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  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Reminds me I should do more strength work as well - very lazy there. Nice to find a potential new route and hopefully you will be able to access it early in the mornings.

    Group run yesterday evening. Lovely evening for it, if anything a bit breezy. Legs still a bit tired from Sunday's hike so didn't push the pace/effort. Had to split up as over the 5 person limit, hopefully today's announcement of the easing of lockdown measures will increase that.  Very unlikely though that it will include a perspective on returning to racing as at the moment everything is about tracing. Small events with bums on numbered seats may soon be possible.

    Have signed up for this weekend's One Million run, the idea is that runners in Switzerland run a total of 1 million km in this time period. Might as well do my bit.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Nice idea, Hazelnut - I'm sure your contribution will be decent.

    A hilly 12 mile MLR today - I decided to check out the new ground I'd covered on Monday's walk. I went up to Streatham Common and ran up the hill, but instead of going back around and down, I went through to Norwood Grove and ran around that a couple of times (it was open). Very lumpy ground there - grass and roots - so I was careful so as not to roll an ankle. Basically cross country and definitely not viable as a winter run from the look of it.
    Then I exited and went down the road that runs next to (which is also a rollercoaster) to the little wood I'd seen on the map. Holy Christ, it's steep in there! There are some very narrow "paths" but then I had to pretty much walk down some steps, then another section I had to stop and climb down a sheer drop before running back up a very steep bit. It's kind of fun, but I was over 12 minutes for the mile I did in that bit.
    Came back up the rollercoaster road, back onto Streatham Common, down to the tennis court and back up the steep path through the woods before heading back along the back streets for a few more miles.
    I did notice my form seemed a lot better once I got onto the roads and the last few miles were sub-10 as I was paying attention to my posture.
    Achilles is a bit grumpy now, not surprisingly.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Hills probably won't go down too well with a grumpy Achilles.  Sort of run I would like though. Would go by effort rather than pace on such ground and walking doesn't matter (up or down). 

    Some slightly over-enthusiastic general aerobic miles yesterday evening with some mole hill sprints and strides to practice running form at a decent effort.  Mole hill sprints were between convenient landmarks such as a post telling me what I couldn't do in the mini nature reserve (camping, littering, picking flowers) and a big pile of horse shit in the middle of the path.  Was a bit "worried" that every time I met another person (a handful) I was very slowly jogging and breathing hard (jog backs from the hills or strides) and what that must have looked like.  Warm and breezy again but getting used to both. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Hazelnut, I've used lampposts for that sort of thing - can be fun.

    Felt a bit crappy this morning - hot and restless night again, so some of it's fatigue from yesterday and some is dehydration. So just did a 5 mile recovery run (got the calf sleeves out for it too). Achilles wasn't too bad but I could feel it a bit. Had a foam roll after and the right calf is very tight.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Well done on the 50+ miles weeks Hazelnut,that's good going considering there's no racing.One million run seems a good idea,I'll put you down for 25km!

    Great hilly run Cal.Always nice to find a new route.Hope your Achilles calms down.

    I've been out most days recently.Monday was a 9 mile run to Chirk Castle,mostly on trails and minor country roads.

    Yesterday evening was a 5.80 miles along the river.From my house I went through 0.5 mile of fields before dropping on to a trail,going under the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and along the River Dee.The trails were packed hard,so you could pick up the pace.The trails were well shaded,so it was lovely and cool.Nice to see people out fishing or having a swim in the river.

  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Good running all.

    Hopefully the nose has now recovered swittle.

    Seems like a good exercise balance, Hazelnut, with cycling and hiking. And excellent weekly mileage.

    Well done on the 9 miler Cal.  Take it steady with the achilles.

    Very up and down over the last few days. Over the weekend managed to get out on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Saturday was a gentle...ish 30 min trot around the park. We had to get back quickly as we'd got someone in to attack the garden. Sunday was an 11K along the Adur. Far less crowded than the seafront we'd experienced the week before. We kept it reasonably sensible and were going sub 8:50, but then at the turn, with the breeze behind, we picked up the pace. Running at about 8:35 pace I was told it was OK, but no faster. Unfortunately at some point I was aware of another pair of footsteps behind us and I think I lost concentration. When I checked my pace we were going 8:05, so I apologised and slowed down. Partner, ran past and off (definitely quicker than 8:35!!). Other pair of footsteps ran past and thanked me for the pacing. Discretion being the better part of valour I decided to ease down and jog in the last mile saving myself for the rigours of the 400m repeats the next day.

