't really changed at all! I'll have to see what I manage at HC and Manchester.

    8 mile recovery run today. I have a lot of niggles - might need to do a preemptive physio visit soon.
  • MP and HMP are definitely hard work in training I agree, in particular MP as the distances I will run at it in training are quite a bit longer. 

    13.4 MLR yesterday afternoon.  On a long out and back with little distraction for the mind.  Did at least see a small herd of deer and lots of birds of prey.  Kept to the lower end of my long run pace range as I have a 10k on Sunday.  Warm in the sun but as soon as that was down it became chilly quite quickly.  
  • 5 miles after work. Fairly nondescript but all good. Felt quick but was running 9+ minute miles, weird.

    Great running Hazlenut and Cal, that's a rapid marathon pace Hazlenut wow!  Nice deer spot. I find running even pace hard.

    There's a local half I really fancied (Deal), but couldn't do it due to injury.  Fortunately (for me) it fell on the day of storm Ciara and was rescheduled to next weekend.  Due (I'm assuming?) to marshalling limitations, instead of a winding, hilly course, it's 6.5 laps of a cycle track at an old colliery.  I'm going to give it a punt as I thought its perfect for me, as any discomfort I can easily bail.  That said, it will be a gentle training run rather than any sort of time effort.  I haven't done an event since December 21st!! So it will just be a gentle introduction again.

  • Fast 6 miles on the treadmill this morning, bringing weekly mileage up to 14 miles.

    Planning on doing 9 miles on Sunday with the running club. It'll possibly follow the half marathon route, which is known to be really hilly, so that'll be fun...especially with the weather set to be wet and windy again...
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Evening all

    That's a good MP Hazelnut,that was about the same pace I was training on in the summer.Good luck on Sunday.

    Hope your niggles clear up Cal,enjoy your parkrun in tomorrow.

    Good idea Linton,it'll see where you are on your recovery.

    Due to the weather I've used the treadmill a couple of times this week,3.85 and 3.1miles, that's all I could do before boredom kicked in,both before a gym class.Keep checking the weather reports for tomorrow's race,hoping that'll get better,but no,it's still shit!

  • That's fortuitous, Linton - best of luck!
    I'd struggle to stay on a treadmill longer than that, JD - it's mind-numbing!
    Have fun on your hilly 9, Malteser.

    Day off yesterday - parkrun today. I decided to repeat Southwark as it's a flat paved course and easy to get to. I didn't want to be off on a trek somewhere out of town as I have the half tomorrow.
    Southwark's quite a fast course and I was hopeful I could beat my previous best (25:11, set in 2018) but the wind didn't make that easy. My Garmin also did something weird - I must have mashed the buttons because instead of seeing my usual pace/distance data it just gave me the time. I had a fumble with it but at 5K pace that isnt' easy and made things worse. It did record my run but I had to wait for the results to come through to get the proper time and it was 25:09 - a two second PB. Better than nothing but not as fast as I wanted. Never mind.
  • Speedy parkrun before your half Cal.  Sub 25 sounds doable another day.  Good luck for tomorrow - hopefully decent conditions.

    Decent plan LTT with the half LTT.   Next weekend being next weekend not this weekend I assume?
     Otherwise good luck!

    At least you got that far on the TM JD.  Hope you do at least get a bit of a tailwind in your race at some point tomorrow.

    And even further by you Malteser on the TM.  Hopefully the company on the 9 miler will take your mind off the hills and the conditions.

    Rest day for me yesterday (did do an 11 mile local trundle on the MTB though).  Today 6.4 recovery with 6 x strides.  Also pinning on a number tomorrow (10k) and my legs feel reasonably fresh as I haven't done any speed work this week so far.  The race is a substitute for 5 miles @ LT with a bit stuck on.  Doubt I'm in 10k PB form at the moment - a course PB would be nice though.  Conditions look ok but might be breezier than I like.  
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Great course PB Cal,I'd take a 2 second pb.Hope the weather behaves itself.Good luck for tomorrow.

