Wokingham Half-Marathon

MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
The organizers say this one sold out in December last time, so not much time left ... I'm in!


  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    Hello Muttley,

    I`ll have to check my accounts to see if they have cashed the cheque.

    Rather liked this one last year.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Ah-hah, fancy meeting you on a local race thread Mr K!

    I feel the 2010 event may be a bit cooler than this year's image

  • Hey Muttley and Mr K,   What are the odds for another postponment?  Looking forward to the cold this time though image
  • I may well do this one - it fits in nicely to my marathon training plan for Stratford in April.  Thanks for the tip Mutley, I'll get my entry in pronto.  How hilly is it?
  • Im in, missed it last year due to an injury.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    It's not hilly, Puffin. Flat as a pancake but can be a bit windswept.
  • Argh, my least favourite type then, I prefer a few hills to keep the interest up.  Only prob is it's about the only one not too far from home in February so it will have to be done.image
  • Puffin - according to my memory the roads over the motorway are positively mountainous!!

    I'm in for 2010!!!!image

  • I'm in!  image

     All I can say is......EEEEEEEEK!  With a BIG *WIBBLE*!    image

  • Puffin1 - I too am doing this as part of my training for Stratford.  It's the day before my birthday, so the plan is to run a PB then drink a bottle of Jim Beam, happy days image  Glad to hear it's flat.

  • Forgot to ask: Anyone know of a cheap hotel (with car park) to stay over the night before? 

  • Hotels can be found on the Rules and Course section of our website on the front page
  • I entered a few minutes ago and my legs have turned to jelly now. image    

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    For those who are wibbling or have jelly legs, this 'ere is a perfectly acceptable little jaunt to warm up with image
  • I did that one last year.  There was a massive puddle as we went through Frimley Lodge and as soon as my feet got wet they blistered.   image

  • but, having said that, I do get "free of charge" entry on that one so i may as well suffer....... image
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I did have you in mind for that one, LWJ, what with you being such a well-connected lady image
  • GMN - what's your aim for Stratford?  I'm also going to do the White Horse half as warm up, only prob is next year it's only 2 weeks before Stratford - oh, and it's also flat and windswept!!

    Does anyone have any tips for where to park?  A lot of the reviews I've read talk about a long walk back to the car park after the race.image

  • "the plan" is to run sub 3 at Stratford.  I have a lot to do (last years time was 3:23), but there is a long way to go.  So I'm looking at 1 hour 23 for this half in February.  If I can achieve that I'm on course.  I've also entered a couple of 10ks and the Kilomathon in March.  What about you puffin1, what's your target?

  • So, where is everyone, or is it just us few entered?   

  • I entered over the weekend.

    Am fairly local but have managed to run Wokingham only once. Enjoyed it when I did it, so time to give it another go.

  • This fits in perfect with my VLM training so signing up now, my folks live just down the road so very handy.
  • GMN - Stratford will be my first fll mara so I've no bench mark and am aiming for a sub 4 hour and will see how it goes.  For Wokingham I am aiming for a PB, so below 1.49.
  • Muttley - could it be?
    At last?
    After all these years...

    You and I...


  • Jj - I'll be there too so don't get over excited. image

  • Jj wrote (see)
    Muttley - could it be? At last? After all these years... You and I... image MEET?!?!?

    <gasp!> Are you in for this one Jj?

    I shall look out for your svelte and feline likeness ... as long as you don't mind looking out for a tatty moth-eaten wheezing old hound ...

  • oh dear - don't do that, you'll only miss me. Just substitute 'hack' for 'hound' and that description'll do for us both. ;o)

    Can't wait. image
  • Jj!!!!!!!! Shall we run together? Fancy a race?
  • Niiiiiiige!!!! image


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