Brighton Marathon 2011



  • Spen, enjoy your time off and come back refreshed and raring to go!  image

  • Afternoon everyone, rest day today, will build miles back up a bit this week and maybe do a 10 miler on friday.

    PP it was lovely weather for a run yesterday wasn't it. And good luck for the weekend if i forget to say later in the week.

    UI glad to hear your calf is holding up, the dog racing does sound good, no good for me tho, the dog would beat me paws down image

    Tim yes it's a pain having to cross roads, i try and stick to quiet places normally. driving out is ok but then i'm so sweaty after a run i have to sit on a towel! Brighton sounds like it was fab, it's nice to have a break soemtimes but i know what you mean about getting twitchy!

    Dad glad you got a good run in. Hope you have a lovely break. and you may take your trainers but will you use them?...........

  • JuliaT - enjoy your rest day. The plan is to use my trainers I have done runs before in Egypt, but going to Cuba this time and although been before, that was my pre-running days and the humidity is currently about 85 - 90%, so the intentions are good, (but I do love my Cuban rum); but then again should I just have two weeks rest, eat drink and be merry as my Brighton training plan starts on 6th December and no real chance then for a rest until April, apart from a few days over Xmas.

    Good luck all

  • Evening all

     Managed huff and puff a slow 5 miler today took me 52 minutes so very pleased
  • Spen: maybe a couple of weeks rest form running is a good idea, what with your winter marathon training about to start. Enjoy the time off why you can.

    toby: glad you enjoyed your 5 miler.

    P P: good luck at Birmingham half.

    U I: racing with your dog sounds fun, go for it if you enjoyed it last time.

    Well I headed out last night for about 15 miles in just over 2 hours. Just a couple of hard session left for me this week now, before I start a short tapper for Great South Run on Sunday.

  • Evening all

    Did an hour in the gym in the garage today i am also trying to lose the stone in weight i have put on so have  started to have smaller portions for tea also trying the smaller plate tick were by a smaller portion doesn’t look as small

    S/R well done on the run what time are you looking for at the GSR

    Spen have a nice holiday good luck with the running over there hope the rum doesn’t prove to tempting

    Waves to Julia T

    Tim glad you enjoyed your time off it’s something we all need from time to time

    U/W sounds like Nemo was enjoying the walk to much

  • Swim training for me last night - 3200m. Will run tonight.
  •  I received this email today....might be of interest to those still looking for a place.

    I am writing to ask for you and members of your club to consider running the Brighton Marathon (April 10th 2011) for the charity Keep A Child Alive (  We are a small charity co-founded by Alicia Keys, who provide medication and care to children and families with HIV/AIDS in Africa and India and so far have helped 250,000+ people.  There are only a few of us running next year and we would be so happy for you and members of your club to run along with us.  

    The Brighton Marathon organisers charge £45 for entry and to run for Keep A Child Alive would cost no more than this.  We do ask runners to do their best to raise sponsorship money for the charity and set a target of £600.

    If you and members of your club would like to run with us then you will also benefit from:

    • Covered “Charity Runner Hospitality” at the Start Area (accompanied access @ £2 per person): to include food & drink, extra toilets, and dedicated baggage drop-off.
    • Covered “Charity Runner Hospitality” at the Finish Area (accompanied access free if fee paid at Start, otherwise same fee of £2 per head applies): to include food & drink, extra toilets, and dedicated baggage pick-up.
    • “Red” Charity Runner wristband to ensure entry to exclusive charity areas.
    • Colour coded “Red” Charity Bib Number for race.
    • Finisher Certificate.
    • Finisher Medal.
    • Finisher T-shirt.
    • Finisher Goody Bag.
    • An after event for Keep a Child Alive runners.

    I have attached our poster and I would be so grateful if you would kindly distribute this to members of your club via a noticeboard, email or by posting it on your website.

    Thank you so very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you,

    Kind regards,


    Ps.  More details about the marathon can be found at

  • Toby3 - I have often thought about the smaller plate thing and see if it works, I know i will put on 7-10 pounds on holiday and as always drink and eat what I want so will have to buy a small plate when I get back. Keep up the good work with your garage gym, when are you looking at starting training for Brighton.

     I think the rum will be tempting, but will still try to get at least a couple of short runs in each week.