    I'm sure you'll be pushing for a course PB Hazelnut,good luck.

    Rhyl 10 this morning.Route was changed,so you were running through more residential streets,not ideal when car drivers were getting impatient waiting for the runners.Started off ok,first 5 miles where on target,averaging 6.55 P/M.But the next 5 miles were a different story,just running into 40 plus mph winds,it really knocked me out of my stride.The worst part was on the prom,sand was whipping your legs and face,so it was head down and keep buggering on.

    Finished with a time of 1:15:04,which I'm fairly happy with, considering the conditions.Finished 85/548.There's plenty of positives to take into my next race,which is the Chester 10k.

  • Great time with those conditions JD well done.  You are right to be pleased with that.

    No PBs to report for me, 50 seconds down on last year with 43:56. I think it was windier though and about half of the course was straight into it.  Good things to take out of it, I faded less than those around me and it was a good workout at tempo pace.  I also enjoyed hunting down and overtaking several pairs of those flashy Nikes..

    Hope Cal had a good half.
  • Similar story for me, JD and Hazelnut. Started out OK but then hit a windy stretch down the Thames and my pace just got slower and slower. Turned almost in the opposite direction and there was an even worse headwind. I don't know how that's even possible!
    Ended up with 1:53:53 which is almost a minute down on Kingston and Farnborough, and 8 seconds slower than Hampton Court last year (though, given conditions were perfect then, I guess it's not so bad).
    I'm wondering if I should enter another half before Manchester to see what I can do in better weather, but I will need to recover from today - it took quite a bit out of me.
  • I wrote a fairly lengthy tomb that has disappeared into the ether?

    The much abbreviated version of it was "Well done everyone, you're all awesome!"

    I ran 8 miles (4 loops) round the colliery (where sundays race is) in a trial run on sunday. Just me in the whole park! Solid 55mph winds meant one way was a battle, while the other was easy.  Some horses watched me, bemused.

    More undulating than I thought, Found a rock I may hide a Cliff bar or Lucozade under! A little nervous as it looks to be speedy, results wise.

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Good racing Cal and Hazelnut,hopefully it'll bode well for future races and in better weather.

    Make sure you can remember which rock it is Linton!Are you going to race it or use it as a training run?

    8.24 miles yesterday afternoon,still very windy.Polly was filthy,so tried to get her into the stream at the back of my house but because it was flowing quite fast she was having none of it.

  • Cal to get that close to last year's result despite the wind is great.  You could do another half before Manchester.  Otherwise what are your post marathon plans ?  Maybe concentrate on getting your half time down after?  (I have vague recollections of an ultra though?)

    Annoying regarding the vanished post LTT.  Did you look in drafts if it had been saved?  Well done on battling that wind.  Maybe you could mark your rock with a flag.  Don't worry about maybe being slower than the others - it is your run that counts. 

    Hosepipe JD?  Certainly a tactically placed old towel.

    Not having done a long run last week I got out yesterday afternoon instead for an 18.98 miler (ooops).

    Legs were tired from the outset from the 10k race on Sunday but I was able to maintain a steady effort throughout the run despite it being breezy on the way back and having a few undulations to deal with.  Took on a gel and an energy bar and made sure I was decently fueled up beforehand which seemed to help.  Beautiful afternoon, very warm for late February - just needed shorts and t-shirt.  Did carry extras with me in case I wanted to / needed to bail out on route so I ran with a small backpack (including water).  Rest day today though I will walk a bit later.  Weather to deteriorate as of this evening might even get some snow tomorrow. 
  • The snow did arrive - quite a shock to go from running in 18 degrees to running in around one degree in a snow shower with a frisky breeze.  Gave me a chance to test my new waterproof jacket (an Inov-8), I left my old one (OMM) on a train in January and didn't get it back via lost property unfortunately.  Seems to do the job - didn't get any boil-in-the-bag sensations and the hood is decent.  Nice combination of slightly muddy underfoot but all the trees and bushes sprinkled with fresh snow - no camera with me unfortunately.

