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    I may do Simon, will see what my coach thinks. Going to have my work cut out making the A team though! We've got 5/6 guys with sub 17 5k times but obviously depends who is available
  • Nicely done at the relays SC, that's a tidy time. What races have you got in your sights?

    Good job at the 10k Pete & Reg - definitely heralding much more to come.

    Bus, glad to hear the back is somewhat better than previous!

    SW that's a cracking tempo. I took a little nosey on Strava, and you had a really consistent HR throughout. Nice little confidence booster!

    Jooligan, I'm not sure my legs would like your local fell races.. 

    Toyed with the idea of the track 5000m this evening. A bit too close to the weekends antics, and 3 races in a week when getting back to it is a little bit too keen.
    So naturally I opted for a session instead, which should get me more bang for my buck. I've been reading about different training approaches, and one thing that stuck is a threshold element at the beginning of the session, followed by shorter reps. In theory this works different energy systems, but I thought it would be a good way to make sure I don't prematurely run myself into the ground going too hard.
    Went for 2mi (5mins) followed by 5 x 2mins (2mins). Chucking my 19:02 from Saturday into a calculator suggests a threshold pace of ~6:33/mi, so anything around that for the 2mi rep was gonna be handy. The aim then was ~20s/mi quicker for the 2min reps. In all, it came out as 12:46 for the 2mi - a bit quick, but it was a comfortably hard effort (although I was glad of the 5min jog). The 2min reps were 6:09, 6:06, 6:07, 5:54 and 5:42 min/mi - I've not run any reps below 6min/mi for a long time, so it was nice to end them at sub-5k pace.

    I'm almost rivalling SG for post length... No parking issues, as I ran from home to the local pond/lake thing.
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Nice reps Matt.

    Cheers for the commetns by the way. The back is much better, but seemingly plateaued a bit at the mo, and I need to get back to the physio. I can pretty much do everything again now, but sitting or standing in one position for any length of time is still causing a few issues. No ill effects from yesterday's tempo though (other than the normal niggles!) so that's good :smile:
  • I was up Bus' end of town yesterday. I know he wears bacon aftershave and complains about the dogs but there really do seem to be more big, ugly bitches up that area than normal. One German Shepherd was not responding to the owner's clear instructions (amazing how much English they understand when they are from Germany). I stopped running and eventually the dog returned to its owner so I set off again down a steep, wooden path but the dog started chasing after me not long later. I stopped and turned to the dog who put the brakes on and yelped loudly and ran back to its owner. Goodness knows what they thought happened as this big dog ran after me, yelped loudly and came out at twice the speed it went it in.
  • We'll start calling you Rambo soon PMJ - Just don't kill any of them eh!

    Good session there MH, starting to come together. I've got the masters mile in Westminster on Sunday, then a couple of masters track meetings I think. Glad you've stopped falling to bits Bus!

    SW - I Remember watching the 6 stage with a prominent teams coach, he was moaning about one of his lot not doing them because of Berlin 'How much f**king recovery does he want?' I think were his actual words ;) but see what your coach reckons, it is quite close, but I reckon it will be ok.

    So 8 x 800 with 80 secs on the paths last night as the track was shut, good turnout of about 15 of us, plus a promising girl from LBAC who has recently joined the group too. averaged about 2.27, slowest 2.31 and last two 2.26 and 2.24. Felt ok, hopefully will help the last 400m of the mile Sunday.

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    Nice reps Matt. I do try and keep an eye on HR during a tempo and try to keep the effort constant

    SC - I guess the worry is getting injured rather than the recovery but we will see! Nationals are the week after where I will be in no state to race! Great 800s, good luck in the mile

    Had a panic last night as I saw the start list for next weeks 5000m. I am in way out of my depth! My PB is 90s slower then the next person and everyone is at least sub 17. Had brief thoughts of sacking it off but decided to man up and race it. Will be an experience whatever and it might help drag me to a fast time!

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    Masters mile Simon? I know the Westminster Mile in Sunday, but there's a masters one too, as opposed to just time grading?

    Looked at it, but into London always seems a bit more faff than other directions, so binned any idea of it (and the 10k the next day) Going to be scorchers I dare say!

    Tasty reps.

    SW - hehehe, you'll love it! Just don't try and match them early doors, and it'll settle down. May even bring a bit out of you in a way a parkrun might not.

    Know what you mean though, years back, i did a Watford 3k, had a few local pals there, and the greatly missed Stevie See (original thread cast royalty) who had driven 3hours for it all there.

