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    Nice un Bus - and you were right, Marlow 5 day has to always be in the sun! It doesn't matter how much it rains and is cold the week before, by race day it's always warm! :D

    Let's crack on

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    Marlow 5 then.

    My 11th time turning out here then. Easily my highest attended race, and always a good one, having run for Marlow Strider for years, and done loads of runs around the area. Always know so many people at the race too, that the difficulty is getting enough time in with enough people.

    With Dashers having a ridiculous 92 people entered, it was certainly going to be a bit of a race take over. Numbers were reaching record levels too, with apparently 1,800 entries sold! As there have been just over 1,000 finishers the last two years, it was certainly a heady year.

    The 10miler three weeks ago gave me some confidence, as I hadn't blown beans on the pretty hot day, and ended feeling good. So a 5miler would be fine, I thought. Yeah the mile the other day wasn't my fastest, but it was still a 5.08 job, so as long as I got out well under the 5.57 average at Maidenhead, but well slower than the 5.08, we'd be alright :)

    Woke up feeling fine, just that slightly sicky adrenaline feel that you'll always have, but pleased the slight run down stressiness of earlier in the week had gone. I can definitely look back at the Wokingham pull out in Feb as being right now, as "This" was that sort of race lead up doubt, and those go. Wokingham was just beyond that sensible to race threshold.

    Obligatory early (free) park up job in Marlow - by about 8am, for a 9.30 race :)

    I'd sacked off the team trophy to Trev Hunter the week before, so just a leisurely stroll in to pick the pack and chip up. Always when the nerves start building, of who you might want to beat, or what sort of disclaimers you might need to come up with.

    Team photo at 9am at the Redgrave status for a massive gang outing. Then realised I best get out there for a little warm up, and the more ugly business in some bushes.

    The team prize was a possibility for the 3rd year in a row, but no Samson today. Lee was here, and Ferguson who'd done a 2.54 marathon and Mr Wool, another comfy sub 3. But one glimpse at the start line, with Reading having Corney going for mid 24, plus 3 other decent faces suggested no chance. Wycombe Phoenix had a number of decent runners out too.

    To the start line then, amazed that the weather was suddenly so sunny, off literally nothing. Even yesterday when going for my "Go faster" haircut at 2-3pm it was cool!

    Obligatory banter with Ferguson and our best lady Jill - who was odds on to win the ladies race - about how they should be starting further forward than me :) 

    Mr Ferguson beat me at the Handy Cross XC, has been doing big miles, and did his 2.54 marathon recently, while Jill smashes out 90mile weeks and did an even faster one, 2.48. So having no guarantee what I was going to be doing, I certainly couldn't second guess their times!

    Back to the Vaporflys - has to be really - for the mental side if anything.

    The race organiser who Bus will knows, always strikes me as a bit of an unintentional comedy genius. Go on the "b" in "Bang" he tells us then counts down.

    No bang. So everyone's doing some ludicrous statue impressions in mid air, until he finally gets the gang bang going.

    Sensibly off I think, but bearing in mind Jill n Fergo behind need keeping there.

    It feels decent, not overdoing it but obvious race start adrenaline sees it 5.20s for now.

    Out of the park and up to the roundabout, and it's getting going.

    Lot of people at the front end this year, but to be expected that some of the extras would be up top when there's 500 more than last year racing!!  It must be an absolute jam midpack!

    Splits at the Marlow 5 aren't always easy, as at least 2 of them always come out a bit off, so will have to bear with me on these.

    5.31 for mile 1 on my watch, but take the actual split at 5.34. So that's on for my years ago pb pace, so that's probably spot on for where I am these days, as that'll obviously ease off later.

    You cross in and out of spectators a couple of times on the next mile which is quality. I'm going well it feels, smooth, but not "Too" hard. Definitely more "at it" effort wise than Maidenhead 10.

    Second mile comes up on the watch before I'm at the marker as always for this mile, 5.38 though I think, having taken 2 splits at it!

    The third mile is the best and worst of the course. Worst because it has the incline, and a fussy long stretch right next to a road, but brilliant when you get to the peak, and know you have a 1/3mile downish part.

    About 5.52 for this mile, but it'll always be the slowest on the course.

    Had broken through a gang of 3 just before this part. One guy was clutching his hamstring which was definitely a "come through" invitation! Not seen many people have that sort of muscular complaint in all my years racing - unusual as you're at a more controlled pace than say football, which is nothing to flat out instantly.