    13.8 miles in 2:01:10 - mostly done at a comfy pace though I did do around 3 at the faster end of my long run pace range.  That was interrupted by a couple of road crossings though.  Strangely my legs felt better at that pace than at the comfy pace - will observe my gait a bit as I have the impression I get into a lazy shuffle at the slower pace.
  • I've had three days off with a sore foot (including a trip to the physio) so only ventured out today, and then only at 1pm for a mere 4 miles as there was yucky sleet this morning. Foot held up, mostly, so I'll ease back in gently.

    Unfortunately the insurance is refusing to pay up on my Tokyo flight so I don't think I'll be trying again next year - too expensive and too much risk and stress.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    That must've been a shock to the system going from a warm spring like day back to snow Hazelnut.Back in Blighty there's another storm coming in.I used to find my legs felt better at a faster pace than a really slow pace.

    Sorry to hear about the insurance Cal.They don't need much of an excuse not to pay out.Hope your foot is  feeling better.

    4.45 Tuesday and 5.9 miles today.After just 2 miles,Polly tripped me up,I went crashing to the ground,ripped my best tights,cut and grazed my right knee and was covered head to foot in mud.Polly did a fantastic somersault into the canal,definitely a 7 on the scorecard.Had to pull her out by her collar,don't think she was bothered with tripping me up!
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    edited February 28
    That is a bugger regarding the flight Cal.  Current events do put a dampener on doing races away or even signing up for anything at anything other than last minute.  The annoying thing about that tactic is that more and more events get more and more expensive towards the day or have closing dates.  No idea what the fate of my booked events will be.  I have a localish race in a couple of weeks time with several thousand participants which will almost certainly be cancelled if (or more likely as soon as) there are any positives in the region as mass participation events are being forbidden by the authorities here.  Will loose just the entry fee for that at least.

    Sorry I had to laugh at that description JD.  Shame about the tights though and I hope you are not too bruised today.  I do remember you trying to get Polly into the stream for demudding though - seems you have found a solution...

    Stormy yesterday afternoon here - just a short recovery run of four miles fortunately - didn't even bother to try to fight against the wind. 
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    There's another big storm coming in tomorrow Hazelnut,so I'll be using the TM.

    Woke up this morning to heavy snow,so decided to go to the gym class instead and then did a fairly speedy 5k on the TM.Knee is ok ish when moving around,it seizes up when sitting down though.
    Have a nice weekend everyone.
  • You too JD and everyone else.

    Took advantage of the good conditions this afternoon for a tempo run.
    Trotted down the hill to warm up with some drills and a couple of strides.  Then 5 @ somewhere around tempo/HM pace and another mile at around my old mara pace to make up to 10k for the speedwork bit.  The other way around would have been better probably. Ran up and down a section of ditch on a 1k loop - bit boring but unusually I wasnt interrupted by riders or dog walkers. Trotted back up the hill at a slow jog or the cool down.