    Monday we were back by Shoreham Airport using the service road for our 400m stints. A lot more people around that day, some hanging around watching the small planes coming in and out. Stepped up the pace of the repeats and each one was sub 7:30 pace. Partner gave up after 5 and decided just to do a steady jog up and down the road whereas I, having not eased off the day before, got through all 10 repeats. We did have to get back as the gardener chap was due in at 11. He rang in and said he wasn't feeling well, so ended up mowing the lawn and making my third trip to the dump that weekend.

    Woke up on Tuesday having had an awful night's sleep, my back ached along with my arms and legs. Stomach was decidedly dodgy and there were a couple of trips to the bathroom during the night. Work was a struggle as I was so tired. Seem OK now, so hopefully it was just a minor bug.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    GD, sounds a bit like what I had. I had a terrible tension headache for five days which was due to pain in my upper back - hips and legs ached terribly too. Had the chills for a couple of days and puked once, but I was fully recovered a week later. Take it easy eh?

    JD, a lot of the dirt paths on the common are so hard I might as well be running on concrete!
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Hills, strength work, intervals, speed....

    Words that no longer need trouble a runner of senior years and sociable pace!  ;-)  Quite honestly, I'm left reflecting on the general lack of structure to any of my training over the past 30+ years.  I'd jump the miles up for a Marathon but, otherwise, it was 'Get out, get it done, and get home'.  Don't think Streaking helped...

    Last evening, 9 o'clock: still a fair few walkers, dogs and parties of young people on the dunes, small camp fires and slabs of beer in evidence.  This gets my goat: it's a distressing sight when the dune grass catches fire; the litter too.  No fire call outs so far.

    Round the boating lake, then a traily zig-zag over the coastal grasslands before a steady peg along the beach, with scarcely a puff of breeze.  Stopped watch at 40:13 for 4.04 miles,  The first sub-10 min/mile session since the knee problem just over a year ago.

    I've written to the 2 physios to thank them.  :-)
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Lots of people out when I was walking, too, swittle - and lots of litter this morning. When I ran around Streatham Common there were loads and loads of empty poppers at the top. Some folks had clearly been having a bit of a party. (And I don't mean party poppers, I mean amyl nitrate).

    Did my weekly 5K today but as I wasn't feeling awesome this morning (nothing bad, just groggy) I knew a fast time wasn't on so I went for a hill session instead. 2 mile warm-up to Streatham Common, hard 5K around there and another 3 miles home again for a total of 8.
    The Streatham Common hill really isn't that steep, but it goes on and on - it's relentless. Second time up I felt a bit nauseous and had to back off a bit...third time up my legs started to go (lactic, I guess). So 28:36 for that. Not fast for a 5K, but faster than the laps I ran there where I pushed up the hill and recovered on the rest.
    Took my new(ish) Peg Turbos for a spin this time. They still seem to make my left foot ache a bit, not sure why. Achilles wasn't too bad - it doesn't seem to complain as much when I'm moving quickly.
    Enjoyed the run back as I opted to go a different route just to see some new roads. Felt inspired to have a crack at a Strava segment on the way back - got a personal PR but nearly a minute slower than the female course record. Not too surprised - I'm not winning any speed prizes at my age. Or ever, actually.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Well done on the sub-10m/m swittle.  How long have you been back running for now?  I can imagine the physios will appreciate the thanks.  Litter bugs me too - hate seeing all that gets thrown out of car windows.

    Good hill work Cal.  Segment chasing can be fun.  I hold some crowns around here but there really isn't much female competition.  A multiple junior orienteering world champion occasionally strays onto my patch and nicks them but that is about it.  Don't need to bother with the overall result though - there is a junior track specialist down the road - ridiculously fast. 

    You live in a nice area JD - just looked up the castle and the aqueduct (including how to pronounce it!).  You could be about right on the mileage for the OneMillionRun. 

    Good running GD.  Hope you are getting over your bug quickly.  Also that the gardener has turned up in the meantime so you don't have to do too much work yourself. 

