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    Happy Birthday SG! Catching me up! Commit to that parkrun with a few ks either side!

    Reasonable 5k for me last night at a very puddly Sale Sizzler: never had such black legs in a road race! Best WAVA for 2 years or so: 76.71%. The aim for the year has been to get back under 22 after a couple of years of injury after injury. 21:52 last night. Plenty more to come I hope if I can stay niggle free. Need to do an LFoM again some time relatively soon: October looks the most likely. Missed the cheap train tickets for September!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
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    5m tempo came out at 6.08 average, a 6.12 first mile then 6.07 for the rest. I think my HR monitor is slightly under reading. Average was 161 for the first then 166-169 for the last 4. Would normally expect 172-175. Either that or I'm fitter then I think
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    I'm no HR man, but on feel how was it?

    Flat out? Or like the ones I used to do at HM + 10-15secs?

    Either way sounds very promising.

    Aley - locked in. Me and Phil are dancing down to one tomorrow. No promises it'll be fast, but it'll work as a "tempo/threshold/effort" (we'll disclaimer it after ;) )

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    Definitely no where near flat out, could have kept going and picked up the pace even in the last mile. Splits were 6.12, 6.07,6.07,6.07,6.07 so there wasn't a fade!  Bodes well anyway!

    Good luck at Parkrun tomorrow!
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    6.07 has got to be somewhere in and around your 10k pb road pace hasn't it?

    Certainly bodes well

    When I came away from a 5-6mile "MP" tempo around 6.00 pace, i'd deffo feel confident about taking a good chunk above a min off the race.

    That's the sort of sesh I need to re-install in the autumn.

  • Got a few bits to catch up on!

    Happy belated birthday SG, hope you celebrated suitably by uploading some old results to Po10? :D How was the parkrun?
    SW, cracking training, as is becoming usual for you - definitely some big things to come.
    Pete, gutting to hear about your hamstring - I hope that it's not as bad as it first seemed, and that the physio has helped to shed some light.
    SC, standard midweek racing! You must be a face that people notice and realise they don't have a shot at winning!
    Good miles there Ric, you should be well and truly for your leg of the relay.
    Glad to see you on the comeback trail Alehouse.

    So I made the decision last week to get some coaching, to help me with weekly structure and progression, and to make the most of my running - my 3-year old PBs need seeing to.

    We kicked off after the 4mile race, so that he could see my recovery, which has meant some lower miles than usual - not that it's a bad thing, considering I basically had two weeks off.
    I've done some small sessions too. A 5km progression last Saturday, with 2km at ~4:40s, 1.5km at ~4:05s, and 1.5km at ~3:45s. Tuesday was 10 x 1min (2mins) at ~10km pace, seemed small change, but it was tough with the temperatures here, managing 6:09/mi for the reps. Thursday was 4 x 1km (3mins) at tempo - felt good and picked up the pace with each, going 3:57/3:54/3:50/3:47.
    Today was a parkrun time trial - that set up some nerves, trying to manage my own expectations. Managed to keep it consistent, with a little bit of a pickup with each mile - but not feeling an extra gear going into the last mile, as I had hoped to close with a sub-6. Ended up with 18:42 by my watch, which I'm super happy with, as I felt controlled throughout. Best parkrun/5km time since Feb'17!
  • My disclaimer is a hilly 9 miler yesterday lunchtime. Went out with SG to Marlow parkrun (though it is officially Higginson parkrun, Marlow so a 'H' and not an 'M' for the weird alphabeteers) and came home with a 20.40 which is my best run there. Slowly getting to where I want to be: first 2 kms were 4:01 and 4:01 and then the fade afterwards but last effort was only one at 4.0x pace so it is close. If I treat it properly and don't tire myself the day before and get a fast course it will happen. Marlow is flat but not good underfoot and a lot of people traffic. The event director says "keep left" and still it is 5 abreast (and some of those were big breasts) and that blocks the path.

    Odd, first home looked like a kid and the results say Jay PATEL 18:07 VM35-39
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    Thanks Matt and good luck with the change of training direction. Well done on the parkrun too.

    And congrats on your parkrun Phil, and let me also say well done SG on your parkrun and another humongous report.  

