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  • Afternoon all! Today I am the guilty culprit responsible for the lorryload of cakes in our office kitchen image ;-)  I won't be seriously attempting any weight loss until after May 31st, but will bob in & out of here for some interim motivation to keep sensible (ish).

    Any objections to me weighing in on a Saturday rather than Friday? I usually brave the scales on a Saturday morning just before my LSR (and again after to judge weight lost on the run).

  • oooohhhh yeti, breaking the rules already? It's up to Vixx, she's in charge.

    Happy birthday!

    I'm doing my first bike commute on Friday (10.5 miles each way I am told) - a colleague is going to let me cycle in with him (and slow him down) to show me a good route, so I can't back out of it/ make excuses image Meeting him at 07.30 image in Sainsbury's car parkimage

  • Yeti - I will let you weigh in on Saturdays until you have done Edinburgh.

    You can have cake today - it is your birthday after all...... image

    BBS - You wouldn't be in trouble for eating that.  The only thing I would say is try and have a tinned soup if there is a microwave at work, as packet soups are full of E numbers....  Mullerice is low fat, and I recommend that for snacks to people.  If the toast is wholemeal then you are doing well.  If it isn't, try and change it if you can.  How much coffee have you had???? image

  • was white bread toast because it was all we had in. I'll get on to OH...image

    Coffee. Well I have had no lattés for 2 and a half weeks (I was averaging 2 a day which aside from anything else was £5 a day) and today so far I have had a cup of tea for breakfast and 3 cups of black coffee today. image

  • That's pretty good for you BBS image
  • it was my first weigh in today at ww since 10th march - put 3 pounds on image. oooopppsssss.

    BUT i did the core class and then a pilates class at my gym (my gosh my core is rubbish!) and then couldnt help myself but do 15 mins speedwork on the treadmill, i promised myself i would only do stretchy bendy stuff but couldnt stay away from the treadmillsssss. am online now looking for classes to do tmrw.....


  • Kelly - don't worry about the three pounds. We are all here to help and support each other, and that three pounds will soon be gone.

    And you did two classes and some treadmill work - you should be proud of yourself!!! WELL DONE!!!

  • Heh Yeti, nearly my twin; I share my b'day with FLM so have to take some cakes to work on Monday as I made the mistake of letting the cat out of the bag today. I will make a batch of chocolate brownies using a recipe from RW a while back. Really gooey and sticky and go down a treat but much healthier than the real thing.

    Sorry Kelly, I wondered here my 3lbs had goneimage.

    I don't drink tea or coffee, just hot or cold water. My real vice is a can of diet coke a day. I know it's crap but I have to get a caffeine fix somewhere.

    I've managed another good food day- might bore you with the details, I'll be interested to know what Vixx has to say.......

    3.8 mile intervals run

    50g of cheerios with skim milk, hot water.

    Mid-am can of DC, chunk of cucumber

    Lunch:  whole grain bagel with home made hummus and salad; apple, water

    snack- tea spoon of hummus, nibble of cub's gingerbread man from school (would have offended him not to!)

    5.30pm Tea: 200g baked potato, spinach, herb and ham (30g) omelette (1.5 egg equiv). ww half point yog, small piece of home made low fat orange cake (yummy about 3 wwpoints).

    Wondering whether to have a small bowl of cereal b4 bed to fuel my morning run!

    My job involves quite a lot of walking and standing around and I've done a couple of hours cleaning since I got home so a moderately active day I would say.

    Hope that's not TMI for a diet threadimage.

    Early night to enable another early beautiful sunny run hopefully.image

  • Foxy - the only thing I have to ask at the moment is why cheerios? Any particular reason?

    Also, have you tried putting cucumber into a glass of ice cold water to drink, like you would lemon or lime? I tried it in Chicago, and it has quite a refreshing taste as well as being good for your skin.

    If you run first thing with minimal food intake, or no food intake in my case, then it is always wise to eat a little extra carbohydrate the night before. Or alternatively have a glass of fruit juice before you go if you can stomach that.

    You could have a small amount of carrot with the afternoon hummus to give you an extra veg portion.

    Pretty healthy eating that is Foxy - well done image

  • Thats the Garmin charged, trainers cleaned and found my shorts! See the physio for last time tomorrow sure as hell hoping I can get the sign off to start running again. Seem to have been holding my weight with just bike work but doing 18 miles a night (4 nights week)on it and not eating all of my daily cals at a bit of a loss why not losing at least a pound week! Still if I combine that with the running should be ok to start losing again image
  • Hey vixx, the crumble recipe with oats would be great, i'm not a fan of wheat, i'd never give up gluten as i love my oats but definitely feel better without so much wheat so hat sounds like a good recipe.

    I'll probably always be first to weight in as i'm 9 hours ahead of you all at the moment. So far today i have had porridge with rice milk and berries and a cup of tea. I have homemade soup for lunch (i have a range of soup recipes if anyone wants any) and then tonight is a celebration of my 1 year anniversary of being in oz so i'm cooking for some friends, thnking of doing jambalaya or a chilli with rice....i just need to stay away from the cakes and chocolate now!

