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  • Thanks Dachs 2nd option sounds like the way to go image

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    I ain't the most clued up with regards long distance pacing as its not something I've done a lot of on the roads so I'll not stick my two pence in. 

    Work have saved my bacon as I've been asked to work tomorrow so had to drop the 5000. Phew!image 

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Sorry Matt, missed your one.  Another sub 16?  Happy days indeed.  Always a relief when it turns out you've been running much faster than you thought.  Chuck a sub 16 my way will you?

    Note to self: if you're planning on extending the normal run to work to 9+ miles, consider dropping off your packed lunch at work rather than carting it all the way round, otherwise it ends up as a smashed-up mess. My Mr Kipling Bramley Apple Pie looks like it's been sat on by the Welsh front row.

  • Mattl great couple of 5k's by the way and I agree Lancaster is faster than Sale.

  • Rob, I'd start at MP (which will feel slow) then maybe hot the last 3 miles at tempo/HM pace if you're still feeling good. I've run a HM at MP and it's not as easy as you'd think! That way you'll hit a good time around 78-80mins and you'll get a good training benefit from it. But... please... take the day after as a rest day! image

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Is there a sponsored silence going on?image 

  • I did a race! But not very fast, so I wasn't going to talk about it.

  • Not a lot doing my end. 4 and 7 mile run with a gym session too. Plus a lot of eating.

    Buying kicks as we speak. Excitement! image

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    mattl wrote (see)

    Is there a sponsored silence going on?image 

    There's a few posts lately that have rendered me lost for words.


  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Don't worry Ric, if its any consolation i did a 20 this morning, and the whole 4 lap route wss based around my hydration needs. No doubt i shall be pissing like a racehorse later.

    Tell us about ypur race Lit. We care, we really do.

  • Went running around Penrith this morning. A nice slow hilly 8 miles..

    will go for another 4 shortly. 

  • Terrible Internet connection so I can't read up properly. Nice new half marathon pb of 1.21.10 at the isle of islay this morning. All in all a pretty brutal course of ups and downs and strong winds! Happy with that mind. 4th place overall and a big bottle of single malt for my troubles. The prizes were unbelievable. Never seen anything like it. Just off to enjoy the ceilidh tonight and drink a lot of whisky to aid recovery! 

  • Chris, that's some good running, especially on the hills. Enjoy the malt!

  • .Seb.Seb ✭✭✭

    Blimey is quiet round here.

    Nice PB Chris and good prize! 

    Great Sub16 5k again Matt, guess you will have to find a new target.

    Not much going on my end, just training steadily. 14mile mixed terrain this morning.  Interval sessions starting next week and a 3000m race at the weekend. 

  • 8 and 4 with the gym between yesterday.

    10 and the gym today. This gym business is certainly making me feel stronger already. But I can't see it continuing after I go back to work. Time wise and the fact it's bloody exhausting.  

    Great run Chris, nice one mate. What's up next?

    Seb, just winding up for the XC season already I bet image It's crazy but my first fixture in the Staffs League is less than 2 months away on Sept 28th!

  • Thanks. I'm staying up here on islay for another few days so hopefully ill be gedomes in some nice steady scenic runs. No sessions this week. Then it's all heading to peak for Cardiff half marathon in October. I'd love to target 1.18 and this weeks race has given me confidence it's not out of the question With the right training.

    what gym stuff are you doing stevie? I've never done any but get the feeling I should and that it would help the running. 

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Near 18 miles today. Strong and full of bounce the whole way, didn't get tired at all. Went straight out and did a garden job within an hour of getting home.

    877 miles over the past 12 weeks. If I add RE (running equivalent) miles from the bike at 8:30 minutes = 1 mile, then I'm on a ton per week.

    Two years back when I ran a 19.67 mile leg of the 'Round Norfolk Relay', my 12 week average was only 27 miles per week and I weighed several pounds more than now.

    I managed 6:28 average pace for that one. I intend to do the job properly this time.


  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Ric, 'doing the job properly' would surely meaning running all round Norfolk on your own.

    Nice half Chris, the sub 80 club can't be far away. 

    0 miles today. For some reason, having a rest day always makes my foot feel slightly sore. Weird.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Dachs, now that you've said that I'll expect someone will attempt it. Only 197 miles.

  • A 78 HM is certainly not out the question Chris.

    In the gym I've been doing a running specific core/strengthening programme. Consists of 3 workouts (A, B and C) to be done 3 times a week in specific order. I don't follow it that religiously, I take the exercises I can cope with and do them as I please. Each session I'll take out a like for like exercise (E.g. quad exercise for a quad exercise) and mix it up. I'll also ensure there are 2 that I find really hard and keep swapping them so I progressively improve.

    The exercises are mainly body weight or light dumbbell stuff. Lots of variations on squats, lunges, step ups, planks, push ups, pelvis and hip exercises.

