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    Nice run, Hazelnut...I was all wrapped up in a ski top (I don't ski, just got one from TK Maxx one winter), jacket, warm buff, hate, gloves, long leggings...and I saw some nutter in a vest and shorts. He had a hat on but still!

    Welcome Jay. :)
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    I saw people in the sea yesterday, Cal. There was one guy wandering around the beach in a pair of Speedos!! The chat in the queue for a post run coffee was how long someone could stay in. Well done on the hills and hopefully the PC is still hanging in there.

    Well done on the run, Jay, and glad you're feeling the benefits of the increase in mileage. As you say it's wonderful to be at the stage where you're taking massive chunks off your time. It's incredibly encouraging when you can see the improvements.

    The pasta dish sounds rather tasty, Hazelnut. We've got pasta with meat free meatballs this evening. Had them last week in a tray bake and they were surprisingly tasty. Yesterday I cooked a roast - roasted head of cauliflower with a marinade, roast potatoes, parsnips and carrots and Yorkshire pudding all topped off with an onion gravy. If I say so myself it was delicious and one I'm going to do again.

    Sorry to hear about the people close to you, LTT. I think it does hit home a lot harder when someone you know is affected so badly by it. I guess all we can do is try to keep as safe as we possibly can. At least you're managing to get out and run as opposed to the first lockdown.

    Well done on the cemetery run, john. It's good to find an ice free route that's also quiet as well. I'm guessing the seafront is a bit treacherous at the moment.

    No midweek runs after Tuesday's effort last week. In fact I didn't get the opportunity to get out of the house for 3 days as work started at 6am and went through to gone 7pm. So Saturday the laptop was well and truly switched off and we did the 6.5 mile route along the Adur. Incredibly cold, the car said -2C but when we turned into the wind on the run the expected wind chill of -8C felt about right. It was only in the last mile I felt the need to take my gloves off (I go for the stuff down the shorts/leggings approach). 

    Sunday we ran from Saltdean to Brighton pier and back. Elements of the undercliff path were still icy where the sun hadn't reached it and when on the seafront approaching the pier it was very icy. A couple of weeks ago I felt my achilles being a bit gripey, but hadn't felt it on Saturday. Come Sunday it started to complain when going up a slope and felt it going back down. I mentioned it when we got to the pier (which was at the 4.5 mile point) and accepted the run back was going to be a bit sore. When I eventually got home it felt quite painful and going up and down stairs is a struggle. It was a stunning day weather wise. Although it didn't feel as cold as the previous day I did have to scrape the car and the way the frost hung to the trees made for a winter wonderland feeling. Queuing for coffee was something of a mistake. It eventually took 30 mins for them to serve the 5 groups who were in front of us. Primarily, I think, that they weren't organised, but also the two guys who were directly in front of us seemed to be going out of their way to be difficult. They ordered items, the guy serving had to go off and get them and when he came back they'd order the next thing, so he would then have to go off again. At one point they asked for sausage rolls, which he duly got only for one of them to say he was a vegan so he wanted to vegan one. We stood there shivering with my partner having the moisture on her top turn to frost. 
  • Careful with that Achilles GD - once they get stroppy it can take a while for them to shut up again (looks sternly at right foot..).  Well done for getting out in the cold and also regarding the workload.  I love running in the cold.  After a decent amount of procrastination that is.  Getting cold standing around is not nice though.  Idiots.. 

    Don't get the running in shorts in freezing conditions Cal.  What would they do if they turn an ankle or whatever and are stuck?

    Sensible to take cut-back weeks on a regular basis Jay.  Good news you are already feeling a difference in your fitness. 

    4 mile recovery yesterday afternoon.  Around -5 according to my weather station but likely colder away from the house.  Was a bit suprised to find the condensation from my own breathing freezing on my cheeks!  No wind fortunately this time.  Small cut back this week after four decent mileage weeks. Good thing as we are in for more snow... :/
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    Not good, GD - I've had my achilles battles and it's a bugger to get it to settle.

    Hazel - I know, eh? I also like to keep my legs warm as that's where all the grumpy bits are. I'll lose the sleeves before I lose the leggings.

    Easy 8 miler again, similar route to the one I did last week. Some inclines but nothing steep. It was a lot warmer and I felt quite hot in my rain jacket, but it'll be cooler again tomorrow.
  • Two more runs to report; A creaky 4.1 mile recovery run monday and a 4 mile tempo run tonight.

