My Last Run



  • Race went as well as I expected. My ham's been a bit testy so, what with that and my recent loss of speed, I decided I'd try to run around HMP and not worry about PBs.
    It was pretty cold and while I was waiting to start, I was regretting my decision to go with vest and arm sleeves rather than a long sleeved top (I did wear leggings - I don't crack out the shorts until it's around 10 degrees) but I was OK once I got going.
    It's a four lap course but it's better than the one they use for their weekend, daytime races. It goes around the stadium then out on a longish dogleg before coming back along the river. Like last time, I had some issues on the darker parts of the course but at least it wasn't windy - last time the path that is lit by decorative lanterns was a nightmare as they were moving around and casting shadows which made it seem the ground was moving. It was like running through a funhouse.
    I didn't really look at my watch after the first two miles and my pace did drop a bit but I'm OK with the time - 53:26. I pushed myself without rinsing myself so it was like a good LT session and I quite enjoyed it.
    One weird thing was my left toes got quite sore. I wore my Zoom Flys (decided as I wasn't going to be running a very fast time, I didn't need my 4%) and thicker socks than I usually wear with them, which might have been the issue, but it could also be that the shoes are getting a little old now. They've got 438 miles on them so I think I will just use them for training in future.
    Anyway, that's that...let's see how I go on Saturday at the 5K.
  • Probably the shortest training run I've done for a while - just three miles (well, 5K actually) recovery. Was intending to go further but I was tired and hammy's grumpy so I decided 3 would have to do. Cold, grey weather, too, so wasn't inspired to stay out longer.
  • I seem to have got a bug (not THE bug) and am feeling decidedly yuk. Not a great way to spend your (43rd) wedding anniversary!

  • > @kevinmarkwhite said:
    > Thursday 19/7/7 07.20am - first run in a new training regime.
    > Struggling lots with my running nowadays and always too tired after work.

    this how I feel now....
  • Welcome Chaznoid - I was the same when I started running, struggled running outdoors and felt the treadmill was far easier. I did persevere with outdoor running by taking it steadily and building up, to the point where I've not run on a treadmill for a couple of years.

    Glad you managed to enjoy the 10K, Cal. Decent time, too, which has hopefully given your confidence a bit of a boost. Sometimes it's the way of things that we need to take a step back to go 2 steps forwards. Good luck with the 5K.

    Nice little race with the cyclist, john. It is so tempting to view a target ahead and then try to reel them in. Nothing wrong with that at all, unless you're supposed to be running to a plan. Hopefully the lurgy isn't too bad and that you had a nice anniversary. Congratulations.

    Only one run this week, Tuesday's 'bubble' run, the first since the end of Lockdown 2. Had a new runner join us, so rather interesting to chat to. Had to say it was rather chilly and broke out the running tights and also the gilet. Fingers were feeling the brunt of it even with gloves on. 6.5 miles at a relatively easy pace, so a good recovery run. Unfortunately work has been busy with testing. 6am for the first meeting of the day and still wading through issues gone 7pm, so I had to be dragged out on Tuesday and haven't had the time to do anything else. Not helped by the fact I'm not sleeping well at the moment (Cal syndrome). Always the way when working long hours and still thinking about what still needs to be done when I go to bed. On-call this weekend and there is a likelihood that I may have to be available the week before Xmas, which I'd booked off. Hey ho.
  • John, happy anniversary and hope you feel better soon.

    GD, sorry you've caught my insomnia! I think some of mine is down to the stress of the rental flat situation but I've always had issues sleeping - it's usually worse in summer when it gets light very early and I can't go back to sleep.

    I had originally planned to rest today but as I only managed three slow miles yesterday, I went out early and did five more at recovery pace. I knew with it being dark, it'd keep my pace down and I was just under 12 minute miling again. While it's probably quite beneficial to do really slow runs on occassion, I can't help but be a bit horrified by my stride length and cadence when I look at the stats after. Eh well.