    MLR yesterday evening - just over a HM in around 2 hours - involved a long uphill (around 5k) with an evil dip in the middle - steep down on concrete slabs and then back up again on similar - was tempted to walk the down bit and shuffled the up.  No pace ambitions and ran the whole thing steady but really wobbled after around 10 and a half miles.  Pretty sure I was dehydrated and probably underfed - felt sick and shaky but after lots of drinks and suitable amounts of food I feel fine today. 
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Cal: it's useful that you have a wide range of different routes on which to call.  I'm avoiding road in general, and walk the 10 minutes from home to the coastal park - and back after running.  That's my warm up/down.

    Hazel: on 24 Jan. I ran-walked 12 reps of 30 sec. run + 90 sec. walk.  The last session of my restart pro gramme was 30 min. run on 17 Mar. and I've added about 10% of the latest run to make up the next.  The first one-hour run was on 7 Apr. and I'm running, alternate days, 40, 50 & 60 mins.
    Your self diagnosis of 'the wobbles' seems accurate.  Hope you're now recovered.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    It's easy to get dehydrated, Hazelnut. Being a 50-something lady I get very hot and sweaty at night so now I have a SiS hydration tab before I run. Seems to help.
    swittle, I've learned to embrace the pavements but will run on trail if I can.

    6 miles recovery run today - went up to Clapham Common then on to Wandsworth Common this time as I'm a little bored of Tooting, nice as it is. Saw a guy in a Centurion bib so asked him if he was doing the 100 and he said it was his last day today. Wished him luck.
    Also saw a big heron on Clapham Common, but not in the water. There's a burger van by the pond (I guess it feeds the anglers, who are back fishing again) and the owner was giving a duck some bread and it looked as though the heron was hoping for something to eat too. He was right by the van.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Yes, Cal, it depends on the terrain on our doorsteps.  Since the restart, I haven't even tripped up, let alone hit the deck.  Herons are elegant birds: the Marina was home to a single bird for years.  

    Last night, 9pm, and still too warm to be at all comfortable for me :(  Small lake, north up the beach - many groups of young people, mostly, sat together or standing in groups; camp fires and much mostly happy noise.  A teenager was screaming at her friends, a proper tears & arm waving effort :-o  As busy as it's been since restrictions.

    Prom, then south on trails to the leisure centre before a decent last mile parallel to a sea that seemed to have its waves on strike or furloughed.  50:16 for 4.9 miles.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    They are elegant except when they fly, and then they look weird. :D
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Certainly a well-executed comeback swittle and pretty swift considering you were out of running for quite some time.  No cooling wind for you again then. 

    Followed a couple of people from the P&D thread on their Centurion outings on Strava as well Cal.  Impressive stuff.  Like the junk food heron. I see quite a few around here, mostly hunting in the fields rather than along the brooks.  I love the way they stand so still for so long and then - ZAAPP!

    I was still a bit wobbly yesterday for a recovery run of 6.3 miles. Kept the effort down as much as possible meaning a pretty sedate pace against the wind and up any inclines but that is what such a run should be about.  Felt much better for today's outing: 7.5 miles with 5 x 1.05 k laps of a field (tarmac path) at somewhere between 10k and HM effort, slow jogging about 3 mins in between laps.  Fortunately a lot less windy at the time I was out - I did cheat a bit by starting all but the first lap with the incline against the wind rather than finishing with that bit.  Much easier.  A couple of dog walkers out (all on the lead so no issue), a farmer mowing grass who grinned as I panted past for the fourth time and a couple on the stone bench ignoring each other and their young child and concentrating on their individual phones.  Bit sad somehow.

    Currently keeping an eye on Switzerland's efforts to run one million km over the weekend.    77.3k participants are at 393.6k km right now.  Will be interesting to see if the million are reached.  Will do some more tomorrow.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Good stuff, Hazel - I've seen your runs on Strava.
    I do think it's sad people walk along looking at their phones. Part of my reason for running is to get out and see things and to give myself a break from technology while I'm at it. Speaking of which...

    Long run today. Aim was 14 miles which would take me to 200 for the month (not bad considering I only ran 13 miles the week I was ill) and 900 for the year so far. But I ended up doing 16.