    No idea what you did but I thought I'd save time  ;)

    My own interest with parkrun seems to have already been worn out. Though it could be the feeling of the racing effort behind that. 

    Instead I settled for another 20 miler. That's seven in the last couple of months.

     Improvement evident today by not being aware of fatigue until about 18 miles in and not losing a shed-load of time stopping because of it. In fact, within the hour, I was out catching up on some garden jobs.

    Legs good. Bike tomorrow.

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    Decided on a rare parkrun then, only question was where. Wycombe was cancelled, but probably wouldn't have gone for that anyway. I knew some of the Marlow lot were doing Wendover Woods, but decided some offroad slog would be too hard work for the slow time it'd give... (irony as it panned out!)

    Marlow it was then.

    Looked flat, watched the youtube vid, and thought that's a nice close one, and had been intrigued what it was like. Number 44 I think I saw on Phil's reference.

    Easiest parkup ever job. Marlow 5 space, but without having to be there 2hours and a short wander to the start.

    Saw Mad Dom, and cursed ever so gently, as my anonymous run how it feels job was ruined. I'd have to be dealing with his ludicrously fast start :)

    Few disclaimers in my head about "it's just a parkrun if he did beat me", but remembered the record which is probably about 25-0. (Although 0-25 after the first 400m ;) )

    Hot morning, with a bit of wind aboot.

    The route has a couple of small laps from the start near the "Marlow 5 last min toilet bushes", ahem..sorry, the "Skateboard" park to the Redgrave statue. Jogging it with Phil, I totally didn't feel the little rise past the statue at all.

    It then takes you out over a narrow bridge, down the Thames Path, over a couple more bridges. Most of this is on gravelly rough. You then make a turn on a 6pence round a cone, and come back the other way, before a little burn over some grass to the finish.

    I was certainly not feeling up for it in any shape or form. Last min bush break saw me turdburgled by both Dom and some young woman, who hadn't knocked on the imaginary door :)

    Start line was a bit chaotic, quite a long line-up, vaguely using a bin as a reference point! Usual checking out of competition, and usual deal where this is totally pointless, as the ones who look like they'll be fast, aren't.

    Off we go.

    Guy in red utterly monsters off, with obviously Dom not far behind. The guy in red is either some sort of 15min man, or has gone off too fast.

    I'm in Dom's slipstream, and I notice he does this thing after a fast start, of then running very tall, almost marching, as if to ease off the effort, and coast at the same pace. I go by, and am not far off the leader. Slightly surprised by the little short climb at the statue, having not noticed it as mentioned earlier at jog pace.

    Soak up the small down, and onto the second lap. Leader in sight, and he looks unlikely to sustain his start I think. Second climb past Redgrave statue, and notice there's a tonne of the back of the field very close in sight. This feels very weird, having basically done a solo run at Runnymede last week, and only just about seen the back marker right at the end.

    They're meant to stay left, so we can overtake on the right, but are all over the path. So we're on the left, undertaking. This does lead to a slight concern of how to get across them, as the path turns right afterwards!

    Bundle across, face first through a bush, glad that some people walking a mutt stay still, and we're onto the "Main" bit.

    Slight sinking feelings about this course, and the time already!

    Over a km in then (no markers), and it's around 1.1miles out, then back, then the run in.

    Over 3 bridges, which whilst not steep at all, are rickety, wooden, and there's always someone coming the other way. Often with a dog, so you can't quite storm these bits!

    Narrow gravelly rough for the tow path bit. Into a bit of wind, yet hot - a strange combo. Panting like an absolute dog (like some of the dogs coming my way actually!)

    I know for sure that this won't be fast, when mile 1 is only 5.49, but I remember getting in sub 18 at Pennalta parkrun in Wales when purposely setting off at 6pace, and then ramping up later. That was a similar sort of out and back type course, but I have to say there were none of the "reducer" factors of this one - footing was great, no bridges, congestion, and no fiddly loops first etc.

    Keep the honest effort up, where I am will do today, just seeing Dom off.

    Can't quite remember if I got to the turnaround point 2nd or 3rd, but must have been 3rd, as otherwise I would have seen very obviously who was behind me, as I didn't know when hearing very close feet. Some young looking Asian fella, who actually was in the 35-39 category!