    Down the slight descent then, eagerly listening out for any "come on dashers" to people behind me. I can't hear any. Dave Lee is well in the distance, but I should be able to see it home for second dasher from here all going well.

    The 4th mile is good, as you're up to about 3.4miles before you turn to a straight, and if you manage not to mangle your nads on the bollards, you're well away. Turn another bend, and you take the 4th mile split, only to remember oh yeah, they ALWAYS have this marker a good deal early, as you wonder how you've suddenly put a 5.25 mile in. :D

    Ignore that then, and carry on, and the last mile can feel long. Not so much today though, as I split it off in 1/4miles, and before I know it I'm back facing the park, and ready to see it in.

    Couple of unnecessary looks behind, when I probably should have been trying to nick one place in front, and in this time, I've seen a 5.42 mile, and a 19sec extra...which probably should have been on the 5.25!

    Now confirmed as



    That felt a decent turnout today, slightly quicker than last year, 6 places down on last year, but out of 450+ more!

    I just had enough time to crouch down, turn round, banter with the race organiser telling us to "die elsewhere", and there was Fergo, and Jill in right behind. It feels so close, but 19 & 28secs respectively, so I suppose that's the end of a straight away, sort of distance.

    All felt a good little workout, and getting more of a feeling of what's race effort again, while giving a base to set a line to improve from hopefully.

    Ridiculous goody bag again, packed with food, drink, sun cream stuff (!), race entry forms etc, which on top of a medal and a quality t shirt, for £13 is amazing value.

    For anyone who has been around me post race, you can well imagine the jibber jabber to be had, so by the time I'd deconstructed mine and another 50 people's races, jogged a 1.5mile gang cool down out, plus watched Jill win the women's ield (after originally being left off the results completely!!!), time was getting on! I was probably the last non organiser out of the field!

    Caught up with my old coach from Marlow days, who recognised me pre-race, but not after, which was comedy!

    And small world, the women's 2nd runner I remember doing a reccie of the Wyc half route with her and the late chairman of Handy Cross what must have been about 15 years ago now! Runs for Wycombe Phoenix now, and I was going to bundle over and say hi, but spotting the husband and kid, thought, nah ;)

    Will see what's what with the next turnout. There is a club 5k this Tue, but we'll see if that's too close or not. There is the Masters team 5k leg one in Birmingham on Saturday.

    Either way I need a few 5k turnouts before having a slash at a fast one.

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    For those who love a pic to break the yabber up..

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    Good work SG - well under 29 too! Quality report as well, which almost made up for not being there today :smile: Mind you, if the race hadn't done my back in, then lugging the goody bag around after surely would have :smiley:

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    Gone a bit quiet in here - especially after I've "Blessed" you all with a turnout :)

    Ric -was expecting one from you too? 

    Anyhoo, had a quick look at Run Britain on the little bit that tells you how your handicap will pan out on certain times versus distance and conditions...

    I'm currently 2.1

    My 28.37 will do the following, depending on how they rate the conditions

    "Very fast" - stays 2/1
    "fast"  moves to 2.0
    "average" moves to 1.9
    "slow" moves to 1.8

    Hope they don't somehow judge it very fast then!
    It's a mostly flat course, and it was where I did my pb, even over the flatter Victory 5, but I guess it depends on how everyone else did for their measurement?

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    Fast I'd say.

    Where on Earth is everyone?  Not enough parking interest in SG's report?!
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    One of our chaps did it on crutches. Utterly barmy, and has to be risking putting the recovery back a stage.
    67 mins job, and that beat about 12 people.

    You can't feel great if someone is limping about on crutches and still beating you!
  • As I pinned a number to a vest in Sunday I suppose I'll write few words of a race report. 

    Daughter #2 (who was anorexic but has recently got a clear diagnosis so is well on the road to recovery) and has started running. She did 30:01 parkrun in early November last year and I paced her to 27:20 over Christmas and she has recently got down to 25:54. She signed up for the Oxford Town and Gown 10k and asked me to pace her along so I signed up too. We did a 10k training run over Easter up and down the Thames art Marlow so we knew she could do the distance and she repeated that a few weeks ago with 59 minutes up and down the river in Cambridge so the plan was to pace at about 5.5 minutes a km. 

    Anyhow, the race was an absolute mess at the start. There was a huge race village in the middle of a vast park and 5,000 or so runners all assembled. Then they say "time to move to the start" and it is outside the park on the road and the only way to get through is a single gate. Luckily we were fairly much towards the front of the queue but even so, as we go through we heard the PA count down and the hooter went and our chip times show us crossing 40 seconds afterwards. 