    I'd planned a new route - up to Crystal Palace park via Streatham Common (it's a straight line from there), around the park then back via a few different greenspaces I'd spotted on the map. I'd studied the map carefully so as not to go wrong, and I mostly got it right.

    I took the most direct route to Streatham Common then ran up the side I normally run down (which is actually a bit steeper than the other side, but doesn't have a hard path) then along the road to Crystal Palace. The sun was in my eyes for a fair amount of this which made it tricky, even with sunglasses, and the road is basically a rollercoaster with some notable hills.

    Once I made it to the park I started by running along the terraces at the top, which is where the original crystal palace stood until it burned down. There are a couple of sphinx statues there which survived the fire.

    Then I ran down the hill (which has some very steep bits - had to slow right down there - to the dinosaur lake (there are Victorian dinosaur statues there) and along the bottom to where the parkrun starts. I did a lap of the winter parkrun route from memory (it's two laps - I did the single lap summer course the year before and don't remember it exactly) before heading back along the other side of the dinosaur lake and out of the park past the train station.
    I have fond memories of my dad rowing me around the dinosaur lake as a kid. It still has boats, but they are pedalos now.

    From there I wanted to find South Norwood Lake park so I could run around the lake. It turned out to be a really nice little park and I spotted a grebe on the water.

    After that I was supposed to cross the road and go through another little park where the area's second large transmitter stands (it isn't as well known as the huge one in Crystal Palace park, but it's still pretty big - close to 500 foot whereas the CP one is over 720) but I must have missed the path into the park as it wasn't at all obvious from the road. I carried on along the road and found some small woods with a trail path so I took that, which turned out to be very steeply uphill.

    From there I went along the road to the other side of the park I was meant to cut through, and found the road I intended to take next (called, memorably, Grange Hill). This one turned out to be a beast of a hill, but I was taking it downhill. I had to go pretty slowly down there. Obviously I will have to do the route in reverse so I can do it uphill next time - I must be masochistic!

    The map told me there was another green space just after the hill, and amazingly I found it - more woods, with another trail path that was slightly downhill and rather pleasant.

    This brought me out not far from the small wood (Biggin Wood) just past Streatham Common and Norwood Grove, so I cut through there (uphill again...cursing my glutes) then did a lap of Norwood Grove (another hill), onto the common,  uphill through the woods then back down through the Rookery Gardens, up the nasty Covington Way hill, down the common the side I normally run up and then home via the route I used last time.

    All told it was around 2 hours 51 - I was going pretty slowly for most of it, and aside from when I was huffing up hills (which seemed to be a lot of the time) I didn't feel overly tired. I think a lot of that was down to running a new route - I was thinking more about where I was going and enjoying new surroundings which didn't leave me any time to think about how tired I was. There was a lot of climb - 1,149 feet according to Strava or over 300m on Garmin - which was sufficient to earn me a Strava badge for doing 2000 metres this month (half of that was this week).

    Of course, doing three hilly runs in a week has not pleased my achilles - I actually think it gets more stressed by the downhills than the ups - so I will stick to some flatter runs next week to give it a chance to calm down. It's also time for new shoes as my Epics are over 700 miles now. They're still in reasonable shape so I can keep wearing them a bit longer, but will use a fresh pair as my primary shoe.

    I did use my hydration pack on this run (with the new bladder) and wore my club vest as this is basically a sleeveless T-shirt and covers more of the rub points than a strappier top. It seemed to do the trick.

    Anyway, that takes me to 56 miles for the week, 202 for the month and 902 for the year.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Thanks, Hazel.  Very much an extension to my running 'life' - I was half the age I am now when I started!  The physio input cannot be overstated - and, now retired, I could devote more time to exercising and recovery.  "8am should be cooler," I said to myself last night - and it was until I warmed up internally.  Dogs & walkers aplenty round the lakes and on the beach.  Sand a bit soft by the radar tower but firmer 100 yd later.  Trail back to leisure centre: passed some parkrun chums: he plays viola in the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.  :-)  Just about out of fuel last 2 miles.  5.88 miles in 1:00:15.

    That Swiss quest sounds ace!