    The turn around is an almost stop dead job. Not ideal, as isn't then seeing exactly how close everyone is behind! Hard to judge distance/time, but Dom has to be 15-20secs behind here. Should be safe with just about 1.3miles to go. See Phil prowling just behind some younger guy, and get a bit of banter at being "Only third" from an old Marlow Striders pal :)

    Time is a write off, I'm only just tracking sub 6, slower than for the Marlow 5 and around the same as Maidenhead 10miler I paced sensibly on a very hot day.

    Now, I know I'm not at peak 5k mode this summer, but something in the 17s is where I normally feel I should be in a 5k series, be it low end for the fastest courses, and top end for others.

    So I am wondering, as the effort measured in breathing sounds hard.

    Back past the whole field, watch the Asian lad pick his moment to storm past the long time leader, and am literally picking off sightss, ships and bridges to the end!

    People mostly keep left, but there's little spring in the surface, and I think the risk of someone suddenly jumping out with their dog does keep it subconsciously sub par!

    Final bridge, left hand turn, and am surprised to see the long term leader is just a short space ahead, so much so it's 4seconds to him without too mad a storm in.

    18.25 for 3rd then.

    I've only done 2 parkruns slower than that - one at the end of that epic 16mile day New year's day double parkrun last year, and the dodgy "pro rated" 18.44 at Gadesbridge, that would have actually been comfortably mid 17s if the proper application.

    I know that locker full of excuses above definitely contributed majorly, as you don't lose 40secs at 5k in 10days or so.

    But I suppose there's always a chance the adrenaline/want isn't as high as it can be at 9am on a sat I suppose too. Easy to "settle" too.

    Marlow summer series 5k was 17.45, and that didn't feel as sharp as it could have been in the slight post Endure lull, but 40secs down is severe. 1 min off Battersea Park best of year.

    Dom came in at 18.59, and he'd done an 18.03 at the Marlow summer 5k. He does have a mad 2month period of 2 races a week, plus a session, which doesn't help, but good to see another comparison and that's it not just me.

    If Dom hadn't been there for that similar reduction, and I only went off Phil it'd be less easy an analysis, as Phil's parkrun account is tough to read in between the pacings and off form stuff. 1 sec quicker at Wycombe in April, but I dare say he'd take a real chunk off that there is putting a 20.40 in here. He's lacking that quick course at somewhere like BP as a comparison too. I reckon he'd be sub 20 there now.

    Winner "only" did 18.07. No PO10 account. But has taken his Marlow time down from 19.12 to 18.07 over 4 visits from 22nd June.

    V50 in 4th did 18.47 and I note he's done an 18.11 at BP in July.

    So a few bits, and pieces, and I guess we file this as a "solid" bit of training!

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    You put yourself under too much stress SG.

    A clue, 'But I suppose there's always a chance the adrenaline/want isn't as high as it can be at 9am on a Sat I suppose too'.  

    My thought is that you were already so saturated with Adrenaline that you had gone so far down the other side, there wasn't any difference you could notice.

    Do you look forward to a race in the way you look forward to a footy match?

    Should be the same.
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    Not much stress at all for this one, whereas normal races id wake up smothered in adrenaline.

    13 just done. 7.15ish. 30sec stop at wyc ground to say hello to a couple of club mates attempting to race the wycombe 10k or half. Offroad and tough. Sooner them then me.
    It's like running through an air swimming pool today. Drench fest!
    I could well imagine a repeat of wyc 2015 if trying to race the half. Know your strengths and limits!
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    "turdburgler" :smiley:

    It is what it is  SG - impossible to compare a course like that with anything else! 18:25 sounds pretty quick to me given the route. Nice 13 by the way. I did toy with the idea of doing the "HFH" but thought it was a silly idea :smile:

    Getting  there Philip - back to sub 20 soon on a fast course for sure.

    It's been a manic week workwise and I think I might have missed a fair bit on the thread this week, so apologies if I have - I'll try and catch up later!

    Handy week for a cut-back week, though my legs seem to be telling me otherwise! LSR later this morning and will try to do 14 for a 40M week.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    LSR done and dusted. Felt very hard - humid and sluggish. I worked out at the end though why it felt a bit harder than normal. I varied my route, thinking it was flatter than the usual one, but it actually came out at just shy of 2000ft climbing over the 14.5M!
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    Stevie G said:
    Not much stress at all for this one, whereas normal races id wake up smothered in adrenaline.

