The Daily Plod



  • but yummy lunch of home made hummous, warm bread, carrot sticks and grape juice
  • oh btw I hear OWTS is anaemic - feel slightly vindicated that this never happened when I was feeding him veggie food!
  • With him being a legal type I would have thought all that blood sucking would have kept his iron level high enough.
  • lol

    maybe he doesn't swallow...

  • sidetracked by this story

    but they don't have the quote I read in the paper copy (was free)

    we've had a dictionary in the car for the last few months. He just loves spelling


  • oeps fell asleep in front of tennis
  • enjoyed Sharapova match
  • oh dear

    Kid B glowing cos Boy She Likes asked her to town and to the leavers' BBQ

    she surely wears her heart on her sleeve

    SO unlike her mother

  • Haven't you warned her about boys?
  • did Sharapova go down?
  • hop hop hop
  • she did indeed
  • Aged M says she is  the wrong sort of Russian

     don't think I'll ask!

  • morning

    today's my early start day image

    but early finish image

  • Morning think we are the only ones lurking this morning!
  • who nice lurking Keenyimage
  • morning lurkers.. image

  • off for a plod

    think it's going to be hot...

  • it was

    just call me Betty Swollocks

    still, 3xP8 W2 d&d

    dead slow but relaxed about that

  • well done - rather you than me - far too hot for that image

    contemplating entering the Brighton Marathon but so far have not given into the urge... image seems like a lot of hard work....

    Mrs W

  • when is it?  did I half there and loved it

    been to see Kid B stealing the show as Jacob - biaised? moi?

  • April 18th.. never done a marathon before so a bit scared image

    Jacob? what show were they doing?

    I've only ever seen my little womble playing a strawberry - not very challenging even for a 2 yr old image

  • Jacob in Joseph?

    ooer missis

    nothing wrong in having an ambitious goal, Mrs W - you've given yourself plenty of time

    I'm planning on doing my first mara since 1987 in the spring

  • I'm absolutely jacobsed, despit a 3 hour old person nap this arvo

    come to think of it I felt heavy legged on my plod

    early night I think

    g'night x

  • I've entered.




    The Brighton Marafun.  Go on Mrs W, go for it.

  • I've only gone and done it!!  image

    Don't i have anything better to do?? on my 1st wedding anniversary of all days??

    Am Sh***ing myself about it already and its still 10 months away.....

    oh well - done now! see you there m.ister w. image

    joseph - the bloke in the coat?? didn't know there was a jacob in it image - think i'll shut up and go back to panicking about brighton. am sure it was fab in any case flr

    mrs w

  • I was guessing about it being in Joseph

    well done for entering, Mrs W



  • good thing we're not still on daily snogs

    it would have to be Jacko, wouldn't it?

  • yes

    am quite shocked

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