TUI Marathon Palma de Mallorca



  • Hi brimps! Did my last 20-miler last weekend too, looking forward to that taper madness in the final 7 days already...

    My absolute dream time will be sub 3:30, so 3:29:59 will do just fine - it's ambitious for my first marathon - but it's my "A" race this year so I'm going for it!

    I realised on Saturday that my race kit, (Fetch vest / black shorts) seems to have a lot of Black / Red and Yellow in it - strikingly similar to the German national flag's colours!

  • My dream time would be half hour after you GeeForce. It will be my 2nd marathon, the first being Dublin 4 years ago when I came in on 4 hours and 7 minutes. Anything around 4 hours I'll be happy with. Think I'm doing okay on the training front, getting the miles in, been free of injuries up to now (touch wood) and really looking forward to it.

    I'll steer clear of black, red and yellow. I think they'll be enough of those colours running around by the sound of things!

  • Just found this on the TUI website - check out the course profile!!!

    Not sure about that hill during 8 - 14 km image
  • This is my second marathon. Did 3.58 on hilly course in May.Was aiming for 3.30 but race times make it look more like 3.45 depending on the heat factor! Will hang on to your coat tails Geeforceimage

    That hill is more like a bump-only 20 m height in all-chose this marathon as claims to be flat! Lets hope I won't eat my words!!!image

  • cidersurfer wrote (see)
    cidersurfer wrote (see)
    We've had e-mails and attachments with race numbers for the half. Getting closer...
    Well, we've just discovered that I've got an e-mail and attachment but other half hasn't. She's just e-mailed them to ask what's going on!
    Other half has received hers now...
  • Been keeping an eye of weather forecast in mallorca-still 23-just hope there is a cooling sea breeze as heat and running doesn't mix for me! Started my carb loading already-most enjoyable part of marathon training! image
  • Hope everyone is well - counting down now!!!

    I managed to plod round the Royal Parks Half yesterday so I'm hoping to do the same in Majorca.  I am so looking forward to the post-race San Miguels.......image

  • Can't believe it- come out with cold/flu symptoms today-16 weeks intensive training and this happens!! Am hoping to shake it off by sunday but who knows! Will go and have to play it by ear!

    Looked at forecast-20 degrees at 9 am and 23 at 12 (when I will still be going) hotter than I bargained for!

    Andyp - mines a sangria!

  • Brimps - is that at each drink station or after the event? image

    I hope your sniffles are nothing more than pre-race phantom symptoms.....

  • Good luck everyone for the weekend, i'm going to be on the sidelines and am just going to have a nice weekend with the wife. I'm getting back into the running but am still only doing a few miles.

    Make sure you get the sunscreen on, after Edinburgh (25 degrees), some people were just a little red!!image

  • WR-are you coming to cheer on the brits as think we need bit support amongst the hundreds of germans!! Packed my factor 50 and knotted hanky!

    Andyp-sangria each water station! A great suggestion. No drug testing I hope as I am downing all the cold/flu medicines I can!!

  • There are loads of Germans running, I am doing the half, probably take an english hat!! Don't speak a word of German so at least I won't be able to talk football......
  • I'll be supporting the Brits, don't worry i've done a lot of running in Majorca and have never had any probs with the Germans - I usually stay at a german resort - they are pretty courteous.

    Good luck WR
  • Cheers WR - I'm flying out tomorrow morning to acclimatise..

    I'll try and wear something clearly not German (maybe my Reading FC footy shirt) that'll create a bit of banter image

    Good luck all - run well and enjoy

  • You could try doing the Basil Fawlty walk, that would go down well!!

    Anyway good luck Andy.

  • Not long now!

    Did my final run this morning, have just packed my bags, (running gear in hand luggage) triple checked my passport and am ready to go - shame I don't fly out until Saturday morning image

    Good luck everyone, I've been watching some videos on YouTube of the marathon, it looks like it's going to be a good one!

    P.S. Don't mention the war, (someone had to say it)
  • Hope to fathom out who you internet shadows are when I get there! Know the clues to look for!! I am a white/green/yellow gillingham trotter!! Give me a cheer esp in that last 6 miles!