    A bit later I went to the gym and did some upper body stuff - more power cleans, bench, dumbell rows and stuff. Back up to the weights I was using before the lockdown, although a bit lower on reps.
    Walked home via the Streatham Lidl as the small one in Balham didn't have the cheap oats I usually buy, and that turned out to be rather dangerous as I also came home with two boxes of macarons and a tub of gingerbread ice cream. (Still, it was a 2 mile walk, and I was carrying 4kg oats, two litres of milk and a bottle of olive oil and the aforementioned treats for the last mile of that, so I guess that counts as training).
  • Cal and G'dog - sympathise with the insomnia. I too ama sufferer and overnight ended up listening to the Reith lecture on the World Service (Mark Carney) - which I actually enjoyed. 

    Got over my bug quicker than I expected. Even managed a 21.45 3 miler today, just 2 seconds outside my SB. Pleased with this, but feeling totally knackered. 
  • That's good to hear, John - take it easy though eh?

    A decent enough effort today, I think. Hammy was sore all night (my various injuries always feel worse in bed - I think that's half the reason I don't sleep well) the little bugger, but managed to roll it into submission. It was a midday race (the 10K was in the morning) so I had plenty of time to chill out before heading up to Stratford, and I didn't mind the comparatively late start given that 5K is over quite quickly.
    I saw a couple of Chasers when I got to the park, both a lot faster than me, but it was nice to have some company on the tube home.
    I'd decided that I would be happy to get a 25:xx given my current shape, especially as it turned out to be windier than I'd hoped and it's not a great PB course - some tight turns and a bit of undulation at the end of each lap.
    I was glad I was only doing two of the rather complex laps rather than 4 when I did the 10K before the last lockdown.
    Each lap consists of an out and back (with a hairpin turn) followed by a loop, then a different loop, and I remember feeling like I'd lost the will to live after doing two of those in the 10K and realising I had two more.
    I ran the first mile in 8:05 which isn't bad, but the second mile had the undulating bit and a couple of the tight turns so it came in a lot slower at 8:25. Last mile was 8:24 but I managed 8:00 pace for the final bit towards the finish.
    Still a way off my best but heading in the right direction.
    My chip time came in at 25:28 so I'm fairly content with that - a way off my best but heading in the right direction.
  • Uff what day is it?

    Moving used to be so easy - just a couple of suitcases and a rucksack maybe.  Just a few boxes to unpack now and lots of bits and bobs to do. I have managed to run each day at least to give myself a breather. I've been doing some route exploring, lots of potential for hills, decent flat stretches more difficult. Today 10.x miles with over 300m of descent/ascent. 

    Need to read back yet...
  • Moving is a stressful experience, Hazel - good for getting out. I guess you will have to scope the area out for some decent speedwork routes, since you seem to have the hills covered.

    12 miles today - almost a reverse of last week's route. Ran down via Tooting to Plough Lane, took the Wandle north to Earlsfield, then through King George's Park, onto the river and along to Battersea Park, round the park, up to Clapham Common and home from there. Didn't look at my watch for this one or worry about pace at all.
    There were a few stops for traffic and one stop in King George's Park to pet an incredibly cute and inquisitive puppy (he came right up to me so who was I to say no?)
    Took this one pretty easy and enjoyed it (even when it rained, which it did along the Thames stretch) but I started feeling tired when I got to Battersea. I took a different route through here, opting for the interior paths rather than the big carriageway I use for fast runs, and saw some nice ornamental things I usually miss.
    I did a little push up the steep bit of Latchmere to get it out of the way but was knackered after that. I've run six days in a row this week including two on Wednesday, and two races, so I am not surprised I am tired.
    One thing I have learned, though, is that I can run six days in a row if I go really frickin' slowly on the recovery days. I have been thinking of my recovery pace as 10:40-11 when really that should be slow easy, and recovery is almost 12 min/mi.
    Regardless, tomorrow is definitely a rest day.
  • Hi folks!  Glad you're all well.  Busy, busy! like most of you guys.  I haven't posted for two weeks, some great running from all and sundry!

    I've gotten a little more speedwork orientated, for the first time in a while, as I said I would try to do.  I've made an accurate 5 mile loop and have been running it as close to 40 minutes as I can. ie 5 x 8 minute miles.  If my 10k pace is around 7m40s and my 10 mile pace is around 8m30s,  does that sound about right for tempo running?  Nice to be running a little quicker, clicking the miles off, shorts back out!