    I'm supposed to be keeping slow now I'm running more days, but fancied a harder (but short) run tonight to knock the corners off the day. 8.45ish warm up mile then 3 miles at high 7's. for 32 minutes.

    Saw a fox and a cat about to go toe-to-toe (paw-to-paw?) but nothing else of interest..

    Great hill run Cal, fortunately the sprout field was odourless!  That is a great hilly run.  I still can't figure out how to edit/delete my PRs on Strava, and ideas at all?

    That sounds a pleasant, if icy run GD.  I tried going full vegetarian but folded after a disappointing 3 months.  It would have been nice if those people had been polite enough to let you go first really.  Were there any anglers out?  (Amazed, but pleased fishing has been allowed).

    Some great running there Hazel, that's a great time for a training half marathon.  I'm a running anomaly  in how much I hate running in cold weather and find it much harder to breathe.  I think I'd rather race in 20c plus than below 5. 

    +1 for leggings.  My first winter running I was a bit self conscious, couldn't care less now, and nothing particularly attention-grabbing on those bitter winter nights anyhow!

    Great running Jay, nice to be knocking those times down and feeling the benefits of longer runs.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Linton, I'm pretty new to Strava myself but from what I understand, you have to crop the run to get rid of the dodgy bit in order to remove erroneous PRs. Garmin's a lot easier - you just decline the new PR and keep the old one.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Cheeky 12 mile run exploring some of the other hills on the Norbury side of Streatham Common. Cool, drizzly weather but didn't mind that at all. I took the hills at "just get up it" pace and was quite cautious on the downs, but fortunately I didn't get a recurrence of the foot pain I had on Sunday.
    On the way back I couldn't resist having a burn up Hill Path and actually bettered my time up there, which moved me from 10th to 9th in the overall female standings (Strava segments).
    I did another burn along an alleyway I often use and got a 5th place Strava trophy on that, running at below 8min/mi, which isn't bad considering I'd done quite a lot of climbing up until that point. Good to know there was plenty of juice in the legs at the end of the run - my stamina and recovery seem to be improving.
    I've already achieved the Strava climbing challenge badge for the month (you get it for climbing 2000m) - I often don't manage to get this badge, let alone after two weeks. Another 320m logged.
  • Strong tempo run LTT.  We've settled into a eat veggies some days, meat others and it works well for us.  I'm currently trying out a few new recipes for both.  Good attitude towards the leggings.

    Those hills and segment attacks should give you a good bit of leg strength Cal.  You are ahead of me on the hillage at the moment (not that I am competing anyway), been avoiding the majority of them the last few days due to the snow. 

    Intended to do a 10 miler yesterday late afternoon on my village loop (to avoid the white stuff).  I went out about half an hour too late and got caught by the next round of nasty weather moving on loop 5 of a planned 9.  Into the wind and horizontal sleet was fortunately down the hill but unpleasant nonetheless.  Unusually for me I canned the run with nearly 2 loops to go as something (snow / dirt?) flew into my right eye leaving me bent over with my knuckles in it in pain.  As I was wet through at that point anyway I trotted home once I could see again.  Did at least have a bit of amusement as a family were ambling around my loop in the other direction - I did 5 loops for one by them - we kept count. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I would be concerned about "skiing" down slow slopes on my bum so I don't blame, you, Hazel. Not nice getting something in your eye - hope it's not too sore now.

    No sleet here (Saturday, maybe) but rain and floods instead. I decided to go out for a recovery run today rather than walk - rain wasn't too hard but there were big puddles everywhere. I stuck to roads for most of it but then I decided to use one of the common paths to my road and found it flooded. I already had wet feet at that point so I splashed through one flooded bit but then the next bit was up to my knees so I turned back. Almost came to grief on a kerb that was hidden under the muddy water, but managed to stay upright, thankfully. Anyway, it was 5 miles at a very ploddy 12 minute+ pace. Couple of things I learned about going that slowly - aside from miles ticking by very slowly indeed, I can get hungry and cold. Normally I don't get hungry on runs, but I do on walks.
    Anyway, hoping legs feel decent tomorrow as I need to do some speed work.
  • Agreed Cal, that was some rainfall over the past 24 hours.  Some of the roads by me are so deep driving home was heart in mouth. Also aqua planing cars on the motorway. Not good.

