The Long Green Tape Measure......



  • Chocolate would be good. looking forward to it even more now.
  • what race vixx?
    i am all excited, been looking at flights to peru for feb, just thinking just do it, life is too short to be miserable and missing that bubba and my lovely daughter n oh
  • The Tatton Yule Yomp Wabo - although I have also now e-mailed the organisers of the Stockport 10 to see if I can also advertise in their goody bags too (race is same day).

    I am currently trying to see if I can change my life in 60 days. On November 1st there were 60 days to Dec 31st, so I want to see if I can change my life by New Year's Eve image

    How are you two, Wabo and DD?
  • Morning all - I am good thanks Vixx.

    I hope you achieve everything you want to by 31 December Vixx.image

    I did'nt go to the gym last night decided to have a rest day and my knee feels much better for it.

    Nearly the weekend.

  • Afternoon everyone.

    Vixx - any goals you want to share? At the moment, my main aim to to work out a plan to get my fitness back and to get back to eating a bit more healthy.

    DD - Glad the knee is improving.

    Wabo - any luck finding flights?

    Last night was fantastic. If you ever get the chance to go see Lee Evans, I recommend him highly.
  • I was watching Lee Evans last night. On Comedy Central image

    If this works (the 60 days) I shall be writing about it! The one tip I can say is that the best thing to do is decide what what exactly you want to achieve at the end of the 60 days.

    Then when you have done that, work backwards and sort it into small goals to be reached at certain targets.
  • I've kept it simple so that it's the springboard for next year. Getting a sustainable exercise regime that works round the family is the main priority. I'm going to use the Wii Fit more as it's fun for the family to do so I get the exercise and family time all together.
  • I need to plan as well LFC my training is very adhoc at the moment.  It is very difficult fitting in training around the family and work and the dark nights don't help either.

  • Why don't you see if you can put together a streak? You only have to do 1 mile per day for a streak to count.....
  • It's the madness leading up to Christmas, we've been sorting out the kids and family trying to be organised, the only problem is the way it eats into any sort of training time and with having a chest infection for the last couple of weeks, everything has gone to pot.
  • hey all

    vixx I am not bad but both achilles have gone t ight today and hurt like mad!

    lfc, now I am wondering how you come to ask about flights????

    and i will explain all...

  • Wabo wrote (see)
    what race vixx? i am all excited, been looking at flights to peru for feb, just thinking just do it, life is too short to be miserable and missing that bubba and my lovely daughter n oh

    Bit of a give away Wabo! image

    I'm doing the 1st Oxford parkrun tomorrow, if i get up in time!  it's cruel making folks get up to do a run at 9am on a Saturday. Would much prefer to do it at 11am.

  • It's official lfc I am going bonkers! I forgot I posted that! Found a good flight so I do think I may go
    Good luck in the park run!
  • Morning all - have a good weekend everyone. 

    Enjoy the parkrun RLTW - let us know how you get on.

    Good luck to everyone else racing, running or otherwise.image

  • Did the Parkrun.  We had 50 finishers, although I think 5 or 6 of those were lads from a football team who just decided to zoom over the finish!   I managed to keep running all the way and finished in 31:35,  Had fogotten my Garmin "Harrison" so I didn't have a clue how fast (slow!) I was going.  Anyways, I think that time matches my PB from 2008 at Race for Life, if you ever did!  I could really grow to love these Parkruns - I had an email saying I was 10th Lady out of a total field of 50 image, and, 1st in my age category image.  My lad was 1st in his age category too image




    whispers - there was one other lady in my category image

    no others in my lads category image

    But, hey,ho!  1st is 1st (sort of!!) image

  • How's the achilles Wabo?
  • Well I guess if there's no-one here to stop me I can help myself to a big chunk of double chocolate swiss roll image
  • Go for it RLTW! image
  • I did Vixx. A rather larger portion than I should have - 'twas a bit too much really and I didn't enjoy it as much as I hopedI would.  I think it was a different brand to the last one we had which was lush.
  • Mornrg another 2lbs lighter than this time last week. Hopefully sub 15 next Mondayimage
  • Morning all.

    Nice one Birkmyre - that is fantastic going.

    Well done on the run RLTW - I love parkruns

  • WELL DONE BIRKMYRE!!!!!! That's is fantastic, and you are losing it at just the right sort of pace too image

    Morning DD image

    Have you both had a good weekend?
  • well done birkmyre you are in the zone!!

    I am also 2lbs lighter this week, 10st 8lbs woo hoo!!!

    morning all!!

  • WELL DONE Wabo!!!!! That's fantastic! image

    Morning all image
  • Morning everyone. All happy and smiley today despite the rather miserable weather? image
  • Morning Angel image How are you? What have you been up to?
  • Morning Vixx, I went away at the weekend for my birthday, stayed in a 5* spa hotel and got a free ugrade to a suite.  Floor to ceiling windows across 2 whole walls overlooking cardiff bay out of which we watched all the fireworks displays going on.  Not much excercise tho except walking round shops.  And i'm very good thanks Vixx image
  • Hi Angel - sounds like you had a fantstic birthday weekend.image

    Wabo - 2lbs off, good stuffimage

    Just been weighed myself and another 1lb off so 3 in two weeks so happy with thatimage

    Some good weightlosses going on here recentlyimageimageimage

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