    I'd put down maybe 9.30 as a real stretch target, and almost ruined my pants when they called me into the A race... Luckily they let me weasel down to the B race, with all the above pals.

    Don't think I ever quite got to grips with 3k.

    Did a 9.46 feeling like I'd not raced a minute later, then a 9.44 where I'd ruined myself late on....

    Then a 9.54 maybe? Just before the whole 2015 summer kerfuffle...

    Seems a long way, 7 1/2 laps at that intensity, so a 5k must feel fun!
  • 3000 is rightly a bugger - it's more knackering than the 1500 or 5000 for me..only slightly mind. Yes SG - I'm race 25 at 13.35, its the masters mile race, British champs. The whole thing is on the BBC online too, but mine's not on the red button.

    SW - Fair enough if you are worried about injury. You'd probably run well there after all the marathon training too. The 5000m will be fun then! Just start sensible and you might start picking a few off. what race is it? Wouldn't mind having a peek at the start list.

  • StevieWhStevieWh ✭✭✭

    Yeh i'll have to make sure I don't get carried away at the start!

    Midlands County Championships, this should be the start list

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    1.35pm? Very precise, and what sounds an absolute arsehole of a start time.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    One of our lot posted a "tick sheet" for Endure 24 (just 3 weeks and 1 day away now!)

    My word...about 20 bullet points! You wonder what you've signed up for!
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    edited May 2019

    As no quality on Friday, that left today flexi, even for a parkrun turnout if I fancied.

    As expected, I couldn't draw the early wakeup 7 days of a week, so went out at midday (to capture the hottest conditions) for some sort of loose fartlek job with random reps, loosely based round segs ;)

    Was only about 1.25miles in and had a little dabble up some short incline that leads to a much steeper hill than I realised that has steps at the top. Only needed about 7.40 average, but I was almost ruined before the steps and had to sit down :D

    Literally scraped myself off the floor to jog out to the park down and round for a second go (forgetting to reset the watch til the bottom).

    Second go I at least got to the top for what must have been about 80-90secs slower than the guy locally who owns it. Maybe he didn't do it in midday sun a bit not warmed up :)

    Jogged back down at about 17min miling, remarking to some old guy in a turban that it's "Not much easier downhill", and getting a "yes" (thinking - who is this shirtless clown), and erm off we went.

    1/3mile down the road, had a 0.6m or so thrash down an incline, whipping up some low 5s pace. Obviously some guy had somehow mustered about 4.50 on this stretch, and checking on his strava quite amazingly had the 6-7miler at 7.30ish average titled "icy/snow run - only fell over once"

    So in the ice, some guy, who has already fallen over once, has somehow done a 4.50 paced 0.6mile stretch? It's not even one you can say "that didn't happen" it's just mad.

    Ok, half a mile on, I threw a quarter mile in. No idea where the actual seg was , but finished at 1.15ish pace. I suspect that needed to start slightly earlier, and be slightly quicker all in.

    Mile on, put a threshold type mile in, where I exactly knew a seg was, as I'd nicked it once in Johnas training, only for some geezer to take it back doing a 10miler in about 60.22!!

    Slight decline, but makes up for it with a dodgy footing stretch past a petrol station, and then an even dodgier long grass section next to a busy road, plus a few ever so slightly dodgy road crossings.

    Moderate 5.52 for 0.91m needed, but saw it out for a full mile a bit quicker, just stopping as some woman blocked the path pulling out of her drive. Phew, I thought, and would have been scuppered if I'd needed even 0.01miles more!

    Nicked the seg though.

    7.5miles all in, and that didn't feel that easy. Maybe because I only run one Saturday out of about 10 generally? :)

    Shows those town tempos were some great training! 6.5miles or so rampaging around in the 6.05-6.20 mixer depending on what year...

  • Come on SG, if you are Strava segment hunting then you need to know the start and end and go full out to nick them properly. No pissing about with throwing in a fast bit here and there and then looking afterwards to see what you did. 40 odd seconds behind Gazzer on a segment that he did in 2:32 is just not acceptable. 
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Yeah it's unclear if that was the first attempt with a sit down and walk. Or the dribble to the top then long sit down.
    Doing laces up both time to pretend i was stopping for that rather than on the verge of discombobulation💩
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    There's a name for people like you SG :wink:

    LSR today. It's weird how sometimes the first few miles of a long run feel harder than the same miles of a shorter run - psychological I guess! Anyway, 15 hilly, but pleasant, miles done with the old hip thing being the only issue. Because these are coming out so slow these days, I almost always try to push the final mile. On this one, this was by far the fastest mile at 6:55, which was just enough to drag the whole thing to dip under 9 min miles (half a min per mile quicker than last week).
  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    Nice training runs there SG, SW and Bus (sounds like you are less injured than for ages which has to be good news😉). 