    5 cold, wet miles, but thoroughly enjoyable. 4 runs and a decent walk in 6 days and do feel a little stressed, so day or two off or the weekend's long run will be unpleasant.

    I'm doing dry January (as if this January isnt difficult  and crap enough) so am drinking huge amounts of iced decaff coffee so my calcium levels must be off the scale!!  Tonight I'm making Scottish oat cakes so should be energy-fuelled for the next few days!!

    That sounds a great run Cal, Strava if actually pretty cool. I got my first local legend badge for most runs on my long route which surprised me as there's only really one long route.

    Hope your eye is OK now Hazlenut, I've not had that misfortune yet but had a choking fit after swallowing a huge fly on a 10k race this year.  Nice you had your family there. I was considering getting by Dad to act as a pacer/ water dispenser/motivation (on his bike) on my distance challenge run, but best not.  He'd be well up for it though!

    Stay well all.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I've actually drunk more than usual this month, thanks to various gifts of wine. I'm not normally a drinker so I feel tipsy on one glass.

    I've got a couple of local legends - there are a few in London that are pretty obscure despite the population here. I'm still surprised when I find a road that doesn't have a segment (I make one if there isn't).

    Anyway, did a 7 mile progression - got up to around HMP although it felt pretty hard. I did a further cool-down mile after for a total of 8. Posterior tib feels a bit niggly - not sure if it's the downhills although it was fine yesterday morning. I'm wondering if it was from trying to trot through that flood.
  • Quick update from me: the lurgy is lingering! No running; no anything other than mooching around. Hope to get back running next week. (I don't think we make good patients.)
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Hope you feel better soon, John.

    I took myself off to Wimbledon today for my hills...started on the park side with Arthur Road and Home Park Road (plus a little slog up the obscure Dairy Walk, a 13% footpath which is lined with flowers in the summer and very pretty. A few flowers still there today).
    Then I headed down to Worple Road which runs from Wimbledon to Raynes Park. Parallel to this, up by the common, is the Ridgway, and there are a number of roads that link the two, so like a nutter, I decided to run up and down all of them. I used to work up the top of one of them during the early noughties and I often run one of them when going to the common (which is currently too muddy to interest me at the moment) but I didn't realise the rest of them were all equally steep and nasty. 
    I did nine ascents here and it was tough - hit the 13 mile point during the last one. 
    The way back was mostly flat but I was so bushed it felt like a real slog. I logged 18 miles in the end which is the most I've done since before Dorney, taking me to 51 miles for the week (same as last week).
    Body was a bit niggly but got me through. 
    I was a bit disappointed not to hit 400m of climb - it certainly felt like more than that, but the Streatham Hills seem to give me more bang for my buck so I'll stick with them I think.
  • That is a huge run Cal!  Well done.  Especially with hills!

    Hope you feel better soon John.

    11 miles today at a very easy pace; trying to slow it down even more, 10 and a half minute miles.  I went in the afternoon after work, which is I always find a bit harder than first thing in the morning.  Taking in my local Parkrun course, which I'd forgotten how lumpy it is to run on (it's all limestone), and up to Pegwell bay, at dusk, which was scenic.

    My foot is a bit sore again, which is a bit concerning, but hopefully something I can shake.

    It'll be interesting to see if I have any DOMS at all after taking it easy, as normally I can feel my long run the next day.

    That's 5 x 11-15 mile runs on 5 consecutive weekend, which is good for me.


  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Good stuff, Linton - I hope the foot doesn't turn out to be a problem. What's your local parkrun?

  • Hi Cal my local one is Pegwell, indeed it's the only one I've ever done. It's flat and fast, but a bit knobbly.
     Will swerve it in future though, too busy.

    How are you getting on in london?, it's like august bank holiday going for a run here! The only quiet route my dual carriage way one, too far and ugly for a walk. I know you like going early when possible.  I spend a good 50% of my runs in the road now, avoiding people. Will have to start going very early or late.
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Hopefully the eye is OK, Hazelnut. Has there been any more snow?

    Hope you're feeling better soon, john. Not great not being able to get out and about.

    Excellent 13 miler, Cal, and a great weekly total. Love the way you're hitting the hills.