    Also done a couple of non-descript, miles in the legs runs.

    Decent run this morning, 9 miles in 79 mins, steady 8:45ish pace, felt good.

    My 10 mile race is now on! next weekend, on sunday.  There is also a 5 mile on the same day.  I'm tempted to do the 5 mile as I've only ever done one 5 miler. I managed 37 mins, or 5 x 7m24s.  It would a good indication of fitness.  Not very at the moment!  It is 2 months until my huge colliery run so I must start trying to build some big (and hilly) runs in.  Gulp.

    Six runs in a week is epic Cal! well done.  I rarely recognise the areas of london you mention, but look forward to some days out there after normality returns!  I love walking along the Embankment, Chinatown and the National Gallery, and some of the old pubs.  Also enjoy Nottinghill carnival, aithough can be a bit claustrophobic. I'm basically a tourist.  My two 10ks I've done this year have both been sub-optimal too, but like you say, any race is good to do this year.  Hope the niggles continue to improve.

    Good going Hazlenut, I moved in January and yes, it's a serious undertaking.  Hope it goes well.  I'm still looking for things that have disappeared!  Sounds like plenty of running potential.

    Get well John B. 43 years is a huge achievement.  Hope it was a nice day.

    Nice club  run Guarddog.  Work sounds full-on. Hope you get some time off over Christmas.

    Good running Malteser!  glad you're up to running daily again.

    Work is busy, but the house is in full Christmas mode, which is nice to return to.  Cat doing well!, with a new lease of life.  My Nike infinity runs have started blistering me badly at 250 miles, out of nowhere.  I will have to try and get some sort of covering or something.  Santa is bringing me a second pair in crimson, so hope it's something that can be remedied.

    Stay well all.

  • H'nut, isn't there some decent research that ranks moving house near the top of the stress league table? Perhaps it's a good time to get out for a relaxing run.

    Cal, 6 days a week is well beyond my current capabilities. Given that you also do quite a bit of gym/upper body work that's quite a payload. Talking of which, today I tried some Tabata (I'm pretty confident you'll know exactly what that entails!). The great thing about this format is that you can throw any exercise into the mix as long as it exhausts you. So I did a bit on the rower, some sets of press ups and then some kettlebell (20kg) swings. I've thrown in the towel on my heavier kettlebell (32kg) and given it to one of my sons. Sometimes you just have to know your limits!

    LTT, that's a shame about the blisters and an expensive way to acquire them! Hope the new pair delivered by Santa does the trick.

  • Have a good rest day today Cal after a tough week last week.  Nice 12 miler to finish it off.  Slow recovery sounds about right for adding in extra running days.

    LTT you could try putting your 10k pace in a few pace calculators and seeing what they turn out for your various training paces.  (Macmillan, Fetch.. etc.).  8mm sounds roughly ok based on your 10k pace.  5 miles tempo in one go is quite a workout. If you can't hold the pace over the duration then try doing it in intervals.  Good luck with the 10 miler - should give you a good indication of where you are at the moment.  Shame about the shoes.

    Nice cross training JB.  Don't think I would want to try to lift that kettlebell - probably would drop it on my big toe!

    Still need to read back on last week.

    3 loops of the village yesterday evening - 3.x miles - the street lighting is fairly subdued and many people have put up Christmas lights now so I enjoyed those.  There is an Advent calendar - number 8 seems to have short-circuited a bit as it keeps flashing on and off in a rather random way after it was behaving during the last few days (I can monitor it out of my kitchen window..).

    Have a good week all.
  • That is quite a run of runs, Cal, I'm not surprised you're feeling a bit tired. I was exhausted just reading that you'd done that. Well done on the 5K, it was a decent time on what sounds a very technical course. And on the 12 miler. Enjoy the rest day.

    John - I'm not sure I'd want to be lifting a 32kg kettlebell either. Well done on your 3 miler time over the weekend.