    Decent run overall. Tempo pace is a bit down from where it could be but these are tough little sessions and at least I was able to maintain the pace. 
  • Yikes, JD - good job she didn't pull you into the canal with her! Hope the knee is just bruised.
    Well done on your tempo, Hazelnut.
    Weather looked terrible today so I'd already decided to do a repeat parkrun rather than travel outside London and then have a long journey back when I was cold and wet. I opted for Crystal Palace as it's 15 minutes on the train, and I'd not done the winter course before (I last went in summer '18). The summer course is one big lap whereas the winter course is two smaller laps, which meant twice up the hill. It's not a terrible hill - a fairly mild gradient for most of it with one steep bit, but the fact you're going up for a while makes it a bit harder.
    It's tarmac and gravel path but there were a lot of puddles, and I did a lap of the dinosaur lake (which is on the summer course but not the winter one) as a warm-up and got my feet soaking wet before I even started. Never mind.
    I'd agreed to meet my parkrun friend Tunde and he rocked up after I did my warm-up and we had a quick chat at the start before he promptly took off, being a couple of minutes faster than me, typically, despite being a VM60.
    There was one pacer for 25 minutes and I was actually close behind him initially, but I lost him after the uphill on the first lap. I didn't think I'd get near that time anyway (my previous time, on the summer course, was 26:31, so that was my target - Crystal Palace in one of the hilliest in London). There's a nice, sweeping downhill which I was able to bomb down quite happily, but that turns into a steep descent (you also go up the steep bit) and I had to slam my anchors on for that bit as it's too steep for me to run down at any kind of pace. But I was quite happy to do around 8:34 for the first mile given it has 39m of gain.
    I was a bit quicker through the second and third miles (8:19/8:20) and then went all out for the finish, coming in at 26:15 which is a course PB (and also, happily, a new bingo number for those that do the tourist challenges - I haven't had one of those since November). So I was pretty pleased, all things considered. Foot wasn't bad - there's still a bruise but it isn't as tender as it was so I think I'll be OK for a medium-longish run tomorrow. (Must admit I am a bit glad I don't have to run a marathon on it).
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Didn't even think of that eventuality (JD + Polly in the canal...)

    Well done on the parkrun Cal.  Nice you could meet up with your friend Tunde.  What is the bingo challenge?  Maybe I will get to do a parkrun in Hamburg prior to my mara but who knows if it will take place.  Good your foot is improving and I hope you have a good MLR today.

    4 mile recovery late yesterday afternoon with my OH.  We waited long enough to get a windy soaking - he was less amused... I turned back at the last minute to exchange tops and only got damp but he was soaked to the skin.  Not the best way to encourage him to got out with me every now and then I guess.  At least we weren't out for too long.

    Long run in a bit in decent conditions to compensate.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Good-day, MLR team.  Just a quick note to say that I'm back Run-Walking again after nine months on the sidelines with osteoarthritis problems.  Today's sesh, gales allowing:- Crosby beach, 3 sets of 9 min. Run + 1 min. Walk.

    I hope everyone's getting the most from their running, training and racing.  :-)
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Hazelnut, it's part of the parkrun tourist challenges browser extension - there are various challenges ranging from number of different events done to frivalous ones such as Staying Alive (three parkruns beginning with a B and three with a G). The bingo challenges is get all the finishing times (seconds) from .00 through to .59. It's a matter of luck since  you can't really control your finish time to the second, so it can take years to get them all. I've been parkrunning since 2016 and I still have quite a few gaps.

    Nice to see you swittle! Glad you are getting back out there again. I guess streaking is out now, is it?

    So today I should have run Tokyo, but we all know how that ended up. I did go out for 12 miles this morning though - uncharacteristically late for a Sunday. Forecast said sleet/hail at 6am so thought I'd wait until 7, but then I got hungry and had to eat, so didn't get out until just after 9. Foot held up OK. It was what I class as easy/steady pace - averaging around 10 min/mi though that includes the slower (10:40) warm-up mile - there were quite a few miles below 10. Should be OK to do a 20 next weekend, I think (but will go out early for that).
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Thanks, Cal!  No pun intended, but I had a very good run for my money from streaking.  Now, it's strengthening, drills and gym 5 times a week.  There's a parkrun on Crosby beach, so that'll be a worthwhile goal.  :-)
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Good recovery run Hazelnut,  although shame the weather wasn't great. Hopefully your OH hasn't been put off too much. 

    Nice 12 miler Cal and can I just say how sorry I am that Tokyo was cancelled. Any news on getting any refund? 

    Welcome back Swittle and hopefully the recovery is going well. 9 months is a long time.  Here's to being able to build up again. 

    First proper run yesterday at Hove Park PR. I did jog out on Wednesday with my mate who left work this week. After 5 years of ploughing up and down the canal it was our last chance to run together so did a very slow 5k. Back was still tender.