    13 just done. 7.15ish. 30sec stop at wyc ground to say hello to a couple of club mates attempting to race the wycombe 10k or half. Offroad and tough. Sooner them then me.
    It's like running through an air swimming pool today. Drench fest!
    I could well imagine a repeat of wyc 2015 if trying to race the half. Know your strengths and limits!
    It was the most logical option SG. 

    50 miles plus on the bike today which included a blast to the top of a place called Haddington Hill.

    Went near to full out for the climb which took around 25 minutes which wasn't bad considering I didn't have a gale force wind pushing me along. Second place in age group Strava by less than a minute.

    Loads of other bikers on the route doing some event. They couldn't touch me going up hill but I wouldn't dare follow them going down! Nutters!

    It's not often I've followed a long run with a long bike ride. Legs went a bit after 40 miles but good strength training.

    Checking the weight loss due to sweat. Yesterday I dropped a couple of pounds which was largely down to getting the last drink at 12 miles. Today I seemed to lose nothing at all and didn't finish all of the drink either.
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    Well done on the parkrun Stevie (and Phil). It's always a very different thing racing parkruns versus races. I was surprised to beat my parkrun pb within a 10k race mid June - I can't say I've ever put in a taper for a parkrun and that makes a huge difference. The only time I have mad adrenaline before a race now is the marathon - it literally scares the shit out of me.

    StevieWH - Forgot to say I did take up the Fast Running guys coaching offer. It's interesting seeing what they've set but for a variety of reasons I haven't been able to do it all. It's well balanced though and I've been adhering to the principles if not the details - the first month was all vo2max and short speed, combined with threshold workouts. 

    Did a local hilly trail half on Sunday at marathon effort on average, but relaxed on the downhills, and gave myself a licence to push a bit on the hills so it was kind of cycling up to threshold and down to easy effort throughout. Pleased that I managed a 2 minute course pb without going all out, and finished 3rd in the process. My previous course pb was a hard, hard effort in 2015 after which my post race notes said 'never again!'.
  • Muddy - I certainly felt that way about Berlin in 2015. Ran well, so I felt I had 'got away with it' to an extent and glad to stop my Marathon 'career' at that point!

    Nice parkrunning SG & PMJ and promising training from MH & SW. Great racing Aley - I'll try and put the 25/10 in the calendar for a LFOTM. Don't fancy that pub again though, a spoons post race this time!

    Nice little trip on the train to Worthing Saturday for the SAL, but crap time. Quite still when we got there, but the breeze started building and by 3.30 there was quite a stiff wind in your face down the back straight. Was up against my team mate Arlo (Uni age) and a Herc Wimbledon guy who had done 8.50 for the 3000 earlier in the day.

    Set off fairly briskly, 67 for the first lap and was in the lead by 300m or so. Kept it quite fast into the breeze and didn't feel too tired and went through 800 in 2.15. Starting to tire a bit, but thought I was going alright, although I got a shock with a 3.07 at the bell, slower than I thought. Anyway, thought I'd try and put the peddle down, but into the wind again it was tough and the HW guy sped past me (wearing clown shoes too!) on his way to 4.09. Around the bend I was in jelly leg territory and Arlo came past me. Ended up staggering over in 4.16.

    Thinking back, my guts were a bit 'loose' before the race, plus the 8 & 3 on Weds night probably didn't help either. Just shows the extra effort into the wind takes it's toll later.

    Short 7 miler yesterday as the missus was at Bedford stadium doing her officials course. No race until Saturday week at MK, so nice to get some training in.

  • Have not really kept upto date recently so had a read through briefly. Pleasing to see everyone well

    Pete - Yes cash value they contribute 100% so you can stack them and use club discount (10%) on top of that

    We used to do 60/40 split but that added to confusion as people wanted to use further discount on top as we had allready contributed 40% towards the voucher. 