    The first km was just over 5 minutes but #2 was fine and looked easy. A couple more at the same pace and the 50-minute pacer passed us and I asked her how she felt and she said good so we carried on. Halfway in 25:39  (so faster than her 5k parkrun best) but I could tell she was running easily and well so I held that pace. At 7km we entered the park so it was obviously going to be a few twists and turns to eke out the last 3k. By now she was starting to show some signs of fatigue so I had to encourage her on but we got to 9km and she wanted to push on so 25:19 for the second 5k, a negative split and 50:58 overall.

    The whole thing was a bit scary to be frank. I was fairly sure she was running well within herself but you never know and if the wheels come off then they can come off big time.

    Looking at the finish times show what a mess the start was: there were runners next to us with gun times 8 minutes slower so they had to work their way throw a crowded field.

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    Well done to daughter #2 a great run. My daughter's attempts at junior parkrun normally involve the odd sit down on a bench and some walking followed by a mad sprint and some more walking. It's then about 6 months until we do it again as by then we've both forgotten that she doesn't really like it.

    Good solid 5 miler/report at Marlow, SG.

    I have a 10k on Sunday, should see Pete there too. I am hoping the free entry for good old runners thickens the quality at the front. No doubt Corney will turn up and cruise round to win it! For a top runner he's very prolific on the local race scene.

    Feeling a bit tired despite not really doing lots of mileage so hopefully an easy week puts some life in the legs.

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    Nice one Phil - we were worried you'd retired to be a parkrun pacer! And good to see the healing ability running has!
    Need to get a couple of proper turnouts in now you've got a taste for it again.

    Good luck Reg - not heard much about that race - will be interesting what sort of field it does get.
    Corney does seem to be an interesting sort of chap. Silly cap, like some sort of badboy skateboarder, but a national standard runner now. Probably needs to save his turn outs for the top events really. The guy who came 2nd on Sunday, in some sort of low to mid 25 must have really been cursing his luck!

    But 5milers do tend to bring quality (by local standards) fields together in a way 10ks don't, as they're so less frequent.
    But as 5miles-10k are close to being the same pace level - I always prefer a 5miler!
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    Good report and race SG, you look to be in a good position for a fast summer!

    Phil - Nicely paced for your daughter, I heard that race had a few problems. I know someone had a different result text to them to what it says on the website!

    Reg - Good luck on Sunday!

    Did a 7m tempo Friday with the plan being for 6m at tempo then run the last mile hard. 6.21 average for the tempo then surprised myself to finish with a 5.57. Felt in control for that as well. 12 x 2 mins tonight before I have a crack at sub 18 at Parkrun on Saturday. Looking forward to it!

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    Nice turnout at Marlow SG; top 20 in that size field always a fine result, as is comfortably sub 29.
    Good training SWh and pleasing to hear your racing again PMJ (well pacing in a race at least!).  Hope the progress continues on an upward curve Bus.

    Yes Reg I'm in Royal Berks 10k too. Got some pain in my knee but usually after running or cycling so suppose I'll ignore it for now. Did a new parkrun Saturday at Hanworth near Twickenham. Very fast course but met a guy I used to work with years ago and chatting away so much I was standing at the back when they started and about 50m from the start line. In the circumstances 18'54 not too bad but think that course could be really fast.  

    Where are you thinking of parking for Royal Berks Reg? Maybe SG can give us some advice ;) Was thinking of that park and ride just south of J11 M4 but don't know if you can just park up there and walk to the start easily (doesn't look too far on the map).  
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    Just park right next to the start line Pete.
    Any problems, tell em SG from RW said it was alright.
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    The famous SG no less ... excellent report and run Stevie ! Reminds me to get a 5 miler in soon ...

    Your daughter is making some progress Philip, faster than my first 10k !!!

    Speaking of which I did the Market Drayton 10k on Sunday. I did feel that I was still under the weather, but I'd seen my easy run recovery times improve through the week and thought I might get away with it, and gave myself permission to jog if necessary. But I really wanted to get a race in post-London.

    The day turned piping hot, or maybe it was the late start around 11am, but I was already suffering in the warm up. Lovely atmosphere, 2700 odd runners, but still managed to bump into a couple of Strava buddies and had chats while warming up.

