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  • Good consistency Phil and a nice relay leg SC.

    If they sent us all the way round the lake you wouldn't be able to get through for lap two as you have the bike course behind the boat house and transition/swim exit in front of the boat house. I have seen it on a single lap race but that then becomes slightly less than 5km. Oh and there's no hiding from the wind at Dorney.
  • I ran a 10k pb at Dorney back in 2011.

    A rare still day!
    Blooming hot though! Always a trade off!
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    Bus, Phil...

    South Bucks 10k, in case you were planning it, it is cancelled! Bit short notice 3 weeks before hand!

    Screenshot from someone who'd entered at the club

  • Good work Simon. I know that hill well - I used to live in Earlsfield (it was a bit less yummy mummy then !) and cycled up that hill to get to Kingston for uni! 

    Likewise on the tri Reg - imagine where you'd have come if you'd taken it seriously :wink: Yeah - new brake would've been the thing, but not only am I tight, I on't like being beaten by stoopid things like that :smile: I now have the exact Shimano part number and a list of stockists!

    Getting very close to the sub 20 Philip - Black Park should do it....

    Double day today. I don't usually run the day after a race, but oddly it was all OK today. Slow, but nothing untoward - maybe I didn't try hard enough yesterday!  Was humid this morning though!
  • Ugh yes it was sticky yesterday morning wasn't it, went in the local shop just before getting to work and the sweat started pouring - lovely this morning though. Did you go up that hill out of choice Bus? nutter..

  • I'm always encouraged when "Normal" runners agree it's humid, as it has become my bloody bugbear obsession!

    But yes, today was bang on - cool, and not humid. 

    Back to the continuous threshold tempo (MP!) today then.

    Kept it slightly flexi in my head, with a vague idea of upping pace in there somewhere, and probably ending faster, while also being open to increasing to 6.5miles.

    6.5m continuous threshold pace, 1 lap faster after 3 and 5miles, and last half mile faster.

    Obligatory fast first mile, perhaps 6.02, and averaged out at 6.11 all in.

    Pretty windy for half a lap, which when you're doing 26.5miles laps (and 14secs for the bits) you can certainly feel it - and must slow the flow a bit.

    Felt stronger than both of the prevo 6milers, and better than last week's Dorney fartlek.

    Ideally i'd like to cut the 1.33 and 3x1.34 laps out (although those came after the "faster" laps thrown in so are explainable), and not a million years ago I'd do these around 1.30 lap for 5-6miles, but again, a different phase of training, perhaps no wind, and a different circumstance

    So we have 5 tempos in 5 weeks

    *6miles - 6.14 pace round Dorney Lake - windy 1 side of lake
    *6miles - 6.15 pace round Dorney Lake - less wind, but seriously humid - had to have a right sit down afterwards!
    *6miles - 6.10 pace round track - moderate wind
    *6.5miles - fartlek - touched paces from MPthreshold to 5k - easy in between
    *6.5m - 6.11 pace, continuous threshold, with 2 single faster laps spaced in, and half a mile harder finish

    So the progression is there, feeling better - and distance increasing.

    Will pick something on Friday to either work threshold rep pace  (true threshold - ie 10mile pace), or faster.

    Aim is to have a good base fitness pre 10mile race(s), see how they go, then push on after.
  • Pretending you've cancelled a race and asking for bank details seems like a decent scam to me  :D

    I admire your patience and thriftiness, Bus. If I'd have taken the race seriously I would have come second overall. First place was 7 minutes ahead which I would be close to in top form only. Some junior, they can all swim really well, I never will.

    What's the target race for all these tempos SG?
  • SG, all a bit odd with track and road. If you are doing tempo etc on the road I can fully understand recording in miles, but as soon as you are on a track then it is all about laps so your session should be 25 laps (10,000 m) or if you want more then do 26 or 27 laps. Why you want to run 10,460.74 metres and where the 60.74 metre mark is on the track who knows? Even reading your report "1 lap faster" "last half mile faster" shows how odd it is.

    Good session anyway but swallow your pride and just quote laps and or metres (in multiples of 400). 

  • Reggie - tempos are always the area I neglect unless I force myself, so it's just good practice to get fit with them in theory. I'll do at least one ten miler in October, maybe two, so will see where I am from there, and hope to progress through the end of year into spring. In theory!

    Phil - happy bidet - 
    Yes, probs does make more sense to do metres not miles in that sense. Just a long standing habit really, and not wanting to short changemyself those few yards ;)

    Not sure it's a pride thing though!

  • Happy birthday Philip!

    Nice tempo SG - if you went to KM you'd have to change it on your watch too....

    Hill wasn't by choice Simon - just happened to be on the way! Coming back over it on the bike drunk was often fun :-)

    Not just patience and thriftiness Reg - needed to use the bike! It was OK on the ride in this morning and the brake worked :-)

    I thought being able to do a double yesterday was too good to be true - DOMS has set in big time. As I cycled in,  I'm feeling a bit virusy, and I'm off to the Lakes tomorrow for a few days, I'm going to take today off, and probably tomorrow as well (in the car most of the day!). It does mean another low mileage week, but as I've increase the bike miles recently and there will (virus willing!) be plenty of hills later in the week, then so be it.....
  • A quick compare and contrast. Here is the horrible ploughed field as I ran across it on Sunday, compared to what is was like after a few hundred runners had been over it.....