    Glad the move went well, Hazelnut, and good luck with the route findings. Probably quite exciting to have the opportunity to discover new places to run. And glad the move is over, as others have said I'm not surprised you feel a bit out of sorts. It is a stressful period. I moved last year and I'm still thinking of all the stuff I've got in storage.

    Hopefully Xmas brings a new pair of runners for you, LTT. Strange that they've suddenly started to give you blisters. 250 miles doesn't seem that much, but then I think they're becoming more of a disposable item now.

    Just the one run over the weekend. We did the loop round Shoreham going along the boardwalk. In the end it was a touch under 6 miles and run at a rather stately pace. With work the way it's been the last week we decided that as the weather wasn't going to be great on Sunday we'd just relax. Apart from having to do a bit more work, as well as housework and also making a Thai salad for dinner. And avocado on toast with poached eggs and bacon for brunch. 

    Got up this morning at 5:30 to get ready to go to the gym. Had a 6am meeting, but thought I'd be able to sneak off after that. Big mistake. One of my team had to take her sister to the hospital, so I was picking up her work. Gave up on the gym and instead thought I'd go for a quick coffee and catch up with 'The Man in the High Castle' on Amazon whilst in the coffee shop. Only Amazon decided I was going through a VPN and refused to play it. So after a stressful 15 mins shouting at my tablet I gave up. So much for relaxing.
  • G'dog, Just as you wouldn't fancy my 32kg kettlebell (and neither do I any more!), I do not envy you your early morning gym session and 6.00am meeting.  As for relaxing a bit - go on, you know you deserve it.

    H'nut, that village circuit sound idyllic.

    A 4 mile time trail for me today. TBH all my runs are time trails! I don't often run this distance. I set a sub 30 ideal target and a 31.00 acceptable. I split the difference with 30.27 so I was satisfied with that, especially given a mean and stiff wind on the return leg.

    The WAVA was 71.95% which is pretty consistent with  my WAVAs for 1.5, 3 and 6 mile runs. This a useful, if imperfect, way of monitoring performance across different distances and doesn't 'lie'.

    Big uptick in Covid infections across the south-east, although not as yet in my part of the south east - but near enough to give me that sinking feeling about current Xmas plans!
  • Linton, great news about your cat. Less so about the shoes - where are they rubbing?

    john - yeah, same. I've a half marathon on Sunday - got the number today but not sure the relevant council will allow it or not. Guess it's a wait and see situation.
    Tabata is brutal if you do it right. 32kg is a monster kettlebell. My largest is 20 and I don't use that one much. I used to use it mainly for swings but I haven't done swings in a while as I'm nervous about my hamstring.

    GD, sorry about your non-relaxation session. I don't have Netflix so I miss all the good shows off that - I pay enough for Sky so getting anything else is out of the question on my current income.

    Just 6 today - lovely weather but legs were tired so it was just a plod.
  • I've failed all this week to get to the gym, john. The 6am meetings seem to drag on beyond their 30 minute slot and by the time they've finished I've lost the will. Maybe on Friday I'll get there. Well done on the time trial. Maintaining sub 8 for 4 miles is good going and great WAVA score. Agree with the COVID rates as well. Hastings looks as if it's seen quite a spike. Partner rang her parents last week to say we wouldn't be up before Xmas and we're just hunkering down.

    Glad you managed to get out yesterday, Cal, and hopefully the legs have recovered. Relaxation issues continued yesterday. I downloaded the next episode so there'd be no connection issues, went for my morning coffee, put my airpods in...they'd run out of charge!! At least this morning I've managed to cover all bases and got through another episode.

    'Bubble' run last night. The run leader decided they were too tired to come out leaving 5 of us not quite sure what route was planned. So we revisited one we did a couple of months ago involving a lap round Hove Park, then up to Hove Rec and a lap round there before heading down onto the seafront, running past the i360 and then doing a 180 and running back along the prom before heading back up to Hove Park. About 11K in total at a nice easy pace. Good to get out especially as I could quite easily have not bothered. Felt rather stressed towards the end of the day, a combination of long days, too much work to do and dealing with people who really won't follow a process no matter how many times I explain it to them. I ended up with a headache and really just wanted to have a nap, but partner convinced me I'd feel better for running and she was right.
  • I've failed on that count too, GD - the bookings server was down on Monday so I tried in vain to book a slot, only to find out I'd already booked one after it had ended. Rebooked today but overslept until 6am which meant I couldn't get out for my 10 mile run early enough to make my gym slot. Oh well, Friday's the charm.
    You don't have much luck with your viewing, do you?
    Glad you got a recuperative run in, anyway.