    The race was started by none other than Kelly Sotherton who frankly made us all look rather unhealthy. The first 5k was lovely and smooth for me - I felt great, really great, pushing the effort out more than I've done in ages and through in the mid 17s. The second half of the course carries more undulations and my rhythm was disrupted a little more, with a really steep section through the high street lopping tens of seconds off my mile split, before the long gradual downhill to the finish, jogging through the daisies.

    I was steadily passing people throughout and delighted to finish 9th and 1st v45 in 35.23. I couldn't resist the photo opportunity (yet to be published) of receiving my prize from Kelly Sotherton so hung around and got sunburnt while they spent hours sorting them out. 

    There's more to come when I'm fully recovered but definitely feeling bouncier after a couple of low mileage weeks with plenty of rest and recovery.
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    Very nice turnout there muddy.
    If you find a flat 5m let a brother know. I might be tempted into another one as the others nearer here (and victory 5!) are all nov-dec jobs now.

    We are entering the heat/humidity lottery now though which doesn't help. 5k and under is probably more the order of the day.

    Jools if you're dancing around, i need to commit to one of those 4milers. You in for any?
    All the same day as gosport 5k but i need to get a 4m done as it's an absolute guaranteed pb!! (And thats coming from cautious play it down me!)
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    Bus - and there was us thinking this place had quietend down!!

    Ric old son - turnout? Report? Or cautiously swerved?
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    Blimey - turn you back for 5 mins :smiley:

    Well done to daughter #2 Philip - good news on all fronts there!

    Very nicely done in the MD 10k MF :-:smile:  Unusual for a specific V45 prize - I only ever got one, whihc was two weeks after my b45th birthday and then the race finished forever (possibly the next year - Risborough 10k).

    Solid tempo SW - always good to finish with a flourish!  

    Recovery still moving in the right direction for me and even tried a double day today (6.5+5.5M). All seems OK so far. Still a few twinges when sitting down at a PC (he says, sitting in front of a PC!!!) but the muscle spasms have all but died off (thank f***!) and I can even just about tie my shoelaces normally now :-:smiley:

  • Stevie G said:
    Nice one Phil - we were worried you'd retired to be a parkrun pacer! And good to see the healing ability running has!
    Need to get a couple of proper turnouts in now you've got a taste for it again.

    I've got the Vitality London 10,000 (don't know why it is a 10,000 and not a 10k as it is a road race) on the Monday Bank Holiday at the end of May. #2's boyfriend did 42:52 at Oxford so that is the target to beat. Doesn't help that he was a 52 second 400m runner aged 17 and got an athletics blue at Cambridge so he has a lot of natural speed and is under half my age. 
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    Phil Malcolm Jones - put those sandbags down ;)

    If you've been cruising 22.00 out with a cigar on as parkrun pacer, you can take some sprint kid's sub 43 to town.

    Maybe just sitting on his shoulder the whole way, and bursting past late doors, pointing at him chanting ""

