Lucozade Sport Super Six: keep going lass



  • TikkaTikka ✭✭✭

    <Paces up and down impatiently waiting for "the best bit">

  • it' coming ..... waiting for it to upload.....
  • Once the lesson was over, we went for a run....... (on a rest day aswell!)image

     Well.........,we all know how hot it's been the last few days but what happened??   The heavens opened and chucked everything it had at us........     We ran in thunder, lightening, absolute torrential rain that was so bad that the bridge close by had flooded, so we had to hike up the side of the railway bridge and take the steps down the other side to avoid the puddle. (good cross training thoughimage)

    Why did we do that Tess?  We were wet through anyway!! We may just as well have run through it!!

    I have to say that although we got absolutely soaking wet, it was warm rain and really cooling.  Reminded me of when I used to play out in the rain when I was a kid .......  kids's don't worry about rain at all do they? Well after tonight - neither should we! 

    We covered  3.35 miles in  34:38 minutes, average pace 10:20 although that includes the scrambling up the bridge, going down the steps and walking to find our cameraman who was supposed to meet us coming the other way but we somehow missed him  -  probably climbing up the side of the bridge!!

    A more realistic pace for the majority of the run was between 9:45 and 10:00 minute miles and we held a conversation most of the way round.   I was quite pleased that I was able to do that, although I did notice that Tess wasn't even breathless, but then she is half my age!!

    So, thanks to my son who got as wet as we did trying to find us, here is a picture to prove we did it and a link to a whole 8 seconds of video footage, although if he'd caught us the first time, he would have got us sprinting.....

    run in the rain ....

  • Oooh I'm jealous. Still no sign of rain here and it's hot hot hot!  Notice I'm putting off going to bed...
  • TikkaTikka ✭✭✭

    Please, please, please send some of that rain my way.  Today wasn't a rest day for me but I knew it wouldn't be long before I melted into the ground if I went out in that heat so I decided to wait and see if tomorrow is going to be any cooler.

    LOL at your comment about Tess not even getting out of breath!  I get really demoralised that my "flat out" pace is "cool down" pace for the girls at my running club but then I remind myself that I'm the granny of the group - most of them are at least 20 years (and often a whole lot moreimage) younger than me.

  • Sounds like your visit from the nutritionalist was of real benefit KGL image

    I wouldn't have thought about having some protein with carbs after a run - may have to give it a go!

    I love running in the rain...please send some our way, it's been 22 degrees here all through the night. It's foggy again this morning, but I think that just makes it feel more humid image

  • I've just posted all my food intake details and the thread has thrown it out ... says it's too long!  That doesn't bode well does it!!     I've got to start again now .... ggggrrrrrimage
  • True to my word, here is my food and fluid intake for today..... 

    6.30 am, 2 slices of toast with ginger jam, fruit smoothie and cup of tea.

    8.30 am, coffee image

    10.00 am, Banana and small handful of pumpkin, sunflower seeds and pine nuts.

    11.15 am, one third of ham salad baguette and bag of salt and vinegar crisps (for the salt you understand - I was doing an experiement following Tess's visit last night)

    12.00 pm, 6 olives and finished 500 mls of water started am.

    1.00 pm, cup of coffee and bite size ginger biscuit in the hairdressers (well it would be rude to refuse wouldn't it!)

    2.00 pm, rest of the ham salad baguette

    2.30 pm, large orange, 500 ml of water finished.

    4.15 pm, small granary roll with boiled egg and watercress

    5.15 pm, 500 ml  Lucozade body fuel

    5.45 pm, rich tea biscuit to soak up the Lucozade!

    6.15 - 7.15 pm 500 ml water during boxercise class

    7.45 pm, roast chicken, salad, home made potato salad with nuts, fruit, celery, made with yog/may base, home made coleslaw with yog/may base,  fruit yoghurt,  cup of tea........

  • So, what do you make of all that Tess??  image 

     ... and here  my lord is the case for the defense....image

    I always try to have extra carbs in particular if I know I am going to be exercising, particularly boxercise because it is so explosive and tires me very quickly otherwise.   It does look a bit scary though written down, but I am still losing body fat????image

    So, the experiments ..... 