    10 miles this morning - lovely sunny weather (it's clouded over now, though) although there was quite a strong wind at times. Mostly enjoyable apart from getting stranded on a traffic island a few miles from home and pacing up and down angrily and swearing while I waited for two streams of traffic to go. :D
  • Right – had a good read back over the last few days. 

    Enjoyed your HM race report GD – well done on that PB!  That 1:50 wasn’t far off at all, give it good conditions and the planets align up and you will grab that.  Good placing too for both of you.  Shame about your work situation and I hope you get that week off, sounds like you need it.  Good that tablets and computers don’t’ shout back (or I would be often be in a loud argument).

    Welcome to Chaznoid should you drop back in.  Give the outdoor running a go but as Cal says take it easy with run-walk initially. 

    Chasing cyclists uphill is fun JB.  At some point they run out of gears and struggle.  I remember a disgruntled one on an mtb riding a stretch I was doing a hill race on (up to 22 % climbs in parts).  He was not amused when I was over the moon to overtake him (on a flatter stretch). I do get envious of them when you both get to the top though and all they have to do is freewheel back off down!  Well done on your 43rd anniversary – that is a long time!  You are running some good times at the moment (3 miles / 4 miles). Hope your Xmas plans aren’t too wrecked by the rising virus figures.

    Well done on the 10k/5k combination Cal.  Good attitude to the races and the results.  Careful with those oats – (I hope the right ones this time  ;) ).  Fingers crossed that your HM takes place at the weekend.  That must have been a decent sized traffic island you got stuck on if it allowed for some agitated to-ing and fro-ing.

    Out with just one guy from my Tuesday group yesterday evening, we had a nice Corona-rant.  Think we both needed to let off some steam.  For me easy pace, for him less so, so I was quiet on the uphills to give him a chance to get enough breath in.  We were lucky with the rain until the last 5 minutes of the run.

    Fog today – should have worn my fancy flashing red lights vest I suppose though there was little traffic around but that which was probably wouldn’t have been expecting a runner out.  I was wearing a standard hi-viz and a headtorch but with around 30m max in the darkening soup…  Mentally I felt like a bit of hard work and did some hill reps on a local hill – around 230m in length with 28 metres of climbing according to the segment I have set up.  Legs weren’t really interested but I told them to get on with it and did 8 reps.  I’ve done better hill sessions but the last few days have left me a bit drained so I was happy enough.  Nearly 300m of climbing altogether in 5.x miles.

  • That's a good hill session, Hazel - I ran up a big hill during my 10 miler yesterday (and a less big one) and didn't even hit 100m.

    7 at recovery pace today - gorgeous sunny weather but as I went out late (10am) the commons were full of small children and small dogs so I constantly had to slow down to avoid falling over one. Fortuantely I was intentionally going slowly, otherwise I'd have been annoyed.
    Legs felt tired.
  • Oh yes - if only people would put those little kids on a lead sometimes.. :D

    10 yesterday - nice loop around with the inevitable ups and downs but legs were surprisingly ok with that.  Starting to get used to the idea that my average pace is dropping because of it.  I'm also getting a bit more confident about navigating my way around - it does stress me out that I have little time post work to get a run in in daylight as I want to be able to see where I am going and not end up standing in the woods with no idea of where I am (I do take a phone with a map app though).  Shortest day coming up soon fortunately.
  • I take it you have a head/chest light or something? Well done on the 10.