    Cal - you just love those hills, don't you?  Your itinerary brings back memories of uni days, when I spent much time south of the river, unfortunately not as healthily engaged as you,  Robert, a college pal, still lives in S Norwood.  When you say map, do you mean your Garmin?  
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    edited May 31
    Yes swittle, I use Garmin Connect and Strava to scope out new routes. (I've only recently joined Strava as I needed to for a club virtual mob match, but I've found inspiration in looking at my clubmates' routes. Found a few good trails that way).
    The hills thing is daft really - there was a Strava challenge to do 2000m of climb in may and I realised last weekend I was only half way, so I did three hilly runs this week. It's more than I'd usually do and my achilles isn't too chuffed, so back to less vertiginous routes next week.
    One of my friends plays viola - they're the cinderellas of the orchestra, according to him.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    That is a great description of your long run Cal.  On top of it being a great run for itself.  I like the bits of on non-running inserted here and there.  1000m in a week is a good bit if you are not accustomed to it.  I agree on the downhills stressing the achilles (looks sternly at right foot).  That is another solid week / month of running too.  The climbing challenge is on Strava every month (along with the standard distance and race distances.

    Can imagine that the viola produces mellower tunes than the screeching I managed on the violin as a kid swittle.  If you can control the niggles and injuries well there is no reason you shouldn't be able to keep up the running for quite a while yet.  I have a couple of 65+ in my Tuesday group who have been running "forever" and still do. 

    Swiss challenge currently shows 96.423 runs and the million km has been achieved.  Tried to post up yesterday's and today's run but it will only accept one although supposedly you can register again for a second run.  Strange.  Having good fun stalking my team mates and following the chat getting those out of the door who haven't yet been although they are registered.

    Completed a rare 60 mile + week with a 16.6 mile long slow run this morning.  Out later than planned as I made the fatal error of turning off the alarm clock, turning over and going back to sleep.  zzzzzz... It took me a while to get going as a result.  I initially thought it was a bit chilly still and donned arm sleeves and a very lightweight vest against the breeze but ended up dumping both in a convenient pile of logs after only a couple of miles.  Both were still there on the return leg and were tucked into my running belt for the rest of the way.  I took one of my standard routes with watering opportunities en route so no need to carry my own drinks and made sure of taking a good few swallows on board each time.  I also discovered that marzipan sticks coated in dark chocolate make for good running fuel.  Cheaper than energy bars and gels too - must try that again.  Met a bloke taking a donkey for a walk and nearly stepped on two sausage dogs aimlessly wandering around.  I also had to step cautiously along one brook segment - the bank is riddled with beaver holes.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Great mileage, Hazel. I saw a guy carrying a Dachshund puppy the other day - it melted my stony old heart just a little.
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    All good running everyone. And congratulations on hitting the sub-10, swittle. You must feel very proud and I'm sure the physios will really appreciate the letters.

    Great mileage for May, Cal, and hopefully your achilles isn't too tender. I think you're right about the downhills and the affect that has. Take it easy on it.

    Great weekly mileage, Hazelnut, and nothing wrong with turning off the alarm and going back to sleep. At least you got out afterwards.

    An up and down week since last week. I decided to rest up a bit after my wobbles and so it wasn't until Saturday that I got out again. We decided on an easy run along the Adur (although I have to admit I'm getting Adur'd out as we've done it quite a few times recently). Normally we do 11K, but decided we'd push it out to 13K but going further along. Weather was warm and there seems to be very little shade along there, however we were keeping the pace sensible at 9min/mile. I felt fine until we got to 7 miles and then like Hazelnut I think I must have got dehydrated. Suddenly all the energy left me, my breathing became ragged and my stomach was cramping up. Told my partner to carry on and I walked/jogged the last mile back. I was fine after having something to drink, but I really need to get into the habit of taking water out with me in the summer.

    That afternoon we decided to got out for an icecream. Went down to the seafront at Hove and it was exceptionally crowded. Large groups of people, far larger than 6, and very little evidence of social distancing. I'm not sure if it was residents or people travelling in. On the Sunday we had planned to run from Southwick along the seafront, parking by a cafe with the goal of doing an hour's out and back and finish with a bacon sarnie and coffee whilst sitting on the beach. No chance. The car park was absolutely rammed. This is in an area that of all the coastline to choose from is the least attractive. It;s quite industrial and has the water treatment plant, so not exactly scenic. We then drove a couple of miles down the coast to Lancing where we've done Parkrun a few times, but again it was completely crowded. So in the end, having spent an hour driving around, we gave up, although did go to a cafe near us for an undeserved bacon sarnie.