    Today, I had more salt with the crisps and olives to see if it made a difference to the amount of fluid that my body could retain.  Normally, if I drink plenty, it goes straight through me and after Tess's science less yesterday, now I understand why.  

    I drank more fluid during the day than normal and it is really unusal for me to have more than one cup of coffee but I didn't notice any increase in the trips to the ladies room!

    Also, the lucozade body fuel before boxercise did seem to make me more alert and improved my performance during the class.  Normally, I am hopeless at remembering the punch combinations which get more complex as the class progresses but tonight, I remembered them all first time.

    Normally, on a good night, I will burn just over 500 calories.  Tonight it was 475 but I was hampered somewhat by forgetting to put my inserts in my shoes which meant that my ankles complained at the explosive leg work and shuttle running so I backed off a bit.  Had that not been the case,  I'm sure I would have gone way over the 500 mark, indicating that the increased hydration also increased my performance.

    Let's hope I feel the difference on my next  run... which will be Thursday - 60 minutes easy....... in the meantime, I'm looking forward to my rest day tomorrow ......  image

    Hope everyone else has had a good day......  

  • Ooh, that's all a bit technical! But if it works....

    *wonders what she can eat with salt in it before tomorrow's run*

    I thought salt was bad for you???

  • It  is in large quantities, but apparently we need some salt in order to keep the right balance of fluids - there are various glands aroud your body that monitor it, can't remember what they're called, which is why you pee a lot when you drink lots of water on its own - it's your bodies way of getting rid of the excess to keep the balance and vice versa if you take too much so you become dehydrated.

    The lucozade products that Tess left contain sodium (hydrate in particular) which is why they are better than water alone before or during exercise because they replace the salts you lose when you perspireimage

    Hope I've got tht right - don't want everyone collapsing with salt poisoning!!image

  • Hmm very interesting...I think after reading that I may need to increase my salt intake then, im forever going to the toilet which might not help with energy levels for running hey!?

  • I think the problem is probably all the hidden salts in processed foods which makes people have too much without realising it and that's why salt has such bad press.....  looks like we'll all be safe as long as we drink plenty of lucozade!!  image
  • Oh I see where this is going....IM NOT STANDING FOR IT I TELL THEE!!

    ..I do quite like the orange lucozade sport though, mm...image

  • imageimage  the recovery drink is nice...

  • I want one of those bad boys right now!!image
  • I can see details of everything you ate, and impressive it is too, but where are details of your training run?
  • lol Steve image

    KGL - I wasn't quite sure how salt affected your fluids - so thanx for that, though I can have a wee bit salt cause my blood pressure is so low (78 over 55).  To be honest I dont have salt on anything except tomatoes & bolied eggs.

    Not sure I'd be able to handle all the lucozade - is it not really sickly?  The thoughts of drinking it make me feel a bit queezy 

  • Hi Steve, 

    Oh dear, I'm in trouble all ready .... that didn't take long did it!!   image........I've swapped things around a bit again this week to fit with work and other commitments - I did my speed session that was scheduled for yesterday on Sunday, my easy run will be Thursday, tempo run Friday and long run Saturday or Sunday,     Next week I'm going to try and stick to the order you have given image ...... oh, and I did a shorter temo run on Monday.   Sorry for the confusion!   

    On the subject of long runs, after your email, I did the week 2 long run on week 1 - does that means that I should continue to work a week ahead, ie, (week 3 LSR, 90 minutes) this week or run for the same time as last week again to bring myself back into line with the schedule?

  • Vickie - the little sachet's of powder are ok, although they're better if you have them very cold.  Personally, I still prefer water but now is the opportunity for me to try these things, particularly if I understand how they work!
  • Interesting discussions around salt intake - I suffer terribly from cramps on long runs especially when it is hot - so much so that when I was once competing in the very hilly 'man v horse marathon' I was completely disabled with cramps in what felt like every part of my body and some lovely chap came to my rescue with some sodium tablets.  Ever since then, when its very very hot, I use rehydration sachets (buy from the chemist) and any other time, the Hydrate product that you have tried.  The source of my cramp problem it materialises is that I am what they call a 'salty sweater' (the benefits of working for a Sport Drink is that you get to find out these random little things about you).  This was music to my ears as it means I have the license to intentionally add salt to my products!

