Lucozade Sport Super Six: keep going lass



  • Great running - next time we'll have to see if you can start with a 1:54 rep and get quicker!

    Overall very encouraging - showing surprising speed but also good disclipline and you got quicker on each rep and the last three were blinding - not sure why your heart rate was higher than on the last two where you were much, much quicker.

    I can see the benefits of doing that session on a treadmill but couldn't do it myself.

  • perhaps a particularly good song came on that was particularly more exhilerating than the others! 

    I'll check it in case I've mistyped.....image

  • My long awaiting film debut is now showing on my profile page - have a look! 

    I'd be interested in any comments anyone would like to make so I can decide whether it's worth spending the time doing another one at the end of week 4   image

  • WOW!! WOW!! and thrice WOW! That's brilliant Tracy!! I was bobbing along to Bon Jovi there... you can really see the blood, sweat and tears in that clip! Excellent stuff.

    The benchmark has been set and set blooming high image

  • Fantastic..well done you! What an inspiration you really are...thank you
  • Grrreat Vid Tracy. Very inspirational, makes me feel decrepit. You certainly chose the right name with keep going lass but do you ever stop?

    Well done! image DT.

  • Oooh, cool video. Didn't realise they updated the article, must go check mine out!
  • Another hard "easy" run tonight ... will report on it in the morning .....  image   
  • Things started off well on lat night's run .   I found it relatively easy in as much as my natural pace was quite a bit faster than I was supposed to be doing and a glance at my watch told me to slow down a number of times in the first mile, which I did, mindful of today's tempo run. After than, my watch kept telling me to speed up!!

    I can now pretty much predict the 3 mle point  as it is at that point that my calves start to feel oiled and by 3.5 miles any initial stiffness and twinges have gone and the same applied tonight. 

    Kept a relatively steady pace throughout although lost my stride a bit when I realised my route wasn't long enough to get the 65 minutes in so I added a slight diversion to make it longer and then had to divert again.  The last mile felt uncontrolled and lacked core stability, I was wobbling all over the place!   By the time the 65 minutes was up I'd had a enough,

    That may have been though because I was running round in circles and  I was going out but needed to do my run first.   We were off to see some friends for a farewell barbeque as they are heading back to their home in France after a visit.. 

    Here are the numbers:

    MIle 1:  10:47        Avge hr - 150

    Mile 2: 11:12         Ave hr - 155

    Mile 3: 11:18         Avge hr - 153

    MIle 4: 10:58         Avge hr - 155

    Mile 5: 10:54         Avge hr - 153

    Mile 6: 10:39         Avge hr - 156

    Total mileage - 6,   Total time on feet - 66 mins.   A month ago, I would  have been calling what today is my "easy" run, my "long" run! 

    I wonder if I find the easy run harder than I expect because I've done the speed session the day before and it therefore becomes a recovery run?    The tempo run seems easier as my legs feel fresher and  there is more of a spring in my stelp??     Who knows, but another one ticked off image

    Plenty of fluids today to compensate for the 3 large glasses of wine I had last night, bit of a thick head this morning! image

  • BTW Steve - my long run on Sunday was 9.35 miles, not 8.9 (see school report) but what's half a mile between friends!! image
  • Hi Tracy

    Your up early this morning.  What a brilliant video on your profile page, I'm well impressed - I think it really was worth the effort but it must have taken you a lot of time to put together or perhaps your a computer wizard like Jason.

    Good run last night Tracy, keeping things steady so that you have a successful run and still manage to leave a bit in the tanks for your next training day is something I have had to work on. Not feeling as exhausted this week, we must be getting stronger. Keep up the good work.

  • Wish I was!  I've never used that programme before and it kept crashing without saving so altogether I probably did it 7 times!    But every cloud has a silver lining and at least I can say I know how to do it now!

    I have to confess though that I got my daughter to put the words and music on it once I'd done the editing as I was losing the will to live!

    Got up as soon as the alarm went to catch up on my report before work, otherwise I'd have had two to do tonight and I think my posts are already too long!

  • Tracy, that is pretty damn amazing progress. I'm going to be eating your dust at the rate you're improving. Blooming well done missus!

  • great video.

    didn't realise you did so much of your running on the treadmill. good run again yesterday. You will find it relatively harder after the previous day's effort, and because you ran fast Tuesday and it was relatively slower Wednesday, you often get a boost and can run quicker, with less effort on Thursday.

