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  • I really haven't done very well today. I'm hoping to do better tomorrow, gonna keep an eating diary for a week and see if that helps.

    Katie, I've been running for about a 10 months, having had a break of 2 years after starting uni. Before that I was a gymanst, but enjoyed running so did that aswell though not a lot as i was doing so much gym training.  Now I run about 3 time a week and trampoline 3 time a week image 

    But my eating got rather out of control so i've put on weight. I seem to eat an awful lot of chocolate at the moment... image

  • Slightly better day today

    Interval training this morning garmin claimed a burn of 485 cals.

    Usual cheerios for breakfast and apple for snack.

    Lunch was a bit piggy- working lunch so free sarnies and 2 choc chip cookies- I was so hungry from my run I wolfed a lot.

    Tea was better- toad in the hole, spinach, asparagus and WW choc moose after.

    Feel very full so no urge to snack tonight.

    Next run either tomorrow or Thursday early steady 6 miler.

    Welcome all, feel free to nag me, at this rate I'll gain this week.image

  • There's no need to nag - we all have off days.  Tomorrow will be a better one.

    I want us to have this thread as a positive area where we can make our mistakes together and learn from them together.

    Some days are going to be better than others, here we can learn from each other as to how we can help ourselves make the best choices without feeling miserable when we make a bad one.

    -hugs- to those that need them

  • Anyone watching the programme on BBC 1 about anorexia & bulimia?  Hopefully it's enough to put anyone off going too far with weight loss attempts. I am pretty confident I could never suffer either of those - I'd rather be overweight and enjoy my food & alcohol than fit into a particular size image
  • Hey everyone and welcome katie. Still going well for me, did spinning last night and then had a light dinner when i got home. Got up and weighed this morning (can't help myself) and was 10 st 0 lb so i'm soooo close to the 9s now!

    Also had 3 comments this week about looking trim, well and healthy so feeling much better about myself. I've had 3 consectuve days of running and then a spinning class so was going to rest today but i really want to run - surely a sign i have my mojo back! As i know i'm not going to run for 4 days over the weekend i should make the most of a free evening and get out there!

    Today is a bit of a test for me as i forgot all my food, luckliy i have porridge and rice milk already at work so had breakfast minus the fruit, but i need to go out and buy lunch so i just hope i make a healthy decision, i know they do good soup across the road so i should get this.

    I feel so much better for not eating wheat and pretty much cutting out all dairy (besides milk in my tea) and hardly having any stomach is a lot less bloated and i feel lighter so seems to suit me. I'm sticking to oasts, brown rice and things like sweet potato for my carbs.

    I really must work on writing shorter posts.....

  • I'll see you at the weigh-in on Friday all. Great idea Vixx.

    I've shifted a stone and a half. Got another stone to go to be a comfortable weight/size but could/should/might lose an additional stone, which would make a total of 3 and a half stone loss. Can't have that as my aim though as it's way too far away. I break it down into half stones. I've just got down to a whole stone so my current aim is the next half stone. Here's wishing us all good willpower for good results on Friday.

  • Welcome Lumbering Slowly - half stone chunks is a greta idea and I'll be adopting that one.

    Katie - it's cool that you are in Australia and post overnight so we have something to read when we get in.image

    Dentist this morning. Final visit thank God (I have had to have quite a bit of work done - 5 visits - to repai damage caused by my grinding teeth).

    Breakfast was two pieces of pumpernickel bread with low fat cream cheese and an apple and a black coffee. Lunch is going to be baked beans on pumpernickel bread. For tea I am considering having my favourite childhood food. Findus crispy pancakes (the cheese one) with salad. I am not sure how but it is quite low in fat. I know it's processed food but I need some comfort food today - no particular reason, just need it. Is there such a thing as healthy comfort food?

    Got metro home last night in the end. It was pelting down and I decided to do metro home and in today and then cycle commute home again tonight. image

    Have a great day everyone.

  • I wonder what it is in my head that makes me eat the chocolate, despite shouting at myself that i dont need it and shouldnt have it!? I need to just cut loads out but i seem incapable image
  • Becki- I sympathise but I have gone from eating loads of choclate every night to eating none. How? By not having any in the house and not going out at lunchtimes to begin with.
  • Hi everyone,

    BBS - it sounds like you are doing really well - the PMA is great for you.  Enjoy the Findus Crispy Pancakes.  Grill them though, don't fry them. They will stay low fat then.  Have a nice big salad too to fill you up.

