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  • TH we are keen here, Bedford will get it open in due course its a bit early yet, it's only April don't want to peak early image

    I am just watching the highlights from last Sunday, it almost seems unreal that I was there and completed it, to me it was a long run, the medal is still in my kit bag. I was a bit p.....sed that the remains of my goody bag which had my garmin HR strap in went missing  I think taken by mistake by someone at the hotel afterwards.

    I am not that fussed about the strap except it costs to replace but my running number was in there too which actually meant a lot to me. 

    I have my running kit on now,,,,,,,,,,

  • Thanks Rod!  I am on a high at the moment and getting carried away thinking of future events!  I'll be patient.....
  • Gatton - think you got the wrong end of the stick, sorry if I came across rude.  I couldn't agree more with what you said on the other thred and after reading it I just thought - why bother reading all these negative comments from jeleous people who haven't been selected, lets get back into a friendly thred and talk about running and not moaning.  Hope that makes more sence.
  • I could be wrong of  course, I am still on a sort of high too, a HM should be relatively easy after our efforts last weekend image
  • relaxed! wrote (see
    Rod when I got to the last underpass on Sun I was feeling low and the cramp was relentless. The whole atmosphere seemed to be low too and I was willing some one to Oggy Oggy Oggy!!!! As no one did I did it myself! Everyone responded and cheered and the atmosphere improved!! It got me thro the next mile image We were still serious about finishing!

    Nobody could take the whole thing more seriously than this year's Super Six team, regardless of what pace we were running.  There's been a hell of a lot of off-forum e-mailing between us beforehand - lifesaving in my case from the point at which I had to drop out.  Since Sunday, and after some of the comments that have been made by people who haven't a fecking clue what they're talking about, we've been brutally frank with each other about the mental effects of the pressure of it all, as well as the physical ones.

    The seven miles I ran with Pix on Sunday will be in my memory forever.  We were run/walking because we both needed to for our different reasons.  We sang every stupid cheesey running song you can think of, loudly, at the tops of our voices, and got the runners around us singing along as well.  It may have seemed to the casual observer that we were just out for a good time, but anyone who understood what was really going on would know different. What have you done today that makes you feel proud?  

    Rod Goodwin wrote (see)
    It is actually my opinion that had Hash been able to start the Marathon she would have done sub 4.30, that would have been 2 out of 6 who achieved the target time.

    It has always seemed to me that at our level; and maybe higher up some days we run a lot better than others, a bad run can often not be linked to bad nutrition or hydration, I still have no idea why these happen they just do.

    And sometimes they just happen because our bodies aren't 100% on the day, for reasons totally outside our control as was the case with those of the team who didn't make their target times.  Next year I may or may not run sub 4.30, but one thing I know for sure, I'll feel a damn sight happier on the start line knowing that all I've got to do is my best.  Surely that's the only pressure that should be on the super six?  It's SO not like that.
    Trying hard wrote (see)
    I have just been trying to find info about the Bedford Half in December.  Have you all registered already and, if so, where can I find the info?
    Don't think it's been put up online yet TH, but it should be 12th December going by past years
  • Suze 78    not a problem...image  like you i enjoy the friendly side of our endeavours.....
  • Hash, I'm confused...........you ran some of it on Sunday??????? Bloomin' marvellous if you did!!!!!!!
  • Christened the gym tonight image image

    Did just half an hour of boxing and upper body stuff with my trainer and then half hour massage on the legs - fab!
  • Hash you're spot on there- all we can ever do is our best!  As I said earlier I think a lot of it is down to jealousy!!

    Just enetered a local 10k in june so will start formulating a plan for that- I'm a bit crap unless I have something to tick off on the fridge image

    Suze I've just looked at the official photos and my god they are a rip off but saying that mum and dad just said they are going to buy my medal one for me as they are saying its  from my nan who passed away last year the day I found out i got my golden bond place!

    Back to work tomorrow so better get polishing my medal!

    And has anyone seen how much the t-shirts and medals  are going for on ebay- mental!

  • Come on Pinks catch up.....Hash ran with Pixie from the Mudchute for a few miles.... now that is friendship personified.... BTW Hash you could have gone as far as Buck House before they would have tried to pull you out.... You could have said to them " don't you know who I am " and finished....
  • Gatton wrote (see)
    Come on Pinks catch up.....Hash ran with Pixie from the Mudchute for a few miles.... now that is friendship personified.... BTW Hash you could have gone as far as Buck House before they would have tried to pull you out.... You could have said to them " don't you know who I am " and finished....