    Yesterday I had a very rare morning without meetings so took the opportunity to get a threshold session in round the park. Much less crowded.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    GD, I believe we're due some rain very soon - hopefully that'll keep the buggers indoors.

    My ankle felt less testy than yesterday so I gave it a go - just 6 miles and in a fresh pair of shoes (this pair of Epics is an eye shattering neon pink). There was some low level grumbling from the achilles but the post tib was an intermittent twinging. Not great so I'll be monitoring it. But aside from that, I felt really good, so it's a bit frustrating.
    I may try some speed work tomorrow as I know achilles is happier when I'm going fast and the Zoom Flys I use for that do seem to improve my gait mechanics.
    Speaking of which, I just ordered myself an early birthday present - a pair of Alphaflys. Obviously I will not be wearing them until racing resumes but, well, couldn't resist could I?
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    That was a great long run Cal.I keep saying I'll sign up for strava but still haven't done it.Regarding hills,going down is far more stressful on the body,especially Achilles.Great monthly mileage.

    Good to see you back out GD.I've seen the reports of the South coast being busy,still fairly quiet by me at the moment,police are still out in force.

    Fantastic weekly mileage Hazelnut.That must be a first,a donkey going for a walk.Marzipan and dark chocolate sounds delicious,I'm not keen on energy bars myself,taste awful.

    Swittle,well done on your first sub 10minute miles since your injury.Hopefully you'll have many more years injury free.There's plenty of 65+ at the running club,I really hope I'm still running strong at that age.

    9.2 miles yesterday evening,all at MP.Then up early this morning for a 5.8 miles trail run along the river.Legs felt heavy from the run 12 hours before.Then had my girls out for a 10 miles walk and picnic,with an ice cream for a treat.Going to postpone my speed session until Thursday now,legs feeling tired.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Good walking and running, JD - how old are your girls? 10 miles is a fair old walk, though a bit less arduous when punctuated by a picnic and an ice cream.

    10 miles here, with some intervals. I did 5 miles easy (normal easy, not slow easy) on the way to the shark fin (the three roads I use for tempos and 5Ks which make a kind of shark fin shape) then hit 5K pace on the long side and the bottom, and recovered on the other side. Did that four times - was aiming for 5 but legs were dying and niggles were niggling after the fourth time around so I decided that was enough and did a mile and a bit easy pace on the way home.
    One of the guys in the club I introduced to that route has created a 5K Strava segment there called the Cal Jones Special, and I was very amused to come home and find I had got the female course record. My first Strava crown. :D It wasn't even as fast as I've run it before, given the recoveries, so it won't last long but I'll enjoy it while it does.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Just saw the Cal Jones Special - you are immortalized now.  Nice 10 with intervals.  Nice birthday present to yourself with the Alphaflys and fingers crossed you will be racing again fairly soon. I could send you a couple of nice pink t-shirts to use with the Epics but I like to don those too.

    Sometimes just a small amount of water can do the job GD.  Do you drink plenty pre-run on warm days? (spread over the day - you don't want to go out for a run with a sloshing belly).  Must be difficult at the moment if your standard routes are those which are being overrun by trippers.  But please hand over that bacon sarnie will you?

    Nice MP run JD.  Picnic and ice-cream sound like a very nice treat (maybe a good dessert for the sarnie too).
    Good idea to postpone that speedwork until you feel fresher.

    Cut down week for me after several of 50 + miles.  Short 3 mile recovery Monday evening and standard 6 mile group outing yesterday with heavy legs due to the heat and accumulated miles.  Looking forward to a few days of cooler weather as of tomorrow.  Does mean that I will have to put the vests away again though.

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Thanks, GD.  Even modest heat can adversely affect running - and once I get that odd, warm feeling behind my neck - true - I know it's too late, even if I'd water with me.  Cooler today and some rain in Crosby.

    JD1 - a strong MP session for you, with trail fpr 'dessert'.  Time was I'd log doubles like that when streaking but a run every other day is suiting me, apart from the heat.