  • toby: will be looking to run a sub 1:10 at Great South Run, but not sure if I will achieve this, just have to see how things go on the day. See in the TV guide that they are broadcasting this years event at 10:30am Sunday morning on Channel 5. Will have to see if I can get a recording.
  • Spen looking to start after christmas
  • Dad have a lovely time, hope i haven't missed you. I was just being cheeky about the trainers image

    My Daughter went to Cuba this summer with her Dad (ex-husband) and got drunk on rum punch. to the point of puking on her Dad's shoes (hurrah!) . so i was sad to miss her first drunken moment, she's 16, and sad i wasn't there to hold her hair back while she was ill but glad not to have had to clear anything up! So be warned about the punch........

    Waves back to Toby, I've spoken properly to you on theo other threads (i hope), having trouble keeping up!

    SR i am suprised you have any legs left after the running you are doing - respect image

    You were up early yesterday UI!

    Dips that is a thought. I have not decided who to raise money for this year, i had been wondering about Help for Heroes this time, or our local Hospice. But Alicia Keys is a fab pianist and as an aspiring player myself that would one to bear in mind.

    6 miles done for me today, very cold but, not suprisingly, i soon warmed up image

  • juliaT - I dont go until tomorrow night flying Saturday morning, sad to hear you missed your daughters first memorable event. I am looking forward to the punch and just two weeks off work as it is so stressful.

    I did 5 miles this morning and it was freezing, it looks like all the winter gear has to come out now, and the memories of last winter and training are flooding back.

    Good luck all with your running

  • Well here we are at lastimage

    About 12 years ago when I was living on the IOW I went into a gift shop in Godshill and saw a small round  object which was about ashtray size and made of ceramic.  The writing on it claimed that it was a "tuit" and a perfect gift for someone who doesn't get things done because, as it was circular, it was a round tuit.  Therefore the receiver of such a gift could never again say "I'll do it  when I get around to it" because they would already have one!image

    However although I don't have a round tuit I have now managed to get round to posting!

     I have missed you all!image

    Those with long memories ( I don't expect many are too *rsed about not rememberingimage) will recall my last post in mid August as I was about to venture through the land of JuliaT and TracyB to Clacton for hols.  Well the bungalow was the bungalow from hell and I stayed there with the partner  from hell and her kids from hell and my partner's parents from hell and the beach hut was rented from the owners from hellimage.  However I did enjoy some run/walks along the seafront  and Clacton is a nice place, lots of prom, sandy beaches, not too crowded.image

    I started a new job, first for over a year so that felt good, on 1st Sept and it was soon obvious it was my dream jobimage.  However (why is there always a however?), I injured my knee on saturday the 18th because of the type of work we had been doing on the friday before and cutting a long story short I was sacked 10 days later with no warning because I was off sick.  Since then it has been a nightmare trying to get some sort of justice for how I was treated but the Law seems to be against me.image

    The knee trouble is a sprained lateral ligament and I thought it would put me out of the Great South Run this sunday.image. However (another one), the knee improved and I considered walking the GSR although knowing I should just forget it.  I asked my physio yesterday what he though and I expected, and half hoped, he would say not to do it, but (not a however this time!) he said he would have no problem with me walking the 10 miles.  He said my knee would be sore but go for it if I wanted to!  So now I have the 'do I or don't I' dilema.

    I would be in full regalia plus new wigimage on sunday so I'll see how I feel.  Miseryguts partner won't come to Portsmouth cos she won't stand around waiting for me for 3 hoursimage.  So if any other MARATHONER out there would like to walk with me on sunday please let me know.

    I came on the thread a week or so ago, feeling rotten about my injury, but reading about everybody else's troubles made me feel not so bad.  I realised that the good vibes I sent to the injured and troubled forumites would be matched by those I would receive.  United in adversity!image

    So speedy recoveries to all injured souls out there.  Not too long til April!!!!!!!imageimageimageimage

  • GF - hope all goes well for you, in that you get a new job, your knee gets better, and as you say not long until April in fact 170 days. The holiday sounds a nightmare, take care
  • ((((GF)))) - You deserve some good luck hun. Good luck with your walk around Portsmouth image
  • well, GF, at least things can't get worse, you've only got one way to go now - up!