    I did a 5km at Gosport last week at ran 18.46 and had ran just 8 times in 4 weeks prior (30miles in 6 weeks) so pretty happy with that, started doing a little more recently though and keeping things in check. Think I just hit 200 miles for the year too 
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Nice one Scotty, nice pic on twitter, presume that's not you with long hair ;)

    Back on the early morning 30 x (35 on 25 off) session along the canal this morning, good thing is now I can get through Camden market bit and through to the section that goes past London Zoo. Felt quite hard and was warm in the sunny bits. Cyclists mainly behaving themselves too.

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    Good work Scott - more proof you could still easily smash it for years if you can just get a mere few weeks of decent problem free running in.

    Sounds a nice pressure free on the times/distance job there Simon.

    I did the Monday club track session - but on my own this morn! Not often I use their session, but quite liked the look of it

    3x1km, off 2.30, 3x400, off 60secs, 3x200 off 45secs.

    The coach always gives slightly "wild" readings of how quick stuff should be versus 5k pace :D  When I've picked him up on it before, he quickly adds that yeah it doesn't work for the faster guys there :)



    Hot day. Forgot the racers, for probably the first ever time on a track (doh!), and only gave myself 36secs in error on rep 3 of the 200s.

    But you generally know if you've run at the right level for your current ability/the conditions, as you find you're eating up the recovery/down on haunches at places.

    Still have some work to do to "feel" what pace is what, as the first 400m I was thinking "this aint fast enough", yet it came out at 74. The benefit of the 2.30 break and properly getting warm I suppose.

    Not quite Aley's tip on the "very" fast kms, but when you take my fastest 5k this summer at 17.23, that is a 3.28 ish km average, then 3.19-3.21 is still a good margin ahead of even the fastest race pace (and the rest have been 17.40s and thus 3.32/3.33s?)
  • Yes SG, it's a fave session of mine, should basically be a non stop 30 x 200 session.

    Good session there too. Do  few more and you will get the 400's down a bit.  I always find the middle distance in one of those sessions the worst - a 400m in a 6,4,2 or the 300m in a 4,3,2.

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    Definitely the biggest gaps after I post. Beware the thread killer :)

    Anyway - boring long commute this morning, getting my fix of pollution along Euston Rd

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    Haha not intentional Simon! Sounds like a tough race in the 1500. The 30/30 sessions sounds like one of those ones that are a lot harder then you think they will be!

    That's a good session SG. Especially in heavy shoes! 

    Had a good few days of training, Sundays 15m came out at 7.37 average, was felling good and comfortable so just leg the legs progress the pace down. Normally would be around 8-8.10 for similar effort. Last night was my last big 5k session before the 5k track challenge. 4 x mile off 2.30 recovery. Ran off the mile start line for full distance and reps came out as 5.37, 5.37, 5.37, 5.37. Hard work but in control, looking forward to racing now!
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    And so you should SW. You've got a few years to monster those times down.
    Very accurate mile reps there! I always recall probably my peak end session was 5x1mile, probably off 90secs, but all pretty much came out on the dot too - always a great sign.

    Being keen to race is a great sign too. I can't pretend I necessarily "gag" to race much these days. I think it's more a satisfaction thing when done. Maybe some of the more unique events, like Endure, Mile/5k double headers (shame to miss all 3 chances of this, this summer) or Welsh mile races etc, for a bit of variety - you have to keep it fresh.

    I need the mix of runs even more now then ever too. Take this morning for eg, run from my door, as had to drop the car in. Utterly drenched in sweat, and breathing never did settle today, and a 7.17 pace. And you wonder how you can hit faster paces. But when they're needed, you get them.

    SC - just a very slight lull on here. It happens every so often.  It's human instinct to post more when things go well I suppose. Although I try and keep a general commentary of jibber jabber going regardless. 
  • SG - Don't worry, I won't pressure you to talk crap on here if you don't want to ;) I'll do it for you.

    SW - More great training - my long runs are getting harder and harder. Looking to the winter, god knows how I can do a hilly 17 in about 7.10 average. Although I think my Hoka Hupanas are almost done, perhaps they are jarring my legs a bit.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Just not the easiest time of year to go long is it. Unless you go really slow and just care about distance/time on feet.
    But as people generally race shorter in the summer, it's the one time of year you can ease off the distance a bit.