  • For the avoidance of doubt, Tess tells me that my ramblings yesterday about salt are in fact accurate....  image     Gold Star for KGL then, just need one from Steve now image

  • Just a quick point, might be of interest to some folks - the Saturday times did an article the other week on sports drinks and said the salt (sodium) content was good for runs over 10k.  They also printed a recipe for "homebrew" sports drink, which I've tried a couple of times and does the trick for me (and costs buttons!):

    200ml full sugar squash

    Pinch of salt (~quarter teaspoon)

    Plus 800ml water.

    It tastes better cold... Article

  • I don't take salt on ANYTHING, I don't even have a salt cellar! I eat a vegetarian diet with only wholefoods (no-added-sugar oats, additive-free pasta, no ready-meals, everything cooked from scratch, etc).  I drink loads and loads of water - I'd say a minimum of 2.5 litres a day, maybe more.  Funnily enough the last two times when I've been at the doctor and had to provide a blood sample she remarked that my sodium levels were very low, but she didn't say what that means and I didn't ask.  I often feel very weak when running, even short distances, and drinking water doesn't help.  I always assumed that no salt was the healthy option, but now I'm starting to wonder...
  • When I ran for my local running club the coach there often told me to up my salt intake as I was suffering from weak ankles running on the grass and cross country.

    PoppyRed Salt is vital to the human body. I think its the sodium that helps regulate body fluids. It also helps cells absorb nutrients. To try and completely eradicate it from your diet is probably not advisable.

    I always have a twist of the salt cellar on potatoes and pasta with black pepper of course! A little of everything won't hurt you image

  • Tracy swapping things round is ok as long as you keep to the basic principles but give me a call if you want to alter anything drastically!

    For the long runs I would suggest

    week 2: 90-100 mins slow (11:00 - 12:00)

    week 3: 110-115 mins  slow (11:00-12:00)

    week 4: 2 hours to 2 hours 10 slow (11:00 - 12:00)

    week 5 fast 90 mins

    re salt - you don't need too much added as it's in so many foods and too much can cause blood pressure problems etc but you do need extra in hot weather.

    I use a product called lo salt instead of normal salt, which has 66% lerss sodium than regular salt so it's slightly more healthy but has the same taste.

  • Thanks for the advice, SaintJason.

     Steve, I don't eat any food which has salt added to it (I make my own muesli with no-added salt oats, don't eat bread, etc), so I probably do need to consider introducing it in some form into my diet.

  • I think Tracy is the expert TBH. What she doesn't know about salt isn't worth knowing!! image
  • Tess is the "expert",  I'm only translating what she told me into something I understand!   image

    Steve - thanks for that,  I will change my "master schedule" to your new long run suggestions.  It would however help me enormously if I could do the "fast 90" on week 4?   

     I will benefit from running with someone else for that run to keep me moving at a faster  pace and I go on holiday half way through week 5.    Would it be ok to swap week 4 and 5 long runs around?     

     In the meantime, I might try and fit  my easy run in tonight after all!   Just to be clear, I wouldn't dream of changing anything drastic -  - this is too good an opportunity to even consider doing my own thing!!     Many thanks for your advice and support so far...I can't believe I made it to the end of week 1 in one piece!!  image

  • Hi Tracy

    Like DT your brave enough to write your food diary, I dare'nt admit to mine.  On the subject of salt apparently Chinese takeaways are full of salt so they must be good for you, or perhaps I've got that wrong. Must make a point of reading the packet before I pop it into the microwave.

    Everyone is making me feel guilty about my diet, starting tommorrow I'm going to shop for healthy food and take time to cook it, perhaps the boss will let me home early if he wants his tea.

    Love seeing all the pictures and videos, have'nt got round to sorting out my camera yet but it's on my priority to do list.

    Enjoy your run tommorrow, shortly going out on a 60 minute easy just waiting for the weather to cool.

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