    A little run tomorrow and very early flight saturday as well.Everything depends now on easy jet!!!

    Have good journeysimage 

  • Great event but French traffic controllers managed to extend the travelling time!!

    Weather was just to my liking-bit of rain at the end was great.

    Did 3 hr 47 27 with an unplanned loo break due to my fear of dehydration!! Lots of great entertainment on the way around but think the organisers packed up a little early! Taking the timing clock down as I ran past at 33 km!!

    Gee force-well done on your time-well within your target!

    Definitely one I will put on my wish list for next year

  • Well done, watched the start from my hotel balcony and the end about 50 yards from the finish line. I wished I could have been out there running, instead I stood in the rain and clapped and shouted out all the names I could see - mostly germanic. What a great place and will be back next year to run.

    Also don't know if any of you saw the kids run on saturday but they were fantastic and will be signing my 4 and 6 year olds up for next year.
  • Well done all, late back last night/this morning also due to air traffic problems

    Had a great run, in a well-organised event.   Enjoyed a few days in Palma too

    Sad to read in the local Palma press the next day of the death of a 10km competitor though.

  • I enjoyed the half mara, managed a pb although going for sub 1.50 paced perfectly for 13.1 miles on garmin but misjugded the extra distance...... so ran through 13.1 in 1.49 and had a finish time of 1.51.

    Well organised and Palma is a good place for the weekend, good food, wine and the beer after the finish was a surprise

  • Beer - but it was alcohol free...and claimed to be isotonic?!

    Ran out of hands, trying to carry the beer, water, Powerade and the medal...

  • The beer - Erdinger ' is a tri-active wheat beer: isotonic, vitamin-rich & calorie-reduced making it the perfect Sports and Fitness Drink beer'!!
  • I didn't realise the beer was all of that! I had the same problem with hands full of drinks by the time I got to the medal table.
  • Just got back today.  We had a great week in Majorca, and I have to say, what a great event that was.

    My time for the half broke no records (2h 22ish), but I thoroughly enjoyed the event.

    I saw Pete and Martin from Reading RR and the 100 Marathon club.  I spoke to a few other Brits en route.

    I'd entered formally so my number had "Andrew" on it.  I didn't spot initially when people were encouraging me - D'oh!

    Agree that it is a race I'd like to return to.

    Sad to hear about the death - I saw a guy near the turnaround point at about 3 miles who had fallen heavily and his head was bleeding badly - the ambulance arrived just after I'd gone around the turn.

    WR - hope you get your wish and can compete next year.

  • I'm still lazily making my way home via Barcelona while my legs recover image

    First marathon for me - 3:34:25 which I'm very happy with image

    Palma was fantastic I think my only complaint would be that there wasn't enough toilets at the start. The first half was ace albeit crowded and I lost a few minutes overtaking. I found miles 13-19 really tough through the backstreets before turning round on the coast road back to the cathedral.

    Didn't realise that was 'sports beer' at the end! It tasted good even if it was all alcohol free.

    I saw another Fetchie in a black vest and said hi but was rushing to the cloakroom. I also got an 'oi fetchie' shout near the end!

    All-in-all an excellent race IMHO, i might be back next year image

  • We're still here! Great event, we'll definitely be back...
  • Blimey Gee Force - what a great time for your first marathon!! Nice one.
    I found some brilliant public toilets the day before, and located right next to the finish line, near the Guinness House. I used them at about 8:30 on race morning and there was no queue - top tip for next year....
  • Well done everyone, i've managed a couple of 4 mile runs this week and haven't felt too bad, hip seems to be holding up well. If you make it back and aren't running there are some great bars around the old town!!

  • Well done everyone who raced, agree with everyone who enjoyed it. Finished in 4 hours and 13, slower than hoped but in reality just glad I finished. Great venue and would recommend it. Half marathon is very picturesque, 2nd half not so much but a great event nonetheless. Spoke to a few Brits after the race, hope you enjoyed it. Looking forward now to London 2011, unless I get persuaded to run another marathon in between.  Think I've caught the bug!

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