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    Not posted in a while as not much to report but been reading along.
    Good to hear you're getting back to normality Bus. I've been nursing a twingey back since Brighton - it's definitely related to the piriformis/glute/hip tightness. I was lucky enough to win a V45 prize on my 45th at the Hay Hillraiser a 15K race up to Hay Bluff from the town.
    Top 5M there SG. The first Rose Inn was tonight (Sub 23 to get in the top 20 btw) but I swerved it as I did a 10K last night. June is a strong possibility for me with July a near certainty too. Doubt I'll be in any fit state for August's race as I'll have been over-indulging the w/e prior.
    Recovery is obviously going well then Muddy: cracking 10K.
    Well done on perfect pacing duties PMJ, sounds like you were just the right side of the cliff there. Definitely time for a parkrun PB revision for #2
    So after posting 19:58 at Severn Bridge parkrun Saturday I decided to skip the 5,000m county champs for the first time in 5 years as I didn't fancy a PW. I'd forgotten about a favourite fell race that afternoon til I saw pics on FB. Sunday, inspired by the pics & gorgeous weather, I went out to Abergavenny for some mountain running - up & down Blorenge twice then up & down Sugar Loaf. Only 20K in total but almost 4,000ft of ascent. I now had a decent excuse for a shonky performance at Berkeley 10K the following evening :D
    Having sabotaged the 10K I was under no pressure to bury myself which was a relief. This was a new race for me though I've done some of the course as part of a 20M the last 2 years. Over 520 entries but only 390 starters - some folks have got far too much money clearly. It's a lightly undulating 2 lap course & part of the Glos road race series so a decent enough field and we had about a dozen from the club running with the vice-chair celebrating his 65th birthday. We celebrated his 60th at that year's Rose Inn 4M funnily enough.
    After the usual pleasantries I took my creaky legs out for a K loosener followed by some drills & stretches before heading back with some strides thrown in. I felt confident the legs would manage to get me round but no way was I going to be chasing a sub 40 so after chatting to a few of the guys in the first couple of rows I moved back about 5 or 6 rows.
    The hooter went and we were off. With no pressure & achy quads I set off fairly steadily whilst all around people were haring off. The first K is on a wide 2 lane road & drops 2m: a progressive 4:01, we then turned on to a single track lane with a water station on the left (noted for lap 2). There was a bit of a headwind here but it was a flat K so I cruised on feeling fine & continuing to pass some of the early sprinters: 4:01 again. The 3rd K has the first real bump a 5% incline up to the village High St & a 90 degree Left, then back down to cross the river at 3K 4:03. This is followed by a flat 500m with a sharp left then a sharp right before the second lump which was much the same as the first including a descent to 4K after another sharp left at the peak: 4:07. I was feeling the extra effort from those undulations but pressed on as best I could. A ripple in the road but a net 1m drop in the 5th saw me pass the timing mat at 5K in 20:22 shortly before the tightest corner on the course for lap 2. Grabbed a cup of water: got some in my mouth & some over me but the disruption to my breathing slowed me slightly & I started to feel the residual fatigue creep in so 6th K was 4:19. The rest of the race was a repeat of the first half but with the hummocks feeling larger & steeper :D I carried on clocking 4:20 & 4:25 with each lump leaving me struggling harder. The slight drop to 9K allowed me to recover & post 4:13 before rallying to 4:07 for the final K. Chip time 42:01.2 so a couple of seconds slower than my first ever 10K in 2012 but a few seconds better than anything I posted in 2014 when I was cycling loads as Iron Man training. Looking at HR afterwards suggests I was right on the limit the whole time - I averaged 169 & was over 172 for 8K peaking at 175 in the last lap.
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    Age is cruel: just looked back through my training calendar to see my HR for my first sub 40 10K  in September 2013 to see that I averaged 172 & maxed at 179. What I also discovered was I'd run a hilly trail marathon on each of the previous 2 weekends getting a course PB each time!! I then set a 10M PB the following Sunday which stood for 5 years!! Average pace for the 10M was 4:01/km! Now I'm struggling to recover from 2 flat road marathons, a fortnight apart, which I ran in the same average times as the 2 trail ones :'(
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    Not much to report Jools? Looks like you've got tonnes to report :)
    You and JB have been essential signings to keep this thread fresh

    (we could do with a couple more keenos like you two  - anyone out there reading wanna jump on?)

    That's an incredible triple header you report on there!! Not surprised you felt it and are feeling it after!!

    I wouldn't necessarily say it's age giving you a slow recovery from 2 marathons a fortnight apart! I reckon 99% of runners would take their time from that!!!
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    12x400 off 60secs for me then.

    Legs still slightly remembering Sunday's race, but went for it anyway, as I needed it today, with a saturday turnout on the cards.

    1.15 first one, but pretty much averaged to 1.16s, with a couple under, and 3 over.
    Ideal world would like to see these average 1.15, but not a great deal off in fairness at 1 second.

    They were doing some stuff at the track, which caused some initial alarm, in case it was some organised event. 
    It wasn't though, and using my little access code it was all good, propping the fence up with the cone (as there's no code inside, and I don't have my fob yet)
    Asked a geezer who was limping around "Not" to shut the gate, to be a bit bemused that he then went and....shut the gate...

    Propped it again, and it still closed...doh...

    Luckily some random workers turned up in a van as I was leaving, so slipped them the code, and we both got in/out, rather than me having to climb out, to let myself back in!

    Good to see the organisation for this place is still shocking!!
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    I wouldn't write yourself off yet Jools! As you say you are carrying the glute injury plus a marathon takes a lot of recovering from, especially two so close together! Still a decent 10k time in the circumstances

    Muddy - That's a great 10k time and congrats on the prize! Are you doing the Two Castles 10k?

    SG - Cracking session, I guess that's mile pace for the reps? Masters relays this weekend?