    Also very easy to "wish" the year away, and start fantasising about non humid/hot days of autumn/winter!
    But I dare say you just need to remember one of those freezing cold miserable dark mornings to see that can be a massive hassle!
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Glad to see that all my parkrun "excuse locker" stuff wasn't just my own BS blaggery, but has been reflected with a 3.0 Run Britain difficulty :)

    Actually improved my handicap!

    I know parkrun has some slight skew versus other "races" - as you'll get more "proper" runners not going all out, but still happier to see a 3.0 than them reckoning it was say 1.0 or under, ie quick :)

    Pretty similar to Gosport mile and 5k the year they both had pretty furious wind in them.

    I knew either of the below hadn't happened
     1) That I'd dropped 40secs ability over 5k in 10 days,
     and 2) I wasn't putting enough effort in!
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Stevie G said:
    Just not the easiest time of year to go long is it. Unless you go really slow and just care about distance/time on feet.
    But as people generally race shorter in the summer, it's the one time of year you can ease off the distance a bit.

    Also very easy to "wish" the year away, and start fantasising about non humid/hot days of autumn/winter!
    But I dare say you just need to remember one of those freezing cold miserable dark mornings to see that can be a massive hassle!
    N/A  ;)
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    That Norfolk relay looks a right mix and match doesn't it.

    Legs as short as 5.7 or so miles, yet stonkers in the 18-19.6 mixer.

    I'd fancy the former, leg 3, as it ends in Wells Next the sea - old family holiday memories.

    Must make even the Green Belt relay look a doss of an organisational job.

    Even at Endure, where legs were only 5miles, you ended up hanging about for 5-10mins at times :)

    Imagine awaiting someone doing 19.6miles, and unsure if they're gunning it, or are struggling in! Could be any sort of time differential!

  • Funny you say that though SG, but I've always felt that parkruns shouldn't be included in the ranking. As, you rightly point out, it is skewed much more by people not going gung ho - the flat parkrun I did on Saturday was rated 2.4, and it's definitely not slow or tough, and the conditions were rather favourable.

    Simon, glad to see you killing the thread at every opportunity :D nicely done on the reps.

    SW, strong miles session there! How did they feel for you?

    Regarding long runs, I definitely lose the motivation to go long. But, with just shorter races booked in, aside from a couple of halfs as effort long runs, I don't really need to be going for 15 milers. Well, I'll see what the coach says!

    Session yesterday of 6-8 x 3mins off 1min, going from 10km pace to 5km pace. After the first two I knew it was gonna be a tough ask to do 8, especially as I was told not to overdo it. Still, came out with paces of 6:21, 6:20, 6:17, 6:15, 6:09, 5:59 on a lumpy stretch. 
    Today, 11km finishing strong - went out in 4:45s and back in 4:20s, feeling good.

    Another Grand Prix race this weekend, the usual lumpy fare - but not many from west Cornwall head out to it as it's borderline Devon, lumpy, and a Saturday evening. So it's a good opportunity to try to get a good finishing position!
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
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    That's interesting MH. Not even a heat issue, as those add on, as well as ups, downs and footing?

    There are sites that rate parkun "difficulty". I found one that had Marlow at 274, so sort of midway, but I guess that'd be average conditions, not the hot day on Saturday.

    Similarly, I was surprised to see Upton Court as high as 202ish, as that's where I've done probably my 2nd fastest parkrun, of 17.20.

    But of course, that was on a dry cool day. A lot of the year, being mostly on grass, the course can be a boggy muddy job. The average conditions pull it a lot lower.

    Oddly, I did notice that the Maidenhead 10 this year, on a scorcher of a day was still a 1.2. But I guess if it wasn't that weather it may have been say a 0.2 or something... I don't generally pay too much attention to it, just the basics, like the 6.0 up that Welsh mountain! :D

    But yeah, totally agree parkruns either shouldn't be in there, or they should loosen up the need for a UKA license.

    As after all, I bet loads of parkruns aren't the full distance, for one thing loads will be subject to minor amends, and I'm certain aren't subject to the same rigorous measuring as other races, yet they're all treated as if they definitely are.

    Good session - the occasional edit down doesn't hurt. I've recently had a few sessions where I've wondered about getting to the end, but generally has been ok.

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