    At first I didn't think it was all that hard until the next day when I was crippled! Now I've done a few I'm ok, and have started to do the 'harder version' of some routines.

  • Well did half iron man Tri relay yesterday we won the team and I ran 74.46 solo run fastest run of the day by 7 mins but to be expected as most others done a swim and bike! Hot and windy day but good atmosphere and enjoyable day image

    stevie see I did train today but only 6k at 6.52 pace as quads sore prob because longest hard run for 30 years !


  • Hi everyone. Posted on here long time ago when I was perhaps a little less wise image Got back into running after a 14 month break now. (Xmas last year) Been running since April this year and doing ok- Have big aims for the next year ahead. Previously periods of running were stints in 2003/2004 then a break between 04-08...ran a little 2008-2010.. I ran once in 2009. And completed only 5 races in 2008, no running in 2010 and started again in March or so 2011 - Ran/trained from then most of 2011 and ran a 17:13 5KM before stopping in December 2011 ......anyone confused yet LOL


    So.. After having such long breaks I wanted to give it a go again and aim for competitive racing...I started of running to and from work every couple of days which is 2.25 miles.. Building up and now running each of the 5/7 days I work now.. Still struggling to build my mileage but reduced my 5KM time to 16:50 - parkrun and not in favourable conditions I don't think.. done a few longer runs on my days off now etc and this is what I am working on...

    Monthly mileage breakdowns so far

    April 81.6...May 71.4...June 87.5...July 79.2

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Scott, 16.50 5k off 20 miles a week?! I hate you. That is all. 

  • :S ... I'm not to sure what to reply to that...However I just want to improve and increase the mileage...

    Going to try link my runkeeper as thats what I put all my runs through...My username is SCEDGY if people can find it? 


    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • .Seb.Seb ✭✭✭

    does sound beneficial that specific type of gym work Stevie, I had images of you doing loads of benchpressing and not running specific weights! Good to see your more clued up than that. I've got a cheap leg press here and a whole bunch of other equipment which I should make use of but not sure what sort of reps I should be doing, all low weight high reps stuff will be ok I suppose & 1 legged exercises are much more appropriate for a runner I'm guessing.

    Not building for XC yet nor given it a thought. Dont think first race will be till November. Current training plan is geared towards an October peak for my first half marathon attempt a week before cabbage patch, Plus afew races along the way.

    So your doing the Norfolk relay this year Ric, when's that? you've certainly got some decent miles in last 3 months.

    Hi Scott, just gradually increasing your mileage does sound the way to go, 20MPW is not much as all. I've seen people run just sub 17 off minimal training but thats about it, anybody running sub 16:30 has probably put some significant  training in.

    Nice half mara RobT, fancy running 7mins faster than the next fastest. good work!



  • Rob, what a great run. How did it feel? All out or a bit more time to come off? As you clearly went out quicker than MP! Great to see you back strong again. However, you're not feeling me with your 'just 6 miles' when they are sub 7 pace! image


    Seb, yeah it all specific stuff, no machine weights. The single leg exercises are very interesting as it shows I have a very dominant side with one glute much weaker than the other. But at least I'm finding this stuff out. I'm looking forward to seeing the damage you could do over a HM, with your XC pedigree it could be your distance.

    Scott, the fact you can run sub 17 on 20 miles a week also means I hate you tooimage But in seriousness, if you want to move forward stick to the general structure of a week being 2 sessions, a long, slow run and maybe a tempo run too. But like you say, the obvious step is to increase your mileage. I would only do this by increasing the length of your easy running initially though. And only by 10% at any given time, it soon creeps up on you if you add an extra 15 miles a week from nowhere.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Scott, I don't hate you.  Although I may revise that if you get a sub-16 5K before me...

    However, you do seem to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with running.  Lots of breaks away from it totally, and then when you come back you're into 70/80 mile weeks?  I suppose it's up to you, but it seems like the quickest way to go back to wanting to have another break from running is ramping up the mileage to those kind of levels.  If you really want to get back into competitive racing for the long term, I'd have thought the key would be finding a level of consistency across a longer period than about 10 months, and identifying what a sustainable level of mileage is to do that.  I suspect 70-80 mpw might not be it. 

    Having said you're getting good times based on some natural talent, so it's all down to what you want out of it.

    Rob - nice HM, equalling my half PB.  I take it you didn't run any of it at MP then?

  • Dachs - think he means 70-80 miles per month, not per week.

    Scott - don't worry, I hate all these b*stards because they get to run faster than me just by being boys.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Oh I see.  In which case, please disregard the entirety of what I have just written.  None of it is relevant.

  • Dachs- as with most Tri's the run was about 0.5 mile short I ran at comfortable pace from the off but did have a fair bit in reserve I think a 75ish HM is a real possibility.Pace was dictated by very strong headwind 2nd and 4th 5kish sections so decided before just to run hard throughout.

    I was surprised how much I enjoyed it image

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