    JuliaT - I'm up every weekday by 5am and in my office by 6:30am. That's why I can't train in the mornings. But the flip side is I'm home when it's still light. Today is cold but beautifully bright and sunny, just perfect for a run, so I'm off out now with the dogs. Hubby is cycling home from work tonight and we'll meet later at the pool - after I've been to dog club with the woofies!

  • Green  Fairy-   i hope you make it on Sunday. This is one of  my favourite events, I won't be walking around(especially if its cold and wet),but will keep an  eye open for you. I bet you get some fantastic crowd support when wearing your fairy costume.

    Hello everyone else, I hope you are all well.

  • Looks like there is a of us off this thread running the Great South Run. Looking at the weather forecast, things look perfect for running. Not like when I first did it two years ago in the rain and wind you faced coming back along Southseaimage.

    spen: have a good holiday.

  • Thanks for the support all.  Perhaps I should have posted on the Samaritans' website!image

    2011 is already looking good as JuliaT and I shall be doing it together! image I may well be living over there again soon so I'll have to get out and practise them hillsimage.

    Re GSR, it looks a bit chilly for walking but I guess a thermal top under cossie will suffice.  Bought some Ice Spray stuff today and it worked on my knee so will take it with me on sunday.  Icing helps the soreness so will use it if/when necessary on sunday.  Does anyone know if the first aid bods carry ice?

    Re new job, I am currently registered as self employed and seeking work as a singer-guitarist.  I have 25 years experience so know what I am doing and must be good as people pay me!  Have a couple of residential home bookings so far but hope things will pick up.  If anyone wants more info please get in touch!image My next gig is 29th where the home dining room is decked out in halloween stuff.  I shall be performing in a Dracula outfit singing 'Drac Pack' songsimage. Dean, Frank and Sammy will be turning in their graves.

    I am in the White start sunday so say hi if you see me please.  Anyone in the Green start will see me cos you'll overtake me!

  • HitchHitch ✭✭✭

    gf- best of luck on sunday. I was supposed to be running but due to injury I have decided not to run.

    Hopefully I will be fit by next April but may need an operation before then so fingers crossed  I can get to the start line.

    I will be there watching so I will look out for you.

    see you sunday

  • GF my Dad had a round tuit, it used to fascinate me as a nipper. So sorry to hear all your sad story, yes i think you should go on sunday, sounds like you'll have company and you know the crowd will LOVE you, maybe that'll give you a boost? Meantime here are some hugs from me (((((((((((((((((((((Hug hug hug))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    oh, just read on, you're doing the IOW marathon then are you?? Yippee!
    Try carrying some ibuprofen and taking before too on sunday, helped me last week.
    Waves to everyone else have a nice weekend and good luck to you all who are racing on sunday
  • Grumydirtbag - how bad is the injury, would you be ok to walk?

    JuliaT - yes I will if you will!image.  Can't use ibuprofen as I'm on warfarin (one bite of me and the rat is dead!) but thanks for the suggestion.

    Now where did I put that costume....................????????????

  • No running for me the last 3 days will try and get over the gym tomorrow

    Hope everyone is keeping well

     Green fairy sorry to hear your bad news if anybody deserved some good luck it’s you hope things pick up soon

    Grumpydirtbag hope if you need an operation it goes well

  • Silly, silly, silly, bent down to pick something up and my backs gone, image got a pain in the bottom left quadrant of my back (sorry no idea of the technical name for it) so going for a hot bath and then lots deep heat before Sundays Half Marathon.
  • Yeouch!! PP!  I hope what you picked up was worth doing your back in for!  Let's hope it's nothing serious and you are ok for sunday.

    As anyone any news of Essex Eagle who went out to the land of Oz?  Don't they have internet out there yet?imageimage

  • TGF - I dropped a corporate brochure, so the succinct answer is no!
  • PP - is there nobody you could sue???image

    I have just had a sneaky peek at the other BM 2011 thread and they are doing a great service by pairing up those who have an entry but wont be taking part with those looking for a place.  Cut off time for exchanges is apparently 31st October so still time to turn anyone's bad luck at having to drop out into someone else's good luckimage

  • PP sorry to hear about your back, wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Waves to everyone and have a good weekend
  • Hi, Just popping in. Am doing Brighton in April and really looking forward to it as since moving to Norfolk haven't been to Brighton. Thats since last century.  Event seems to have good organisation. They were really quick in answering my question about which drink they are using next year. 
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