Brass Monkey Half Marathon



  • NE
    not that anyone would think of printing off your post and showing it to Himage!!!
    Good pacey run round the Stray should set you up nicely. 
    I think you may have transferred your achilles problems to me - mine has been naggling again for a week or so now

    hope we miss the wind - it can be a bit exposed out there!!

  • 10 miles today in 74mins felt very easy so all looks good for a pb attempt, depends on the winds though!!
  • Torque Steer it can be very exposed.

    Wardi got really frustrated with the wind last year. I was too busy grovelling behind him to notice...
  • It WAS windy last year.  Wardi wasn't the only one who was a bit frustrated.

    TS - you wouldn't ........ would you??? image

  • XPS
    I  thought the lowlight last year was the dozy woman BMW driver who drove at speed along the partially flooded road and soaked many runners - including meimage!!
    The wind rounded it off nicely after that...................

    who - meimage??????

  • Torque Steer

    I don't remember that. I was fairly near the front for the first bit (before I died).

    I remember that the photos are on the taimages website

    and Wardi and I are on that front page photo:
    -Wardi is 3rd from the front in blue & white vest and black gloves, cruising along effortlessly with the strong wind ruffling his fine mane of hair.
    - I am a few places behind, in navy vest with green hoop, hanging on just about.
    -Odeon (from the sub-3 FLM forum) is in the yellow Stockport vest
  • XPS
    not much chance of me featuring near the front nowadaysimage!!

    Well after a run on Sunday that was seemingly in the teeth of a gale for much of the way I can only hope we do not experience that on Sunday comingimage!!!
    Wardi's fine mane of hair may prove to be a severe drag if that is the case - I think a visit for me to the sheep shearer will be in order before the race!!

    I recall that Wardi did not actually feature in the finishers list last year at first time of asking !!

    I guess having to pick up the chips personally will prevent 99.5% of the male runners using female runners numbers that caused so much confusion to the officials last year - it is hard enough for them as it is without that sort of stuff going on.

  • Weather wise its looking like a wetun !
  • Last year was windy, can we have a still day this year please?
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • perfect race day today - no wind, clear blue skies, light frost overnight. Light taper run reinforced just how nice it was outsideimage

    unfortunately it will not last.....................................image

  • If we all wish hard enough......
  • isn't going to change.

    Wind SW 18 mph - snow and sleet showers forecast

    So that's a head wind on the way out and tail wind to finish - could be worse he says optimisticallyimage!
    of course it could die out half way round...................................

    Good luck everyone and enjoy it anyway.

  • Thanks for that wonderful news, TS image

    I'm always hopeful that the weather peeps will get it completely wrong.Especially in the flatlands of York.

    Then again, weather of that kind will allow me to wear my new winter gear.

    Question: Does anyone know if there are shower facilities available after the race?? I'm hoping to just get showered and head straight to the train station, but obviously I can't do that if i'm stinky/covered in snow... I looked on the website but couldn't see any info. I'm loath to email the organisers this close to the race as I know they'll be swamped, so thought I'd try here first.

    Good luck everyone. 

  • I think it says 'showers available' somewhere - the booklet sent out with your number? I'm driving there from Durham and certainly hope there are! 

  • BP
    showers are available in building adjacent to the Ebor Stand - mind as it is for jockeys you may not get your hair wetimage
  • Good luck TS, Hippo & LMH.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    lol, TS ^^
  • There's certainly plenty of changing areas and toilets where you can have a decent wash.

    I asked a colleague at lunchtime (who runs for Knavesmire and is on "chips" duty on Sunday) and he didn't know if there were showers available.
  • Taper niggles are bad. Had to try a new pair of shoes tonight too as I think old ones were causing a pain in my left knee, it seems better in the new shoes but my 'managed' injury is being a little troublesome image I've reminded myself that I managed the first 13 miles at Abingdon without too much pain, just need to do it a minute a mile faster LOL.

    Can anyone remeber how windy it was last year? I climbed out of the car and wondered why we'd bothered with the drive then ran a great PB. Fingers crossed I can do it again!

    Anyone looking/hoping to go sub 1.45? Would be nice to have a pacer/some company.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • LMH - hope your injury is okay.  My knee is sore despite having been sensible and not run since Tuesday.  Very frustrating!

    Good luck to everyone tomorrow.  Fingers crossed the weather people have got it wrong image

  • Thanks Dippycat - same goes for your knee! If it holds out for tomorrow the pressure will be off running and it should hopefully improve with more swimming and cycling in the mix. Last time I looked at the forecast it had improved a little. Fingers crossed.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • does anyone know how strict they are on the music ban? i ran this race 2 years ago with music ( there was no mention of a ban then) and when i entered it didn't state that ipods were banned. If i had known then i wouldn't have entered. as i am already injured the prospect with no music for over 2 hours  is dreadful , the only thing that will get me to the finish besides ibuprofen is the music.

    has anyone had any experience of these sort of races? not sure whether to takethe ipod anyway and see what happens. am also considering just not starting now.

  • Sorry Andrea, I never race with an i-pod and to be honest I'm really glad that they've banned them as I think it's dangerous when runners can't hear traffic or other runners etc. Running without one really isn't that bad - why not give it a go? I don't know what they'll do at Brass but I do know that one race recently disqualified everyone who'd been seen running with an i-pod.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • i always run with one, and i dont have the volume on that high so i can easily hear other runners and cars, i have also been known to chat with someone whilst wearing it!. I did run the leeds half about 3 years ago without one as it refused to play at the start so left it in the car but for a slow runner like me the distance is even more of an eternity.

    i do think that the organisers should warn people on the entry forms that music is banned, i would never have entered and someone else could have had my place.

    have also enterered snake lane, are i pods bannned there are well? id o i'll give my place to someone else

  • The booklet they sent out with the numbers was quite clear - no Ipods or MP3s or similar

    If you are looking at 2 hours you wil be ok as there will still be runners out there (me included)

  • I think it's increasingly the case that they're banned cos of the insurance requirements Andrea, something to do with England Athletics I believe.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • does any one know if they will be banned from snake lane as well?
  • I think they will try to be strict over the ipods and there are a few cameras on the way around so they may use these  to enforce the ban although I would have thought there will be too many people with them on, to monitor it effectively , or they could use your name and number to ban you from applying next year.

    I remember last year I used the wrong size enevelope for my number to be sent out and in big writing on the enclosed instructions it said "if you do not use the correct size envelope next year your entry will not be accepted".  I believed them.

     I was going to suggest chatting on your way around but if you are trying for a PB maybe not.  I will probably be talking anyway as I am usually in trouble at training sessions for chatting too much.  So if an eccentric lady starts talking to you it could be me especially if your time could be around 2 hours. 

    Good Luck in the race and see you all there

  • Well, that's today's hockey match done and dusted. Now for the Brass Monkey tomorrow.

    Really excited about this now (had a dream about it last night in which I finished in such a ridiculously fast time, I'm not going to share).

    If anyone's looking for between 1.35-1.40 time, look out for me. Female, short, in Low Fell running top. Say hi image

    Good luck peeps!!image

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