    My half was cancelled last minute with us moving into Tier 3 and cases rising - major bummer. Not that I am in PB shape but I was rather looking forward to it. I was very down in the dumps yesterday but I had a good gym session and felt a bit better after that.
    With the half cancelled, no need to do a short recovery run today so I did 7 miles with some faster paced stuff towards the end. I went out while it was still dark (7am) and stuck to main roads initially, going at a slower pace. Once it started getting light I was able to move to the side roads and add in some MP bursts, which I rather enjoyed. It felt good giving my legs and lungs a bit more of a workout - I've been holding back all week.
    I'll do a longer run tomorrow - not sure how long but I'll see how I feel.
  • Glad the confidence in your surroundings is growing, Hazelnut. It is disconcerting going to a new area and worrying you might get lost. I always look forward to the shortest day with the promise that the days will then get longer and warmer.

    Shame about the HM, Cal. Very late in the day to cancel and so disappointing for a lot of people. At least you managed a decent session in the gym and you managed to get a good run in this morning.

    Work still manic. I was on a call at 8am this morning and did a couple of hours of sorting issues out before getting out for a relatively gentle run from Shoreham to Lancing Green and back along the seafront. Just a touch under 5 miles, but with the south westerly the first half was slower than the return. Did think how john was getting on with his weekly 3 miler just down the road. Then back to more issues to resolve and another meeting at 12:30. Having to work tomorrow as well and even though I'm on leave next week I have a feeling I'm going to be spending time having to do things.
  • Tier 4!!! Urgh! This year...

    Great race build up and training for my 10 miler tomorrow.1:25 in test run, and it's obviously now cancelled.

    More worryingly I'd juggled work to do all my shopping monday and Tuesday evening after a relentless 13 days at work. Nobody will get anything now. Nooo.

    Stay safe all. Medway is now worst in the country I think. 4 of our team now sick with Covid.

    Roll on 2021.

  • That'll be my last gym session for a while too, GD, since it's now closed again. Bloody Tier 4. (Tier 4 just means local lockdown, apparently).
    Hope you're not called to work on Christmas Day.

    Linton, scary about your team...hope you can avoid it. I think this lockdown has taken a lot of people by surprise and Christmas plans and presents have been scuppered. I'll be on my own this Christmas rather than spending it with my friend in Manchester so I basically won't have a Christmas, as such.

    Absolutely glorious out today - sun, not too much wind - it would have been perfect for the half. But oh well, it was a nice day for a run along the river so I did the Thames loop I tried a couple of weeks back - down to Battersea, along to Putney Bridge, over and then back on the other side. 14 miles logged. I thought I might do more but hams and glutes felt pretty fried by the time I got back to Battersea so I decided to head directly home from there. I seem to have lost some muscular endurance so I'll need to work on getting that back. Plenty of time for that, though.
  • Bad luck on the cancellations Cal and LTT.  Especially if the conditions would have been good.  

    Stay well LTT - how much contact do you have at work?  That is also a pain regarding the shopping.  For working people it seems to be getting harder and harder to get things done, be it shopping or at least getting in some sort of relaxation from working, good thing at least we can still run. 

    Good you were able to get in a gym session before it closed again Cal.  Nice 14.  I do have a headtorch but also have a poor sense of orientation - in woodland in particular. 

    Turn off the work phone next week GD?  Hard to relax maybe even if you do.  Glad you managed to get out for a run.

    Back to familiar ground for the last two days - taking advantage of some things we needed to do in / collect from the old flat meaning I had an excuse to drive to flatter ground.  A rather overenthusiastic 6.8 miles yesterday in 57 mins followed by an HM in about 1:49 today.  Put in a bit of progression on the latter to get to around my old MP over 6 miles.  Glad I took a basic fruit bar with me as I would have got very hungry without.  Need to get my eating sorted on Sundays as I tend to breakfast too late and run at lunch and run the tanks empty as a result.  Greyish sort of day but the odd glimpse of the sun.  More or less normal number of people out and about - was expecting more.    As the municipal golf course is currently closed I was able to take a route I generally avoid on Sundays - bit dodgy crossing the fairways sometimes.  
  • Been AWOL from the thread for a few days, since which time the Covid crisis has sliced through folks' plans for travel, Xmas, gym sessions and the odd running event. Thankfully we can all still get out and do some  (impressive) training and burn off a few calories in anticipation of some sort of Xmas excess.  I think I read somewhere that the 'average' Brits Xmas Day intake was 6K calories.

