• I agree with niel on P1
    Texan bars were the mutts nuts, and how I miss then so,
  • Neilruns

    I remember Blobs - strawberry and cream were my faves. I ate them for about a year and saved all my wrappers to get a frisbee called a Blob Disc.

  • Rhubarb and custard
    Yorkshire mixture
  • Wow - nostalgia!

    I remember black jacks and fruit salads for eight a penny.

    I don't remember peanut cracknell, but I used to love mint cracknell, which was chocolate with this crisp green strandy stuff in the middle.

    Anyone remember prawns - pink things shaped (unsurprisingly!) like prawns, that tasted of nothing in particular but were a bit like chewy marshmallow in texture.

    And then there were picnic bars - waifer, toffee, and raisins, all covered in chocolate.

    And then there was that red and black licorice stuff, which round my way was known as "shoe laces".

    pear drops?

    Was there something called a star bar, or did I just imagine that?!

  • Picnics still exist-at last in miniature heroes. Yep, remember Star bar
    You can still get pear drops
    As well as prawns there were those banana flavoured ones
    You could get a mixed bag in my day for 5p(at least 15 sweets)
  • %p... you were lucky!
    When I were young......
  • You from bloody Yorkshire?
    When crisps were tuppence a bag (feed the birds, should be on song thread)
  • Aye lass 'appen I am.

    Actually, not really. Geordie living in wales. Identity crisis.
    Losing marbles

    Send help.
  • Oh no!!
    Hope its not near me, you sound a bit odd
    Im from Yorkshire originally
  • Sorry mate that sounds really rude!!
    im new to this e mail game, and its hard to get the tone right
    From the abuse i get when i go running, i didnt think that many ran in Wales.
    The marathon was full of non welsh
    best not to have marbles if you live in a country where there are 8 days in a week and there are funny words on the road signs
    Half and half is a good welsh thing though
  • You used to get hard blue/purple sweets the size of rhubarb and custards called army & navy. I've searched for them for years, then this summer I was visiting the in-laws in York and found them - yippee what a blast from the past!!!
  • Fea not fair benz.. for have a tough skin.
  • Barkles!
    how do you know Im blonde
    Do you know me?
    York is a great place for sweeties, its where i grew up
    How about cough candy twist
  • Thanks, I will.
  • Yorkies are from York , isnt it a good job they arn't from Goole

    Boom boom !!!
  • Aniseed balls!!!
  • It's just am early morning thing...

    I'll be OK later..
  • Just thought of another one...

    Paynes Poppets!!!
  • you still get poppets in all flavours - yum!!
    what about Golden Cup and Fry's cream ( I have a feeling you still get them though)
  • My mam had to ban me from eating sherbet fountains as I would suck the sherbet up through the straw and immediatley choke on the dust - every time I just wouldn't learn!
    Also she told the man in the shop not to sell me bazooka joe's as i put loads in my mouth once then pulled it out in a really long string and wrapped it round my head.
    - one skin head later the gum was removed, and I've never touched it since!
  • Did Revels become something else or can you still get them??

    Loved Golden Cup!!!

    I think you can still get Fry's but not by Fry's any more...
  • Anyone else noticed that Cadbury's have taken the nasty slithery coffee creams and strawberry creams out of the Roses selection? Unfortunately, they've also removed my favourites, Bournville miniatures.

    I think Golden Cup got rebranded. Did it become Galaxy Caramel or am I mixing my multinationals?
  • I think revels are still around - I keep thinking of the advert on TV of the china mand and english man naming the flavours at the table, like playing Russian roulette (or that's what I thought it was like)
  • Revels are definitely still here - saw them in Sainsbury's just yesterday.
  • Golden cup - one of my favourites - so sweet it used to hurt my teeth - but, could do with one now - I know it has been rebranded but not sure what

  • Do you still get juicy fruit chewing gum?
  • Condensed milk - you can still get it, but I can no longer eat it by the tin.
    Like Wagon wheels, tastes devne but makes me chuck.
  • devine even/
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