    Yep, but I hadn't earned that.  Pixie had, and then some.  Next year, when I can do it all for real.......

    Those seven miles did easily as much for me as they did for Pix, they made some sense out of me owning that t-shirt.  The crowd at the end of the underpass at mile 24 got a hell of a lot more drama than they bargained for - two women in matching super six t-shirts sobbing their eyes out, hugging the life out of each other, one heading towards the finish line.......I don't think I've ever, in nearly 47 years, cried so many happy tears in one day, and that includes my wedding day.

  • blimey Hash ... when I saw your FB pics of you with Pinks & Pix I got it ... Monday night I read Pixie's account of Sunday (and worked my way thru the tissues) .. and I got it ... and with your post tonight, I totally get it ... it's absolutely what it's all about.
  • Oh WOW that's amazing!!!!! Goosebumps and welling up all over again!!! Wonderful, and Hash you earnt it a thousand times over in my eyes......don't let anyone tell you any different.
  • *reaches for the tissues*

    I am really struggling to keep up with everything at the moment so although i've read back I'll probably miss most things I could have commented on.  I definitely won't waste any time looking for 'that' thread though.

    MM - my 12 year old does parkrun, last week she took around 40 min, her Pb is 38.xx.  You will be very welcome if you turn up image

    Anyone who has ever registered for parkrun doesn't have to do it again, however you do need to go to their website and print off your barcode in order to get your time recorded against your name

    Finally took the rolling pin to myself and got out for 8 miles tonight image

  • Hi all Hash Lovely post that next year you will do the whole dam 26.2 miles that is for sure.

    I went to the club tonight everyone was so friendly and pleased for me I got round last Sunday I was well chuffed.

    Did a small run.

    2.43 miles 21.20 @8.46


    1 mile @  9.15

    1 mile @  8.38

    0.43 miles @ 7.58

    The legs feel fine and it was nice to run other than slow but it took a while to get up to any speed image

    I met a friend as I was leaving who said 3 weeks rest with only gentle training is the norm after a marathon, has anyone got any advice please?

  • hello everyone
    I had a nightmare on Sunday and was 24 mins off my pb

    Legs are feeling better today so I'm determined to get another one under my belt this year.

    I was thinking Dublin, anyone got any suggestions for a fast flat race that doesn't involve having to stop in the first few miles!

  • Generally one day's recovery per mile Rod. Not necessarily complete rest, just take it easy and run HYF

    Oh and make a cuppa for your friends each morning image
  • oh yeah and I can't find any photos yet!
  • Sorry x-post Domsk
  • is that like x-men?
  • Hash will be an honour to be along side you at the start next year... looks for cuppa.......
  • Hi Domsk.  i did Dublin in 2008, came to a complete standstill very, very early on but after that was able to run ok.  You just need to get used to Americans shouting 'Good jawb' image
  • Morning all Hash the tea is made image
  • Thanks Hash BTW for the advice my friend at the club said the same, it is not in me to stop completely so I will be just as you say taking it easy.

    I am looking forward to lurking at the back of the Coventry Parkrun this Saturday, I am sort of planning to try and go each week for a while starting off slowly and using it to help with my speed.

    Was going to do a 6 or 7 miler on Sunday but maybe not after the good advice, see how I feel.

    I am at the physio this morning for really what should be the last session, I chose to book this to be on the safe side, he did a fantastic job and definetely helped get me to the start last Sunday along with all you on here image

  • Morning Rod.


    Can't beat a bucket of Twinings first thing image
  • Morning! Has mine gone cold?
  • Had a bit of a job waking up this morning......I know this sounds glaringly obvious but does anyone feel really tired - I mean the can't keep your eyes open want to sleep all day and still tired kind of tired?? I just have zero energy and could sleep for England but thank goodness a 3 day weekend.
  • Second pot time, morning Pinks
  • Yaaaawwwwnnnn.........ooh I need that tea, thank you!!
  • Morning all, think I've missed the tea so I got a skinny latte on the way in to work - well it is pay day.image

    Pinks, I am so tired this week and so looking forward to a relaxing weekend doing very little.

    Rod - how are the toes?  I lost another toenail last night.  Oh well, one less to cut I supose.

    There are no park runs near me which is a shame as they look like a realy good idea.  There is a 4km time trial every Saturday morning at Bluewater but that starts a 8am which is a bit early for me.  Does anyone here ever go to a running track to train? 

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