pirate weightloss 2009

anyone for a bit of recorded weightloss?

JD - 220 lbs.  need to lose 4 stone to return to my imde weight and to have a hope of getting around imch.



  • that's a bit long winded

    JD - 220lbs, aim 164lbs, lost 0.

    obviously after 12th july i'll resume the weight gain program once again.

  • If Carl joins then we will really know that he is serious!

  • i think i'm actually the same weight as him now.

    i think you're safe from carl for now at least, unless the miscall i got at 5am was him heading out early to get the miles in before breakfast.

  • I would hazzard a guess it was him coming in from a night out and mistook your number for the kebab shop
  • could be, i figured he was coming back from your place though.

  • I could do with losing a stone from 10st to 9st but I eat like a horse with this training.  image
  • and you should know better Nam ...  you dont lose weight by not eating!

    (loosely speaking that is)
  • I couldn't Melds, I'd be unbearable (even more so than usual).  image

    There's still quite a bit of body fat going spare compared to before I got injured and it would be nice to see that go, but I'll always eat enough to sustain the training.  I never mess around with that, never have, never will.  Be nice to be a bit leaner by the summer, if it happens it happens and if not that's ok as well.  image

    You working?

  • I'm a firm believer in exercise alone being good enough.

     exrx.net supports this  http://www.exrx.net/FatLoss/DietExStudy.htm

  • yep i'm working ... and so's Paul by the looks of it !!
  • Oh yes! 5 weeks today till my last shift at le hotel!
  • I'm back on in the morning and should really be in bed but am my usual nocturnal self.  image
  • I find it much easier to go sleepless when i'm working days. I could easily live on 5 hours a night. And i'm sure I read somewhere that Gobi does... and he trains like a maniac.
  • I need at least 7-8 but my problem is that I just don't get tired until about 2am.  I've tried loads.  Sleep teas, reading in bed, hot bath, running late...  I'd love to be one of those people who goes to sleep at 10pm and jumps out of bed at 5:30am bright as a button and goes for a run... image
  • Lol, I don't quite fit into that category. But I can go to bed at 1am then drag myself out of bed at 6am for work.

    I can cope with 6-7 hours most of the time, even on nights however.

  • I need to learn to get to bed earlier so I can train in the mornings otherwise I'll really struggle on days when I need to double up in spring.  *sighs*

    And as I need to cycle to work in 7 hours I better get to bed...  Not tired though... image

  • Good job the boss isn't in this week as I'll look like death warmed up again... 
  • Then I suppose you dont want to hear that I can quite happily sleep for 12 hours a night  ??   !!
  • I slept for 13 the day before yesterday... but that was a bit exceptional.
  • JD

    Good luck..

    I will join you as not training for over 3 months has left its mark........so insteaqd of1/2 stone to lose it should be 1 1/2 now...............

    when are you starting so I know when to weighimage

    do I get to fit in another christmas pudding inimage

    I could manage on 12 hours sleep every day no problem as long as I can fit in my afternoon nap

  • I've started already as i don't have any more big eating events planned.

    now i've got my 15 minutes of working out the way (deleting a bunch of spam), i'll get on and sort the bikes out + setup the turbo.

  • M.eldy wrote (see)
    Then I suppose you dont want to hear that I can quite happily sleep for 12 hours a night  ??   !!
    I could HAPPILY sleep for 12 hours!! image  I reckon my natural waking hours are 11am - 2:30am...  Doesn't fit with many jobs I'm afraid.  And WTF was I thinking staying up 'til 3:30am watching a film last night.  image
  • Think I'll join you JD

    JD - 220lbs, aim 164lbs, lost 0.
    SA - 196lbs, aim 180lbs, lost 0.

  • Hi,

    Just bought a bike to get into triathlon and looking to lose that bit of weight for '09.

    Andy - 216lbs, aim 175lbs, lost 0.

     Good luck and i'll keep u posted

  • M.eldy wrote (see)
    Then I suppose you dont want to hear that I can quite happily sleep for 12 hours a night  ??   !!
    and at tax payer's expense, aka night shift ...

    Will post my flabiness shame when I can muster the brain cells to convert from kg's ...
  • at tax payers expense my arse!   I do not work for the Fire Service  image
  • kanga - flabiness shame is metric/imperial blind.   post away.
  • Will weigh in on 1-1-09, i need to(like to) shift 3 to 4 kg
  • Here's a tip Kanga - go to google and let it do the maths for you  ie  type  60 kilos in pounds. There's your answer image
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