    I was thinking about an entering an event on 2nd January, to fill the hole left by the absence of Parkruns over the holiday period. I love a Christmas day Parkrun and the possibility of a NYs Day 'double'.

    The event is one of a series of 5ks being run in mid Sussex. (Note for locals: Ardingly.) My pal marshalled at one and warned me that 'the standard looks pretty high'. When I looked at the results I realised just how high. A 15 minute 5K might get you into the top 20! More realistically a 23 minute time would get you just about last out of 300+ runners!!

    After I looked at the results, I changed my plans. (And it'll probably be cancelled anyway.) Of course it's just a coincidence that 23.00 would be just about my predicted finishing time! The old football chant of 'what's it like to be outclassed' comes to mind.

    A couple of runs along the prom this weekend - but a brutal wind has not helped boost confidence for any sort of fast run.

  • A bit of a "stress relief" run yesterday. I think it was needed. As stated by Cal, decent conditions, slight headwind.

    11.3 miles in 1:34. That's 8:21 pace, which is hard going for me over that distance. Definitely a 10 mile PB in there somewhere. If I could hold that for another 15 minutes that would be sub 1:50 half. I was weary afterwards though! Some bits were slow and hilly, but some miles were sub 8, best 7:45. Even got encouragement from a group of cyclists so I must have looked like I was trying hard.

    I'm finally the last runner in the UK to join Strava! I only have one friend who runs so currently follow one person! Who follows me! I'm a bit confused how it all works.. I haven't a GPS watch so have to lug my hefty phone around in my running belt, which is a bit rubbish.

    I must say though, when I ran on sunday i went in race shorts, vest and a long sleeve top. I was boiling! So took my top off and spent a couple of minutes hiding my top in a suitable bush. This time was deducted from my total? Isn't that cheating a bit? All other runners were in tights, tops gloves etc so I must've looked dedicated/a bit simple.

    Forked out a tenner on some KT anti bister tape. Fairly helpful.

    Two months until my distance challenge, If it goes ahead. (Unlikely).

    Superb running all! Ocado have just arrived so I best help with the shopping! Stay well and safe.

  • Hmm all of those nice roast veggies JB.  And pud and cake..  Hope you are not too affected regarding your plans.  That would be a very fast 5k by the sounds of it.  Strong winds are a pain (unless at the rear of course).

    Great run LTT.  In a race with sensible pacing you would be likely to get that sub 1:50.  Good idea to fit your clothing to the effort.  I've dropped you a PM regarding Strava.  It is easier with a watch rather than with the phone app.  That is likely working with auto-pause - any visits to the bushes will be taken off. 

    Unmotivated loops around the village yesterday evening.  I was surprised to find it quite windy and drizzling when I went out as the afternoon had been still.  With the conditions as they were there where few people out and about which suited my mood somehow.  Splits were all over the place due to the sloping nature of the loop - the average came out as it should have done for a recovery run though and I worked by effort.  4.6 miles in just short of 42 minutes.  
  • john, yeah it's a shame we won't have parkrun over Christmas/NY, although they did announce they'd axed the NYD double anyway (a real shame, but numbers have increased exponentially so I can understand it).
    I had booked Knacker Cracker (a brutal NYD run around Box Hill, organised by Trionium, and usually done in fancy dress) to fill the void but that has now gone, sadly.

    Linton, I only joined Strava in the Spring, after my club did a virtual mob match with another club and they wanted evidence in Strava. I use the desktop version given I rarely use my mobile for anything other then texting, and then only a couple of times a year.
    I'll warn you know that you will become obsessed with segments. :D
    Do yourself a favour, though, and get yourself a Garmin. I mean, it's Christmas...give yourself a present?

    Good for getting out, Hazel...doesn't sound like nice conditions at all, but we run when we can, eh?

    Decent run today - 10 miles fartlek. Two slow miles to warm up and then varied my pace for the rest. No flat out sprints but did a few faster bits of varying duration and got some Strava segment PBs, which always cheers me up. Could feel the hamstring a bit by the end but it's not awful. I'll use the gun on it later.

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