    Good long run streak, LTT, although be careful of the sore foot. 

    Nothing really to report here. Achilles seemed to ease off, so I tried it out yesterday with a run along the Adur on the basis that it was flat. I'd figured I'd try at least a 5K, although if it felt strong I'd extend that. However crossing over the bridge I could feel it pulling and after a mile, with a 15m gap having opened up as I ambled along, I decided that to carry on was going to do more harm than good. Partner decided that she was going to run on and I walked back via a coffee shop and then sat in the car watching the cricket on my phone.

    Hit the mid month point with veguary and still going strong. Saturday we made a tear and share bread with a tapenade filling and had that as part of a tapas. Sunday I made a chickpea lasagne, so first time making a béchamel sauce. Included some butternut squash that I'd roasted earlier in the week which added a different texture and as it had chilli with it also gave it a bit of bite. Have to say I'm quite enjoying trying different recipes. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Linton, I tend to stick to back streets at the moment and it's not bad. The commons are busier, particularly with people with dogs or small children, neither of which have much in the way of spatial awareness or common sense.

    GD, are you doing any rehab? I found heel drops didn't work for me but isometric stuff was better (basically just stand on my toes for 30 seconds to a minute or so).
    Have you saved much money by ditching the meat?
  • Lost my (life) mojo a bit for a few days and took a forum break. 

    Eye is fine thanks - just painful at the time. 

    Good luck with the dry January LTT and I hope the oatcakes turned out well.  I've recently discovered flapjacks but oatcakes are yum as well. 

    Solid bit of running over the past few days Cal.  

    You are building up nicely LTT.  Hope the foot is nothing.

    Get well soon JB.

    Sensible caution on the achilles GD.  Recipe hunting is proving a good distraction here as well.  My OH has so far eaten everything without complaint.  Including the energy balls I made to try out when running..  Got a few left though.

    Last week was a bit tough runningwise with the snow and ice - hardly got rid of one lot (snow, ice takes longer) before the next turned up.  Wind and heavy snow/sleet on top.  Without the yaktrax I would have found it very difficult to run at all on a couple of days.    Forecast is better for a few days now though.  Got out every day with at least a decent MLR yesterday - just under HM distance in just a light layer of slush for once.  Legs tired from the all the stumbling around so good thing it was a cut-back week.  Hoping to get back to some speedwork soon.
  • Many thanks for the kind words. Am just about fine now and ventured out. Did a 5k, not on my usual flat, hard surface, but on a hilly, muddy one. Not ideal for a fragile old git, but I managed it and each km was quicker than the previous one (good for morale!).

    Got the fist payment of my state pension today. Quite a landmark, I guess. Bus pass next!

    GD I've been plagued with Achilles on and off for years. I've tried all sorts of things, but the most recent was the simplest and (so far!) the most effective. And it's exactly the same as Cal's advice! (In fact I might have got it from her in the first place.)

  • Glad you managed to get out again JB.  Don't spend it all at once :)

    5.4 miles recovery trot yesterday, late afternoon.  Lovely sunset to enjoy.  I didn't let that distract me too much from the spread of black ice though. 
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Can't say there's been too much of a saving on the meat free front, Cal. The first week I really concentrated on getting in more veg, so probably saved about 10-15 quid. The second week was more focused in terms of what we planned to have and obviously a cauliflower for £1.80 was cheaper than a beef joint, so possibly saved about 20 quid overall. However the tapas on Saturday sent it the other way as things like artichoke, olive's, etc are quite pricey. If pushed I would say it is generally cheaper, but not by much. Will try the exercise tip.

    Good work on the runs, Hazelnut, and well done for not coming a cropper on the black ice. Do you have any recipe tips? We're finding lentils are an absolute life saver in terms of a substitute and really enjoying having those in pasta. We'll certainly cut down on meat after this month, but still looking forward to a nice fillet steak  :)

    Glad you're back on your feet, john. Sounds like you're over the lurgy and well done on the muddy 5K. And also getting your pension payment through. I am exceptionally jealous. After the week I've had so far (and I appreciate it's only Tuesday) I would really like to give it all up and retire.