    Cal - strava royalty is among us!  Good going :-)

    Hazel - cooler weather from the Arctic, apparently, moving into GB & Europe.  It'll suit me: ran at 9pm last night, with a good sprinking of people & dogs around the lakes &, less so, on the beach.  Couple of breaks to correct my breathing - and the second half was much more settled, apart from slo-mo progress over inclined sand hills!  4.3 miles, 45:40. 

    A couple of young woman & I crossed paths three times in 15 minutes and I prepared my 'not stalking' speech.  One said, 'No, you look so well.  We;re only just managing to walk!'  I thanked them and got back to my warmdown!
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Hazelnut, I have a couple of pink tops - kind of hard to avoid if you're female, alas - and the Yorkshire Marathon shirt is bright pink.  (I actually don't mind really bright pink - it's pastels I loathe).
    swittle, sand dunes must be tough! Nice going.
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    I am instantly jealous of the Alphaflys, Cal. Well done for treating yourself and Happy Birthday for when it is. As for getting a Strava crown.... I have no idea what that is, but I am impressed.

    Nice session JD and good to fit on a walk and a picnic as well. It's certainly been the weather for getting outside and enjoying it, especially if it's not that crowded.

    Nice couple of easy run, Hazelnut. The cooler weather is quite welcome at the moment. As regards hydration I really don't do enough of it. It's a big failing of mine I have to admit. It tends to be a coffee before a run. When we were doing the Sunday training runs I would be good in having something to eat a couple of hours before and making sure I had fluids, but I've let that slide. And are you demanding my bacon sarnie?

    Weather more to your liking now Swittle? And do you generally have a need for a 'not stalking' speech?

    Out this morning pre-meetings to get a 30 min hill sprints session in. I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone, so loaded the car up with the garden cuttings (the gardener arrived yesterday, first time in 2 weeks) with a view to nip to the dump first. Couldn't get in so did the run and then went back home to shower. From 11 I had 3 hours where I had no meetings, so decided to try another site. 15 min drive and couldn't get in there. Decided to try the first site, still no good. An hour wasted and I still have a car full of greenery, which I need to get rid of tomorrow. At least the hill sprints went well.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Nice early birthday present Cal,always nice to treat yourself to new trainers.My girls are 11 and 12,so it was a good 5 hours out.

    Definitely time to your vests away at moment,Hazelnut,temperature has plummeted over here.Is there any news about races starting again in Switzerland?

    Inclined sandhills can't be much fun Swittle.It's much cooler now so you won't have to go running so late in the day.

    Nice hill session GD.Regarding hydration,I always have water to hand,whether in work or at home,seems to do the trick.

    5.85 miles this afternoon.Hit the trail along the river,but came off after a short while and found tracks and trails through fields,the terrain was very up and down,so it was a bit leg sapping.The cool weather made it a pleasant run.

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    I've told multi-meeting people before that it will cost them a beer / coffee / whatever if I see them again swittle, usually get a smile. Cooler and wetter has arrived here too.

    Yes I do like bacon sarnies GD - hard to get decent bacon here somehow. Try a bottle /carafe of water on your desk, maybe with some mint or lemon slices in it - water can be boring after a while.  Like a pre run coffee myself though usually if an early run and only an espresso.
    Annoying about the greenery - you need some goats. Well done on the hills.

    Nice hilling and trailing JD. Received a mail earlier that indeed a race will happen mid-July already. Two out of several distances originally planned on two days, restricted numbers, no showers/changing facilities, fewer aid stations, small start blocks etc. etc. It is an alpine marathon event (43k /68k) at the other end of the country and has waiting lists. Not for me as I don't have the training for it and don't want the travel. Will be interesting to see how well received it will be.
    Other August races are still being cancelled.

    5 miles yesterday evening. Later than planned. Procrastinated a bit and then suddenly noticed someone had turned the big light off. Quick rain radar check revealed it would be prudent to cook, run and then eat. Hard going out of the door from a kitchen smelling deliciously of risi e bisi (rice 'n' peas doesn't sound as good somehow). Run was therefore slightly faster than planned as I was keen to get back to a full plate.

    This evening my midweek MLR, shorter for this cut-back week, 10 miles in 1:28. No meal ready to come home to though OH had just started the chopping as I walked in.
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