    However if you go too quickly on the Wednesday, you start tired on Thursday and often ran badly.

  • You are SO fit, Tracy.  You must have abs like steel!  Very motivating video.  I echo Steve's sentiments about the treadmill, though - I wish I knew the secret to enjoying treadmill running but I've never managed more than 30 minutes before I opt for sanity over fitness! 

  • Just to clarify Steve - I only do one session out of the four on the treadmill, ie, the speedwork - all my other runs are outside. 

     It's just that I didn't have any video footage of my outdoor sessions so I used the same clip of treadmill running to illustrate the run stats and the google earth image to show the Sunday runs!    Pit of poetic license lets say!!   That's why I need a camera operator with a bike!! image  and actually, Ithink I've found one!! 

    I much prefer running outside but like to do the speed on the treadmill because of the discipline it provides.

    PS - I assume that was a typo when you said "often ran badly... "    I don't run badly too often!!  image 

    Poppy - I haven't always been as fit as I am now - it's cumulative and builds up when you've got someone pushing you out of your comfort zone and indeed knows how to get the best out of you!    He has also made me look better than I am - I usually have to do the balancing squats on one leg!!  image 

  • Sorry it was a poetic licence general  'you' and not a specific 'you' and should have said runners.

    Indeed, you haven't had a bad run yet in the schedule and everything has been very positive.

     Good that you get out from the Gym occasionally and that you've now found an active cameraman.

  • I too need a camera operator with a bike! Where are they to be found?
  • Interesting experience tonight, my schedule said tempo run or 45 mins with middle 24 at alternating 11, 12 and 10, minute mile paces.   Next week it is more of a consistent run on Thursday so I though I would try the interval option because that’s what Jason did and I want to be like Jason image

      Managed to programme my watch to beep at me every minute when it was time to change pace and beep madly at me if I was running at the wrong pace.   

    Ran the first 9 minutes easy so that the first “zone” started in the right place, time wise, making my down to the canal towpath.

    The first set was a bit trial and error as I didn’t quite know what my watch was going to do.  The screen was showing complete rubbish so I ended up ignoring it and just listening for the mad beeps so I knew whether to speed up or slow down and I seemed to settle into it quite quickly. 

    I just kept running up and down the same stretch of canal – completely confusing the fishermen and other runners -  I must have looked as though I couldn’t make my mind up where I wanted to go!

    I was fairly strict with the slower paces, ie 11 and 12 although they both felt really slow but the 10s didn’t seem to be fast enough so I ran at a pace I felt I could comfortably maintain, although with hindsight I judged this on a minute rather than a sustained timescale if it was supposed to be half marathon pace, so I am sure that this was probably too quick, although I didn’t feel as though I was running that fast.   Some work to do on pacing I think!    

    I ended up doing more than 24 minutes of the interval reps because the time went so quickly and a slow jog back ended up just short of the 45 minutes.  By then however,  I had new friction burns on top of yesterday’s friction burns so didn’t have the inclination to find an extra 3.5 minute loop to complete the 45 minutes.


    Next run is Sunday when I need to tackle two hours.  I did 1:45 last Sunday so I think it will be more of a mental challenge that physical.  I am tempted to do the same route because it is so calming , but a tad slower and add a bit on so I can pass the magic 10 mile mark.

    In the meantime, I will enjoy my two days rest from running……    
  • I must have missed something out of the programming because my watch doesn’t give the detailed information on the individual pace zones so I am going to use a mix of fact, logic and gut feeling to analyse the information it does give!

       Here’s the numbers:  

    Avge overall heart rate 154

    Total distance covered – 3.85 miles

    Total time on watch  - 41:16

    Maximum pace 7:41

    Average pace – 10:42


    Warm up – 9 minutes – 11 minute mile or thereabouts once I’d made myself slow down.


    Mile 1 – 10:23    (most of warm up)        avge hr 157

    Mile 2 – 10:32   avge hr 152,  max 162 

    Mile 3 – 10:28  avge hr 154, max 169

    Mile 4 – 9:53  avge hr 154, max 163, average pace for that part mile was 11:21  

    If I didn’t get the pacing exactly right, I do know that I did slow, slower and then fast consistently.  The watch was happily beeping to indicate I was in the right zone most of the time apart from the faster pace when I was going quicker  and my mile splits show consistent pacing across each mile. 