  • Nice photo Bus - done many a race like that - the ones near us are very clayey and if it's wet you pick up half the field on your shoes!

    Good to see big numbers are coming back. Would love those huge 70's style ones to come back properly.

  • The Bus said:

    Not just patience and thriftiness Reg - needed to use the bike! It was OK on the ride in this morning and the brake worked :-)

    I sometimes forget not everyone has several bikes  :D
  • The Bus said:
    A quick compare and contrast. Here is the horrible ploughed field as I ran across it on Sunday, compared to what is was like after a few hundred runners had been over it.....
    The odd thing was that I was telling everyone ahead of the race how nice that downhill finish across the field was. I did it abut 4 weeks ago and it was really compacted and flat.

    54 today, a year until I can race 59-year-olds!
  • Bus - certainly will not be pissing about recording in km! Will have to deal with mile per hours, but in metres :)

    Splash out on a new vest did we? I'm certain 95% of your races are in that one gnarled 1980s number :D 

    That second shot Bus, looks a little like the end bit of the Sandhurst XC.
    When you see the pics after, you think, why couldn't I make up those few seconds to someone ahead. 

    But at the time you certainly didn't fancy it!
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    Good going on the Tempo SG, i did 10 inc 6m tempo in my commute in this morning, best time for a few years too. Also did 15m home last night. I had best ease up for Sunday's 1/2 mara soon.
  • Morning all. First time I've logged on since September 7th so plenty of stuff to read back on. 

    First comment that springs to mind is for SG - not sure what you'll make of my PE A level if you thought GSCE was bad...  :D I did back it up with Maths and Further Maths though so I guess that's something. 

    Good racing from Bus, PMJ, Matt and Reg this weekend. Keep plugging away Reg, it doesn't often go your way but I'll come good at some point.

    Sorry to hear about your woes Pete, and I hope something gets sorted.

    Simon - it is a brute of a course with that hill, I live 5 minutes down the road so run up it fairly regularly. Looks like Angus is flying at the moment, he keeps trying to challenge me to a race - I'm not that foolish (or fit!).

    I've been in Croatia for just over a week on holiday. Stupidly signed up to a marathon with 2,100 meters of climbing (apparently that's a lot) on day 2 - that absolutely ruined me for the remainder of the trip. Managed 5th overall with a time of 4:55 - winner was 4:15 and he looked like an absolute mountain goat.

    Trying to get back into it now I'm back, but terribly unfit. 
  • Nice one chaps.

    Slight massive roadblock....went out to change for second run. Felt dizzy and hot. Then was sick repeatedly.

    Binned the run. Got a mate to drop me at my door to which i crawled into bed.

    Had doc out as sitting up is dizzy as heck. Basically vertigo and labyrinthitis. 
    So might be screwed for a few weeks. May bin the race plans.

    Ho and downs!
  • Bloody hell SG - look after yourself! Whatever you do, don't rush back.

    Rest up, hope it passes soon. 
  • Ugh SG - Don't envy you one bit, it's an illness that I genuinely want to avoid in my time on this planet - got a real phobia about dizziness, bit pathetic really. It does tend to pass quite quickly though apparently, fingers crossed.

    Joe - Yep Angus is really flying - he stupidly thought that I might beat him, obviously I laughed in his face :)

    Rugby club at Luton last night. IK was doing 6 x 1600, so I was doing 6 x 1200.realised that I was getting too much rest, so for the remainder of the reps I did 1400's which worked out better (although thsat meant one trip up the 'ridge of doom'. Times were 4.45 down to 4.38, OK if not spectacular.

  • Was thinking about DMing SG about a fast parkrun on Saturday, guess I'll change plans. Get better soon SG! As SC says, don't fancy that dizziness at all. 
  • Lots going on here, been reading along but no time to post.

    SG - Hope you get better soon! You were going well with the tempos as well but more important to get fully healed up before you get going again.

    Joe - Good to see you back, Croatia looked amazing! I'm sure the fitness will come back to you quickly.

    Some good racing, photos and training from Reg, PMJ, Simon, Bus and Matt!

    The last month of Berlin training has gone really well. Ran a 2.44 PB at Kenilworth Half of 1.20.06 on a fairly hilly course. On my own from mile 7 so couldn't seem to put myself in the hurt locker, happy with the time though. Followed that it with 11m tempo on the Thursday, came out at 6.13 for around marathon effort showing that I definitely hadn't buried myself! 

    Finished the week with my final big long run of 21m round Virginia Water. With 3 faster sections of 6.35, 6.25 and 6.15 it averaged out at 7mm which is my fastest ever training long run. Pleased to finish with a  6.10m as well. The following week wasn't as good as I had to sack a session off as I just had nothing in the legs, there was just no point risking it. Legs still didn't feel brilliant on last Saturdays 12m tempo which came out at 6,20 pace. Firmly into the taper now, legs are feeling good and I'm excited to get out to Berlin now.