    As such wasn't expecting too much yesterday,  just to get round.  Started near the back with the aim of jogging with the 28 minute pace. Felt OK on the second lap to go past and could see my partner about 150m ahead. By the last 400m I'd closed to 30m and had the choice of swooping past with a big sprint or be sensible.  I chose the latter,  but was pleased with 26:35 as a time.

    The back is still not right, but having missed the Brighton HM last week I'm pleased to just be back running.  Osteopath again tomorrow and hopefully the all clear start loading it again. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    No refund, Guarddog - all I've managed to get back is the hotel and air tax. I'm down about a grand. :(

    Good you're back running - hope the osteo can give you some relief.
  • Hi folks! so much running everyone well done! 

    Well, after my nasty injury through having the foolhardy idea of attempting a marathon on half marathon training,  all I wanted to do today was get to half marathon distance for the first time in 10 weeks.

    Not really much to say, it was cold and windy. I put myself right at the back and aimed for a easy 10 minute miles. finished in 2:14 (even though I've been training at 8:45 min, and my pace is about 9 mins over a half) and.....

    I think I'm OK? certainly don't feel overly sore or painful in the dreaded knee. I feel maybe I've turned the corner and I'm  a runner again! (albeit a very cautious one).

    Came home drank wine and watched Vitality Big Half on IPlayer . Felt comparable  to Bekele!, well, we both did a half today!

    Sorry about the financial loss Cal, I've been knocked twice by insurance companies. (Roof, car).  Solid Park running and nice long run. Glad foot on the mend.

    Sorry about your back Guardog.  My back isn't the best. hope you get it straight . Nice run though.

    Glad you're back in action Swittle! so glad you're on the mend.

    Quite a run there JD!, glad both you and Polly are for the most part, OK.

    Solid long runs and tempo runs Hazlenut, and in some weather! great stuff.

    If I feel Ok tomorrow going to push the training fairly hard. Race pic because why not! have a nice evening all.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    This remains a great place to visit!  Thanks for all the good wishes.  :-)
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Good parkrun and long run Cal and good news about the foot.Didn't know the elite runners were still doing Toyko,think there were only 200 runners and no spectators.

    Good to see you back and out running Swittle,9 months is a long time out.

    If your OH isn't much of a runner getting drenched will not go down well,Hazelnut!No chance of me ending up in the canal,Polly runs off her lead,luckily for me.

    Good news about your HM Linton,maybe you can ramp your running up a bit now.

    You have great self restraint not to overtake your partner Guarddog,nice to hear that your back is on the mend.

    Just a 3.72 TM run Saturday,knee is still sore so won't be doing much this week as the Chester 10k is on Sunday.

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Lovely to see you again swittle.  Have been keeping up on your progress on Fetch, you seem pretty close to a half-hour running stint now.  Parkrun on Crosby beach sounds nice.

    Get you on the bingo challenge Cal.  Certainly seems more difficult to collect than the letters of the alphabet.  Good weather avoiding on Sunday for your 12 miler.

    Good to see you as well GD.  Shame you won't be able to run with your mate anymore.   Hope you get the all clear from your osteopath but be careful if your back still is a bit dodgy.

    Well done on the half LTT and thanks for the pic.  You look like you are concentrating hard.  And how on earth do you keep those shoes so white?  What are your plans racewise in the next months?  Might be an idea to look out for a plan to suit you so you don't ramp up the training too soon too fast.

    Hope the knee improves quickly for the 10k race JD.

    My planned long run yesterday turned into a medium long run as I ran out of beans and motivation at around 14 miles.  Station not too far away so I walked to that.  Tough week with long runs at each end and therefore higher mileage than normal and also a tempo run on Friday.  Also a tough route at the beginning with quite a bit of hillage.  And probably didn't fuel/ drink enough although I was carrying a backpack to provide supplies.  Struggled to get a gel on board.  Still in two minds whether to drop the mara as I am struggling with the idea of continuing training (time-consuming and hard-work) and facing a potentially last-minute cancellation and unnecessary further expense. 
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