    Will need to do the achilles exercises. Have to say I'm missing the running from a resilience perspective. Work is stressful at the moment. I made the mistake of checking my laptop last thing before going to bed and saw a car crash happening which meant I then couldn't sleep and ultimately got up at 5am to deal with it. So being able to go for a run and clear my mind would be very welcome.
  • H'nut, black ice = the stuff of nightmares.

    G'dog, sorry to hear about your work-stress. The odd thing is that - effectively having retired a few years back - I still get work-related dreams. Sometimes they are fine; sometimes not! I was quite lucky in that as I reached 60 I could start picking and choosing which bits of my job I could keep going and then since finally left I can do some little bits and pieces elsewhere to fool myself that I'm still needed and valued. I wouldn't have wanted the cliff-edge of going from 100% to zero, although I can see its attractions when you are in the 100% club. (Mrs JB had already fully retired by the time I got to 60, so I didn't feel guilty.) Hope your week gets better soon!

    Managed a 'nasty' little 5k again. A different track to yesterday's but again quite a few short, sharp hills. And again each k was quicker than the last. But it totally wrecked me.

    PS isn't this week 'supposed' to be the worst week of the year? What with Covid, Brexit, the floods and the generally naff weather, it's living up to its billing.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Glad you are feeling better, John! Yeah, it's not the best week. So far the year feels like 2020 part 2...but hopefully things will improve.

    Hazelnut, I'm glad I'm not having to deal with ice. Do be careful eh? 

    Fresh veg can add up, GD, especially as it only last a few days. 

    Easy run today, nice and slow but added some inclines in (some of my clubmates are calling them hills but the steepest is 6% at its steepest point, which is just a slope to me after those 12-18% monsters I've been doing recently). Did turn into 9 miles though, which is quite long for a Tuesday run. Right hip felt a little tight so I think I need to do some stretching.
  • Did my 10k loop today, but just at recovery pace.  My foot is decidedly not good, so I will back off for a few days and see what happens.. not sure what happened there, or whether to exercise it, ice it, or leave it.

    It was wet and wild, with 40 plus mph winds, but saw an egret fishing and few people were out so it was quite relaxing.

    Good running Cal.  Hope the hip isn't an issue.

    Glad you're better now John, enjoy your cheque!  Yes I believe monday was dubbed "blue monday" allegedly the most depressing day of the year.  Like you say, it's hard to be too buoyant at the moment.

    Hope the injury improves GD,  I know what you mean about the meditative effects of running for work stress.  I have no recipes, but have spinach everyday with whatever I have in the evening, I love it and it's good for runners, also lots of kidney beans and sweet potatoes ( good carbs).

    Nice running Hazlenut, certainly a "proper" winter where you are, it seems like that snow and ice has been there for a long time! A very cold spell has been predicted here, but who knows.. Stay safe ( and upright!).

  • Will have a think for a recipe or two GD - I'll add chickpeas to LTT's suggestion of spinach, sweet pots and beans (any sort).  I agree on the costs - as long as you stick to simple veggies then it can be cheaper but once you get into the more "fancy" stuff.  Appreciate your need to run to work off the stress.  How is the achilles with a decent walk rather than a run? 

    Sounds like a pretty ideal way to retire JB.  A hard 5k with hills does sound a bit nasty.

    Cal - I also like the way that former mountains turn into little inclines once you get onto doing nasty hills regularly.

    Careful LTT.  Cut-back week necessary by the sounds of it.  Good idea to put in these every 4 weeks or so if you are increasing your mileage.  Well done for getting that 10k done in those conditions and nice you had some distractions.  Feels like we have had ice and snow in varying quantities since I moved at the beginning of December, maybe 2 days without.  I live at nearly 800m now rather than 550 and it makes a difference.  We haven't had this much snow for a few years though. Some (non-mountainous) regions had more snow than in the last 40 years last week.

    I combined a shopping outing with a run yesterday afternoon.  We have a good village shop for everyday bits and bobs but I tend to head down the hill for stocks once a week.  Quick whizz around the supermarket and then a nice flat and ice free 7.x miles.  Somebody has marked out a km (every 50m) so I used that to do 2 sets of 100m strides.  Subdued violet/grey sunset this time.  
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Hope the foot improves, Linton - you've had a rough time of it with injury.
    Hazel, I take it you're not carrying your shopping when you run?
    What altitude do you have to be at before it's considered altitude training? 