    Typically mad run Jooligan after a hell of a lot of riding but great effort nonetheless. 

    Standard weekend fare for me of parkrun and club 10k. Rare appearance these days at Frimley where I cut my parkrun teeth many moons ago. Nothing much changed there; even the same runners, just lots more of them. 7th of about 600 in 18'42 which is a bit better than most of my recent efforts. Saw Mark Symes there and he said he was in Simon's race today at Masters Mile and aiming for 4'40. Wiĺl let Simon give details of how he and Mark got on. Watched it on BBC website along with lots of the other one mile races; made really good viewing. 

    Club 10k today felt humid and tough (no VF's either as unwilling to waste them on unofficial non Po10 races!). Ended up 39'10 so again fairly average. Beat a clubmate who beat me at Frimley yesterday and at Fleet HM though, so good to get one back on him for once. Said he can't cope well with 2 flat out efforts in 2 days these days and he's a mere v45😉
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Nice double Pete, and that Frimley parkrun is looking sharp!

    This guy is truly inspirational for us V50+s. Not only breaking world age records, but he's running times that no one on here of any age would be anything less than chuffed with!
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Where is everyone then?

    Dug the old MTB out for a 10M spin this evening - bit too fast for the old rust bucket trying to work out a frustrating day.  Spent most of this morning fitting new door speakers in the Panda as one of them had blown. The first one took ages - had to first work out how to remove the door panel, then had to drill out rivets, drill new holes and work out how to actually mount the speaker. Second one was a piece of cake and I I had my lunch feeling pleased with myself. That is until I went back to the car and tried to lower the window - clunk!!! Doh - the bloody magnet in the speaker was deeper than the original, and the electric window hit it. Took another hour of removing the panel, bending the door inner panel and using a cut up old camping mat to pad the speakers out!!! So much for the nice neat job this morning! Hey ho - all works now, and sounds pretty good too. Just don't want to shut the door with the window open - makes a very dodgy noise as the glass hits the metal magnet :blush:

    So, that was my fun bank holiday. Anyone do any running? :smile:
  • Vitality London 10,000 for me today. I don't know why I have to use the sponsor's name and it is a road 10k and not a track 10,000 metres but there you have it!

    I got a free entry for this via parkrun back mid-December 2018 and it has sort of crept up. I did a slow 10k a few weeks ago pacing daughter #2 and a few fastish parkruns and have been doing a bit of speedwork on the track so I was sort of ready. The aim was to go somewhere 42.xx to beat #2's boyfriend who did 42:54 at the same race where I paced her.

    Getting there was easy: drive to the office and park there, then a few stops on the tube to Green Park. The weather forecast was good so I went already kitted up so I could avoid baggage drop and pick up so all I had with me was a credit card and office entry card. 

    I was in the blue pen which was the first pen behind the elites. I was a bit worried that my honest answer to "What is your 10k P?" may have put me in too fast a start pen and there were a few fats looking people but as many looked like me so I was not out of place.

    Overall not much to report about the race. 42:30 is 4:15 even pace so I decided to run at 4:15. First km was 4:12 so I was where I wanted to be and 5k in 20:37 so the time was in the bag if I could come home with the wheels intact. Each km was still under 4:15 and at 8km I was happy to let the legs bring it home and 20:56 for the second half and 41:33 overall so a bit of a fade but nothing gross.

    No bags to collect so jumped back on the tube, office, drove home and showered before noon. No troubles.

    Feels nice to have got a proper race under the belt after more than a year off, now need to go and get a decent 5k time on record.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Nice one Phil - certainly good to see you turning out at a decent race again. Looks like you do what I do and allow a "Blag aim", and enjoy coming out under :)

    Dashers had a heck of a turnout, 35.41 from Jill a terrific result, 29secs ahead of her at the Marlow 5 - I dare say I wouldn't have been 29secs ahead, and wouldn't even want to put money on beating that.

    Bus - way too technical for me I'm afraid.

    Simple doss about day for me, getting up late, heading to Marlow to sweat / pant an 8.5miler out, and erm that was it.
    I definitely need to put regular turnouts in, as I can easily turn to thoughts of, "is this hard work at 7s" and think about breathing, but Maidenhead, Marlow especially, and Sutton Park 5k came out fine.

    Like Phil, I'll try and get some 5k turnouts in. Ideally I need 3turnouts in the next 3 weeks to make Endure race number 250.