      11 minute miles were the average target pace so the figures above don’t seem too bad and indicate faster reps overall, although going much faster on the faster reps probably mean I went slower on the slower reps as that doesn't seem to have had an effect on the mile splits 

    So what does that mean?  I don’t really know!   Over to you Steve!   (Well I think I do know - it means I didn't do as I was told image)

  • Hi Tracy, sorry I missed you earlier when you asked about the watch. Our watches don't give info about the zones apart from time above/below/ an in the zone, plus some HR stuff. You have to take a split manually to get any usable info at the end. I set mine up with the three zones as you did and input the paces into each zone and a time of 1 minute. As the minutes elapsed I hit the LAP button. You can't autolap it either since each lap will be a different length due to running faster each zone.In fact I'm finding I'm manually registering laps more and more now - shows the level of concentration needed in order to keep looking at your watch!!! 

    These kind of intervals take a bit of getting used to I have found and that's without trying to gather some useful stats from your watch. It's all good though and glad you got something out of the watch to post on here. 

    BTW you don't want to be like me.. I'm pessimistic - and thats one of my good points image

  • You did the session, you run roughly at the right pace and changed pace, so it's great. Well done

    Whether it's exact isn't so important as it difficult to evaluate on such a session unless you manually take the laps down but rather than get the paces exact, it's just to give you a range of speeds and work harder and try and focus on pace more than just a steady run would do,

    Enjoy your rest days.

  • Thanks Jason - it was th autolap thing that I messed up!   doh... you've already told me that once!!


     Is anyone doing the Great Yorkshire Run?  I  posted my app back to James yesterday ....

  • Eeek! Doesn't that have to be in today! *Off to read the email*
  • Hi Tracy,

    Have been away for the last couple of weeks and just been reading up on the forum, what can i amazing progress. Where is your profile with all the training?

    Loved the discussions about hydration and a great comfort as I have been suffering recently with cramps and fatigue. Does anyone know where to buy the Lucozade hydrate from (shops not online) as I can't seem to find it anywhere?

  • Thanks Richard,

    I read all my thread back last night to try and spot the progress people keep talking about image  - I find it difficult to put progress into perspective as I am dealing with the schedule in bite size chunks rather than looking at the whole, for fear that I might run away and hide image, so it's nice to have the feedback on how other people view it.  

    Here is the information you asked for .........

     bottom of the page!!

    Re the lucozade to be honest I don't know as mine is arriving boxfuls at a time in the post and by courier but I think there is a promotion code in this month's RW offering discount on purchases from the website........... 

     Lucozade Products

    As far as retail outlets are concerned, I am sure that the marketing gurus from lucozade who are monitoring our threads will pick up your query and rush to provide you with a list of stockists!  image 

  • ,,, just notice Richard - it says on the website they are available at selected branches of Asda, Sainsburys and Boots..... 
  • Thanks for the link, think I will be adopting the training plan and love the video!

    As for the hydrate it seems not the selected stores that I've tried, guess I will have to keep looking.

  • I've not been asked to send back an application for the Great Yorkshire Run. No email or anything. image
  • It’s amazing what couple of days rest can do for you…… I feel as though I’ve had a bit of “normal life” the last couple of days so I’m not going to talk about running at all cos I haven’t done any!   I decided to pass on Steve’s 20 minutes easy – apart from anything else, it’s been chucking it down!  


    I went to a wedding reception last night - an opportunity to wear my “I feel thinner in this” dress, which has always been my benchmark for my weight loss since I shrunk it 2 sizes in the wash after the first time I had worn it, about 6 years ago.  The first time I was able to get into it since then was in March this year for my mum’s birthday  (hello mum!)   


    Dug the dress out of my wardrobe, ironed it, nice soak in the bath, eye makeup to match the dress etc …..   Put dress on……………… take it off again – it’s miles to big for me – hangs off me like a tent…….   Now what do I do???  


    Ended up wearing plain boring black trousers and a “going out top” on which the straps kept falling down ……. because that’s also too big for me! 


    Nice problem to have I suppose and the charity bags are doing really well out of me at the moment but it’s costing me a fortune having to keep buying new clothes, so off to the shops this afternoon, tried on half of Principles and came away with more than I should have done ……but not before my PT session ……….

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