    Speaking of which, I had intended a hilly MLR today but legs were feeling pretty heavy. I got up a couple of hills in Streatham (one moderate, one quite big) before crossing the common to the bottom of a hill called Gibsons Hill which has 50m climb. The bottom isn't steep but it then gets a lot steeper before evening out again. It just seems to keep going. I'd planned five our six ascents of this but I was really struggling so I canned it after the third one and decided to check out a road loop near there - it's a horseshoe shaped road at the top of the common that's on a bit of a slope so I thought it might make a good circuit. I ran three laps of it (each lap is 0.6 miles) getting a bit faster with each one and that seemed to perk me up a bit. 
    It was mostly downhill from there so my sluggish 11+ pace became a more normal 10+ and I had enough energy for a burn up another hill on the way back. Last mile was just under 10 so I'm happy with that turnaround.
    11 miles total with a shade under 300m climb so not bad considering I wasn't feeling it.
    I've had a bit of a dodgy time with my stomach this past week - I think it's reflux or something similar as I've had an uncomfortable feeling in my throat after eating some meals, although not all. Not sure what's brought it on - might be the fact I've drunk a few bottles of wine this month (all gifts) and I'm usually not much of a drinker at all - I can usually count the amount of times I drink in a year on one hand. So I'm going to knock that on the head and then look at my diet as well. If that doesn't sort it I'll have to visit the doc, but I'm trying not to do that given they're all overworked with the pandemic. 
  • Cal - no, I do my shop and abandon car and shopping, go for a run and drive home.  Not sure about altitude training, I think 1500m + though.  Another good bit of climbing on your run. If you're not used to regular alcohol I can imagine that you might feel those bottles of wine.  If I drink too much (v. rare these days) then it hits my stomach not my head.

    I decided yesterday that some speedwork was long overdue.  I didn't fancy shorter intervals or a classical P&D LT run so settled for some longer LT paced intervals breaking up 4 miles into 3 chunks with 2 minute recoveries in between.  I started off with a 2.5 mile warm-up with the usual do I really want to do this feeling in the legs.  This included 3 short pace increases towards the end.  Then a few standing minor mobility exercices from head to toe.     I set off into the first LT chunk, the longest, a bit fast as always but managed to maintain the pace until the end.  I was pretty glad of the recovery phase by that time though.  2 minutes were enough to get my breathing down for chunk no. 2.  My stomach was protesting a bit by the end of that but was fine on the next recovery.  Chunk no. 3 was get it over and done with including a bit of pace fade over the last 500m or so as I was struggling with my breathing.  Cool-down of another 2 miles or so followed.  Decent enough session but ideally I should slow things down a bit as I was working more at 10k rather than 10miles to HM race effort.  
  • A bit more than 10 miles in 1:41 yesterday afternoon - unnecessarily hard after the previous day's speedwork.  It was less the hills that were knackering - I would have happily plodded up those - but the often poor conditions underfoot - in the woods a mix of snow, slush, ice, muck and water.  Even when (sometimes) wearing Yaktrax it was difficult to move forward smoothly without stumbling and slipping and sliding and that was very tiring.  Couple of easy days needed to recover from that I think.  5 degrees plus felt very warm after the last few weeks - I kept running through little pockets of warm air.  Some sections which are permanently in the shade were pretty chilly as well.  A lot of forestry work has been going on - the woods are full of the scent of freshly cut timber.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    It's cold here again too, after a couple of warmer but windy days. I took a rest yesterday as the run I did on Wednesday left me tired (although I did walk 6 miles). I thought conditions today would be better as it was not windy, but when I looked out of the window there was a lot of frost on the rooves. I thought the streets would be OK as it was above freezing (2 degrees) but I was wrong. My plan was to jog up to the loop at the top of Streatham Common - the one I found on Wednesday - then do a 5K around there and jog back home. 
    On the way there, most pavements were fine, but there were patches of frost and the odd bit of ice in places. Once I got to the loop, I stopped my watch and had a look. The loop itself was quite frosty and, with it being on a slope, I didn't trust it so I had to abort my mission and jog home again. Covered 6 miles but not what I was hoping for.
    Not sure I'll manage it tomorrow either as it's even colder, but sometimes you can have zero degrees and no frost, or warmer than that with a lot of frost. Guess I will have to wait and see.
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