    Sydney - you sound like you are making great strides.  Don't weigh yourself too often as it can be demoralising if you have a day where you gain weight.  Trust in weighing a couple of times per week only, and you will stay focussed.

    Welcome Lumbering Slowly - hope you enjoy being here with us.

    Becki - learn to love Dark Chocolate if you can. 70% cocoa and above is best as it take away the need for something sweet after a couple of pieces and is really low in fat and high in antioxidants.

    Have a great day everyone image

  • imageimageimage mmmm you don't need to tell me dark chocolate is god for you Vixx...I don't need encouragement on that scoreimage Actually, Fry's Chocolate Cream is one of my favourites and much lower in fat than other chocolate for anyone who has a real chocolate craving at any point...

    Didn't even know you could fry crispy Pancakes Vixximage

    imageimageimageimageimageimage I know they are gross but I love 'em but then I am the man who likes packet mash...image

  • I used to love the curry ones as a kid.  Don't see them down here anymore..... image

    And I looooooove Fry's Chocolate Cream image

    I'm currently on my little water challenge to myself - have to drink 3x 500ml bottles per day, but I am allowing myself either some lemon or orange no-sugar squash in it.  Like many people I find plain water a tad boring, but love ice-cold plain water after a run.....

    How's your day going BBS?

  • All fine Vixx. Not sure if it is to do with the healthy diet and cycling commute but mood is so much better, stress under control and generally way happier...image can you tell?
  • For Fry's fans:-

    and I wanna know where you get these miniature bars from...anyone ever seen them?

  • Have never seen the mini one ever.

    I can tell BBS - plus the sun is shining and that can always put me in a good mood image

  • And wouldn't min Fry's Chocolate Creams be an excellent idea???image

    You seem to be feeling better too Vixx (as much as one can tell on a forum).

    I never did get the email you said you were sending by the way.image

  • Aww - I did check my email and it did send to yours.  Maybe it went into the junk tray. Or maybe I have the wrong email address for you.....

    I feel better when the sun is shining, but I have a lot of stress in my life generally and it won't be gone until January 2010, so guess I am going to have to adapt......

  • Have emailed you my work email Vixx. I looked in the junk tray and nothing was there but I am having a lot of trouble with my orange email account - will be leaving orange in May (when the tie-in ends) as I have fallen out with them big style so I'll have to remember to update eveything thenimage
  • haha i agree with the dark chocolate thing. i love the stuff!

    have done better today so far...

    breakfast- bowl bran flakes with prunes

    snack- banana

    lunch- tuna & sweetcorn granary bread sandwich, no mayo. 2 finger dark choc kitkat

    snack- small hot chocolate, apple

     not sure what im going to have for tea.

    becki lee, i really understand the chocolate thing, i don't really have an helpful suggestions though. I wonder if I was able to cut it out for say a week, I'd stop craving it, or if trying not to have it would just make me want more??

    PMA- I'm very impressed with your not eating chocolate, do you miss it? this might help me decide whether or not to attempt to give it up?!

  • Hollie Anne - after a while you lose the taste for it, and they estimate that if you give it up for more than 6 weeks, it doesn't taste the same.

    I used to be a proper chocolate monster, but now I am not so fussed on it.

  • Since the end of January with the aid of running (read gasping) and the cambridge diet I have lost 2 stone 7 lb so far. Got another one stone to go.

    I must admit I am running more and using the cambridge diet less and less but it was one heck of  good boost to see the initial pounds drop off.

  • heyyyyyy

    mmmmmmm findus crispy pancakes!!! i liked the minced beef ones as a kid!

    had a pretty good couple of days, i am trying really hard to eat uber healthily. i went to the bodyworld exhibition at the 02 on monday and was shocked at how much damage we do to our bodys!

    today i have eaten

    bre- homemade buckwheat porridge with 1/2 grated apple and ground cinnamon

    mms - strawberries

    lunch - miso soup with spring onions and prawns, rye bread, 2 x kiwis

    mas - 4 x oatcakes and salsa

    din - organic italian bean soup, rye bread, probiotic yogurt.

     i have a dirty headache from caffiene withdrawal, but a flatter less bloated belly! and i had piles of energy at the gym!!!  

  • Kelly Wilkinson 2 wrote (see

    . i went to the bodyworld exhibition at the 02 on monday and was shocked at how much damage we do to our bodys!

    Take little if any notice of some of these things. Thay say avoid this, that and t'other. It's a wonder we ever survived these past ten thousand years.