    12 x 2mins last night was a bit naff, couldn't seem to get going. Write it off as a bad day in the office. Just a few easy runs and strides now before Saturday

  • It’s not just age Jooligan - your heart rate appears to be holding up well as you age -  but miles in the body.  Your younger self may have depleted your future self with all those antics.  (I bet no one envisaged time travel on the thread)

    StevieG - I was looking at the Beeston 5 (Lit's old club run it) but it's a midweek and childcare could be an issue. That's flat and a single loop. The only snag is that about 2 miles is on a narrow winding riverside path so you have to get out hard to avoid congestion.

    StevieWh  - No I'm not in for that. I will do the Black Country 10k June 30th. I am going to put a good couple of weeks in then doing Hull half on June 2nd, then possibly Speedway 10k June 16th if it hasn't filled up already.
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    SW - This is a nice little schedule, where you have a 5k-3k-1500-800 zone, and have 3 sessions in each. The distance builds each time you revisit a zone.  So today was "3k" as 400s, and next time I hit 3k it'll be 600s Clearly for shorter reps it's easier to out perform the zone a bit...but so far I've started with 1.18 for the 5k, and this was 1.16 for 3k. In theory there should be 4secs between a zone...and 66 for the 800 isn't unrealistic, especially for 200s, but for the 400s it's a ferocious effort, even with 3mins recovery!

    Yep, Masters relays. We've just done the order, and I'm late on and following our slowest guy. We'll see if that makes much odds!

    They like to meddle with the route, but it seems to be the worst case, of all the way to the bottom of the hill as per the 12 stage long legs :D

    At least we do swerve the soul destroying mile out and back of the long leg, and once you're a mile in, at the peak, you then have flattish, a nice long down, and then a lovely river to look at before some slight ups and bits to the finish :)

    Seems to be a stupid distance of 5.06k i think. Why not make it 5k? Just to show how "profound" and "real" this event is, or something?! Think it was 3miles in 2017.

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    Muddy - take you as being spot on with Jools. At the end of the day we have to enjoy what we're doing, so repeated turn outs is fine if that's your thing. But when you start wanting to maximise performance, perhaps you need to reign stuff in a bit.

    I've tried both over the years from the doing any old iron club stuff,to the only racing when bang on for it under Moz.
    No surprise at all which was the more successful!

    These days, I like to mix and match a bit. Last year obviously being an all time peak with 32 across a gamut of miles, relays, tonne of 5ks and 1x10m/HM. A really satisfying year, being 3secs off a 5k pb and a really good HM.

    Beeston - yep I'll always remember that random name from Lit's days!
  • Stevie G said:
    They were doing some stuff at the track, which caused some initial alarm, in case it was some organised event. 
    It wasn't though, and using my little access code it was all good, propping the fence up with the cone (as there's no code inside, and I don't have my fob yet)
    Asked a geezer who was limping around "Not" to shut the gate, to be a bit bemused that he then went and....shut the gate...

    Propped it again, and it still closed...doh...

    Luckily some random workers turned up in a van as I was leaving, so slipped them the code, and we both got in/out, rather than me having to climb out, to let myself back in!

    Good to see the organisation for this place is still shocking!!
    Track update: there was a film crew set up with a camera on a rail hurtling up and down the back straight trying out different gimbles for the camera.

    My regular 6x800 off one lap recovery jog. Averaged out at just inside 3:09 so all going in the right direction. Obviously too late to have much impact on the 10k in 12 days' time but will come in useful with the summer target of a decentish 5k.
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    Did wonder what on earth it was.
    Some geezer took about 10mins taking bits of ribbon off, painstakingly - obviously paid by the hour ;)

    Do you find the recovery jogs stay consistent?
    Different people favour jog recovery and some still recovery. Unless I'm doing something like an hour tempo, where it needs to be continuous I must admit I favour the "stop" recovery, or a slight walk.

    I suppose the jog keeps you warm and is slightly harder, but maybe a little risk that recovery 1 takes 2mins, and recovery 7 takes 3? :)
  • Hi All - Good value read as ever, very entertaining - good to see people supporting the local races!

    Glad to see Bus and Reg getting better and Ric being thought provoking. Been doing bits and bobs, couple of Parkrun wins at Dunstable downs and Houghton Hall and a horrible chesty 1500m win at Battersea Monday night (Southern vets) - bell on 3.13 so virtually jogged in the last 100m, was probably about 4.25-4.30

    Going OK, but don't feel amazing as such. Masters on Saturday - SG, the course is exactly the same as the short leg at the national relays for us, they made a point of saying that, so we can compare. Sadly we have to do the dog leg extra bit at the start, but its downhill at the Jubilee stone and the finish as normal.

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