  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Nice effort Phil. I was scrolling  through the Iplayer's Westminster Mile coverage looking for Laura Muir when I spotted a Dennis the Menace singlet that looked like SC nd indeed it was. Worth a watch. Also another former thread poster doing well in the Men's Elite mile.

    Good effort there Pete, I am not ready for another turnout yet after last week's 10k. Hamstring was a but damaged and then my hip was sore. Not much running then last week (19 miles), not helped by starting a new job. Got out for 12 today though and hip/hamstring both improved. Need a new target race now. I am looking at Maidenhead Half early September long-term. Short-term though I am thinking one more fast 10k and a couple of 5ks before the end of June leaving two months to build for Maidenhead half.

    Anyone got good ideas for 5ks/10ks in June?

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Battersea Park Sri Chimnoy ones Reg? 

    Good work Philip. Glad it was a freebie for you mind as there's been some shocking reports of poor organisation for the price!
  • The Bus said:
    Battersea Park Sri Chimnoy ones Reg? 

    Good work Philip. Glad it was a freebie for you mind as there's been some shocking reports of poor organisation for the price!
    What sort of reports? I can see that there were some areas that could be complete and utter fuck fests but it seemed Ok for me. The baggage was just put out in the open, so fine on a clear day but if it was raining it would be nice to have a baggage tent. Same for the start, the official timetable was 9:15 drop-off for a 10:00 start so again OK on a day like today but if it was wet or cold it would be shite. 

    The start was deliberately designed to be a choke point so you had to walk through a narrow part but it opened up and then you ran over the start mat. The last wave started at 11:00 and the elite at 10:00 so it would be a stretch for most to say they raced Mo.
  • I have the following dates left for the summer 5k if anyone (Bus?) wants to come along as a guest. I am not doing Burnham (tomorrow) but hope to be out for the next 4 and maybe marshall at Datchet.

    28 May – Burnham
    4 June – Cookham
    11 June – Handy Cross
    25 June – Maidenhead
    2 July – Marlow
    9 July –  Datchet

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Hopefully they can make Marlow a full 5k this year, so some of us don't rock over the finishing line apparently in a lifetime pb, then think, hang on :D

    Similarly, limiting Wycombe to 5k would be nice!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Vet Runners UK on FB mainly Philip (I am a member only to get 10% and free delivery off - it has its moments, but is mainly a group very slow, fat, old whingers telling each other how great they are doing a 35 min parkrun :smiley:

    Biggest complaint seems to be they ran out of medals, t-shirts, goody bags and, slightly more concerning, water.....

    I should try to make at least one of those 5ks .... :smile:
  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    Reg; you could try to get into the Yateley 10k a week on Wednesday. Sold out but exchange places come and go all the time on their FB page. Think Dachs has done some very good times there and won it a couple of times. Failing that there is Dinton Pastures 5k or 10k on 11th June (and 2nd Wednesday of July and August too); its very flat but all off road so not that fast. Other than those and the BP ones Bus mentioned, there is Elmbridge 10k on 21 July which is a very fast course but maybe too late or too far from home for your liking. If you go for any of those you're likely to bump into me again, as hopefully you will for M'head HM!
  • The Bus said:
    Vet Runners UK on FB mainly Philip (I am a member only to get 10% and free delivery off - it has its moments, but is mainly a group very slow, fat, old whingers telling each other how great they are doing a 35 min parkrun :smiley:

    Biggest complaint seems to be they ran out of medals, t-shirts, goody bags and, slightly more concerning, water.....
    T-shirts, medals etc are something they seem to have buggered up and have tweeted to apologise. If you have 23,000 entries you do not expect 23,000 finishers and you don't want loads left over so you have to make a judgement based on past experience and they got it wrong. Seems to be about 19.5k finishers so 3.5k dropouts. They have said it is down to sustainability but it is down to the economics of a commercial organisation and 3,500 t-shirts etc is a waste/ a lot of landfill. 

    Water? It was a 10k and there were 3 water stations en-route. Here are the glorious last 3 "runners" (2:08 for 10k, I know we should be inclusive but that is not even a steady walk) and they each have a bottle of water in their hands.

    How much water does anyone need? I had a cup of tea at home in the morning and left a bottle in my car for when I got back to the office afterwards. 
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Not everyone is such an athletic hero as you Phil. You have no idea what journey anyone is on
  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    Events like that are designed for these types and slow club runners. Loads of them rave about this one and VLM so best to let them enjoy their moments and race elsewhere if you don't like it. 
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