    Half of of it is unsubstantiated bullsh*t, rumour and nonsense. Scaremongering to the highest order made worse by "Nutritionists" who gets a doctorate in America by post then thinks that white bread will kill you in ten seconds etc.

    Take it with a pinch of salt, healthy eating, excercise and an understanding that your parents managed to make you, bring you up, get you educated and let you loose on the world without resorting to probiotic, organic, GM free, caffeine free nonsense.

    With respect you've swallowed it all hook line and sinker. Have a life and enjoy it rather than worry that you'll have liver failure unless you have an actimel drink.

  • Another better food day here too, as long as I don't eat anything else now!!

    Yeti- I was watching it too- now I can eat 3 bowls of cereal, but why throw it up afterwards?!! And those bowls of porridge (eurgh).

    Just done a 6 miler in 54 mins- yippee.

    Chocaholics- I find it easier to say NO chocolate than to try and control what I have.

    Elmo= I did the cambridge diet when I was about 20, did work but it can creep back on again when you eat real food, having said that, sounds like you are using exercise more now and weanin off it so well done.

    I like food toooo much to try a meal replacement diet.image

    One of the Mums at my cubs' school did Lighter Life last year, lost an awesome amount and guess what it's  all going back on again now.

    Have a good food day tomorrow guys!

  • Hi everyone image

    Hi Kelly, Foxy - sounds like you have done well today both of you image Well Done image

    Hi Elmo image

  • Hey everyone, lots to read back on.

    Vixx, i know what you mean about not weighing everyday, but i think it helps me, i was 10 st 3 last friday yet i was 10 st 1 on monday and have been 10 st 0 all week so i think last friday was a blip (due to a bad few days eating at work)....this will be my final weigh in for this week as i'm off to fraser island for the weekend tomorrow! Can't wait, i've been trying my bikini on everyday and it looks so much better than it did last weekend as i'm not bloated and my stomach has gone super-flat!

    Kelly, whats your buckwheat porridge??? I'm guessing its wheat or gluten free? I don't like eating wheat but love oats so usually make normal porridge but always looking for varieties.

    On the chocolate front, i seem to be resisting at the moment, had my first bit in a few days yesterday (maltesers) and i don't know why i bothered as i felt exactly the same after eating them...what i was actually craving was a teaspoon of natural peanut butter but didn't have any! At least that would have given me some energy and has some nutriotional value. Now my real weakness is biscuits! I just have to stay away or i'll eat the lot!!! Thank god work have stopped providing them!

    I'm definitely feeling very positive at the moment, i think its a combination of losing a few lbs, having just had my hair done, getting back into running and having bought some new clothes, but i just feel like i look so much better than i did a couple of months ago so very happy!

    I won't be back until monday now so have a great rest of week and weekend everyone! xx

  • Have a great weekend Sydney image Hope you have a good time image
  • Elmodiddly that's FANTASTIC. Bloody well done. I'm taking you as my motivation for today. 2 stone 7 lb - wicked.

    Vixx, I'm liking this virtual support group.

    For all you chocoholics, get this, it might help: you only crave chocolate because you know it exists. Imagine if it had never been invented (read: discovered then processed with loads of sugar and additives, even the 85% stuff), you wouldn't be craving it. It's not a physical need, it's a mental one. Summon up your willpower and resist. The satisfaction you get from resisting is way better than the (short-lived) buzz you get from a chocolate bar. Try allowing yourself one a week (and count it in your calorie allowance), when you're hungry and due for a snack, not after eating. Nibble it in the tiniest bites you can and savour each one. Pause between nibbles. Drink it with a cup of tea or coffee to fill you up. Sit down and enjoy the moment, don't just scoff it down while you're dashing to pick up the kis. It will taste sensational, you'll be full afterwards...even feeling a bit sick, so you won't want another one. Gradually your brain will adjust to how sickly it is. At some point, you won't be able to finish a whole bar, and then you'll stop wanting one. It works!

    Good luck.

  • LS you're completely right and funnily enough thats what i did this afternoon....

    I had a caramel kitkat chunky with a cup of tea, it was within my calorie limit for the day, ate it slowly and savoured it and really enjoyed it and its kept me perky for the home in about an hour for a run, will be my last for nearly a week so there's no way i can skip it!

  • morning all,

    anothre good week for me, i avoided the temptation of sticky toffee pudding and custard last night and im steering well clear of teh big box of cadburys choc biscuits in the kitchen.

    looking forward to the friday weigh in

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