    Have a good day

  • hey Sydney - are you in Sydney? Are you an Aussie or just living out there for a while? Tell us more!
  • Hey, i'm enlgish but moved over to sydney with work a year ago today! Still don't feel 100% settled in yet and the last year has been really tough but i'm getting there! My mum has just been over for easter which was great and i'm home for 3 weeks in july for a friend's wedding and my dad's 60th birthday so really looking forward to that.

    I'm definitely staying another year so i get around the rest of oz and do all the travelling i want to do but then after that i may come home. At the moment i think i'll want to come home, simply due to missing friends and family but i have no idea how i'll feel this time next year so we'll see!

    Loads of people who were never sporty seem to come over here and suddenly get really fit and i've gone the other way, i did loads of running at home, ran with a club, was pretty skinny and fot and then moved over here and it all went wrong so i seriously need to sort it out!

  • Thanks Vixx, mostly we are pretty good here. My cubs always get their 5 a day.

    Cheerios-; I hate porridge and of all the cereals out there, it's the one I find fills me up best for cals/points.

    I love raw carrots, we get an organic veg bag delivery so veg is dependant on what we get in that and we scoffed all the carrots when we had visitors at the weekend.

    Good Luck Rodeo.  Ran this morning  as planned and just clocked up nearly 33 miles over he past week, but that's a rare high for me as due to missing some runs when I was under the weather last week, I squeezed in an extra one this week. I can tell tho', tired legs. Just as well 2moro is an enforced rest.

    Mr FL is upgrading our server today so I may be quiet for some time........

  • I fell off the wagon a bit at lunchtime and had a baked potato with beans and coleslaw. I was in a café and it was the lowest fat thing I could get.image Rice for tea tonight for me...
  • baked potato and beans is alright blith, could have been much much worse ! hows the running mojo going ? have you got it back yet ?
  • Hi SJ - well, I went Tuesday (only 32 minutes, with one of the orthotics out and my feet gave me no jip!) and went without Garmin just to plod but I found it disappointing not having the Garmin. I'm a stats man! Plan to go tonight again along the sea front when Oh gets back (day off today-yay) and tomorrow is my first bike in to work and back (22miles total there and back!) so am doing okay for exercise. The running mojo is lurking somewhere. I worked out the other day I have been running 10 years (other than the two years+ lay-off) so maybe it is just time for some variety. I'm getting older as well. I think the weight is a big part of the problem in terms of injury and generally not enjoying it.

    What time is weigh in Vixx? I need rules? Before or after breakfast?image Before or after my cycle in to/ back from work?

  • enjoy tomorrows bike ride, 22 miles is good going. im doing the weigh in first thing in the morning, thats the time i always weigh myself. i was 12st 9lb so hoping ive dropped a little as ive been really good with eating healthily this week.

    im running along the sea front tonight with the club, heading along to tynemouth sands for some 'sea strides' and back again.

  • Oh God - we did sea strides the time I went. Good luck with that.
  • its actually a really nice and easy session compared to most of them, and your feet and legs numb to the cold within a few minutes !!
  • Bugger no running for another week image. The sciatica has all but gone but it would appear that I have done something to the pyroformis muscle as well. When the physio masaged that muscle jeepers was well sore. Still one more week wont hurt to much I suppose ...aaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Rodeo- sorry about the pyroformis!

    Can't wait until weigh in, turned down profiteroles this evening image. A week choc free!

  • well done foxy lady, we're all proud of you image. i love profiteroles, especially when you have all the choc sauce left in the bottom of the bowl image

    im feeling hungry now, time for bed !

  • A week choc free wow.. It would appear that a bag of peanut M&M's and a bag of Jelly babies have turned up in my kitchen
  • Jelly Babies are the food of champions (although personally I prefer Jelly Tots as my mid-race fuel).

  • /delurks...*creeeps into thread.....I might join in...not doing GNR - but I'd given internal organ to do so!! - but I really need the discipline of a weekly weigh in thread!! <waves to Foxy Lady>...../lurks again!!image
  • I love profiteroles too. I love ANY chocolate. Anyway, change the subject. First bike commute tomorrow - can someone explain why the hell that should be making me nervous? It's been a friggin nightmare to prepare for it.
  • Hi GFB. Nice to see youimage. By finding 2 of us over here, are we admitting that the "Losing it.." thread seems to have drifted away from it's original purpose???

    When people lurk and delurk like this it always makes me think of StarTrek and vessels cloaking and decloaking (think it was the Klingons mostly, but ready to be corrected).

  • Good Luck Blithbury, hope you have lots of high viz gear. Let us know how it goes and that you get in safely.
  • Well as its friday morning here i guess i should admit my weight, i was 10stone 1lbs on monday and after a shocker of a week foodwise i was 10 stone 3lbs this morning! First goal is to get back in the 9s!
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