  • Cracking PB SW, followed by a real confidence builder long run too.

    Joe - blimey! Just throw in a casual holiday marathon involving twice the height of Snowdon thrown in!  Wowzers!

    SG - that doesn't sound good at all. Are you taking anti-biotics for the Labyrinthitis? 

    I'm in the Lakes for a few days.  Still a bit of DOMs which made today's long run over the Langdale Pikes a bit messy, especially as I misjudged the distance and sheer roughness of the very long and lumpy descent! 11.6M and 3000ft done though, on a lovely sunny day :smile:

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    Jesus, sorry to hear you're unwell SG. What did the doc say regarding how long you should stay off the running? I hope it doesn't take long to clear up.

    Joe, I've enjoyed seeing your exploits on Strava! And great for Katie to podium at the race too. Your legs will come back, and I'm sure you'll feel fitter sooner than you expect!

    Tidy training there SC. Any reason you were on 1200s/1400s if IK was on 1600s?

    SW, you're absolutely flying. That's a great PB, and I'm sure you'll translate it well to the marathon.

    Bus, hope you enjoy your time in the Lakes. An opportunity for some even more ridiculous elevation? :smiley:

    Legs felt fine after the race on Sunday, with a couple of easy runs. I've started cycle-commuting to work, whilst it's only 4km each way, it's all up on the way to work. I used to have half-decent cycle legs, but it's amazing how you can get out of practice. Hoping this little bit of cross-training will help.
    Session today, 10 x 2mins off 2mins easy. Prescribed pace band was 5km to 3km, and so that lead to a bit of workout anxiety in the build up about whether I could hit the paces.
    Eased into it with 3 @ sub-5:50 pace, then 2 @ sub-5:45, 4 @ sub-5:40 and finished strong with a sub-5:25. Average rep pace of 5:41/mi, and slap-bang in the middle of the pace bracket. Didn't need to be worried after all, but it was one of the tougher sessions for a while.
    With a 15min warm up and cool down, I managed a sub-70 10mi, and a 40:25 10km.
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    Good stuff there SW, noted that on the other thread.

    Also good session MH - I was doing 1200's on Tuesday..but I finished too much in front of IK and would have had too long a recovery. So doing the 1400's I was only finished 15 seconds or so in front of him. He's one of those who eases away through the rep. I might be only 20m or so behind after one lap, but by the end he's stretched it!

    Full house for me at the Eastern Vets final on Sunday - 1500,800 & 3000m in that order. At least I won't be in the relay this year. Strong team out at least as they are all back from the Euro masters in Venice in one piece.

  • Slashed out finally on new racers, can’t keep putting newer insoles in my decrepit Gel Hyperspeed. Was thinking about the Nike zoom flynit as it’s got the carbon plate, but a couple of reviews said they preferred the Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen. Was thinking about them anyway, so got some for £95 down from £140. Looking forward to giving them a go at the National relays at Sutton pk in a couple of weeks. 
  • You need to pull your finger out and close the gap between you and IK then, SC ;)

    I need to start thinking about a new pair of racers. My Boston's are starting to get a bit slick on the sole, there's maybe a couple hundred miles left, but don't think it'll be very fun with winter coming. Have been looking on SportsShoes, and the Saucony A8s are down to £60. Tempting.
  • My coach used to race in those Simon so a good choice! Ran a 14.22 5k in them!

    I might be going to watch the nationals so might see you there!

    What are the Boston's like Matt? I've considered them for my mileage shoes when my Pegasus die, reckon I'll get another 200 miles at least though
  • I did Rickmansworth parkrun on Saturday, came out at 20:04, so no sub-20 yet for me but it will come. I have had 20:08 and 20:04 the last two weeks so it just needs a few more stars to line up. Rickmansworth is fast and flat but the surface underfoot is not the best (it is asphalt paths but they are rutted as they are laid over tree roots) and the GPS is almost useless with the tree coverage. The route came up short (so the rote is the right length and GPS measured it short) so the splits I was getting were slow so I was pushing it too hard to keep on target. It was slightly odd at I was talking to a few people about targeting sub-20 and then Gareth and Steve Roberts appeared and it looked like I had brough my own pacing team. 

    Got out for a longer one yesterday before the rain began: the timing was good so 15 miles from a 7:45 start to be back and showered in time to sit down with a beer at 11:15 to watch England play rugby. 
  • PMJ - Good weekend then - mine started nicely with the Cherries winning the 'not a derby' derby 3-1. Lovely stuff.

    MH -I'd need a scooter (probably electric) to keep up with IK. At least you know how fast you need to train if you fancy being a 2.15 marathoner or a sub 30 10K man ;) I bought some A8's, but word of warning - they are very 'close to the ground' and don't offer much support. I like them on the track and grass, but find them too flat for the road (I'm about 11 stone and 6'2".

    SW - Likewise with the Bostons - Always thought of them in with the Adios & Tempos as 'Racer/Trainers' for halfs and marathons rather than your long sunday run shoe. Although I do know folk who wear them for long runs. Yes should be at Sutton Pk, shame it's Sunday though.

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